A Boy and His dungeon VII



On Monday, I started looking into Jill, Lisa and Conner’s school. I found that I could register late, but would be responsible for learning all the material I would miss between the start of the term and when I registered. The school had an interesting ‘challenge’ program. I could challenge a course and get credit by passing a test, but there were two ways to do it. For courses outside my major I could take a test based solely on the text book on a pass fail basis. A pass gave me credit for the course, but did not affect my grade point average, or GPA. Courses within my major would have a test based on the text any assigned reading and the content of the lectures and would give me an actual grade. That made it very hard to get a good grade on the challenge test. However, he professors had some student aid transcribe the lectures from recordings, so the text of those lectures was available as well. As a side note, the non-major courses could also be taken for a grade.

As long as I could get digital copied of all the material, I could use the ‘Jabberwocky’ program to learn everything in almost no time at all. A call to the school told me that they were still accepting late aplications.

I talked to Mother and Father about going to school there. Father said that, while it wasn’t one of the top schools in the country, it was certainly adequate. Mother just said I would do what I wanted, despite their wishes. I supposed that was one reason they had never tried to get me into university when every other kid in my class was trying to get into one or going to trade schools.

A sizable package of forms arrived in my Email from Conner. Printed them out and started filling in blanks. When I got to a section dealing with fees and costs, I almost passed out. University was expensive!

That evening, I talked to Father again. We weren’t poor by any definition, but, still, we were talking about a great deal of money. Mother wasn’t part of this discussion as she was surprisingly busy packing things in cardboard cartons. Father was very calm about the price of attending university, pointing out expenses I hadn’t yet considered such as food, clothing, lodgings, and transportation. Then went on to tell me about a trust Gramps had set up for my higher education and the Father and Mother had added to the trust over the years. I almost fainted again in relief.

Father arranged to take a few days away from the company were he worked and we made some quick plans for a trip to hand in my application and get me settled. He told me starting late was going to be hard enough and the sooner I was in classes, the better. I spent most of the night packing computers and other things from the dungeon and most of my clothes as I wouldn’t be back until the Christmas holidays.

We set out the next morning with a stop at an office in town. I was introduced to the family solicitor, and given two bank drafts, one for the university and one to open a bank account for other expenses. Then we hit the road.

We met with university officials and before I knew what was happening, I found myself enrolled at the university, subject to picking classes and such that I would do the next day. Father consulted a slim notebook, made a quick call, and drove to a section of town that seemed older and a little run down. He pulled up to a small house with a large shed behind. We met another man to whom Father handed a sheaf of banknotes and after signing some more papers we were assured that the basic utilities would be on by the end of business, tomorrow. We checked into a hotel and I dropped off to sleep almost before my head touched the pillow.

The next two days were a whirlwind of activity, ending with me installed, barely, in my new digs. Father left me there, reminding me that he would pick me up the next morning at nine and to be ready. I made myself a cold dinner, washed the dish and dropped into a shabby easy chair to gather my thoughts. I had been here just over two days. I realized that I hadn’t had a chance to talk to my, suddenly local, friends.

I called Jill, told her I was in town, and to meet me here. I read her the address. She promised to be here as soon as she could get a ride. I started unpacking and setting up computers. After about half an hour, there was a tentative knock at the door. It was Jill, she threw herself at me, planting a kiss on my lips. I noticed Conner and Lisa standing by Conner’s Volvo, and waved them in. we all sat down and recounted everything that had happened since they left the previous Sunday. After some more conversation, Conner and Lisa left, promising to pick Jill up at eight the next morning.

I gave Jill a brief tour that didn’t get past the bedroom. She sat on the bed, gave it a couple of test bounces and started stripping off her clothes. I lost no time in getting out of my own clothes. Jill practically threw me onto the bed and crawled up to start sucking my already hard cock. I started to play with her nipples and tried to reach down to stroke her pussy. Without letting up on my cock she worked herself around to straddle my face. We sucked and licked each other for some timeless interval until I blew my load down her throat. Jill reached her own orgasm within a second of mine.

We rolled apart and worked ourselves around till we were laying side by side. We had our arms around each other. It suddenly occurred to me that this was the first time I’d been been totally naked with a totally naked girl on a bed. All of these had happened at some time, but this was the first time they had happened all at the same time.

