A Cuckold Story Ch. 42-44

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Chapter 42

After Cheryl’s Vegas trip she swore off extramarital adventures for several months and my chastity cage was put away in her dresser. As it turned out, my wife also began to experience the first signs of menopause when she missed her period following her trip. At first, Cheryl was mortified that she might be pregnant, thinking that any of John, Nate or Bill may have knocked her up. But after taking a pregnancy test and visiting the doctor, she learned that she was merely experiencing the onset of menopause.

Now, plenty of my wife’s friends and acquaintances had horror stories about menopause, but for Cheryl, she didn’t experience any of the negative symptoms. No mood swings, no hot flashes and best of all, no loss of libido. In my wife’s case, menopause just meant that she no longer had to go through the hassle of her period and she frequently joked that this would have been great during her “slut years.”

Both John and Nate called Cheryl repeatedly following the Vegas trip, apologizing, and hoping to get together “for drinks” to ask forgiveness in person. But Cheryl had made up her mind that she was over both of those guys and she refused their invitations, wishing them well but telling them she’d moved on. But when my wife heard from the Gym Guy, who had been silent for quite some time, she jumped at the chance to get together. And the two of them spent an entire Saturday afternoon fucking and sucking in a sleazy motel room before the Gym Guy said he had to get back to his wife.

Cheryl hadn’t bothered to lock me in chastity before her date, but I refrained from masturbating anyway and when she returned home, I immediately began to go down on her, assuming she would want me to clean her pussy. But in contrast to what was standard practice after my wife’s dates, this time Cheryl wanted to make love and I reluctantly pulled my mouth off her tasty opening and moved up until my erect penis was nudging against my wife’s slit. And when I pushed my hips forward, burying my dick into Cheryl’s juicy pussy, I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven.

My penis was immediately engulfed in the warm, wet, fluids left behind after my wife’s tryst and as I began to stroke in and out, it felt like I could barely feel the walls of her pussy, she was so stretched and filled with come and pussy juice. I wish I could say I spent a goodly amount of time savoring this special treat, but it was after no more than a minute that I shuddered in orgasm, adding my own semen to my wife’s well fucked vagina.

That afternoon, as I lay on top of my wife thanking her profusely for making love to me after her date, Cheryl cooed, “Of course I’m going to make love to you. You’re my husband and I love you.” This was music to my ears, and I couldn’t help but profess my undying love to Cheryl as I smothered her with kisses.

After that long overdue love making session, Cheryl made an effort to assure that she and I occasionally made love. And although my stamina wasn’t any better, nor my penis any bigger, Cheryl felt that it was important that we continued to enjoy sexual contact on a somewhat regular basis. I have to say, I appreciated this change in attitude but, truth be told, I’d already adjusted my expectations with respect to being granted sexual favors from my wife. Having gone for over a year without making love to Cheryl, I’d certainly contemplated that this restriction might possibly be permanent, and I’d had to imagine what it might be like to remain celibate.

Surprisingly, however, I’d come to realize that even if Cheryl and I were never to make love again, I’d still love her with all my heart. Our marriage was so much more than sex, and although I would be disappointed to never again feel the warm embrace of my wife’s pussy, it was something I knew I could live with if that’s what Cheryl wanted. Fortunately, Cheryl was not interested in keeping me permanently chaste and although we both knew that my sexual skills left much to be desired, the intimacy of making love was still important to us both.

It was during this time that Cheryl and I had several heartfelt discussions regarding our marriage. The nature of our marriage had always been somewhat unique, but Cheryl had become worried that maybe she’d pushed things too far with John and that it might be best if we toned things down a bit. I told Cheryl that I’d had many of the same misgivings and while confessing to my wife that her relationship with John had been intensely exciting to me, I’d worried that he’d been taking advantage of her. When my wife assured me that she’d never done anything she didn’t want to do, I felt greatly relieved, but I made sure to tell Cheryl that I would always be there for her if she ever felt differently with future lovers.

