A Night to Regret

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Alexandra Daddario

I nearly spit my drink out when my daughter Brittany finished her sentence.

“Come again?” I asked her as I took another drink of my water.

“Daddy, I really need you to look after Andre for the next few days. He’s still recovering from having his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and he’ll be out of commission for the next few days. I really hate asking you on short notice but you live a lot closer than momma and his family is on the other side of the country.” My daughter repeated, folding her arms.

I sat on my recliner, thinking about her request. I really, really didn’t want to be alone with Andre for the next few days. I had my reasons.

“Brittany, doesn’t he have friends that can look out for him? Hell, he has fraternity brothers here.” I said, taking another sip of my drink.

“Daddy, do I need to remind you that you are one of his fraternity brothers? I don’t know why it’s an issue for Andre to stay here for a few days while I’m traveling for work. You used to like Andre so much before we got married. Now, you avoid anything having to do with him.” Brittany said, making me feel bad.

“Brittany, that’s not true.” I argued.

“It is. But I don’t need to argue with you to know that. I just need you to look after him for a few days, dad.” My daughter begged me.

I sat in my chair, contemplating her request. I hate to admit it, but Brittany was right – I made it a point to avoid interacting with Andre. I had my reasons and they were valid. If only she knew.

“Brittany, where in this house is he going to stay?” I said, returning my attention to my television.

“Daddy, he can stay in the extra bedroom that you turned into your office. You never removed the bed from it…” she said, allowing her voice to trail off.

“Brittany, my office is MY office – I do work in there!” I replied, instantly against the suggestion.

“Daddy, you never use that damn office. I bet you haven’t entered it in a few weeks.” Brittany refuted, sitting down on the couch.

“Whatever, it’s my office and what if I need to access it, and your damn husband is in it?” I scoffed.

“Then you’ll go into it, grab whatever you need and leave. If not your office, he can stay in Devante’s old room. I honestly don’t know why you’re being so difficult about this…Andre and you really need to talk this shit out…because he was against me asking you for this favor too” Brittany said, seeming exasperated.

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“I mean…you make him nervous as fuck, Daddy. You aren’t the easiest person to connect with, and y’all initially got along so well…I genuinely thought you and my husband would be friendly. He doesn’t come over here anymore unless I force him too and he gets all weird when I mention you. I always thought it was dope that I was marrying a Sigma man because I knew you’d get along with him but I was clearly wrong.” Brittany said, rolling her eyes.

“Fuck.” I thought to myself as I thought about everything. I know why Andre gets nervous around me. For the same reasons he’s been nervous around me for the past 3 years.

I shuddered as I thought about the reason there was a weird tension between us. Like me, Andre probably can’t shake that night before he married my daughter. The two of us crossed a line that we shouldn’t have even approached.

Since that night, I’ve wanted to tell him to just forget about what happened. Instead of obsessing over a mistake, he needed to enjoy being my daughter’s husband. He needed to live his own life and just accept adıyaman escort what happened…Andre wasn’t the type to just forget though. Since the wedding, he’s never allowed us to be alone together.

The night before his rehearsal dinner, his lazy best man had thrown together a last-minute bachelor party…I’d agreed to go – Andre had insisted, my son Devante was also one of the groomsmen and he also had begged me to join them. I’d told them that it wasn’t conventual for the father of the bride-to-be to attend a bachelor’s party, but I gave in since everyone that would be present were frat (my son included). I found myself in the dingy strip club downtown where they were all drinking and being entertained by the dancers.

By the end of the night, Andre and his six groomsmen were drunk and I found myself serving as the designated driver, responsible for getting everyone back to their hotels, and Andre and Devante back to my house (where they were staying until the wedding). I got the first four men back to their hotel and I quickly got Andre, Devante and myself back to my house.

Devante was sobering up, so he didn’t need any assistance getting into the house and his old room (which was located in the basement). Andre however was fucked up, so I had to help him into the house and into the guest room (my current office). This is where things went left.

