A Night with the EX

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Big Tits

A Night with the EXI was invited out to a party one night by some old friends and decided to go even tho I would be attending alone. My latest beau and I had parted company about a month before but I was tired of staying home just because I didn’t have a date. When I arrived , I discovered that they had invited my ex-husband Sam as well. I think they expected us to both show up with someone else but interestingly enough, he was also by himself. I had to be honest as I thought he was looking pretty good. I had put on about 30 pounds since we were together and was a little self conscious about it but as he walked up and gave me a hug, he said softly “Hey there gorgeous, you’re looking awfully sexy in that dress” I wasn’t sure if he was being nice or was actually meant it but it made me feel pretty good about myself. We made a little small talk about the k**s before he drifted off to mingle with other folks but while we were chatting I got the feeling that he being sincere. The party went on for a little while, with everyone having a few drinks (except for Sam, he wasn’t a drinker) and then someone suggested we all play a game. It was some kind of guessing game where all the couples gathered in a circle with the women in front of the men. Of course with the two of us there alone, our friends paired us up. I looked at Sam to gauge how he felt about that and he just smiled and said “Come on, it will be fun.” The object was to draw a card with a word on it, show it to everyone but your partner and try to get him to guess what it is with body motions. Each team had two minutes to solve and if they lost, they had to do a  jello shot. The first couple was kinda funny because she had a card that read “fish”. She wiggled and he kept guessing but had no luck and with each attempt everyone would shout “Wrong”. Finally someone hollared “Time” and they had to each do a shot. Everyone laughed and most also did a shot. I knew Sam wasn’t going to do a shot but he encouraged me, whispering for me to go for it so I downed one.  I wasn’t a big drinker myself, sticking mostly to wine so in no time I could feel the effects of the vodka. I certainly wasn’t drunk but I had a little buzz.        The next couple had the word “ballerina” and as she stood on her toes, he balanced her at the waist and guessed right immediately. Everyone cheered and she turned her head and kissed her partner. No one missed it when he slipped his hands up and cupped her boobs. We all laughed approvingly and passed around another tray of shots. Everyone was getting pretty loose by then and I had a feeling it was only gonna get more interesting. Nancy, our hostess standing across from me was next and her word was “bronco”. She started out by bucking slowly up against her husband Tim with him guessing. His first guess was bumper car and everyone shouted “Wrong”. He made several more attempts to guess and with each one Nancy would move further back until she was right up against him, grinding her ass up and down on his crotch. We were all pretty high by then and everyone hooted and hollered when Tim put his hands on her hips and simulated doing her doggystyle. Finally one of the other wives called out “Time!” and everyone laughed as Nancy turned and showed him her word. She kissed him passionately as he moved his hands down and squeezed her bottom.        My Ex and I were next and I chuckled to myself as I glanced at my word “pussycat” thinking this had to be a setup. The vodka was really kicking in now and I thought I would make even more interesting. Glancing over my shoulder, I whispered “Are you ready for this?” He grinned and whispered back “Bring it on.” As I held up the card, I could hear catcalls even from the ladies. Sam had no idea what the word was as I began to rub my backside up against him, trying my best to make a purring sound. He pushed his groin forward playfully as he began to guess “ A snake?” Everyone shouted “Wrong!” I purred louder and he guessed again “A cat?” Someone shouted “What kind?” So he started naming off every kind he could think of from lions and tigers to cougars which got a laugh. Finally one of the ladies called out “10 seconds”, I reached around and grabbed his hand, pushed it down between my legs and he immediately shouted “Pussycat”. As everyone cheered and clapped, I noticed he kept his hand down there for just a little longer before he pulled it away. As I turned to face him, people started drifting away, the game being over. “Wow” I whispered “That was fun. Guess we are still good at something.” Glancing over my shoulder to make sure everyone had cleared the area, he pulled me up close and ran his hands down my ample ass, whispering back “I’m sure there’s still a few things we’re good at.” As I began to pull away, he held me in front of him, whispering even more discreetly “Don’t move yet.” I looked up at him and said “Oh, you like me being this close?” He blushed and answered “Yes as a matter of fact but actually I have a bit of a problem that I need to go away. To put it delicately, I got a little aroused when you were rubbing up against me.” Being coy, I chuckled “Whatever do you mean?” Blushing even more, he replied “I have an erection.”       I felt myself getting wet instantly as my clit throbbed. Wrapping my arms around his waist, I cooed “What do you suppose we should do about that?” He just looked at me for a minute before sighing “I should probably slip up to the bathroom and let it subside before anyone else notices.” With that, he turned quickly and headed up the steps. I gave him a minute, as I looked around and realized everyone else was doing their own thing, no one paying in attention to us so I headed up the steps after him. When I reached the upstairs bathroom, I turned the knob but he had locked it so I tapped on the door softly. Not knowing it was me, he quickly relied “I’ll be out in a minute.” I tapped again, whispering “Hey, it’s me. Let me in.” He cracked the door and I pushed in, locking it once more behind me. The jello shots were having an effect on my balance and I was staggering slightly as he slipped his arm around me. Grinning at him, I whispered “Thought you could use a hand, or whatever else you’d like.” He laughed nervously and whispered “You’re the one that caused this.” Moving