A Father Knows Best

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Like every other guy, I’ll always remember my first girlfriend. For some it was the first of many things, holding hands, a kiss, even sex. What I remember most were her parents. Well, mainly her father.

School was going to end in a couple of weeks and we were looking forward to the summer. It was already getting warm and Mary and I had been out to an early movie one Saturday afternoon. We had dated since turning 18 last year. Always wanting to make a good impression, after I parked the car in the driveway, I made sure to get out and go around to open the door for her just in case her mom or dad were watching. Sure enough, I noticed both of them standing in the doorway watching us.

I walked Mary to the door and said hello. There was a brief conversation about the movie, if we liked it or not, did we have a good time. Then Mary’s mom said she needed her help inside for a few minutes.

After I told Mary goodbye and that I would call her tomorrow, her mom said “Oh, don’t leave yet, Rick has something to ask you.”

My mind instantly went racing; I hope I’m not in trouble. What could this be about? Do they not want me to see their daughter anymore? Is he going to ask me if we have had sex? I just know he is. I can honestly say we haven’t. The only thing we had done was kissing and maybe a little light fooling around. Is he going to ask me what my intentions with his daughter are? I’m not sure wouldn’t be a good answer.

“So Scott, we need to move a refrigerator to the basement tomorrow to make room for a new one in the kitchen being delivered Monday, and I was talking to Mary’s mother and I thought it would be nice if you would help us, if you don’t have any plans that is.”

My mind instantly relaxed. “Uh, no sir, nothing planned, I’d, uh, be happy to, thank you for asking me.”

“That’s great, say about 2:00 if you can.”

“Yes sir, 2:00 will be just fine.”

Rick reached out and shook my hand and placed another on my shoulder, “That’s great Scott; I was hoping you would say yes. I’ll look forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

I got in my car and I felt an overwhelming relief thinking that went much better than I thought it was going to. He seemed like a very nice man after all. The thought did cross my mind why he said “he” would be looking forward to seeing me and not “we”, but maybe it was because it was just the two of us standing there on the porch. I was both nervous and glad that Mary’s parents wanted to get to know more about me.

I called the next day to ask Mary if I needed to pick anything up on the way over but her dad answered. “No Scott, I think we have everything we need, come on by, the only thing missing is you” Rick said laughing.

“Ok sir, I’m leaving now, see you in a few.”

As I was driving over, the clouds were getting darker. By the time I pulled up, it was pouring. I knocked on the door and Rick answered wearing a pair of denim shorts and t-shirt.

“Come on in Scott. That down pour sure came up fast. I was hoping we could relax out on the patio and enjoy the sun after we get this thing moved.”

“Yes sir, it did, that would have been nice.” Noticing I was dripping water on the entry way I said a little sunshine would help dry these clothes a little too.

“Let me get you a towel and see if I can find something dry for you.”

Rick ran upstairs and handed me a towel to dry off. He had another pair of shorts and t-shirt in the other hand and said I could go in the bathroom and put them on.

As I got out of my pants, I noticed even my underwear was soaked so I took them off and folded them up inside my pants. Rick was taller than me by 6 inches and the shorts fit pretty loose around the waist. Why didn’t I put a belt on I thought. Well, this will have to do. When I came out, Rick was bent over wiping up the water I had dripped on the floor. His shirt had ridden up a little and from what I could tell, he didn’t have any underwear on either.

“Give those to me and I’ll put them in the dryer for you.”

Great, now he is going to be upset knowing I am going commando in his shorts, I thought.

While he was going to the laundry room, I finally realized how quite it was. Just the sound of the rain coming anadolu yakası sı ucuz escort down. When he returned, I asked where Mary and her mom were.

“They just left a little bit before you got here. Betty said something about there being a big sale at the mall, so she and Mary went to find some bargains they just can’t live without. You know how women are.” Rick said laughing a little. “Well, the fridge is in here, follow me.”

I followed him into the kitchen pulling up my shorts every now and then. I could see why he wanted help, it was heavy. But we finally got it down to the basement. It was a very nice finished basement. Carpeted, nice leather couch, two recliners, a large screen TV on one side and a pool table with a bar in the corner of the other side.

“Make yourself at home since it is too nasty outside, we can spend some time down here if you don’t have to be anywhere else.”

Taking a seat on the sofa, I said “No sir, nothing planned for today.” I didn’t know what I was nervous about, he really was nice guy.

He sat on the other side of the couch, “Scott, I can’t thank you enough for helping me out, that’s the one thing we needed down here to complete the room. Can I get you anything, water, soda, or …?”

“Yes sir, I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

“Scott, two things, one, call me Rick and two, I’m having a beer, I’ll get you one.”