As I struggled to guide Andre’s bulky frame into my guest room, I tried to ignore the odd closeness. I tried to ignore the feeling of his breath on my neck as he almost fell into me as I tried to open the door.

“Andre, I can’t reach the door. Twist the knob and turn it.” I said, hoping that he could understand my directions. Luckily, Andre was able to twist the doorknob.

I nudged the door open with my foot while making sure I held Andre up. When the door was open enough for the both of to enter, I helped guide him to the bed.

As I sat him down on the bed, he leaned on the wall. I sat at the desk directly across from the bed and I looked at him as he sat on the bed with his eyes half open. This gave me a chance to stare at him, uninterrupted.

I smiled as I glanced over at him. It was dark so I could only make out his facial features, but the light from the street lights were illuminating his flashing teeth and sharp jawline. Even in his drunken state, I had to admit that he was handsome – my daughter had good taste. Over the years of Brittany and Andre’s relationship, I’d lusted over Andre’s spotless caramel skin, his well-groomed beard and his deep brown eyes. I could see why my daughter had fallen for him. I felt my dick begin to get hard in my pants as I studied his bone structure.

Seeing Andre up close and personal, I envied Brittany.

It was late, so I figured I needed to be getting to bed. As I stood to leave, Andre’s eyes immediately opened.

“Yo…where you going, Rich?” he said in a drunken stupor.

I laughed at him as he struggled to speak.

“I’m heading to my own bed, young man.” I said, dropping my hands to my crotch to conceal my hardening dick.

“Nah bruh…st-stay with me man…” he said as his head bobbed forwards and backwards.

I smirked as I watched him struggle to keep his head up straight.

“Nah, Andre…you need your sleep. You need to lay down.” I said as I stood up and walked towards the bed so I could urge him to lay down.

“I’m no-I’m not sleepy yet.” He slurred as I crawled onto the edge of the bed. I reached for his escort adıyaman shoulders and I began to turn him so I could help him lay down when suddenly, he reached for my crotch. I was immediately taken aback – my future son-in-law was caressing my crotch.

Before I could really react, Andre leaned into my face and with a drunken grin on his face, he smiled.

“Dre…” I began, feeling uncomfortable as he began to run his hand along the length of my shaft. I felt my dick throb in his hands as he squinted through the slits of his eyes.

“Your dick is big as fuck man…:” he said in a low voice, his voice barely above a whisper. I didn’t know what to say, as whatever we were doing was wrong.

“Dre…move your hand.” I whispered to him. Dre didn’t respond – he continued to softly caress my crotch and without warning, he leaned in and kissed me. My eyes got wide as he slipped me his tongue.

I’d been with men before, but I’d never expected to be in a situation like this with someone that was involved with someone that I knew, especially not my future son in law.

But, again, I fucked up. I fucked up big time.

I tried to pull away from the kiss, which only made Andre kiss me harder. I tried to separate us but Andre was turned on and determined. As the sober person, I should have immediately stopped what was happened but the moment he began tongue kissing me, my dick had already made its mind.

I wish I could say that thoughts of my daughter’s happiness made me pause as I allowed Andre to unzip my dress pants and lower my briefs (so he could access my dick) but unfortunately that didn’t help. Within moments, he’d pushed me back on the wall and he looked down into my lap. He looked up into my eyes…it seemed like he was seeking my permission to proceed. I nodded down at him, silently urging to do whatever he planned on doing.

Andre grabbed the base of my dick and aimed it at his open mouth as he lowered his head. Fueled by my hard dick, I pushed any guilt that I had to the back of my mind as Andre wrapped his lips around the tip of my dick. I instantly began telling myself that Andre was drunk, he wouldn’t remember and I’d take this to my grave.

Based on how amazing the blowjob was, it was evident that this wasn’t his first time sucking a dick. For the next twenty minutes, he gave me an expert level blow job and when I felt my climax approaching, I warned him so he could pull off of my dick. He ignored me, continuing to suck my dick with blind ambition and before I knew it, he was gulping down my load.

