A Model for the Life Class Ch. 02

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Please get back to me with your comments or score. I’m not sure if I’m improving so feedback would be great. Hope you enjoy this effort.


After the excitement of the subway I finally made my way to the flat I was renting for the next three months. I had hoped for a longer let but property was hard to come by and I was lucky to get this room in a three person share. Mum and dad had helped me move in some larger items and my big bro was coming down with the car at the weekend. I had to get by on my own resources until then.

the house was close to the river near Wapping and closer still to the underground. I let myself in with my key. MY KEY to my flat, well shared house. It still felt good and I dumped my things in my room and decided I needed to clean up after the mess I’d gotten into on the underground. I grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom. It was all quiet so I reckoned the other guys were out. I pulled off my trainers, socks and shirt and checked out the shower gel. Nobody would mind me using theirs until I got some, I thought.

I threw off my jeans and pants; gosh they were mucky any slimy. I’d probably ditch them rather than try to get them clean again. The water was running nice and hot and I had just stepped under and lathered up my chest and hair when I heard someone enter the flat.

They weren’t alone I could hear talking,but they called out “Hi, who’s there?” as they made their way further towards the bathroom. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it round me as I stepped out of the shower dripping wet

As I opened the door a messy head of blond hair pushed past me, “Thank God! I really need a pee.” and with that pulled out a fat, cut cock, It was pretty big and round, about 6″ long and gushing like a fountain.

“Thanks man,” said the owner. “I was bursting.” Still looking at his cascading cock he asked, “and you are?”

“I’m Joe, your new flat mate. Pleased to meet you,” and I tried to hold out a hand in greeting and still hold my towel in a modest position.

“Oh he doesn’t live here,” came a deeper voice from the passageway. “But I do. Hi I’m Steve,” and with that I turned and saw the tallest guy with the fittest body and cutest smile. He grabbed my hand. “Pleased to meet you Joe. Now lets let our newbie clean up without all this attention,” he said to the other guy. He winked at me as he added, “I’m sorry to bust in on you like this. He smiled again and just stood gazing down at me. So tall. so handsome, so likable.

“You’re dripping all over the hall carpet,” he mouthed quietly without looking away from my eyes. I mumbled some excuse and pushed past the smaller blond guy as he exited the bathroom. Did he mean to rub his hand over my bum as he pushed past me?

“Take your time Joe, and we’ll chat when you’re done,” Steve called from the other side of the closed door. I stepped back under the warm water and started to soap up again. Hmm, an interesting start, I thought as I rubbed my cock. It was getting stiff again. “What was wrong with me?”

OK so I didn’t think I was into men but after my forced initiation on the underground I was ready to admit to a different feeling for them, especially tall , hunky ones with a great smile. Mmm, we’d have to see.

I was out, drying off in my room when Steve knocked on the door and pushed straight in. I had the towel held in front of me and was naked. I saw Steve eye up my chest and arms, both slim but firm.

“Hi,” I said and tried to wrap up again in the anadolu yakası sı ucuz escort towel. I was rather clumsy tying the knot and as I turned to grab my trackie bottoms it slipped off to reveal my bare ass. I heard a whistle from Steve. “Nice butt Joe. You’ll do really well here if you don’t mind putting it out. Don’t be shy. Us Londoners like to play and you look the sort to be right at the centre of the game.” With that he playfully slapped my bum and laughed as I yelped and turned my butt away from him. Unfortunately that left my front exposed and I struggled to cover my crotch before he could comment on my semi. Yes I was growing hard. Shit.

“Look” I stammered, I’m not gay. I haven’t had a lot of experience with men. Sorry but I think you’ve got me wrong.”

Steve said nothing and sat down on the bed. He looked up at me and smiled. “Sorry mate. I didn’t mean to put you in a spot. I just assumed that like the rest of us you were happy to experiment with both sexes. Most of us are bi, depending who we are with, and just looking at you, and that stiffening cock you’re trying to cover up, I’d say I got you about right.”

