Subject: A NEW WAY TO SEE THOSE BOYS (Gay/adult-youth) The author is not a native English speaker, however, I hope you can still enjoy the reading experience. The story is completely fictional and has no basis of truth in the real world. Your comments or suggestions are always welcome. Please direct them to: karcamel@tutanota. ————- All of us enjoy the stories posted here so please support Nifty. fty/donate.html ————- Story codes; Mb, (dad-son 9-11 yo) inc, cons, oral, anal. (Gay adult-youth) ———— A NEW WAY TO SEE THOSE BOYS Let me tell you this briefly. I have a cottage far from town on a small lake. We spend a lot of time there with my family during the summer. All the holidays and many weekends we enjoy in a log cabin with three rooms, a large living room with a fireplace and a combined kitchen. The cottage is by no means luxurious. It is not a luxury villa, it is merely practical and very comfortable as it is located right on the beach. I, my wife and my two sons use the cottage mainly, but sometimes we go there with friends as well. So we did it on the weekend when we did the boys’ trip. In addition to me and my sons, my co-worker Gerald and his ten-year-old son Logan went on the trip. The wives and Gerald’s daughter were left in the city. My sons were nine and eleven at the time, so they got along well for their age. On Friday night when we arrived at the cottage, we unpacked our stuff, made the beds, and started enjoying the peace of nature. We grilled some sausages and meat. The boys had lemonade, and we men had a few beers. So normal, usual hustle and bustle. The boys enjoyed the lake. Its water was pleasantly warm and the sun was shining too, so we had a really nice time. However, we were pretty tired, the trip had been a long way we decided to go to bed early. My sons have their own common room in the cottage, my wife and I also have one, and one bedroom is for guests. The boys’ room is the only room upstairs in the cottage with a gabled roof. The boys have their own world there. Gerald’s son, Logan, would have liked to spend the night upstairs, but his father wasn’t excited about the idea, so they went to sleep in the guest room. I, of course, lay in my own bedroom and listened to the house, which was now quite quiet after all that noise and joy. I had drunk quite a few beers, and after a while I had to get to pee. Our cottage has a really noisy toilet system from which water is absorbed into the settling well. I didn’t want to disturb others with a noisy toilet, so I went out to do the thing. I walked around the corner and noticed that there were still dim lights in the guest room. The curtain had been left a little open, so I peeked inside without shame. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It took me a while to understand what I saw. Gerald sat in the middle of the bed and Logan sat on his lap. He held his hand on his son’s shoulder and kissed his forehead. They were in their panties, neither of them had a shirt on, and I found it a little weird way to give a good night’s kisses. Gerald continued to kiss his son’s forehead until the boy raised his head and their lips faced each other. It was no small kiss. They ate each other’s mouths, and I saw their tongues playing wildly together. Gerald pulled Logan tightly against his chest and his hands slid on the child’s bare back. Logan had raised his hands on his father’s forehead and caressed his ears and neck hair. The father and son set down on the bed and continued to caress and kiss each other. They lay on their sides against each other, and I noticed Logan put his hand under his father’s underpants. I saw how he started jerking off his father. Gerald turned to lie on his back, and Logan dug his father’s penis out of his panties. Gerald’s cock stood rock-hard as his son, a ten-year-old child, bent down to suck him. Gerald said something, but I couldn’t hear it through the window. He took off his undies at the same time as his son, and the boy sat down next to his ankara escort father on his side. Now he was in a position where his father could suck his little dick while his son sucked him. I noticed I was getting an erection. A huge boner. At the same time, I heard someone drag their feet on a long lawn just around the corner. We `boys’ in the family used to pee outside and now my 11-year-old son Thomas had come to do his needs. He stepped out from around the corner and saw me looking behind the window. “Dad, what are you spying on?” he asked. There was no way I could come up with any good reason why I stared in through the guest room window. “No reason. I was just curious when I heard some sound. ” I lied. Of course, I didn’t realize at the moment that I was wearing only undies that couldn’t cover my boner in any way. Thomas looked in front of my underpants until I realized. However, he didn’t mention anything about it. He walked next to me, and since I was still bewildered by the revealed erection, I couldn’t stop the boy from peeking in through the window. “Oh boy!” Thomas sighed as he looked into the room. I, too, glanced again and there the father and his son still gave each other oral satisfaction. Thomas stayed to stare at what the duo was doing until he apparently drew some conclusions as he glanced again at the front of my boxers. Now, however, my erection had already eased, but it wasn’t unclear to my