I rolled us over until I was above her. Jill spread her legs and my cock slipped into her pussy. She gave a happy little gasp and wrapped her legs around me. Humped my back so I could kiss and suck her nipples without slipping out of her. I bit her nipples gently getting another gasp from her. She started working her hips in an elliptical motion. It wasn’t an in and out stroke so much as a constant change of angle and pressure on my cock. It was incredibly erotic and arousing.

She began to moan and move faster. Raising my self up a little, I disengaged her legs and lifted them over my shoulders, bending her almost double. She was flexible enough that it was no strain to bend down and kiss her. This position prevented her from moving her hips, while placing her pussy directly under me.

“You’re in so deep,” she whispered.

I began to pump my cock into her pussy, and slamming into her. My balls slapped her ass on every stroke. She would moan as pulled up slowly and grunt as I buried my cock in her pussy. I felt myself getting close, but I didn’t want to cum yet so I stopped with my cock in her pussy as far as it could go. We were both breathing heavily, and I knew she was close to cumming as well.

After a moment I let her legs slip off my shoulders and rolled us over till she was on top. I made her lean back with her hands braced on my knees. She arched her back to keep me as deep in her as possible. And started to bounce on my cock. I reached down and began to rub her knob, gently at first. She threw her head back and made an odd little whining sound while she changed her motion from a bounce to just sliding back and forth that quickly brought me to the edge. I pressed hard on her knob, rubbing in a tiny circle. She clenched her teeth as her body went ridged, muscles stood out on her neck as he gave out a hissing scream through her clenched teeth.

After a second or two she started to relax, causing her to move against my cock. She came again, in a spasm as though an electric current ran through her. As she started to relax again, she threw herself forward to sit straight above my cock.

As her third orgasm hit her I blew my load deep into her pussy. We were locked together, london escort agency both ridged, for several seconds before she seemed to deflate and lay down on my chest, gasping for breath. I put my arms around her and just held her as her breathing calmed. After a bit, my cock slipped out of her drenched pussy with a wet plop. She levered herself up enough to look into my eyes.

“I think I love you, James.” she whispered

“I love you too, Jill,” I said, “but I love Jennifer too, and for me, she will always be first.”

“I can live with that,” she said, “as long as we can fuck like this every now and then.”

“I think that can be arranged,” I replied, “and by the way, thank you.”

“For what?”

“Let’s just say, that was one hell of a housewarming gift.”

“You are most welcome.”

We rolled to lay side by side and just held each other for long moments, totally relaxed. I broke away for a moment to pull up a blanket from the foot of the bed to cover us and wrapped her in my arms again.

Shortly, we were both sound asleep.

When I woke, it was early, still dark. Jill was trying so slip out of bed without waking me. I sat up, not knowing where I was for a moment. Jill stopped to look at my morning wood.

“Be right back.” she said and scampered off to the loo.

I waited for her, intending to use it next, but when she came back sucking my cock with quick , fast rhythm. I quickly blew a load into her mouth. She sat up onto her heels, smiling as she used one finger to wipe an errant line of my cum from the corner of her mouth and licked it off her finger/

“That was almost as good as a cup of coffee.” I said as I got up for my turn at the loo.

“What time is it? She asked, looking around for a clock.

I fumbled through my clothes, scattered on the floor, to find my phone. The lock screen came on when I tapped a button, it was 5:30. When I came back, Jill had gathered my clothes from yesterday into neat pile along with the top cover from the bed where we had left a bit of a mess. She announced she would be taking a shower and asked me to fix coffee or something. When I came back from the kitchen, steam was curling through the door. I stepped in and slipped into the shower.

Jill had her face turned into the spray, rinsing soap from her face and hair. I reached around her and cupped her soapy, slippery tits in my hands. She leaned back into me a little and slid her body up and down against my chest and stomach. She twisted her head around and I kissed her. Our tongues danced together and she hummed with pleasure as I played with her tits and nipples. She broke off the kiss and twisted around to face me. Her hand went to my cock, gently squeezing as I grabbed her ass cheeks and enjoyed the feel of her tits sliding on my chest. She slid her free hand around me and raised her face for another slow sensual kiss.

“I like this.” she said, “ever done it in the shower?”

I told her “No, the situation has never presented itself.”

