1976 A Summer of Loving My Mother


1976 was my eighteenth year, one of many changes in my life but none more than my third sexual experience – one I could never have imagined, excitement beyond my wildest dreams and one which broke taboos I’d never even considered.

I had lost my virginity two years earlier – to a friend’s cousin a year older than me. A lacklustre, textbook encounter with the usual clumsy fumbling, undelivered expectation and ending too soon with a premature ejaculation finale.

My second encounter was marginally better although I’d always preferred the idea of sex with a mature woman.

My third experience, though, was a mind-blowing one I often relive in my mind.

That summer was the hottest on record and I was enjoying the first week of my school holidays. My sister still had a fortnight to go and my dad was away on a fifteen-day business trip. At times my mother would accompany him but having done so on a trip to Madeira a few weeks previously, she had stayed at home with us.

That particular day, a Friday, I was lazing in my room, alternating between cooling dips in the pool and sheltering from the heat outside. There was little on my mind other than my curiosity as to why, at just before one o’clock on the four previous days, my mother had gone to her bedroom, locked the door and within a couple of minutes, had taken a phone call.

Today, my curiosity had got the better of me and I planned to find out what the secrecy was all about. I made sure I was in my room by twelve thirty and, as I lay on my bed reading, I listened for my mother’s footsteps on the stairs.

Sure enough, at twelve fifty-five, I heard her walking up the stairs. I peeked out of my door as she walked along the corridor to her room, wearing a short white sun dress and sun hat.

As on the previous days, she closed the door behind her and I heard the bolt slide across to lock it. I remember my dad fitting the bolt the year before after the key went missing – I think they preferred to have sex behind a locked door.

I stayed in my room wondering whether the phone would ring and then, as the one o’clock news came on my radio, it rang. My mother quickly answered it and I took my cue to tiptoe up to her bedroom door in the hope that I’d hear her half of the conversation.

Try as I might, I could only catch the odd softly spoken word in between the sound of her giggling. I wondered if I’d pick up any possible animation by peering through the keyhole, left open by the loss of the key the year before.

On the wall opposite the door was a full-length mirror which would give me a perfectly reflected view of the bed. Quietly, I dropped to my knees and squinted through the keyhole and there, in the mirror, I could see my mother laying on the bed, her sundress unzipped and laying open, her knees bent and her legs splayed apart. Her naked breasts lay pertly on her chest and, as she held the phone to her ear with one hand, her other hand was brushing across the front of her white lacy panties. I could feel a wave of adrenaline course through my veins as my cock stiffened and strained against my pants.

I felt as though I was in a parallel universe in which I was lusting after my own mother in a way I’d never done before. I’d seen my mother naked hundreds of times – she sunbathed nude in the garden, she swam nude in the pool and she went topless on public beaches.

At 42 years old my mother still had a fit body; a pert pair of 36C breasts with large nipples I’d seen stiffen when she was swimming; a round and shapely bottom at the top of her short smooth legs and a naturally hairy pubis hiding her labia.

Whatever was I thinking, how could this be right, what sort of perverted world had I entered? Surely this was incest and not something normal people did, or was it? Perhaps this was normal? Whatever doubt I was feeling was only momentary and I soon snapped back to reality as I strained to hear the conversation.

I wondered whether my mother was having a naughty conversation with my dad but doubted it as it was the middle of the afternoon in Iran and I knew he had a packed schedule. Perhaps my mother was simply feeling horny and had come upstairs to satiate her desires when she was interrupted by the phone? No, that was unlikely as it this was the fourth day in a row she’d locked herself in the bedroom to take a call.

I was desperate to touch my cock but feared it would explode my seed onto the carpet if I went near it. My mind was swimming as I heard my mother’s voice raise a little as her call ended with, “Looking forward to seeing you on Monday, come about sevenish.”

Well, I thought, that ruled out my dad as he wouldn’t be home until the following Friday. My mind was in turmoil at what might be going on.

I was still looking through the keyhole, poised to make a quick escape, when instead of zipping up her dress as I expected, my mother pulled up her legs and slid her panties over her feet, discarding them on the floor. Her left hand moved to her eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar breasts, pinching each nipple in turn, whilst her right hand descended to her pubic thatch.