son that I was aroused by what I saw. I glanced at Thomas’s undies and noticed that he was aroused by that too. I didn’t mention it. We stood speechless behind the window and watched my co-worker, and his son’s amorous moment continue. We couldn’t hear any sounds from behind the window, but their expressions told us that they both enjoyed immensely doing those things together. Gerald had now moved to lie in front of his son and sucked on his small but extremely stiff pecker. His hips rose and fell as Gerald jerked his rod and sucked its tip. After a while, Gerald moistened his forefinger with his drool and pushed it into his son’s ass. “Oh boy.” Thomas sighed again. I heard how her breathing had become faster and heavier. I looked at my son and tried to think I would never do anything like that with my own kids, but that wasn’t true. It had been true ten minutes ago, but not anymore. I watched Thomas’s bare back and slender shoulder. There was a bulge in his undies, and as I watched it, I felt like I began to harden again too. It felt really weird and at the same time extremely obscene and arousing to think I would do the same with Thomas that Gerald did now with his son. By the time I was looking at my son’s half-naked body, Gerald had taken some lubricant and slowly pushed his dick into his son’s asshole. Logan was on all fours. His was facing the window, but the gap in the curtain was narrow, and it was dark outside, so they could not see us from inside the room. Gerald put a pillow under his son’s knees to get his ass a little higher. He then aimed his cock back into the child’s ass and began to slowly push himself in. Gerald’s hands were on Logan’s shoulders, and he pulled the boy toward him as he pushed into him. Logan closed his eyes tightly with a slightly pained expression. Gerald’s cock wasn’t from the biggest end, but naturally, the child’s anus is pretty cramped for all the penises. We saw Gerald’s organ sink deeper and deeper until he had hidden his entire cock inside his son. Then he started fucking his child slowly but clearly very enjoyably. The look on Logan’s face told us about satisfaction and joy, and he shoved his ass against his father’s pushes. They swung at the same pace, rhythmically as if they were dancing with each other. I watched in fascination what the two were doing. Thomas continued breathing heavily and stared as if hypnotized at the act of sex. I put my hand on Thomas’ shoulder, for no real purpose. Thomas looked up and glanced at me with a smile. I got scared, my intention wasn’t to approach my child escort ankara erotically. So I convinced myself, but more likely it was somehow subconscious. Thomas’s skin felt warm and silky. Then suddenly everything stopped. A bat flew toward the window, falling unconscious to the ground. The bang was like a cannon shot at night. Thomas and I quickly ran away. We sneaked into the cottage without making a sound. Thomas climbed upstairs and I went to my own room. I was so horny that jerking off took only a couple of seconds until I cum. The next morning we gathered to have breakfast. I fried eggs and bacon while watching Gerald and Logan behave normally. Gerald spread Nutella on the bread and gave it to his son. They sat next to each other just like any father and son. If I hadn’t known better, I never could have imagined… “Did you hear a big bang in the evening?” Gerald asked and continued without waiting for an answer. “At first I thought a branch of a tree had broken that hit the window. But as I peeked out, I saw a bat that shed half-unconscious on the ground. Hell, I got scared. ” “So did I.” Logan continued. “That sound woke you up?” I asked Logan, I don’t know why I wanted to ask, but I did. “No, Dad and I were still awake.” Logan replied, glancing at his father. “We read a moment before bed.” Gerald added. “I heard nothing. I think I was so tired of driving that I slept like a log. ” I said. “Did you hear it, boys?” I asked my sons. “I didn’t hear anything.” Thomas replied, and continued, “Did you hear, Chris?” he asked my youngest. “No, I didn’t.” Chris lied cleverly. “It would have been exciting to see that bat. Is it still there? ” Chris thought aloud. “I went to see it in the morning, but it wasn’t there anymore. Maybe it flew away, or a wild beast ate it. ” Gerald said a mouth full of bread. I sat at the end of the table, chewing on the scrambled eggs and watching the boy sitting opposite. Logan is a ten-year-old. Blond hair, round nose. Pale skin that is not easily adhered to by tanning. There he sat and ate bacon. And I couldn’t help but think he was sitting in that chair with his ass full of his father’s semen. For some reason, the thought didn’t feel disgusting, it was kind of fascinating. I turned my gaze to Thomas. My son. Eleven-year-old, athletic, sinewy, approximately 4.6 ft (140 cm). Curious, kind, helpful and polite. Slightly reddish hair, so short that it rose up from the top. Army style. Big green eyes. Small round ears. Slightly sharp but short nose, topped with a few freckles. High cheekbones. Underneath the nose is a thin upper lip and under it a slightly thicker lower lip. I found myself wondering what it would be like to suck it. Chris drank milk and a white mustache came under his nose. He was like a smaller edition of Thomas. Similar features, but with sapphire eyes and light brown hair