He lay back on the bed and smiled at me again. Then he ran his hands through his hair and licked his lips. “If you fancy experimenting a bit some time come up and see me. I’m right at the top of the house in the roof. Unless you want a quick taste of man sex now. We wanted to take you out for a few beers later on but right now we’ve time for anything.” He smiled again and started to pull off his baggy T shirt.

I held my breath as he seductively removed his top. Slowly his firm, hard pecs came into view; tight and hard with just a dusting of dark hair running from his nipples down to his navel.

“Fuck” I gasped as his firm biceps flexed and tensed. He looked at me again and winked. His eyes glinted with excitement and he licked his lips with lust.

“Well?” he asked. “Shall I stop or do you want more?”

“No, no more please.” I blurted out.

Steve stood up and reached out to my hand. He pulled it away from my crotch and placed it on his chest. “Can you feel that? You make me so hot. I really want to explore this,” he said,” but only if YOU want to. Your cock seems to be saying “more, more,” but you are letting your head rule. Nobody need know what we get up to in this room and if you want me to stop I will, whenever you say.”

He moved closer to me and I could smell his odor. I could feel the heat of him. My body was straining to respond to Steve but my head was not ready to abandon everything I knew. I pulled my hand away from him.

“Ok,” he said “I can take a hint. Remember the offer, and if you aren’t too freaked out the trip to the pub is still on if you fancy a drink. Just a few of us. See you at nine if you fancy it.”

With that he grabbed up his shirt, turned to the door and closed it quietly as he stepped out into the hallway.

Fuck, what a guy. What a body; at least six foot and with hard fit muscles. He had a friendly, confident presence and eyes to die for. Better lashes than many girls I knew.

My cock was out of control again and I grasped it tightly. I needed to jack off and started thinking about my last girlfriend. Hot or what!

I was really getting into it when his face and body popped into my mind and despite all attempts I couldn’t shift it. He was smiling and winking at me and I wanted to run my hands over his hard tight body. God pendik eve gelen escort I was coming, coming and thinking of Steve. Was he doing the same while thinking of me?

I flopped onto the bed and slept for the best part of three hours. When I woke up I went to pee and discovered my pants were missing from the bathroom. Now who had those and why would they want my used, soiled briefs? Fuck, some guys were weird. Then I thought perhaps someone had just thrown them away. Best thing. They were ruined now anyway.

As I peed I could feel I was getting hard AGAIN! I stuffed my cock back in my clean briefs and washed my hands. As I exited the room I heard footsteps coming down from upstairs. Steve and his mate came past and we said “Hi” again. They were touching each other in a suggestive way, certainly more than just friends. I headed back to my room and closed the door.

Fuck, I felt cheated. I wanted to be the one flirting with Steve. I wanted to be the one touching him, kissing him, feeling his body and more. Yes I had to admit it, I wanted him to take me, to fuck me, passionately, tenderly but firmly

and in control.

There was a knock on the door and I called “Come in Steve,” but it wasn’t Steve who entered. It was a guy I hadn’t seen before.

“Hi. My name’s Rick. Thought I’d stop by and say hi. I’m the other guy you’re sharing with.” I looked him up and down. Mmm fit and toned, about 5 10 and light brown hair.

“Come in Rick. Pleased to meet you. ” Mmm, a nice firm grip too and a great smell of shower gel.

“So how are you settling in? Have you met Steve and Pete yet? (So that was the other guys name.) I just passed them going out.”

“Yes I’ve met them. They seem like decent guys.”

With that Rick let out a laugh and collapsed on the bed. “No way man. They are a couple of weirdos.” He chuckled to himself again.

“They are all over each other and other guys too if you let them. I had to give Pete a real slap before he’d leave me alone. Now he just blows me kisses from a distance. They are always playing loud 70’s music and Pete doesn’t even live here. No I reckon they’re a bit odd. Anyway you.ll see a lot of them in the next few weeks ‘cos they are both on the “life” model rota for this term.£

Rick explained that all four of us were at the same art college and although I would be doing the foundation course some classes were available to opt into for everyone and some, like life drawing, were compulsory.

We carried on chatting and Rick seemed like a normal, straight guy. He didn’t flirt or make suggestive comments and I enjoyed his company but after half an hour Steve poked his head into the room.