I watched, lustfully fixated, as my mother’s splayed legs were reflected back at me in all their glory. Despite having seen her pubis on many occasions, this was the first time I’d seen the pink delights that lay beyond it. And what a delight it was too, a long pink slit into which her fingers eagerly delved. I only wished I could get a closer view; I was too far away to see the detail I found myself lusting over.

As she vigorously pumped two fingers in and out of her vagina, mum’s left hand moved from her breasts to the top of her slit. As I watched her index finger trace the area in a circular motion, I imagined her pushing up her clitoral hood and rubbing her love bud with gusto.

As she writhed on the bed with both hands delivering her pleasure, my own excitement reached a crescendo. My hand went down my pants and as I touched my cock it exploded in a stream of juvenile cum. It was as much as I could do to contain the noise of my breathing and my beating heart but at least the mess was contained in my pants and not on the carpet.

Meanwhile, as I hit the earth with a bump, my mother was in the throes of her own orgasm. As I watched, mesmerised by the view, she arched her back and let out a squeal as her climax delighted her senses.

Eventually, her finger work ceased and she relaxed back on the bed. This was my cue to scurry back to my room and take stock of the situation.

As I lay on my bed contemplating the scene I’d just witnessed and pondering the identity of the mystery caller, I heard my mother’s door open. She made her way along the landing and I heard the laundry cupboard door open and shut before she knocked at my door and came in to see me.

As mum stood there, now dressed in a bikini, I looked at her in a totally new light. I hoped she wouldn’t notice as my eyes delighted in my view of her body. As she asked me whether I’d like some lunch, I struggled to concentrate as I imagined what lay beneath her bikini. Was this just some teenage hormonal overload fuelled by excess testosterone, or was I really lusting after my own mother? I would soon find out.

Having placed my book over my hardening cock, I answered, “Yes please,” to lunch.

While mum was preparing lunch, I took myself off to the bathroom to clean up. I was caked in my own sperm, as were my pants. I quickly changed and went downstairs as mum called, “Lunch is ready.”

I sat down to a sandwich and salad; I was wondering who my mother was looking forward to seeing on Monday. Had it been a coincidence that she’d so vigorously masturbated straight after the call or were the two connected? As we sat there eating, I asked my mother if she’d heard from dad. She said she’d spoken to him late the previous evening, after we were in bed. Having moved that option from the ‘unlikely’ to the ‘wasn’t dad’ column, I adopted a different tack.

I asked mum whether we were doing anything the following week, “Nothing planned until your father gets back and your sister breaks up from school,” came her reply.

Why didn’t she mention Monday evening? I probed further, asking whether anyone was coming over next week. Again, her reply was, “Nothing planned.”

Most curious, I thought to myself as I finished eating and headed back to my room. “Why don’t you come and have a swim and a sunbathe, I’m going to?” mum asked, as I left the room.

“Ok, good idea, I’ll just finish my chapter while my lunch goes down and then I’ll be out,” I replied.

Back in my room, I watched from my window as my mother slipped off her bikini to dangle her legs over the edge of the pool. Seeing her naked had taken on a whole new meaning and my cock stiffened as I watched her gorgeous bottom heading across the lawn.

With the coast clear, I went to mum’s room looking for clues as to her earlier secrecy. Her sun dress was hanging up on the wardrobe door, her bra was on the chair but nothing gave a clue. I looked for her silky white panties but they were nowhere to be seen. And then I remembered she’d been to the laundry cupboard before coming to my room.

With a cock as hard as iron, I opened the door and there, atop the dirty basket, were my mother panties. I took them to my room, closed the door and checked through the window for her whereabouts. The coast was clear, she was now swimming lengths in the pool.

As I lay on my bed and released my cock from my shorts, I could feel her panties damp in my hand. I turned them inside out to examine the gusset and sure enough, it was soaking wet.

Excitement oozed from my every pore as I brought the garment to my nose, the aroma of my mother’s sex discharge was intoxicating. I breathed it in as though my life depended on it. As I inhaled her vaginal delights, my hand vigorously massaged my erect penis sincan escort bayan before I moved the soiled gusset to my mouth and delighted my taste buds with its honeydew coating.