that hadn’t been cut quite as short as his big brother. He was about 4.3ft (130 cm) tall. He had no shirt, and his ribs were visible under the skin. Both boys were skinny, but not in an unhealthy way. We made a croquet track in the yard. We competed in a few rounds and let the boys win. We rowed on the lake and went to roast some marshmallows on a nearby rocky island. We cooked dinner, and the boys swam a lot and adventured in the woods. I chatted with Gerald about all sorts of everyday things, avoiding work topics. We drank beer, but not so fast that we would have gotten drunk. I couldn’t get rid of the idea that my friend was fucking his son, and they both do it eagerly. Logan was only ten years old, but it could be deduced from everything that their sexual relationship was not brand new. I was wondering at what age it all started? How had it happened? What was the first thing that eventually led to what I had seen? I would’ve liked to ask, but how can anyone ask anyone such a question? The day went by quickly and soon came the evening. The air was getting cool, and it was no longer nice to be outside. We played ankara escort bayan board games at the cottage until it was time to go to bed. Gerald and Logan went into the guest room again and closed the door. I waited fifteen minutes and left to take a leak. There was a small gap between the curtains again. Gerald and Logan were lying side by side on the bed and looking at some magazine. They lay their heads towards the window, so I could see what kind of magazine it was. However, there wasn’t much light, so I had to put my forehead on the window to see properly. It was a porn magazine. There were half a dozen naked men in the pictures, and they were doing all sorts of funny stuff to each other. I noticed Gerald and his son caressing each other’s genitals while they were looking at the pictures. After a moment, I noticed someone pushing himself between the wall of the cottage and me. His head touched my chin, and I heard a whisper: “Daddy, what’s going on there?” The questioner wasn’t Thomas but Chris, and now Chris stared through the curtain gap into the bedroom where father and son were reading a porn magazine. “Shh… What are you doing here? Go inside, you freeze. ” I whispered. Chris didn’t have a shirt, just undies. “Tom said he had seen something here last night that I would never believe to be true. But he refused to share what he had seen. When Tom fell asleep, I decided to come to see what it could be. Something is happening here, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. ” Chris concluded, and he was absolutely right. Now the duo had put the magazine away, and Logan had risen to lay on top of his father. They wore nothing but underpants and Logan spun his hips over his father’s lap so that their dicks caressed each other. Gerald laid his hand on Logan’s back and began to fondle him. He let his hand run along his son’s body as they kissed the wet French kisses. Gerald pushed his hand under the boy’s undies and squeezed his buttocks. Chris stared in, quoting his big brother’s words from last night: “Oh boy.” I knew I should take Chris away from watching. But some damn thing in me enjoyed the idea that he could see what was happening. Now Gerald was lying on his back, and his son was lying in front of him on his stomach. Logan held his father’s cock with his left hand and kissed its rod. The cock stood stiff, and its tip was almost purple. Logan licked and kissed it. He began jerking the cock and took half of it into his mouth. “Oh boy.” There was a sigh under my chin again. And like his big brother, Chris breathed heavily, and I knew he was excited by what he saw. My cock had stiffened between Chris’s back and my lower abdomen. I was pretty sure Chris wouldn’t pay attention to it. I moved my hips slowly against him. I knew that basically, I was using my own child as a sex object, but in that situation, it was hard to think of anything clearly. Logan continued to suck and jerk off his father’s cock. Gerald’s hips began to make a pumping motion. He grabbed his son’s head and gave him a pace. Gerald’s back arched, his mouth opened and it looked like he was in great pain. Then a white liquid plunged out of his cockhead high into the air. Logan licked and swallowed it. His father squirmed on the bed as the orgasm shook his body. Finally, when the situation finally calmed down, Logan’s face was covered in semen, it shone in the dim light and flowed down like a slimy yarn from his chin. Gerald’s cock began to loosen in the boy’s grip, and then he licked the last drops until he rose higher and kissed his father with his sticky lips. I grabbed Chris by the hand and started sneaking towards the front door of the cottage. “What was it that flew out of Gerald’s weenie?” Chris asked innocently curiously. “I can tell you about it sometime later, but now it’s too late. It’s uneasy to explain. ” I answered. “Gerald and Logan really like each other. They seemed to be having a really nice time. ” “Yes. Surely they had a really nice time. Don’t tell Logan what you saw unless he starts talking about it himself. Ok? “Sure, daddy.” “Now climb to upstairs and go to sleep.” Chris began climbing the stairs. I watched his fading back and wonder how gorgeous little buttocks he had. TO BE ota

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