These conversations were liberating to both Cheryl and me and I found myself admitting that as much as I was willing to serve as my wife’s chastised cuckold husband if that’s what she truly wanted, I didn’t hatay escort want her to lose the ability to see me as her rock. I then sheepishly whimpered, “I know you need other guys for sex, I get that. But i hope you still respect me. I’m your husband and I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy.” When I said this to Cheryl, she threw her arms around me and promised that she’d never, ever lose respect for me and that she loved me with all her heart and that night we both reaffirmed our love for one another.

Eventually, Cheryl and I reached some decisions with respect to our marriage. Although my wife was obviously not going to give up her extramarital affairs, we decided to go back to some our earlier ground rules. And so, after talking things through, Cheryl and I decided to revert to the pattern we’d enjoyed prior to John and Chris. My wife would pretend to be a cheating wife and I would act my familiar role as the unaware cuckold husband. And although we no longer wanted her lovers to be aware that I knew of her infidelities, Cheryl did insist that she wanted to keep the chastity device as an occasional option since she found the eroticism in having me locked up while she was with another man to be an exciting kink.

Once we had decided on our marital path, I think we both sighed in relief. As kinky as our marriage might appear to outsiders, there has never been any question that we both loved each other dearly and having some boundaries helps to keep things in check. And although I still masturbate frequently to memories of my wife’s lusty encounters with John, Cheryl and I both know that long-term, we needed to keep some separation between our life together and my wife’s extramarital adventures.

It was almost a month following my wife’s get-together with the Gym Guy that she received an invitation from Bill, asking her if she wanted to meet him in Phoenix where he had to be on business for two nights. Cheryl and Bill had been keeping in touch as they had promised, and my wife had been coaching him on how to meet women, even going so far as to help him edit his Match.com profile. Except for her date with the Gym Guy, Cheryl had been forced to rely on me for her sexual satisfaction and she jumped at the chance to take a short vacation with Bill. And when I returned home from work that evening, my wife sprung the news on me, and I made her flight reservations that very night.

For the next two weeks my wife was giddy as a schoolgirl and although she had promised herself that she and I were going to make love at least once a week, that promise was forgotten as she got caught up in the anticipation of getting together with Bill. They were going to be staying at a resort hotel in Scottsdale and so Cheryl took great care to assemble a wardrobe of sexy resort wear designed to appeal to Bill. Rather than the overtly slutty date outfits she had typically worn with John, Cheryl chose sophisticated, but still sexy, clothes and shoes for her trip. And when she modeled all her outfits for me, I had to admit my wife looked exceptionally beautiful.

The morning of her flight, Cheryl had me shave her pussy and as I knelt down at the foot of the bed, my wife lying back on a towel as I carefully shaved the delicate folds of her vagina, I said, “I really hope you have a good time in Arizona. I know you’re looking forward to seeing Bill, but don’t get too carried away. I know you really like him but remember I’m your husband and I love you.”

Cheryl pushed herself up on her elbows and gazed down at me between her legs as she giggled, “Oh c’mon Mike. You’re not getting jealous, are you? Bill and I are just good friends. I told you that. Besides, I owe him this after what he did for me in Las Vegas.”

“Yeah, I know,” I replied before adding, “I guess I just want you to know that I love you.”

Cheryl smiled at this as she cooed, “And I love you, Honey.”

Hearing my wife’s profession of love eased any concerns I had as I put the finishing touches on shaving her pussy while Cheryl changed the subject, telling me about this restaurant where she and Bill had reservations and how she’d heard it was fantastic. Before I left for work, however, Cheryl opened her dresser, pulled out my chastity cage and cooed, “I think you better put this on, Baby.”

I’d hoped to spend a good portion of Cheryl’s time away with my dick in my hand, masturbating to thoughts of her debauchery, but apparently, she had other plans. But rather than argue about it, I obediently donned the pink device, thankful that Cheryl had insisted that I continue to shave my crotch even though I wasn’t in chastity on a regular basis. I was running late for work by this time and so after hurriedly dressing, I kissed my wife goodbye and wished her a great trip before rushing off.

