A Night on the Beach


My hands ran over your body, as I cuddled you tightly, telling you that nothing would ever shock you again. I whispered in your ear for the go ahead and you nodded, I began to run my hands slowly down your body. Reaching your thighs and slowly running my fingers down them, I moved my hand up your dress to massage the inside of your thigh. I did it slowly, starting on the inside of your knee and moving inwards towards your body. I reached your groin area and stopped movement but I left it lingering.

I began to kiss you passionately, slipping my tongue inside your mouth and stroked your tongue with mine. Your hands ran down my body, unbuckling my belt and pulling it off. I concentrated on kissing you, my hand stroked your cheek and I gazed into your eyes. Your eyes widened as your hands went down my trousers and you felt my penis. It was large and was beginning to harden as I felt your presence. I stopped making out with you and moved down to your neck, I began to kiss it slowly and deliberately and with my hand I began to rub you intimately through the panties. My lips scoured over your neck in search of pressure points as I listened carefully to your reactions.

I heard you moan slightly and I began to nibble on your neck roughly, kurtköy escort your moans became louder and louder. My fingers began to feel slightly wet as I continued to rub you through your underwear. I stopped briefly to unzip your dress, it tumbled to your feel and I lifted you out of it. I unlatched your bra with expertise and you quickly followed by pulling my trousers down and throwing them away into the wet sand. You giggled and I pulled you on top of me. I ripped my shirt off and bent you over my lap, spanking you for being naughty. You began to moan and I watched your firm bum begin to get pink from the sting of my slaps.

I fell onto my back, pulling you over me and began to suck your nipple hard, feeling it harden quickly in my mouth. I licked against the nipple which had some resistance now it had hardened. I licked with the tip of my tongue and licked with ferocious accuracy and speed. My fingers slipped under your panties as I did so. I familiarised myself with your pussy and began to massage your clit whilst rubbing your lips with my finger and thumb.

I did this for a couple of minutes, the pleasure was in your eyes. I slid three fingers in immediately, shocking you, I moved up kartal escort and was just on the flesh under your clit, you began to moan louder now, it was a tender seductive spot and your breathing became heavier and heavier. I stopped, pulled out my fingers and made you lick the juices off.

I stood up and you stayed knelt on the sand looking up at me, I pulled my boxers down and you immediately handled my penis, you struggled as you hadn’t had one as big as me before but you soon got used to it. You lifted it gently and slowly licked the head with the tip of your tongue. Your hand cupped my testicles and you began to squeeze and rub them, giving me a testicle massage whilst you pulled on my penis. The delicate head coming to the surface. You opted to put it in your mouth and you gagged a little as it filled your mouth but you began to suck and then lick. The pleasure was intolerable, I wanted to ejaculate so much but I held it together. I pulled out of your mouth and climbed on top of you, I began to slide myself into you; using your saliva for lubrication.

I started slowly and quickly gained speed, power and depth, you screamed louder and louder. I became faster and faster and the depth was unbelievable. kurtköy bayan escort My testicles slapped against your ass as I continued to thrust into you. I felt a surge of warm moisture over my penis and as I pulled out, I saw a glaze of juices which weren’t my own. I shuffled back slightly and placed my penis between your boobs. Your juices were now the lubrication as you squeezed your boobs together and moved up and down, the need and urge to ejaculated increased greatly. I slid down your body and used my fingers to widen your lips, I began to lick and eat you out. My mouth filled with juices and I swallowed it at once…

I lifted your knees and indicated for you to go on them, I stood and admired how you looked when you were on your hands and knees, I knelt behind you and began to slide myself inside you, anally penetrating you. I started hard and slid a finger in your pussy at the same time, I got a fast smooth rhythm and you were screaming my name, I carried on moving harder and harder. You were begging for me to stop but I didn’t. I kept on going and going, your ass was red raw as I began to spank you at the same time. My penis was stinging and felt dead but I kept going, my head inflated with cum. It burned to keep it in..

I withdrew and you were back on your knees facing me, I stood in front of you and began to ejaculate, I sprayed the cum all over your face and boobs, you licked your lips and began to lick up all the cum on your face before stooping slightly to lick it off your boobs. The night on the beach was over.

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