We said cheers to a good job and talked for over an hour. After a few beers we both felt more at ease with each other. I told him I was sorry about not wearing any underwear with his shorts. He laughed and said it was no problem that he it didn’t bother him, he did it all the time. He must have enjoyed it. His shorts fit much tighter on him and I noticed the outline of him getting longer, growing down the left side of his shorts. He confessed he told Mary and her mother about the sale so we could spend some quality man time together getting to know one another. And like most guys after a few we somehow got on the subject of sex. It should have been uncomfortable, but I felt so at ease with him. I knew what was coming next.

“So, have you and Mary ever had intercourse?”

“No Rick, I promise.”

“I believe you Scott; I just know how things are at your age. Just between you and me, it was the same for Betty and me when we were dating. It seems like all you think about is sex. I know we did. But luckily for Betty and me, my doctor provided me with the special blue pill to help out now that I’m older.”

For some reason, I was starting to get aroused. As he stood up to get us one more beer, the phone rang. Rick came up behind me on the couch and handed me my glass. He reached over and sat his on the end table and stood behind me.

“That was Betty; the girls are going to stay in the mall until this storm passes. It looks like it is just us two for the next few hours.”

“That’s OK, I’m really enjoying myself.”

Placing his hands on my shoulders, “I am too Scott. I know Mary really likes you and now I know why. I really like you to. You’re a fine young man and a fine looking young man. If or when you two do have sex, just remember to take it slow, be gentle.”

It had been a couple of days since I last masturbated and wasn’t sure if it was the talk of sex, the beer or his hands on my shoulder, but I was starting to grow hard in Ricks shorts. Standing behind me looking down, I know he could see his shorts growing a tent.

“I’m sure I will, I feel nervous most of the time anyway, shy, like I’m not sure if I’m doing things right.”

He came around and sat next to me and asked what I was unsure about. I explained I wasn’t even sure if I kissed her right. Placing his hand on my knee, he explained to me he would like to help me feel more confident. Having been around a few more years he knew what a girl likes and doesn’t like. I was starting to feel like putty in his hands.

“I’m not sure Rick, I uh, want to learn more but this seems…”

“It’s OK Scott, I understand, if you ever have any questions, I want you to know you can ask me. Man to man, just between us.”

For some reason, deep down, not wanting to stop, I put my hand on his as he pendik eve gelen escort was getting ready to slide over.

“So, how do you know if you are giving a good kiss Rick?”

Looking back at me, he smiled and told me to lean back. Putting his arm around my shoulder, he told me to close my eyes, pretend I’m Mary and he would be me. I closed them and then felt the warmth of his breath close to me. He started on the left side of my neck, his left hand against my right cheek, giving soft kisses moving up to my lips. It tickled as he moved up making me smile a little. Then his lips pressed to mine, I immediately puckered my lips and pressed against them. They were as soft as Mary’s. I felt his tongue slip between my lips and danced around mine. I instinctively opened my mouth wider against his moist lips. Feeling his warm breath and tasting him was getting me very aroused. Removing his hand I could feel it on my knee, moving slowly up my thigh. I thought he would keep it on the outside of the shorts but I felt his hand moving up my thigh next to my skin, brushing against my scrotum. Taking my breath away, I moaned slightly as his fingers gently kneaded and pulled down on my sack.

“Don’t worry about the kissing part Scott, you have that just perfect” he whispered in my ear.

“Thank you Rick, is there more?” I asked with my eyes half opened, under his spell.

“Well, there are a few more things.”

“Like what?”

Rick told me to lay back and knelt between my legs. He told me to lean towards him and as I did, he pulled the t-shirt up over my head, tossed it aside, and to lean back. I watched as he pulled the zipper down and unbuttoned the top button. Not that he needed to as loose as they were. His hands moved behind me on the waist and slipped them down as I raised my hips. My cock was harder than it ever had been and standing straight out. I watched as Rick’s eyes closed and he moved closer to my crotch. The tongue that I had been kissing reached out and ran up and down the length of my shaft. Then the most wonderful sensation of warmth as I watched my hard on disappear into his mouth. I felt his tongue swirl around the shaft as his head bobbed up and down, moving from holding just the head to taking all of me he could. After several minutes, he slowly moved his lips away as a long string of saliva strung from the head to his lips. Getting his breath, he went back to it servicing me. I knew I was close and let him know what he was doing to me felt so nice. As he played with my balls, I couldn’t take it anymore and erupted in his mouth causing him to jerk back a little but staying on me. It was the best release I had ever had.

He explained a blow job can be a wonderful thing to experience, but the best way to know what it feels like from a girls point of few is to give one. He got up and sat on the other side of the couch.

“OK Scott, it’s your turn now. Just do what I did.”