The next two nights I didn’t hear a peep from Cheryl but that was pretty much par for the course. When my wife is with a lover, she tends to give them escort hatay her full attention and I could only fantasize as to what she might be up to. Each night I lay in bed, my penis vainly trying to stiffen, and my thoughts filled with various erotic thoughts about my wife and Bill. Although I would have loved to have been able to masturbate, with my penis securely locked and the key in my wife’s pocketbook in Arizona, that was clearly not in the cards. Instead, I busied myself around the house, making sure everything was spotless for my wife’s return and even heading out to buy flowers to welcome Cheryl home.

When Cheryl did return home, she said she’d had an “incredible” time and that Bill was really a “great guy.” My wife joined Bill on four more of his business trips over the next several months and each time she did, she insisted I be locked in chastity. And when she returned home, she would fill me in on all the naughty details while I happily masturbated besides her. Eventually, however, Bill met a woman with whom he was serious and just like that, his affair with Cheryl ended.

After Bill, Cheryl really didn’t date all that often. She and I celebrated her fiftieth birthday in Paris and unlike our previous visit to the City of Lights, it was I who made love to my wife the entire time we were there. That said, it’s only fair to confess that Cheryl had diligently attempted to locate her former lover, Stephane, but when she learned he was now living in Africa, her dreams of reconnected with her well-endowed black lover were dashed. Nevertheless, my wife and I had a great time in Paris and although I’m sure she’d have loved to spice her vacation up with a lusty sexual adventure, Cheryl said she was happy to spend the time with her loving husband.

It was not as if my wife was completely monogamous during this time. To be sure, the Gym Guy would occasionally resurface, and Cheryl and he would enjoy a lusty get-together but for the most part, my wife’s sex life was relatively tame. In fact, I began to think that menopause might have permanently dampened my wife’s ardor.

As it turned out, it wasn’t my wife’s libido that was the problem as much as it was a lack of opportunities to bed well hung, virile men. And one day, after a particularly disappointing sexual encounter with me the night before, Cheryl called Katie down in San Diego and asked her if she wanted to join her for a “girl’s trip” to Las Vegas. Although Katie had begun to get serious with a guy she was seeing, she agreed to accompany my wife to Las Vegas, the implication being that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Cheryl had me make all the arrangements, booking a room for five nights and arranging for Katie’s and Cheryl’s flights to arrive within minutes of each other. My wife even had me make reservations at several restaurants and shows. Then, as she is apt to do, my wife had me spend several nights and even a couple of days, accompanying her all over town to help her pick out three sexy new outfits and two pairs of shoes. Cheryl’s clothing selections made it clear she was hoping to attract some male attention and when she would emerge from the dressing room she would ask, “What do you think, Honey? Do you think the guys in Vegas will like this?” All the while, my wife kept me locked in chastity and when I would invariable respond that Cheryl looked incredible and that she and Katie would be fighting off the guys, she would reach down and tap the hard plastic of my chastity device beneath my pants and tease, “I hope so. It’s been way too long since I’ve had a real man.”

I knew it was going to be a frustrating two weeks before I next had sexual relief, but it was great to see my wife so excited about her upcoming vacation. I knew she was needing to blow off some steam and a sexy, random encounter with a well-hung stud was surely just what Cheryl needed to put a spring in her step and a smile on her face.

As it turned out, Cheryl’s trip to Vegas was a resounding success. On their very first night, Katie and my wife joined a group of guys that were there for a bachelor party and Cheryl hooked up with one of the guys. Cheryl and this guy ended up back at his room, fucking several times over the course of the evening. Katie was adamant that she wanted to remain faithful to her boyfriend and although she flirted with the other guys, she spent the night alone, only hearing about my wife’s escapades when Cheryl returned to their room the next morning.

It seemed that my wife was just getting warmed up and over the next four nights, my wife bedded two additional guys. Cheryl was on fire and she had the time of her life, flirting with guys at the pool, at bars and at the numerous clubs that she and Katie visited. Katie was far more reserved and was content to be my wife’s female wingman, assisting in luring in various men but always returning to their room alone. Of course, I only learned of this later as Cheryl was so hatay escort bayan caught up in enjoying her naughty vacation that she neglected to call even once while in Vegas.