Jill pulled free and turned to face away from me. She bent over. Supporting herself with hands on the water faucets, with he ass toward me. By crouching slightly, I was able to get my cock into her pussy. She was wet, but not well lubricated, washing had rinsed away most of her natural lubrication. I took it slow, using short strokes, just a little deeper each thrust as she worked back against me. She hummed and moaned and gasped as we coupled under the warm running water. I held her hips as she became more slippery and started taking slow deliberate strokes to her full depth. I felt her pussy tighten as her orgasm began. I drove may cock all the way into her pussy and held on as she began to shake and spasm.

“Oh, God!” she cried out, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

“Me too!” I grunted as I blew my load into her.

After a moment, we both stood up, pulling my cock out of her pussy. She turned to face me and as she gently washed my cock, shared another deep kiss. We spent a few minutes getting each other clean. The water was beginning to go cold when she turned it off and we stepped out. Her wet trim body was an incredibly sexy. We toweled each other dry and she wrapped her hair in a towel.

Shortly, we were seated, naked, on towels in the kitchen enjoying a cup of coffee. We talked about the school, and sex, and the university social life, and sex, and how my fridge was a disgrace, no beer or leftover pizza, just a bunch of . . . food. We laughed and she jumped up and ran back to the bedroom, returning almost at once wearing one of my T-shirts and started rummaging in the fridge. I shot her a questioning look.

“Ever fry bacon, naked? She asked.

“No, but thinking about it,” I said, “I can see the potential for great pain.”

While she started breakfast, I dug clothes out of a box and got dressed. She told me to watch the bacon and disappeared to get herself dressed. Shortly we were back at the table eating. We finished, lingering over coffee. With about half an hour till Conner would be there for her, We cleaned up the kitchen and settled down to wait for Conner. At 8:00, there was a knock and Conner walked in.

“Anybody still alive in here?” he called out as he shut the door.

“In the kitchen.” I called back.

“Conner!” Jill said with mock disapproval, “You should have waited for one of us to answer the door. What if we had been fucking on the living room floor?”

“I would have joined in.” he shot back at her. “But we need to run, I have a class in about twenty minutes.”

There was a brief flurry of activity, and a kiss, and Jill handed me the towel from her head and they were gone. The house felt suddenly larger and painfully quiet. I spent as few minutes straightening things and with the last cup of coffee from the pot, settled myself on the front step watching the neighbors start their day and enjoying the morning air.

Father arrived just before 9:00, I held up one finger, indicating that I needed a minute and ran back in to rinse the coffee cup before I joined him. We drove to a used car lot, as we got out of the car a salesman greeted Father and led us into an office and sat us in front of his desk and presented a sheaf of papers to Father along with a pen. Father barely glanced at them and signed in several places, then turned them toward me and indicated several places for me to sign. Before I was quite sure what was going on, I was the proud owner of a three year old Land Rover SUV. I was handed keys and an envelope of papers. The salesman walked us out and behind the office. I’d never been much of as car person, and was expecting one of those boxy monsters with the spare tire on the roof. Instead, it was a shiny, somewhat sleek, modern looking SUV. Father handed me a card with numbers of who to call for taxes, insurance, registration and so on explaining that I needed to complete everything as soon as possible. He clapped me on the back, told me I was on my own now, and walked away. My eyes jumped to the keys, to the car, and to Father’s retreating back, around and round. It was too much to take in all at once. The salesman smiled, congratulated me on my fine acquisition, and indicated the exit from the lot.

I didn’t seem to have much of a choice. I got in, fumbled with the keys for a moment and started the engine. I marveled at the purr of quiet power. After a bit more fumbling, I managed to drive carefully off the lot. I drove slowly and carefully back to the house and parked in the gravel tracks that led back to the shed. I found a thick owners manual in the glove box and took that with the papers into the house. I supposed Father had headed strait home. I spent the rest of the morning reading the manual and the papers. With the papers was a note in Father’s handwriting explaining that escort london they wished me to come home at least once a month and that the car was a gift from Mother. I was totally flabbergasted.

I would have my first classes on Monday, so after lunch, I unpacked finding places for things and went back to setting up and connecting the computers I had brought from home, five of the best I had, including the one that ran the network and that I used for internet and school work and, of course, the project.

At about 3:30, a horn honked out front. I opened the door and there were Jill, Conner and Lisa carrying large cartons up the walk. They trooped in and set the cartons on the floor. Lisa extracted a six pack of beer from a carton and put it in the fridge.

“We brought you a few odds and ends.” announced Conner, “Tonight is you’re welcoming party.”

“You saved us a trip to visit you,” said Lisa, “and this mostly stuff we weren’t using.”

