A Control Problem Ch. 01


I look at you lying there asleep on the neatly made hotel bed, the television still blaring; you must have fallen asleep while I was showering. I sneak over to my carry-on and begin to quietly look through its contents. “I knew this would come in handy,” I say to myself quietly with a grin, not wanting to wake you as an idea popped into my head; I decide that it’s time to have some fun…

Wrapped only in a towel, with your favourite panties on, I let it drop. My nipples harden at the feel of the cold air. I shiver in delight, as I begin my descent slowly onto the bed, not wanting to wake you, I slowly move your hands and you stir slightly; I stop dead. You snore once and fall back to sleep and I continue on my mission. Everything is now set, I take one last look at you still sleeping silently, before I put my plan into action;

Moments later there is an audible “zip” sound as I pull your jeans down slowly.

I lower my head to gently kiss the tip of your now exposed flaccid wet cock. My tongue licking around, from the base to the tip. It starts to harden from the attention. Taking it completely into my mouth; softly, I suck gently while drawing my mouth up from it. I breathe deeply, loving the sight in front of my eyes. I lick my lips and begin to snake my tongue out tasting the pre-cum that is now emanating from your slit.

“Mmmm, you taste so nice baby,” I say quietly, not wanting to wake you, yet.

Taking you in my wet mouth again, teasing you slowly as I move my tongue round in a circular motion, feeling the ridges of your cock throb at my constant movement. I finally reach the bottom of your shaft with one last final push into my throat. You groan as you feel yourself deep in my throat.

I look up; startled, you stare into my eyes, shocked at what I am doing. I look back at you and lick my lips as I feel your cock pulse and stir in my hands. My mouth starts to suck on it, gently but firmly, making its presence known. My head moving up and down, slowly. My mouth filling with saliva as it sucks tightly onto your cock, making sure to squeeze every last bit of it.

I start to withdraw you from my mouth; your hips push up, wanting to be back in that warm wet place, I quickly move my head away.

“Naughty, this is going at my pace OK?”

“Stop talking and finish…”

I silence you again with my finger, smiling at you as I stare straight into your lust filled eyes. My mouth quickly covers your cock again, this time a lot firmer then before, deep in my throat, my tongue searching out to taste you, as my head swirls around it, my nose rubbing your pubic hair.

I moan in my throat, making you jump with excitement, it works every time I think to myself, doing it again this time making you moan. My hand finds its way to the bottom of your sack, and starts to stroke it gently, your legs opening more involuntarily making you fight against the confines of the scarf around your wrists. Again and again I move my hand to stroke your balls slowly, teasing, and torturing you and you speak again:

“Oh yes, oh that feels good…”

“You say one more word, and I’m going to have to gag you” I laugh, taking you completely by surprise, loving that you can’t do anything about it.

As I say that final gaziantep escort condemning sentence I feel your balls tighten more.

“Oh, you like that idea do you, you naughty boy,” I grin.

Lowering my mouth over your cock, taking just the swollen head in, with one hand on your shaft slowly moving around it; I suck in your purple cock head, tasting all of your sweet pre-cum, my other hand still lightly stroking your balls, making you moan quietly. My hand movement on your shaft becomes firmer as my mouth starts to take more and more of your hot cock, moving my head up and down; your hips start to thrust gently following my motions.

My panties are now fully soaked with my dampness; I love this control that I have. Then an idea springs to mind. I let go of your cock, making you squirm.

“Now darling, you are going to have to wait for your sweet release, I need some attention.”

Your eyes open wide at my suggestion, wondering what I’m going to do. I move from in between your legs and move onto the floor, giving you the perfect view. My ass now sitting comfortably on the rough carpet of the Travelodge, my legs spread, showing myself to you. I lean back, my engorged tit’s pushing up from my body, like they were reaching out to be touched by you. One hand snakes across them, moving ever so slowly, teasing myself in front of you. I moan softly, looking you in the eye, as my hand snakes further downwards towards my wet panty covered cunt, I stop as it reaches the top of my silky panties.

As your eyes stare at my hand, I suddenly shut my legs and move my hand to my face, sucking on my finger as it drops into the soft space in between my beautiful tits. My finger now tracing my very hard nipples, causing me to moan at the touch; the wetness of my finger lingering around it.

I slowly start to spread my legs again, letting my hand fall between them, I feel the dampness on my hand through the silky panties, “Oh my god, I am so hot right now,” I think to myself. My hand feeling the heat emanating from my cunt as I look at your now diverted eyes,

“You like what you see baby?” I say in a calm voice.

“I love that sexy, you look so fucking hot! Let me go…!”

“No baby, you know I can’t do that” I smile at you.

I spread my legs open a little bit more, giving you the perfect view of my hand moving, teasingly over my damp panties. The other hand behind me, supporting me as I lean back, I push my cunt up higher so you can get the full view.

A moan emanates from my dry lips as I feel my hand pushing against the material, pushing onto my protruding nub; I rub it harder, making my hips thrust up meeting my hand. I tease myself like this for a while, all the while watching you, watching me, your cock still throbbing in hardness, leaking even more pre-cum, but I continue with my little show.

I decide that I need more then teasing; my fingers slowly move the panties to one side showing you my hot, wet cunt, with my clit nice and red from my rubbing. My finger dips into my cunt lips and rubs for a second or two, moaning as I do it, I pull my finger out; it’s drenched in my juices. I have a little think, then move my body forward, pressing my finger against your lips.

“Suck it, taste me!”