“Hey, I se you two are getting on well. That offer of a drink still stands. You coming Rick? Anyway, see you in five. I need a quick change.”

With that he was gone and Rick and I looked at each other.

“OK,” he said.”If you’re going out drinking I’d better come along. Someone needs to stay sober of you’ll never get home.” He stood up and straightened his jeans.

“Got any money? Don’t bring it all with you. We’ll just have a couple of beers and come back.”

“You two coming?” called Steve as he ran down the stairs two at a time. We caught him up at the front door and set off.

Pete was already there and called us over as we pushed through the door. He was with some of his flat mates. They seemed in good form and were laughing and joking together. We all joined tuzla azeri escort in with the banter and as the new boy, I came in for a fair amount of stick. We nad a few beers and atter a couple of hours I needed to take a leak. I moved quietly away from the group and wobbled towards the john only to find Steve holding the door open for me.

“You OK Joe? Hope the guys are behaving.”

I pushed into the loo, brushing up against Steve’s hard body as I did so. “Yeh mate. They’re a good crowd. I’m really enjoying myself. Thanks for organising it.”

“No sweat man. You can thank me later,” and he stepped up to the urinal. I was a little light headed after the several beers and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Steve unzipped his jeans and pulled out an enormous cock that immediately started gushing piss. I followed suit but rather hesitantly and had started to pee when I noticed Steve’s stream had finished and he was rubbing his cock with one hand while looking at mine, still leaking pee.

“Decent cock Joe,” he said as his own began to enlarge and stiffen. It was now at least eight inches and still growing. Wow! Steve was cut and his pubes were trimmed short. A big bead of pre-cum had leaked from his slit and looked invitingly at me as I watched his hand pumping up and down. God this was hot. My own cock was standing out stiff and proud. I realized I was wanking it too and Steve looked over and grinned. “That’s my boy. Glad to see you lightening up a bit.” He reached over and held his hand over my fist, wanking back and forth with me. I did the same to him with my free hand and just as I reached his, he moved his hand away and mine grasped his huge, stiff shaft.

“Man you are well hung,” I blurted out, and before I knew it Steve was reaching over and kissing me. His tongue sent electric tingles down my spine and I began to moan with enjoyment. Steve tasted of beer and I reveled in the tongue fight we were having. He pulled away, breathing heavily.

“Well I wasn’t expecting that,” he gasped as he pulled away for breath.

“Think of me as a new man,” I said ,”And I want everything you can do to me.”

With that I bent down and licked the pre-cum off his glistening knob. He moaned and held my head, forcing his hand into my hair and hanging on as he gently but firmly held me `there. I loved the taste of him and the warm softness of his skin, stretched so tightly over the stiff, hard muscle.

I couldn’t pull away, not that I wanted to. Steve had me in a firm grip and was slowly easing his big knob-end further and further down my throat. And I was loving it!

“Mmmm, mmmm. Oh that feels so sweet man. Don’t you stop.” Steve was slowly moving his hips and I was gripping his hips to keep my balance. 1,2,3, in then 1.2.3 out, nice and long and slow. By now I was taking about half of it as he pushed in; no mean feat considering the impressive girth.

“Fuck Joe, this is SOOO good. Don’t stop mate. Ohh, it’s so good.” Steve began to pick up speed until he was punching in and then out ,1,2,1,2 in a regular rhythm.

“Mmm, ohh yes. I’m, I’m gonna come,” he moaned through clenched teeth, and he did; huge gobs of jizz hit the back of my throat and flooded out from between my lips. I licked and slurped and sucked as best I could, finally ending prone on the hard floor with Steve standing over me, triumphant.

He reached down and helped me gently to my feet.

“Come on lad. Lets get you cleaned up. That was bloody marvelous.” His big arms reached round me and he kissed me gently on the lips. “You were great fella. Thanks.”

He found some loo roll and wiped my mouth and T shirt where it had splashed. Finally he looked at me with a sentimental, tender gaze.

“You’ll do. We ought to get back to the others. OK?”

“OK” I said and followed him out.

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