I was in incest heaven and I liked it as my cock jerked and spurted another jet of sperm across my bedroom. Oh, how I wish I was tasting the real thing right now, I thought as my erection subsided. I slipped the panties into my bedside cupboard for a repeat performance later on.

Thinking that I should make an appearance outside, I donned a large, loose-fitting pair of shorts, grabbed a towel and headed to the pool. My mother was relaxing in the water, still naked, as I approached. I commented on her tan saying, “Wow mum, that tan looks fabulous. No white bits to show dad next week then?”

She laughed, winking at me, and said, “Just the way he likes it; perhaps you should try it.”

Seeing my mother naked in the pool was already making my cock stiff, I couldn’t possibly strip naked in front of her!

As I slipped into the water, I was grateful for its shield as I felt my cock growing in my shorts. This was certainly a different day to those of the past when I’d swam nude with my mother with no trace of a stir in my loins. Now, just the thought of her was bringing me to a full erection, let alone the sight of her naked body.

As I swam lengths, mum sat naked on the edge talking to me about our impending family holiday and other various plans for the time off from school. I was trying hard to maintain eye contact but failing miserably. My eyes were fixated on my mother’s pendulous but firm breasts, especially her rock-hard nipples facing right at me.

She was swinging her legs in the water, something she always did but today was different. As her legs parted and closed in rhythm, I was looking for signs of her pink slit. With every movement, I could glimpse it winking at me. Oh, how I wanted to bury my face in my mother’s vagina and bring us both to a shattering climax.

Back to reality and my mother retired to her sun lounger, giving me an opportunity to climb out of the pool without her seeing my erect cock making a tent in my shorts. She was laying on her front and the sight of her naked bottom was an absolute delight.

As I arranged my own lounger she called over to ask if I’d rub oil into her back and legs. This request was nothing new but today, I was happier than ever to oblige.

Mum shivered as I squirted the cool oil onto her shoulders, her back and the backs of her legs. I rubbed it in with much enthusiasm, rubbing not only her back but her sides as well, so as to rub against at least part of her breasts. She purred like a kitten as my hands caressed her skin, remarking, “This feels like more of a massage than a quick sunscreen rub.”

I cheekily replied, “Don’t you like it then mum?”

Mum’s reply was forceful, “I didn’t say that did I, keep going please.”

With that my hands moved to her shoulders and down the exposed parts of her arms, making her twitch. She pulled up her hair and I rubbed the oil into her neck and shoulders making her wriggle comfortably into the sunbed. My mind was working overtime as I battled to stop my incestuous thoughts turning into actions. I was loving the feel of my mother’s soft skin in my hands but I did so want to go further, to explore the forbidden fruits of her body.

My next move was her legs, I squirted oil onto both calves and rubbed it in with both hands, gently working upwards to the back of her knees and thighs. I wondered how far up I could go without touching her bottom.

My thoughts were soon distracted by my mother parting her legs slightly to allow me to oil the inside of her thighs. My cock was throbbing and I was glad she was laid on her front so as not to see it.

Mum’s parted legs gave me a partial view of her pubic bush but, sadly, the pink slit I craved for remained hidden. As I massaged in the oil I gently encouraged her legs a little further apart and was pleased to feel no resistance, “Perhaps you should take up a career in massage?” mum said as my hands moved to the top of her inner thighs. “I think you’re a natural at the sensual touch thing.”

“You make a very good practice client,” I replied cheekily.

My mother’s pink slit was now in view, not in all its glory but enough for me to enjoy a good eyeful of a globule of her love honey oozing from it. Oh, how I wanted to taste that juice, just as I had done earlier on her panties. I only wished I’d been brave enough to ask whether the phone call had made her horny earlier, I wanted to see her masturbate again.

Having exhausted all areas to massage with suntan oil, I bravely asked my mother if she’d like me to do her front too. “I’ve already done that thank you but I still need my bottom doing, I don’t want that burning,” she replied.

It felt like all my birthdays had come together as I eagerly squirted oil onto the fabulous globes of my mother’s bottom. As I massaged gölbaşı sınırsız escort it in, I managed to part her cheeks just enough to reveal her hidden hole. It looked a tight as a mouse’s ear and I wanted it, just as I wanted the rest of her voluptuous body.