Jill dug in one box and produced a bedside clock radio, “Now you wont need to find your pants to tell what time it is.” she told me.

We all were busy for a while putting things away.

Lisa pulled me aside, “Who owns the Land Rover?” she asked, “and where are you hiding her?”

“Huh?” I said, “Hiding who?”

“The Land Rover . . .” she prompted.

“Oh, that’s mine, a gift from Mother.” I told her, “She wants to be sure I go home for visits every month.”

By this point Conner and Lisa were listening so we all went out for them to admire the car. Conner wondered if I could park it in the shed. A quick call to the landlord cleared that up. As long as I didn’t destroy it, the shed was mine to use as I saw fit. So we walked over to the shed and swung the big front doors open. There was a space more than large enough for the Land Rover as well as a couple of stout work benches. I guessed the space we could see was about half of the shed. There were two doors, one to the outside and one to the rest of the shed. Beyond that door were three rooms and a WC. In the largest room was a counter with a small sink and cabinets and cupboards above and below.

Lisa thought it might have been office or shop space. A narrow set of stairs led up to a dim attic, probably suitable for storage. After a brief inspection, I pulled the Land Rover into the garage. We closed the big doors and went back to the house.

Conner wanted to know if I’d got anything more done with the project. I had to explain that they were barely gone when Father had packed me up and brought me down. I had hardly had time to breathe before yesterday evening. Lisa mentioned, bright eyed, that Jill had been giving her some lessons and exercises for anal sex. She seemed eager. Jill just gave me a crafty looking smile. Lisa got up and walked to where I sat on the sofa next to Jill.

“If you’re going to stuff your cock up my bum,” Lisa said, “You might start by kissing me.”

Jill got up and moved to sit on Conner’s lap while Lisa straddled my legs, wrapped her arms around my neck, and deep slow kiss which I returned enthusiastically. I started to kneed Lisa’s tits and occasionally flick a finger across her nipples . Conner began to play with Jill’s tits as well. Both girls began to hum with the pleasure they were receiving. Lisa pulled back slightly.

“Harder!” Lisa hissed, “I like it hard.”

I opened Lisa’s blouse and started squeezing he tits harder, sinking my fingers into the soft flesh of her tits. I pinched her nipples and twisted slightly. She moaned and pressed her tits into my hands. I pushed her back a little to kiss and suck at her nipples, she moaned again and pressed her tit into my mouth, holding my head tightly. I bit lightly at her nipple, dragging my teeth over it, then sucking her tit into my mouth as deeply as I could I bit down lightly and pulled back, stretching her tit as a clamped my fingers into her flesh. Lisa moaned louder and shifted to one side slightly so she could rub her pussy on my leg. I let her tit slide through my teeth, biting down on her nipple as I flicked my tongue over the tip.

“Yes!” she hissed, “just like that!”

I moved to her other tit, repeating the sucking and bites. When I came up for air, she kissed me hard, as if she wanted to force her tongue down my throat. She sat up and started pulling at my shirt. I leaned forward a little to make it easier for her while I finished unbuttoning her blouse. I raised my arms to let her remove my shirt, then slid her blouse down over her shoulders. She shrugged her way out of the blouse and slid down to kiss my nipples. Lisa started to fumble at my pants. All the while grinding her pussy into my leg. Across the room Jill sat, straddling Conner’s legs, facing Lisa and I. Her shirt was on the floor. Conner was mauling Jill’s tits while Jill rubbed her own pussy. Both had their eye glued to us.

Lisa had my pants open, I raised my hips to let her pull them off. She pried my shoes off, throwing them halfway across the room and, almost in a frenzy jerked my pants and underwear down and off me, throwing then across the room as well. She sucked me deep into her mouth and without pause, down her throat.

Across the room, Jill fumbled behind her at Conner’s pants while he had transferred one hand to her pussy, driving two fingers in hard enough to lift her off his lap.

Lisa bobbed her head on my cock, maintaining a mind numbing suction. In seconds I was ready to cum from her assault on my cock. As she grabbed a breath I seized her head and drove my cock deep into the throat, she gave a little hum and I blew my load past he tonsils.

As I grunted out my orgasm, Jill stiffened with a cry, reaching her own climax. I let Lisa pull her head off my cock and she spent a moment gasping as she licked at me. Jill had jumped off Conner’s lap and was clawing at his pants.

As Lisa licked me, she panted out. “another? I want you to last a while.”

