Subject: A HOT HOLIDAY IN EUROPE – PART 42 A HOT HOLIDAY IN EUROPE – PART 42 50 Sunday Berlin – still at the sauna After about 30 minutes in the bar drinking a well-earned beer, I headed back to the cubicle area and chose a different one near where I had been before. I settled in, arranging my towel over my lap as alluringly as possible, showing the body but leaving some mystery about what else I had. There were plenty of guys cruising around and it was fun to look at all the different types and dream of possibilities. After about five minutes, a bearded, hairy chested and very attractive 50-ish guy wearing glasses looked at me and positioned himself outside my door against the wall, looking intensely at me. He looked hot and his eyes seemed to be burning into me. He fumbled with his towel and lifted it up to show a sizeable cock head. He put his finger in his mouth, wetting it and then rubbed it onto the head of his cock. It looked very sexy. Someone else walked past and he covered himself up again. After they had gone, he looked at me again and lifted his towel showing more of his cock. It wasn’t completely hard but it looked like it could get quite big. I liked his looks, regardless of his cock size, and nodded to him. He smiled and came into my cubicle, closing the door behind him and taking off his towel. He spoke to me in a language I didn’t recognize. I apologized that I didn’t understand and he smiled. ‘Budapest’, he said, pointing to himself. Ah, my first Hungarian! He took my towel off and leaned down, reaching for my cock and putting it into his mouth. He was a good sucker, swallowing it right down and flexing his throat muscles on it. Then he let go of my cock and offered me his. It had grown quite a lot since I first saw it. It was now a good eight inches at least and very thick with a huge, shiny head on it. I got off the bed and crouched down to suck it. It tasted good with just a hint of precum. He groaned and held onto my head as I swirled my tongue around it. Then he lifted me up and kissed me. His hands were feeling for my asshole and I turned around a little to make it easier for him. He pushed me forward facedown onto the bed and, pulling my ass cheeks open, he started rimming me with a very hot and busy tongue. It was a great feeling! Then he stopped and I heard the lube container being used. Next, the hot head of his cock was pushing at my asshole. I relaxed it and I could feel his cock sliding up into me, stretching me quite widely open. He gripped me by the shoulders and fucked me steadily, grunting as he did so. He increased his speed bit by bit and his big cock felt like it kaynarca escort was getting into places others didn’t seem to get to. I heard myself gasping as he thrust it even deeper. He pulled out after a few minutes and signalled to me to turn over onto my back. He rammed his cock right up deep inside me again, pushing my legs hard back against my body. He leaned forward and kissed me lavishly. He was a great kisser. He increased his speed and climbed up onto the bed so that he was directly above me, pounding his cock as deep as he could inside me. The look on his face was very exciting – he almost looked quite fierce in his passion. He suddenly closed his eyes and blew his load deep inside me – yet another load that felt huge. He kept moving slowly as his cum squirted out of him and it was great to see the pleasure on his face. Then he stopped and let me put my legs down as he pulled his cock out of my ass. He spoke again and I shook my head, not understanding. He smiled and tousled my hair. Then he put his towel on, put his hand over his heart and sighed. His meaning was clear and I did the same to him, too. He waved goodbye and was gone. I put my towel around me and headed for the shower. It was busy and I had to wait until after a tall and handsome black guy with an enormous semi-hard cock finished washing himself. He was every bottom guy’s dream man. It was nice to watch him rubbing the towel all over himself as I stepped into the shower and turned the water on. He finished drying himself, made no eye contact with me at all and wandered off. Oh well, c’est la vie! I dried myself and looked around for Murad but there was no sign of him. Many of the private cubicles had their doors closed so he could have been in any one of them. I got tired of walking around and went back to the cubicle I had just used with the Hungarian guy. Within five minutes, Murad appeared and popped his head in the doorway. ‘Having a good time?’ he said. ‘That Hungarian guy you just had looked hot’. I smiled and asked how he was enjoying himself. ‘I have cum one more time since you’, he said, ‘but I can manage a couple more, I think. I hope you are not ready to go?’ ‘No, I can manage at least ten more’, I said. He laughed. ‘Can you wait here?’ he said. ‘I think I see someone who said he was interested to fuck you earlier’. He disappeared and I settled back in the cubicle, waiting. I had this dream, suddenly, that it would turn out to be that black guy I saw at the shower. Suddenly Murad appeared again but with quite a short middle-aged guy with him. He was quite attractive and had a nicely hairy chest and looked orhanlı escort Middle Eastern. If he was interested, I was happy about it, too. They both came in and Murad introduced him as Henri. He was French-Algerian and had a really nice smile. Murad shut the door and took his towel off. ‘Show him your cock’, he said to Henri, who smiled and undid his towel. A nicely thick seven incher sprang upwards. He had shaved around it, which was a bit disappointing. ‘I can’t wait to see him fuck you’, said Murad, rubbing his hands together. ‘It is OK with you?’ asked Henri, looking uncertain. I nodded. ‘Yes, you can fuck him to death with that, he loves it’, said Murad. Classy! Murad settled himself lying alongside me while Henri climbed on top of me and stuck the big head of his cock in my mouth. It tasted good but it sure was big! ‘Fuck, that looks good’, said Murad, feeling Henri’s balls while I sucked his cock. ‘I am ready to fuck’, said Henri shortly afterwards. ‘You wish a condom?’ he asked. ‘No, I am OK without if you prefer’, I said. He smiled and reached for the lube. ‘You want to see his face as I fuck him or look at my cock in his ass?’ he asked Murad. ‘I want to see you working his ass’, replied Murad. ‘Then I will fuck him doggie style for you. You should go behind me to see better’, said Henri. I turned over on my stomach and he indicated I should get up on my knees. He got up onto the bed and positioned himself behind me. I could feel the hot stickiness of his big cock on my hole. Then he pushed it in and I could feel it stretching me very wide open. He kept pushing until it was up to his balls inside me. ‘You want to touch it in his ass before I fuck?’ Henri asked Murad. I could feel Murad’s fingers having a good old feel for a moment or two, then Henri started fucking me, slowly at first and then gathering speed as he felt my hole relaxing around him. It felt awesome and TIGHT! The big head on it felt like it was a long way inside me. I braced myself as he started to fuck harder. ‘Really give it to him’, said Murad. ‘Fuck him hard, he loves it’. Henri seemed happy to do as he was told and I was fine with it, too. He started doing long fast strokes in and almost out before plunging deeply back in again. I could hear myself moaning with every deep thrust. It felt so good! He kept the speed up for quite a while, breathing heavily. I’m sure I could feel Murad’s fingers having another feel at some point. ‘I think I cum now’, gasped Henri. At the speed he was fucking me, I was surprised he had lasted that long. I clenched my ass muscles around his cock and he moaned loudly. I could feel tepeören escort his cock jerking wildly inside me as he filled me up with his cum. He kept on pounding my ass until he had finished cumming and then collapsed on top of me. I could feel Murad touching my asshole again. ‘Fuck, his cum’s leaking out of you’, said Murad. ‘That’s really hot!’ After a couple of minutes, Henri pulled his cock out of me and I could feel more cum pouring out and running down my balls. He stood up and stepped off the bed. I turned around and saw Murad squeezing the last drops out of Henri’s softening cock. ‘Good fuck?’ asked Murad. I nodded and Henri smiled. ‘You are amazing’, Henri said to me. ‘You make me blow my balls off inside you’. For that compliment I kissed him. He kissed me back and I realized that was the only kiss we had had. He was a nice kisser, too. I wish we had started with that. Henri then shook hands with both of us and headed for the showers. ‘I think you are fucked’, said Murad. I was happy to agree! ‘Just let me fuck you with his cum inside you and then we will go, ok?’ He got me to lie on my back and, standing at the edge of the bed, he shoved his cock inside me and started fucking me very hard. I could feel Henri’s cum dripping out of me and my ass was making wet sucking noises as Murad fucked me. He fucked me incredibly hard. I could tell he was extremely excited and almost out of control. Then he moaned loudly and blew a big load inside me that seemed to go on forever. Then he fell forward on top of me and kissed me passionately. ‘You’re awesome’, he said. ‘You really can be fucked very hard, I love it’. It took him over five minutes to calm down completely and then we got up and walked down to the showers. The black guy was there again and I felt that if I couldn’t have him, it was nice to at least be able to look at him! Murad and I showered and went back to the locker room to dress. At the Metro station, we took the same train together for one stop and Murad kissed me goodbye there as he had to change to another line. I continued on back to my station and walked over to my hotel. I was feeling very tired and went to the Hofbrauhaus again for dinner. It was quieter being a Sunday night and I enjoyed the food and atmosphere very much again. Then I returned to my hotel room. I had to pack as I was leaving Berlin next morning. There would have been time for more fun that evening but I felt the afternoon at the sauna could not be topped and I didn’t even check my phone for messages. After packing, I hopped into bed and read, putting the light out at about 10pm. To be continued…. Comments welcome at ail. You might enjoy my story ‘A Hot Holiday In Pakistan’, too. It’s also in the ‘Encounters’ section of Nifty. 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