After five agonizing nights away from Cheryl, I was more than excited to pick her up at the airport and as we drove back home, my wife filled me in on her slutty encounters. By the time we arrived at home, I was a quivering mess but fortunately Cheryl allowed me to immediately remove my chastity device, giving me a sensuous handjob while describing how she’d fucked one guy in the bedroom of his suite while Katie and his two friends enjoyed a drink in the other room. My wife said she didn’t care that Katie and the two guys could hear everything and she climaxed several times before her partner pulled out and came all over her tits. My wife’s scandalous story had me on a hair-trigger and when I pictured this faceless guy spewing his load all over my wife’s perky breasts, I could hold out no longer, my penis blasting out my own load while Cheryl continued to work her hand up and down my shaft.

Chapter 43

After Katie and Cheryl’s trip to Vegas, the two friends kept in frequent contact and it was almost a month later that I returned home from to work to find that Katie had invited my wife down to San Diego for the weekend. It seemed that Katie’s new boyfriend had a good friend of his that had just gone through a messy divorce and Katie thought that maybe Cheryl and she could double-date with the two guys. My wife was a little unsure of this idea, but after Katie had helped fulfill John’s threesome fantasy, she felt she couldn’t say no and so that evening I booked Cheryl’s flight to San Diego.

Katie insisted that there were no preconditions associated with her blind date and over the week preceding my wife’s trip to San Diego, Cheryl said that she was just doing her friend a favor and probably wouldn’t sleep with this guy. But despite my wife’s statements, on Friday before I was to drive her to the airport, Cheryl had me don my chastity device before asking me to shave her pussy.

That night, Cheryl and Katie had planned a quiet night at Katie’s apartment and on Saturday evening they were intending to meet up with David, Katie’s boyfriend, and his friend. The previous evening my wife had modeled various outfits until deciding upon an appropriate look for her blind date and as she did so, Cheryl had encouraged me to masturbate. I was in seventh heaven as I stroked my dick watching Cheryl model various combinations of skirts, tops and shoes and when she’d emerged from her closet wearing one of my favorite dresses, a black and white sleeveless dress that hugged her curves like a second skin, I began to come my semen spurting out of my penis while my wife giggled mischievously.

“I guess you like this one, huh?” cooed Cheryl as I dabbed up my mess with the paper towel I’d placed on the nightstand.

“Uh, yeah,” I replied before adding, “Isn’t that the dress you wore the last time you saw Marcus?”

Cheryl’s face lit up in a broad smile as she said, “Yeah, it is! That’s so cute that you remember.”

I wasn’t going to remind my wife that she’d never worn this dress with me, but as she placed the dress in her suitcase accompanied by a pair of tall black pumps, I couldn’t help but wonder if my wife’s date would find it as arousing as I did.

It was a good thing that I’d masturbated the night before as I slipped the plastic sleeve of my chastity device on to my penis and attached it to the ring surrounding my balls. And as I handed my wife the tiny key to the lock, I blurted out, “I really hope you have a good time with Katie.” Cheryl just smiled at my statement before requesting that I shave her pussy, “just in case.”

Once I’d completed my task, Cheryl and I both dressed, and we were soon on our way to the airport. After joining Bill on his various trips and then the Vegas trip with Katie, I was becoming accustomed to delivering my wife to the airport for the sole purpose of allowing her to spend time with other men and as I dropped Cheryl off at the Departures curb, she proffered her cheek for a kiss as we said our goodbyes. I watched with a mixture of love and jealousy as my wife strolled into the airport, her shapely buns gyrating beneath her miniskirt with each step. I was jolted out of my reverie, however, by the sharp whistle from the traffic cop as he motioned for me to move along, making space for the next car at the curb.

Driving home from the airport, I had the familiar melancholy feeling that I always experienced when Cheryl was away for the weekend. To be sure, it had been worse when she was seeing John, but I always felt a bit forlorn knowing my wife was enjoying herself with a lover, or in this case even friends, while I was left to my own devices for the weekend. And it wasn’t the infidelity that imparted these feelings of melancholy, it was missing Cheryl’s cheerful voice, or sharing a wonderful dinner with the woman I love. And by the time I arrived home, I did what I always to do to ease my mind, I launched into the series of chores my wife had left for me, scrubbing the house thoroughly until late that night before finally opting to go to sleep at around eleven-o-clock.

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