I pulled her up to kiss her, and as I mauled her tits some more, I turned he slightly sideways.

“Look,” I said, nodding across the room.

Conner was holding Jill head down with her legs in the air, sucking her pussy while she sucked his cock.

“Oh, I like that!” she breathed, “but I’m a little to heavy for Conner to keep it up for long”

“I don’t think I could either.” I said, “but maybe I could with Jill. But the part you like most is the cock in your throat.”

“How did you know that?” she asked. “ I thought Conner was the only one who knew.”

“Intuition,” I said, “come with me.”

I stood up and pulled her up and led her to the bedroom. She watched them over her shoulder unto we were around the corner. Once there, I pealed her out of her pants and placed her on her back, on the bed with her head hanging over the edge. I stretched over her, tonguing her knob for a moment, then worked up her body, kissing her stomach and tits, pausing to nip at her nipples, and finally stood over her.

“You like it rough, don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, but Conner is always afraid he’ll hurt me.” She replied

Well, I don’t want to get too rough with your ass the first time.” I said. “so this will have to do.”

As I finished speaking, I pulled up her lower jaw and rammed my cock down her throat. I held it there until her belly started to spasm, trying to get some air. I pulled back till just the head was in her mouth and waited for her to take two breaths, gasping around my cock, then drove back into her throat, This time she grabbed my ass my ass cheeks and helped be ram it in. Again I held it in her throat. Her hands released my ass as her belly started to spasm again and I pulled back. Two breaths later, I rammed my cock back down her throat. For three more strokes I kept her at the edge of asphyxiation, on the fourth her back arched and she tried london escorts to scream. I pulled my cock out and watched her for a moment to be sure I hadn’t hurt her. She was gasping in huge breaths, trying to recover.

“Are you okay?” I asked

“Oh, god yes!” she gasped out , “That’s the first time I ever came from sucking cock! How did you do that?”

“A little knowledge and a little guesswork.” I replied


“I think you are a low level masochist,” I said, “Whips and burns would be too much, minor blunt pain gets you going.”

“Yeah,” she said, “that’s about right. But most guys don’t know when to stop.”

“I’ve read that many masochists are into asphyxiation or strangulation.” I continued.

“Okay, I can see that too,” she said, “but how did you know when to stop?”

“The first visible signs are the belly spasms and the eyes roll up.” I said, “If I could see your eyes, I’d watch them, In this case I watched your belly.”

How do you maintain that level of focus?” said Conner from the door, beside him Jill nodded.

“Remember, I’m kind of new at all this.” I replied, “from the very beginning, I’ve been concerned for my partners. I also seem to have a good feel for the line between enough and too much. Those recordings of mine may have something to do with that too.”

“Makes sense,” said Conner, “you may have stumbled across the real sex education.”

“Can you teach Conner that?” Lisa asked

“Maybe,” I told her, “we can try.”

“Less gibber jabber,” said Jill, “more action!”

“I’ll get the lube.” said Lisa, jumping up and almost running out of the room.

“She’s really been looking forward to this.” said Conner.

“This is your show, James.” Jill said, “How do you want to set it up?”

“I thought we’d just do a replay of the last time,” I said, “with you taking Jennifer’s role.”

“I can go with that,” Jill said, “but what about Conner?”

“I want to watch,” Conner said, “this time.”

When Lisa returned, I had Jill lay on the bed. I told Lisa to start licking Jill’s pussy. Conner stood to one side, absently stroking his cock. I smeared lube around Lisa’s puckered asshole and slowly pressed one finger into her. She jumped a little as the finger went in and gave out a little moan. She was not as tight as I had expected. Jill explained the she’d had Lisa practice with a small tampon sized dildo. More lube and a second finger had Lisa ohing and ahing into Jill’s pussy. Jill was starting to writhe and moan as Lisa’s tongue lapped at her pussy. After a bit of work with two fingers, I ran my lube soaked hand over Lisa’s knob, sliding one finger into her pussy for a moment. She gasped in response. I liberally coated my cock with lube and placed the tip of my cock against her puckered ass hole.

“Ready, Lisa?” I asked.

Oh, God, yes!” she almost yelled into Jill’s pussy.

I pressed my cock into her ass until the head pooped past her sphincter. I paused for a moment because she’d tensed up.

“Okay?” I asked.

“Yes.” she got out between pants.

