A Little More Than Homework Help

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There was only one thing my Math teacher had going for him, I thought, and that was his fantastic ass. That butt kept me going through Algebra; every time he bent over I seemed to find new energy, all over. Of course I never expected anything to happen, I knew teacher/student relationships were wrong, he could lose his job.

He was around 45, married, with a few grown up children I assumed. A shortish man, but quite slim. Dark hair, dark eyes, pretty cute for a 45 year old man I guess, but nothing special.

I was pretty normal too. An average body, shaggy brown hair, just finishing my last year of high school.

It was a pretty warm afternoon in May, I had Algebra last thing and it was pretty boring, aside from my teacher. I thought I had imagined it, as I probably had several times before, but I thought I caught his eye. He seemed to smile, but turned away straight away. I blushed a little, but put my head down and carried on with my work.

A few minutes later, I heard him talking to the girl in front of me. I looked up, his butt was right in my view. He had a perfect ass. Beautiful round cheeks that I just wanted to squeeze. I would give anything to have thrusted my dick up that butt at that moment, it was so hard and I was so turned on. I eventually calmed myself down, I wasn’t going to walk out of that class with a full blown erection.

As he let the class out, he casually called me back to discuss some work, or so he said. He was sitting on the edge of his desk as I walked over, and I noticed him anadolu yakası sı ucuz escort undo the top button of his shirt, he was relaxing. I smiled at him.

“Yes, Sir?” I said, pretty innocently. I had perfect grades, there was no real reason to keep me back.

“Oh it’s nothing, I’ve just noticed that you’ve been pretty distracted in class lately. I don’t want those grades to slip, that would be upsetting.” He said, his voice seemingly earnest. I smiled.

“It’s nothing, I guess. It’s probably just general distractions, you know.” I looked at him, his eyes were so dark, so entrancing.

“Oh yeah, I know how it is. I was your age once. it’s girls, girls, girls.” He laughed, and stared back at me. We were looking into each other’s eyes.

“Not really, I mean… Not girls…” My cheeks were positively red now. He smiled at me. I put my hand out onto his desk, I’m not sure why, I just felt like leaning or something. But this triggered everything. I didn’t realize that I was placing my hand directly on his. His cheeks turned pink, yet he didn’t pull his hand away. He stared into my eyes. I felt something stir in my pants. I forget whether it was him or me, or both of us, but we somehow ended up passionately kissing for about one minute. His tongue explored my mouth, and his hands held me tight, pulling me closer. I put my hands straight on his butt. I had no idea kissing him would feel this good…

“I.. we…” He pulled away, staring at me, at my lips, “I want you…” I gently bit my lower lip.

“Good. You’re having pendik eve gelen escort me.” I kissed him again, but he pushed me back.

“Let me get the key. If we’re caught… oh god…” He grabbed his jacket and pulled out the key. He rushed over to lock the door.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you. I always thought you were straight. Your ass… it’s so… so good.” I said, watching it move as he walked.

“I thought I was straight too, or at least only bi curious. But you… I think you’re amazing.” I smiled at him. “Come into my office section, we can lock this door too and pull down all the blinds.”

A few minutes later, he had made sure the room was secure and we were kissing again. He brushed files and folders off of his desk and we lay down. I ripped open his shirt and stroked his chest. It was surprisingly hairy, and I liked it. I found his nipples and tweaked them, but I quickly felt my way back to his butt. It was so good.

“I want you,” I heard him mutter, and he pulled out his tongue from my mouth, and began kissing his way down my neck. He pulled off my shirt and kissed me right the way down to my crotch. He moaned as he ripped off my pants and my boxers. My 7″ dick stood upright. He looked up at me and grinned, then took the head of my cock in his mouth. I moaned as he sucked me off. it was so good. He worked the head with his tongue, and proceeded to work my dick for about 5 minutes. I was so close to climax, but I couldn’t, not yet. I pulled him off my dick and we kissed some more. I unzipped his pants and pulled them tuzla azeri escort off, as well as his underwear. We were both pretty much naked by now, except that he still had his unbuttoned shirt on. He was straddling my dick now, i was so turned on. I wanted to fuck him.

“Eat my ass, please, eat it..” He moaned and turned around, throwing his rear end high in the air, spreading his glorious cheeks. His tight bud was mine as I dived straight in. I teased with my tongue, kissing and slurping. The musky smell just made me more hungry, it tasted so sexual. I eased in a finger, gently probing deeper until one of my fingers was inside him. He moaned.

“Your dick, I want it. Now, baby, I love you.”

That did it for me, and I climbed onto my knees, gently easing my cock forward into his butt. I was hoping the spit that I’d applied to his hole would be enough lube, it was pretty wet now. I couldn’t really believe this, I was taking my Math teacher’s anal virginity.

“I love you too, I love your butt. Relax now, it might hurt a little.”

I pushed in, my dick was inside him. He moaned.

“It’s good, harder baby.” And I drove in harder. I thrusted my dick right up his anal passage. It was so warm, and it felt so good. I went faster and faster. I loved it. he was groaning so loud. He wanted it. He wanted my dick in his ass. He made me slow down, and we changed position. He was now sat with my dick in his ass, facing me. He kissed as we fucked. I squeezed his butt cheeks in my hands as He rode me, and eventually I came inside him. I pulled out and we just lay next to each other. Panting.

“I don’t think there’s any worry about your grades slipping anymore, I think the distraction’s not going to be any problem.” He laughed, and we kissed again.




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