A Friend in Need


A continuation of Friends go swimming…

Notes: Second submission, Please read Friends go swimming before you read this. I am very pleased with how the first story turned out. I could never do this without your support and advice. Seriously, I thought my first story would be hated and I would be so disappointed, I thought wrong. Well here is the story; there will be more to come. I did change this story because of your advice in the comments; so sorry if it doesn’t perfectly match the first story. Oh, and if you want to just bash the story without any advice, or ideas to improve it, do so using your username, not Anonymous. So I can refer to your stories (If there are any) and learn from them, that and it is easy to bash someone when they can’t see if you are any better.



Staci: “I’m really lonely and I really want you to come over and just hold me while I cry.”

Me: “I will be over in ten minutes”

Staci: “Thanks <3 hurry please?" Me: “make that five” Staci: “<3" So I left my house and jogged/ran to Staci’s house. Staci knew I loved her and I would do anything for her, she knew I would be there as soon as physically possible. She only lived a few streets away and my PT scores in the National Guard were very good so I made it to her house in less than three minutes. When I walked inside I could hear Staci crying in her room; she heard me come in and ran to me and nearly knocked me over in her hug. She was taller than me and she just collapsed in my arms sobbing. I took her to her room and sat down on her bed with her, I saw a used but not filled condom on the floor, a men’s sneaker, a towel with some blood on it, and tissues everywhere. I feared Staci was raped by her jerk of a boyfriend Justin.
We sat there for what felt like hours, I kept trying to calm Staci down; telling her it was okay, that I was here. At this time I noticed Staci wasn’t wearing any pants or underwear, just a long shirt. I didn’t notice at first because I was so focused on how I would kill her boyfriend Justin.

Well now I noticed, and I tried not to look too much and not think about it, but my eyes kept getting drawn back to her neatly trimmed mound. I kept telling myself, “How can I think about her like this after she was probably just raped?”

Staci looked at me and was trying to speak but she was crying too much to speak. I whispered in her ear, “Don’t speak, just rest, we can talk later.” She slowly nodded and I sat next to her until her breathing settled and she was asleep.

I started cleaning her room up from whatever just happened; then I saw the knife I gave Staci to protect herself on her late-night walks, sitting on the end table next to her. I took it and put it back in the sheath, then I saw and picked up the lone sneaker, It was a men’s size nine, I thought, “Doesn’t Justin wear a size nine, and where is the other one?”

While Staci slept, I made some dinner for when she woke up, it was about seven in the afternoon and I guessed she would be hungry after her nap, she always was. When I woke her up, she must have realized she wasn’t wearing anything below the waist; because when I told her the food was on the table, she looked at me and scrambled to cover herself and find a pair of pants to put on; I simply handed her a pair that was behind me, she smiled at me and then put them on.

She followed me down the hallway keçiören escort to the kitchen to eat the grilled cheese and soup I made, I was a good cook and Staci knew it; when she saw the food, she smiled and kissed me on the cheek and thanked me. Then I started thinking, “She usually doesn’t do that when I cook.” But I brushed it off and sat down to eat.

As we ate Staci told me what happened and why she needed me to come over. Apparently, her boyfriend and she were just about to have sex and he was an asshole and wanted to do her anally instead, he watched a lot of porn and thought she wouldn’t care. He didn’t even tell her, or use lube, he just rammed into her, making her scream in pain and bleed. Staci said she was in shock for a few moments and he kept ramming into her without caring, so she grabbed the knife I gave her and told him to grab his clothes and leave or she would cut his dick off.

I was ready to go grab my shotgun and hunt him down. But Staci told me her neighbor who was an off-duty cop heard her scream and as Justin was running out half-naked, her neighbor tackled him and handcuffed him; then called another cop to come pick Justin up and asked Staci what happened. Justin was arrested for rape and went to jail to wait for his court date.

I cleaned the dishes and Staci walked up behind me and gave me a hug as I put the dishes away. She laid her head on my shoulder and said, “I just want to thank you for being here and cooking and everything.” I turned around and said, “Staci, I am your friend, it’s my job to take care of you and help you when things go wrong.” Staci hugged me tighter and asked, “Do you think you could stay here with me for a while?”

I hesitated, Staci saw this and added, “Just because my mom won’t be home until Wednesday and I don’t want to be alone after something like this, please?” I hesitantly nodded and said, “Okay.” Then Staci hugged me so tight I couldn’t breathe.

We watched a few movies and relaxed, the whole time Staci was curled up next to me, I kept wondering, “Why is she doing all of this?”

When it got to about ten-thirty I suggested we go to sleep and that I would sleep on the couch. Staci told me, “No, you can sleep with me in my bed; we did that all the time last summer when we got tired during the day.”

I just quietly nodded and got into her bed, after about a second, I felt her put her arms around me and she sleepily whispered, “Cuddle with me.” So I put my arms around her thinking she was just lonely after the incident and I would help her.

I kept thinking, “This isn’t right, this is taking advantage of her.”

It was about four in the morning when I woke up to a strange feeling, it felt like I was having a wet dream but I knew I was awake. I looked down and I saw Staci’s hand rubbing over the bulge in my shorts. At first I just let it happen, but then I really woke up and pulled Staci’s hand away from my bulge.

I told her, “Staci, you are still lonely and hormonal about the incident with Justin, and I don’t want to take advantage of that, let’s just sleep for a few more hours then we can think more clearly.” Staci just frowned and whispered, “Okay, if that’s what you want.”

At around nine in the morning, I woke up and let Staci sleep while I made some coffee and waffles, Staci’s favorite breakfast, oh and of course some bacon. (I am a man after all…)

Staci woke up to the smell of food; she sat kızılay escort down and winced in pain because her bottom was still very sore. I poured her a cup of coffee and gave her a few waffles and some bacon, she smiled at me and said, “Are you the husband who cooks for me cleans for me and holds me at night?”