I positioned myself between his legs and awkwardly helped him out of his shirt and shorts. I knew it was big from earlier but I couldn’t believe how big it was out in the open. At least two inches longer than mine but about the same width. Not sure what to do next, I closed my eyes and lowered myself towards him. I could smell a sweet musty smell as I got closer. I couldn’t believe I was doing this but didn’t want to stop. I had another man’s cock in my mouth. My mouth opened as I started licking him like he did me. It was a strange but nice sensation when I took him in my mouth. I thought it would feel hard, but it was soft and fleshy. He explained it was his precum that I was tasting and that I was doing fine, to take as much of him as I could. I felt his hands on my head as he explained how it is nice to run your fingers through her hair and compliment on the good job she is doing. He pressed down on my head pulling me into him. I gagged and choked as his cock pressed against my throat.

“Never force more than she can handle, let her go at her pace.”

“Yes sir” I mumbled with his cock in my mouth.

After several minutes sucking him, I felt his balls move up against my chin and warm fluid flowing into my mouth. It shot against my throat taking my breath away. tuzla azeri escort Pulling off of his still spurting cock to get my breath back, two more streams shot across my face. One up my nose and one across my forehead.

“Always be a gentleman and let them know when you are about to cum so they can get prepared” he said laughing.

I agreed it would be my policy from here on, laughing myself, as I used the towel I dried off with to clean my face. Worried about the time and getting caught by the Mary and his wife, I looked at my watch.

“Don’t worry, it is still pouring out, besides, I told Mary to call when they head back” Rick said winking.

“I can’t believe we just did that, but I think I know more about sex now, thank you.”

“Well, there is more to it than just blowjobs, you know.”

“Yeah, sure. What should I know about that?”

“You need to get her ready before penetration. It’s not quite the same but you’ll get the idea. Lay on your back.”

The leather felt cool on my back as I stretched out. Rick moved between my legs and had me bend my knees. He told me this is an excellent way to make sure a girl is properly lubed before fucking her and that Betty really enjoys it. Again I was to be the female but I didn’t care by now. I wanted to learn all I could from him. He moved his lips to my sphincter, kissing and licking. I could feel hand spreading my ass cheeks apart as his lips and tongue explored me while the other hand massaged my balls. His tongue even entered my asshole several times making my squirm. It felt exquisite. I knew I wanted it to go further. I reached down and raised his head and stared into his eyes.

“And when she is ready, what’s next Rick?”

I caught him by surprise finally being so forward. My head was swimming with desire by now.

“Are you sure you want to Scott?”

“Yes, never more sure about anything Rick. I want to know how you would make love.”

He reached over and slipped the towel under my hips. Placing my knees up on his shoulders, he explained how important it is to not rush in. I felt the head of his cock pressing between my cheeks. Rick told me to reach down and help spread my cheeks for him. After several attempts, and much coaching to relax, I felt the stinging go away and be replaced by a warm, tingling feeling up my spine. This wonderful man was making love to my ass.

“I’m going to hold it here until you’re ready to go further, if you want to. Just let me know when you are Scott.”

“I will, Rick, I can’t believe we got you to fit in my ass.”

After a couple of minutes, I reached down between my legs and wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock. Slowly I started pulling him deeper into me. He had no choice but to fuck me, I wasn’t about to let him loose until I got all of him inside me. He started thrusting his hips up and down. My hips started moving with his. I could feel his stomach press against my balls when I thrust upwards into him. We were making love as we stared into each other’s eyes.

“Scott, just remember, if you are inside a woman, unless you have protection on, you should pull out before you cum, you don’t want to risk getting her pregnant before you’re ready.”

“Rick, I will, but I want to pretend I’m your woman, I want you to cum in me.”

“You are so hot and sexy Scott, if you keep that up I will.”

“Oh Rick, thrust that hard cock in my ass, get me pregnant, I want your cum in me like you shot on my face.”

It only took a few more thrusts into me and I could actually feel the head of his cock getting bigger. His eyes closed and I felt the warm fluid from his cock flowing inside me, his hard cock sliding in and out, pushing it deeper inside me.

Rick lay on top of me until his cock grew flaccid and slipped out. We stayed like that for awhile, until we heard the buzzer from the dryer going off. We decided I better get my clothes back on. Just then the phone rang. They were starting back home. Perfect timing.

I was in the bathroom cleaning myself off and getting ready to get my pants on when Rick stepped in and, rubbing my bare ass cheeks, asked if I was alright.

“I feel wonderful. You helped me answer a lot of questions today, Rick. Thank you. But I may not have all the answers yet, if I think of anything else, can I come to you for help?”

Wrapping his arms around me from behind, “I’d be upset if you didn’t Scott, and I’ll be looking for some more jobs around the house I need help with if you would like.”

“Please let me know anytime.”

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