“Gladly.” escort bayan you say with a hint of annoyance in your voice.

As you suck my finger into your hot mouth, flicking your tongue all over it, making sure to get every little last bit of my juices; I pull my finger from your mouth, and you lick your lips.

I sit back on the carpet, my ass getting slightly sore from the roughness, but I’m having too much fun to let that bother me. My legs automatically spread wide, my panties moved back to the side, giving you a great view of my show, my finger dips back into my cunt lips, pressing against my clit, rubbing it slowly. My moans ongoing and getting longer with every second I play with my wet cunt. I move my hand lower, touching the outside of my tight hole, I rub around it, then suddenly I push it in…We both moan at the same time, I look up at you and you’re staring so closely at what I’m doing. I love playing in front of you, knowing you can’t touch me.

My finger goes deeper into me, burying itself inwards, touching all the right places. I feel so wet, that I can easily slide another finger in to join it, that feels like heaven, closing my eyes while I finger fuck myself slowly, teasing my breasts, squeezing them, teasing the rock hard nipples. In and out my fingers go…moving faster and faster, my breathing becoming shallower, leaning back, I bring my hips up higher to meet my fingers pushing them in deeper.

“OH God…Fuck!!” I scream as I feel myself getting closer and closer to that inevitable orgasm that has started to rip through my body. Within a few seconds I realise that I’m now lying flat on my back with you standing over me.

“Ah, this is what I wanted,” you say with a sly grin on your face.

With a scared look on my face, your grin widens as you stroke your now well-lubricated cock, slowly.

You move in between my legs, and run a finger through my slit.

“Mmm so wet baby, you really enjoyed having control didn’t you?!”

You look me in the eyes as I slowly nod my head back and forth, a look of shock in my eyes. You have control again, and I know I cannot speak with out permission.

You stroke your cock again, nice and slowly, my head spinning from what just happened. How did you get free? And more importantly, what was to be my punishment for having that delicious control? Oh how I must have upset my master.

You kneel down where you stand, pushing my legs open wider, making them hurt under the strain. You push your cock head into me a little bit, it feels so tender, but I cannot beg for more, I must be silent. You lean your head back moaning, and then you take it out of me.

“That should be enough juice I think. Now, you know your going to get punished don’t you baby?”

I can only nod as you say this.

“Tonight, your ass is going to be taken and I don’t want to hear a single scream. OK?”

Again I nod, not wanting to upset you any further

You grab my hips and pull me up,

“Stand up baby and lie face down on the bed,” you say very commanding.

I do as you say, and as I do I hear you walk towards the couch, pulling something from your carry-on. I tense, knowing that audible “click” anywhere. My head is throbbing with ideas of what is about to happen to me. You take one hand of mine, and click the cold metal round it firmly, then you do the same to the other, all the while, I squirm, feeling your naked body on mine. You move behind me, I can feel you kneel on the bed, pushing my ass up into the air, offering it to you. You take this opportunity and slap my ass really hard, making me moan with pleasure; I love it when you do that. I feel another slap, I moan louder. I anticipate your next slap but instead I feel your cock press against my tight little out of bounds hole. I start to squirm uncontrollably.

“Stay still or this will hurt you more,” you say in a very commanding voice,

I can’t help but go very still. Your cock pressing its way into my hole slowly, squirming at the pain it causes. Your hand slaps down on my ass again.

“Stay still slut or I WILL make it hurt.”

“Yes master.” whispering quietly, while holding my body so still through the pain.

You keep pushing it in, my small tight hole opening up to your cock, opening to let you explore my depths. I moan quietly, not wanting to anger you again. You pull back your cock, leaving me open so you can see, I feel your weight shift around behind me, I hear you open something, hoping it’s lubrication to help things along. I feel something wet and slimy slide over my hole, a sigh escapes my lips as it trickles its way over both my holes, reaching my clit, making me shiver with delight. I feel your finger gather it up and gently push it towards my tight ass hole, feeling your thick finger slide in, pushing the lube in, and making me all wet, ready for your cock again.

You remove your finger, and I feel your weight shift again. I attempt to turn around and see what you are doing, but the handcuffs won’t allow me to.

“Well, well, look at my perfect slut, all ready to be taken hard!” you say with a grin on your face, I can just tell.

I want to moan, loving it when you talk like that, but keeping quiet; knowing you will only punish me.

“Shame it won’t be me, who gets to fuck that tight ass of yours tonight.”

I gasp, as I feel your weight shift off the bed. I feel you next to my head, and turn to look you in the eyes. You’re grinning, loving every second of this. You pull my hair away from my face as you roughly probe my tongue with yours, no emotion, and no feelings, just pure lust. You start to head towards the door, giving my ass a slap as you pass.

“Baby, you wouldn’t leave me here like this, would you??” I ask in pure desperation that you’re joking.

“Oh no baby, I wouldn’t leave you here alone. I’ve got you some company,” You say with such a matter of fact, sounding voice; a hint of laughter also lingers.

With that, the door closes, I raise my head trying to see where you are, the handcuffs doing their job perfectly. I bring my wet ass down onto the mattress, trying to understand what just happened.

“I thought he wanted me, I thought he was going to take me.” I whisper to the lonely emptiness of the room.

My head swimming with thoughts, suddenly the door opens.

“Oh baby, I knew you wouldn’t leave me like this,” I sigh happily.

A voice booms into the room.

My heart sinks!

“How could anyone leave that piece of ass?” the voice laughs

That’s not my baby…


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