Jill was humping her pussy against Lisa’s mouth grunting and gasping. I slid my cock slowly into Lisa’s ass until my balls lay against her pussy. She let out a long groan as it went in.

“Oh God, I feel so full!” Lisa cried out.

I held still for a couple of seconds then started to very slowly stroke my cock in and out of her ass. Lisa drove her ass back to me as she groaned and moaned, gasped and whined.

“So good!” Lisa gasped out

She pushed her ass onto my cock a little faster than my stroke. I picked up the pace, slapping my balls against her pussy

“More!” she demanded.

Amid an incoherent babble of gasps, moans and groans, I kept increasing the speed little by little as she kept slamming back harder and harder. I reached around and stated rubbing her knob.

Jill was gasping and moaning, squeezing her own tits and pinching her nipples. Lisa lapped and sucked at Jill’s pussy, finally driving her over the edge. Jill screamed out her release. Lisa drove her hips back and went ridged as she came, clenching hard on my cock. I drove my cock into her as as deep as possible and held it there as I flooded her ass with my cum.

We all held still for a moment then Jill went limp. Lisa let her head drop onto Jill’ crotch as her ass flexed wand shook against my softening cock. Jill began to work her way out from under Lisa, as I very slowly pulled my limp cock out of her ass. We were all breathing heavily. I glanced at Conner, his mouth hung open as he gripped his hard cock. Lisa was partially collapsed to the bed, with her head and shoulders flat against the mattress and her ass in the air.

“Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God,” babbled Lisa.

“Lisa, I called, can you hear me?

“Yes.” she replied, dreamily

“Do you want Conner to fuck your ass too?”

Yes, please,” she answered in a little girl voice

I backed away a little and motioned Conner to the bed. He moved like a sleep walker. I squirted a blob of lube into and around her flexing sphincter, and handed the tube to Conner.

“Coat your self with this and very slowly push just the head of your cock into her ass.” I coached him.

I moved around so I as out of his way and could watch Lisa’s face. Lisa pulled my head to her and kissed me. I pulled back a little and watch her mouth form an O as Conner entered her.

“Conner!” start to push in slowly.” I said.

Lisa’s eye opened wide as his cock slid into her and she let out a long, low groan. Jill wiped my cock, gently with a warm wet cloth and began to suck me. Conner began a slow careful rhythm. I reached under to fondle Lisa’s tits.

“So big.” Lisa whispered.

Lisa began to moan and gasp, pushing her ass back, wordlessly demanding more. Jill sucked me gently. I fondled Lisa’s tits a little harder as she struggled up to support herself on her elbows.

“A little faster, Conner,” I said, match what she’s doing.

As the pace slowly increased, Lisa was gasping and moaning, oblivious te everything except the cock ravaging her ass.

“Reach around and rub her knob,” Conner, “Just before you cum, rub it hard.”

“It’s called a ‘clit’,” Conner said absently, as re reached around to stimulate her clit.

For long moments the only sound s were Lisa’s moans, Conner’s grunts of effort and his balls slapping her ass.

With almost no warning Lisa screamed and went ridged. Conner grunted and froze in place. Jill tried to scream against my cock and I blew another load into her mouth. We were a still for a moment then Lisa collapsed onto the bed, falling to her side and dragging Conner along.

“Let yourself get soft before you try to pull out of her.” I cautioned him.

Lisa was still breathing deeply, but her face was relaxed and her eyes closed.

“I think she passed out.” I said.

We lay there in a tangle of bodies for several minutes until Lisa’s eyes fluttered open.

“Oh. My. God.” Breathed Lisa, “That was amazing!”

Conner hugged her tightly while Jill wriggled up to kiss me.

“Lisa has first shot at the bath,” I said, “Go easy on the hot water.”

Lisa grabbed Conner’s soft cock and led him to the bath with her. Jill and I cuddled lazily on the bed. We heard the shower run for a while, then stop, followed by their voices, but too muffled to make out words. When they walked out, toweling themselves dry, Conner was looking concerned.

“Of course it hurt, silly man, but it was a good hurt.”

“I don’t understand.” said Conner.

We ended up, sitting naked, on the bed, discussing the sensuality of pain for over an hour. We eventually got dressed and moved back to the living room. The evening passed in good conversation, sometimes serious, sometimes comical. When Conner and Lisa decided it was time to go, Jill held up a small duffle, announced that she was staying and had brought clothes this time

We slept soundly in each others arms.

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