I said, “No, just the best friend you could ask for” Her smile died a little bit after I said that.

I asked Staci, “What is the plan for today?” She replied, “Well, I thought we would hang around and watch some more movies then at six we will go out to dinner.”

I nearly choked on my coffee when she said that. I said, “We’re doing what now?” Staci looked at my face and how surprised I was and said, “You are too cute sometimes.” And she walked away to shower. I was left sitting at the table with my mouth hung open for what felt like an hour. As I cleaned the table and the dishes, I kept thinking about taking Staci out to dinner, “Why did she want to go out with ME?”

Then I thought “It must be because of what happened with Justin and she wants a rebound.” So I figured I would take Staci out, have fun and that will be it.

We watched almost every one of Staci’s favorite movies, the entire time she kept herself curled in a ball with my arm around her. The closer she got, the more I thought, “Maybe she really wants this.” But I put those thoughts to the side.

When it got to about five- thirty I left to shower and change clothes at my house, despite Staci’s protests to use her shower.

When I got back to Staci’s, it was six in the afternoon and Staci was ready. When she came outside to greet me, my knees almost gave out, Staci looked so beautiful, her dress fit her figure perfectly and she literally took my breath away. Staci noticed and she just asked, “What do you think?”

I just took a deep breath, walked up to her and said, “You look perfect.” Then I escorted her to the car and I drove us to the local steakhouse which had a few private booths. We had fun talking to whole night, the entire night Staci kept rubbing her foot up and down my leg and giving me sexy looks from across the table, I asked for the check only halfway through our food.

As I drove up to Staci’s house, we saw Justin outside pounding on her front door and Staci just started crying inside the passenger seat. I told her to wait in the car and I got outside and Justin ran to the car but I stopped him. He just yelled, “Get the fuck away or you will be sorry man!” I responded, “Don’t try it, I already want to kill you, so don’t push me any further.” He came at me with some stiletto knife; I knocked it out of his hand and broke his wrist. He just started screaming in pain, I said, “Now leave Staci alone, here’s some money for your wrist, if I see you messing with her ever again, I will personally break every bone in your hands, arms, and legs; okay?” He whimpered, “Yea whatever you say!” then he ran away.

When I told Staci he won’t bother her anymore, she ran up and hugged me while she cried in my arms. I guided her inside and laid her down on her bed and she whispered something I couldn’t understand so I got closer and Staci whispered, “I love you James, I want you to be my first.”

I couldn’t believe it; I was so shocked. I was thinking, “First I lose my virginity, now I’m going to take my best friend’s virginity too!”

I asked Staci. “Is this because of Justin or do you really mean that?” kocatepe escort Staci whispered, “James, I love you, and I can’t think of anyone else to I would want to be my first.” I got down next to Staci and turned the lights out.

As we lay there side by side, we just started kissing. My mind was going wild the entire time to just jump on top of her and fuck her. I knew better, I went slow as I kissed her lips, then her chin, slowly moving to her neck. Staci’s mind must have been racing too, she must be as eager as I am, her hands were running up and down my back and her hips were grinding into my groin.

I moved from her neck to behind her ear and her ear lobe. As I moved down Staci’s breathing got very rapid and her heartbeat was so fast, she had Goosebumps going down her arms and legs. Staci started to undo her dress and I took a break from kissing her and took my shirt off and removed my belt.

Staci started kissing down my chest, only turning me on even more; I started to return the favor while her bra was still on, Staci went to remove it but I told her to wait.

I worked my way down Staci’s abdomen, kissing every inch on the way down; I got to her legs, I kissed her hips and her thighs feeling her skin with my hands, I kissed in between her thighs and she gasped out loud and arched her back, I looked up at her and she moaned, “I’m a little too sensitive there.”

I moved back up to her neck and removed her bra as I was kissing her. I had to stop just to think what to do next; Staci already knew, she grabbed the back of my head, kissed me and directed me to kissing and sucking on her nipples. As I was doing this I placed my hand over her crotch to see how wet her panties were and she just raised her hips to meet my hand and grind her crotch on it and then she arched her back again and grunted. I had so many thoughts running through my head, “Should I just rip her panties off? Should I go slower? Should I go faster? Should I stop to kiss her again?”

I wasn’t sure what to do; so I did what felt right, I moved down to Staci’s panties and slowly pulled them off of her legs and the middle of her panties was sticking to her opening. When I pulled them off her legs, I could smell a distinct aroma in the air, it was Staci, and I loved it.

I hovered over her slit breathing, taking in the sights and smells. I only gave her a few licks because she was so sensitive. I took off my pants and underwear, Staci gave me a few licks too, I put on a condom; then I positioned myself at her entrance and asked, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Staci just wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me into her, I stopped her when I reached her hymen, and I leaned over her and kissed her as I pushed through her hymen and buried myself in her. Staci winced as I slowly pushed into her the first time, I wasn’t sure I would last too long but the condom did help, I rammed into Staci a few times, she began to meet my thrusts with her hips, then she told me to stop, I thought I crossed a line or she had second thoughts.

Then I felt something tightening around me inside her, and then Staci started moaning and shaking and screaming my name.

I kept pushing in and out of her while her orgasm washed over her body. Then I lost it, I came and yelled out her name. Then I collapsed onto Staci and we laid there kissing and holding each other the whole night.

In the morning, Staci woke me up and whispered, “I love you.” I looked into her eyes and said with a smile, “I love you too Staci.”


Thanks for reading, all advice and tips are helpful, I couldn’t do this without you guys!

(Hint for the next story, don’t think that Staci is it and that we left Marissa out to dry.)

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