The more I massaged the more she sighed pleasurably telling me how she could stand this all day.

At that moment, I heard footsteps on the gravel drive the other side of the fence. It was my sister home from school. I quickly stood up and headed for the pool to hide my tenting shorts. We made small talk at the poolside before my sister went inside to change into her swimming costume.

Before she returned, my mother said, “It’s a shame you had to stop the massage, it was making me feel fantastic but perhaps not appropriate in front of your sister.” Her return was my cue to go back inside and free my cock from its constraints.

As I made my way to my room, I stopped at the linen basket to search for more of my mother’s soiled panties. Sure enough, there was a good selection and I picked out a black pair exhibiting a good deal of vaginal secretion.

I was in panty heaven as I lay on my bed, put my tongue to the gusset, released my cock and wanked for all I was worth. It wasn’t long before I felt the sap rising and, with that, a jet of spunk shot across my chest as I imagined tasting the real thing – my mother’s magnificent vagina.

Three more wanks ensued that night before I finally fell asleep wishing I was in mum’s bed with her and still wondering what the secret phone call was all about.

That weekend I spent time out with mates on Saturday and lazing in the garden on Sunday. My mind was preoccupied with the secret call and I wondered whether the same had happened on Saturday. It certainly didn’t that day, Sunday.

My mother continued her suntan quest, spending most of the day naked on the sunbed or in the pool. I took every possible opportunity to ogle her body although, this time, I couldn’t touch as she’d got my sister to rub in the oil.

I continued to swap panties over in the linen basket and was sure I’d gone through about fifteen pairs. Tomorrow would be wash day so I held a couple of pairs back as wanking fodder while I waited for the soiled stock to be replenished.

Rightly or wrongly, over the weekend, in my mind I’d reconciled the immorality of my incestuous lust for my mother. I was at peace with myself about the way I felt and my desire to have depraved sex with her.

Monday morning rolled around and my day started with a panty wank, licking my mother’s soiled gusset. My sister made her way to the school bus and mum and I enjoyed breakfast in the garden. Would there be another phone call today I pondered? I hoped so if it enabled me to spy on her masturbating again.

Another lazy morning unfolded as we waited for the sun to appear over the garden. By 11 o’clock we were being bathed in its rays and my mother took to her sunbed. Not naked that morning although it wasn’t long before she was topless. The sight of her pert breasts, hanging like succulent fruit, and her cherry red nipples had my cock stiffening in my shorts. I wished that I could put them in my mouth and suckle to my heart’s content.

As we were alone, I asked the question, “Mum, the sun’s strong today, would you like me to rub oil on you again?” she said she would but not yet as she wanted to lay on her back for a while. I offered to do the front but she declined, saying she’d already done it. I didn’t think she had but accepted her answer.

As the morning progressed, I kept an eye on the time, eagerly awaiting the secret call I so hoped would come. At ten to one, mum got up and headed inside saying she had things to do before lunch.

I waited a few minutes before heading to my room. Mum was nowhere to be seen but her bedroom door was shut. I couldn’t hear her inside although I imagined she was laid on the bed awaiting the mystery call.

Sure enough, as the clock struck one the phone rang. She answered it after a couple of rings and this was my cue to take up position at the keyhole. I had a perfect reflection of mum laid on the bed with the phone in one hand and the other pushed into her bikini bottoms. By the way it was moving beneath the material, she was obviously pleasuring herself.

As my cock stood to attention in my pants, I couldn’t believe I’d struck gold again. There was definitely a sexual connection with these phone calls and I wished I knew what it was. This time the call was shorter than the last and whilst I struggled to hear the conversation, I was able to catch the louder ending, hearing my mother say, “Look forward to seeing you this evening.” Who was this, what was happening this evening I wondered?

When the phone call finished I was poised to make my escape and avoid getting caught spying. As I watched though, my mum slipped her bikini bottoms down and her eager fingers dived into her pubic bush. With her legs spread wide, I could now hear my mum uttering faint moans of pleasure as she fingered her gaping love hole.

I was transfixed as I watched my mother pleasuring herself as though her life depended on it. As she approached her climax I was sure I heard her mutter something like, ‘Oh Alan, eat my bunny darling, take me to heaven.’

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