As I came down from my orgasm, Andre cleaned up all of the semen from my dick with his tongue. I felt a huge wave of guilt heading my way as Andre looked up at me with a look of confusion.

“What did we just do?” I asked myself rhetorically as I yanked my hard dick away from Andre and stuffed it back into my underwear. Andre had that same drunken grin on his face, smiling.

“Man, whatever…you-you wanted that shit, I see how…you stare at me.” He said, stumbling over his words.

“Just because you’ve caught me staring at you, it doesn’t mean that you act on that shit! Fuck!” I whispered to him as I began to rationalize what we’d done.

Fuck. I’d betrayed my daughter’s trust and I’d found out that my future son-in-law hooks up with men.

“Fuck.” I thought to myself as I began to worry about Brittany. Now, I was worried if Andre had it in him to do right by her. Fuck. I’d really fucked up because I’d put myself in a position adıyaman escort bayan where I couldn’t address his actions without exposing myself.

Before I could say anything to Andre, he’d already fallen back onto the bed and he was snoring loudly. I quickly took this moment to exit the bedroom, close the door behind me and focus on pretend that what’d happened, never actually happened.

By the time I woke up the next morning, it was 9AM. I had volunteered to take Andre to the church for the run wedding’s run through so I needed to get up. I quickly got up, took a shower and I got dressed as I recalled the events of last night.

“I really fucked up.” I said as I put on my blazer. I looked into the mirror to make sure I looked presentable before leaving my bedroom.

Andre was already dressed in the living room. He looked like shit, but he looked like every man the night after his bachelor’s party so it was acceptable.

When I entered the living room, Andre looked at me before looking away to the TV. I could immediately sense the regret and tension filling the room. I could tell that he was feeling awful and he clearly remembered what’d happened between us.

I went downstairs to check on Devante and he was still asleep. Rather than wake him up, I went back to the living room to try to console Andre, who wasn’t interested in responding. I could see the regret in his eyes and we quietly agreed that we wouldn’t talk about what’d happened. I tried to offer some comforting words about the whole situation, but it hadn’t worked.

I decided that I’d done enough damage by letting last night happen, so I left it alone. I decided that we should make our way to the church for the wedding walkthrough.

I felt awful through the wedding rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner and I felt even more regret when the two of them were officially married. I made it my mission to mind my business and never bring what happened up, as I didn’t need to speculate about Andre’s sexuality. I just asked God to forgive me and I prayed that he’s abstain from any risky behavior while married to my daughter. She deserved better…and I couldn’t bring myself to tell her what I’d done.

“Damn. I’m not that hard to talk to, Brittany. I don’t have any issues with Andre. I just have my reservations. You know I like my personal space nowadays.” I said after a few moments of silence. I’d gotten consumed with remembering what’d happened between Andre and I.

“Daddy, I don’t know. You say you don’t have a problem with him but then you have reservations with him. Which one is it?” Brittany asked, folding her arms.

“Brittany, you know what I mean.” I said sternly.

“No daddy. I don’t understand. Listen Daddy, all Andre is going to do is lie around for a few days. All you have to do is help him eat a few times a day and make sure he has his painkillers. He’ll be so low maintenance that you’d forget that he’s here.” Brittany said, trying to win me over.

“Fine, Brittany.” I said, giving in.

“Really?!” Brittany said, instantly smiling.

“Yeah. This is clearly important to you, and Andre is my son-in-law. You owe me a nice dinner when you return from your trip.”

“Oh daddy, thank you! We can do dinner wherever you want when I get back!” my daughter said as she stood up and came over to hug me.

As I hugged my daughter back, I thought things over. I didn’t need Brittany thinking that I hated her husband. Although things were awkward between Andre and I, my daughter needed me. In spite of my fears, Andre had been a good man to my daughter up to this point. Maybe him staying over at my place a few days wouldn’t be bad. I’d just make sure to keep my distance. I didn’t want to repeat the mistake I’d made three years ago.

As hot as what’d happened had been, I refused to make the same mistake twice.

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