my hands down between us, I unsnapped his jeans and pushed his zipper down, slipping my hands into the waistband of his underwear. Wrapping one hand around his cock and cupping his balls with the other, I stroked him as he stiffened. “Ooh baby” I whispered “That’s nice” as I pumped my hand up and down the length of his erection. “ Oh yeah, look at that nice hard dick. I just want to suck it. Can I suck your dick baby?” Without waiting for him to answer, I lowered my face as he held my shoulders and took the head of his cock into my mouth sucking it hungrily. Leaning back against the sink, he moaned softly as I dropped to my knees went to work seriously on his cock, massaging his balls gently as I took him further down my throat. Placing his hands on the back of my head, he moved his hips slightly, sliding his dick in and out between my lips as I ran my tongue around the head. He let me suck his dick for just a few moments before pulling me back up. Kissing me once more, he move a hand up under my dress, pushing my panties aside and working two fingers into my wet slit as I spread my legs, burying my face into his shoulder and moaning as I pushed down on his hand. It occured to me that I hadn’t trimmed in a while and I was çanakkale escort sporting quite a bush. “Um” he murmered “Natural woman. I love it baby, just wanna rub my face in it.” Working my pussy into a lather, he pulled me around bending me over the sink. Pushing my dress up to my waist, he pulled my panties down and I stepped out of them. Spreading my legs again, I lifted my bottom, allowing him to push my plump asscheeks apart as he guided his erection into my pussy. Bending his knees slightly, he pumped his hard cock in and out of me. As he began fucking me in earnest, suddenly there was a knock at the door. We both froze as a voice called out “Hello, can I use the bathroom?” As he pulled out, picking up my panties and stowing his cock back into his jeans, he whispered “We can’t do this here!” I knew damn well I needed to do it somewhere as I quickly replied “There’s no one at my house, do you wanna give me a ride home? I’ll give you a ride when we get there “ I chuckled again. He answered “Yes ma’am!” Slipping out past the awaiting guest and heading back down the steps, we quickly said our goodbyes and I told Nancy I would come back for my car in the morning. She agreed that I shouldn’t drive and she even thanked Sam for taking me home. I was thinking “I’m going to thank him real good when he gets me there.       Sam helped me walk to the car cause I was still a little tipsy. The truth was I was more than a little horny. As we pulled out of Nancy’s driveway, I leaned over and ran my hand over the bulge in the front of his jeans. He pushed my hand away playfully saying “Okay, you have to let me concentrate so I can get us there in one piece. By the way, where are the k**s? You said no one was home at your house.” I giggled and responded “I was hoping this evening might involve more than one piece. The k**s are actually at a lock in with the church. They won’t be home until tomorrow afternoon” He glanced over at me with a devilish grin and said “Do you think we’ll be done by then?” I smiled back and said “Maybe.”As we pulled out onto the highway, he reached over and put his hand on my thigh. I tilted my seat back and put my hand on his, pulling it up between my legs. He teased me, gently rubbing my clit as I raised my bottom up to meet his touch. I was just drunk enough to let my inhibitions go as I spread my thighs allowing him to slip his fingers inside of me. I moaned as I said “Ooh baby, I can’t wait until I get you home.” He glanced over at me for moment replying “Oh yeah? What you wanna do when we get there?” Grinding my clit against the palm of his hand, I answered “I want you to eat my pussy then I want you to fuck it real good.” As I slid my hand back over and squeezed his hardon through his jeans, he pulled his wet fingers out of my slit and ran the tips around my swollen clit. “Um hum” I moaned “Yeah baby, I’m gonna cum” He quickly pulled his hand away and said” Uh uh, not yet.”        When we arrived at my place, Sam helped me out of the car and as I unlocked the door, he put his arm around my waist once more and led me inside, closing it behind us. Pulling me up close to him, he kissed me, slipping his tongue into my mouth as he ran his hands down and grabbed my ass gently. As our lips parted, he remarked “You have am amazing ass” I pulled away from him, telling him I would be right back as I headed to my bathroom to “freshen up”.  While I walked toward the hall, I called out “Why don’t you get more comfortable if you know what I mean. And be a dear and pour me a glass of wine.” He handed me my panties and said “Don’t take too long, I might start without you.” Looking back at him, I giggled and replied “Ooh, can I watch?” On the way to my bedroom, I stopped to use the bathroom and dropped the panties in the clothes hamper. I headed into the bedroom, taking off my dress and bra before pulling on a fresh pair of sheer white panties like I remembered he preferred. Pulling my robe on and tying it loosely, I headed back down the hall. I was turned on and ready for some physical attention as I walked into the living room. Sam had placed a glass of wine on the coffee table for me and indeed had gotten comfortable, sitting on the couch in nothing but his shirt which was unbuttoned. He had already put some jazz on and as I started to sway to the music, I untied the front of my robe and let it fall open. “Damn baby” he whispered “You look good enough to eat”.  I get see his erection swelling as I dropped my robe on the floor, continuing to move my hips to the music. “Come up here” he said, motioning me to climb up over him. As I planted my feet on either side of him and grabbed the back of the couch, he pulled my panties aside and ran his tongue up my slit, spreading me open. Holding my ass with his hands, he pushed his mouth into my labia, shoving his tongue deeper into me, licking my pussy. It felt amazing and as he ran it across my clit, I started to cum. My legs began to shake as my orgasm tore through me. I bent my knees and leaned against the wall, pushing myself down onto his mouth, bucking on his face as I came. I moaned and screamed from the intensity of my climax as I put my hand on the back of his head and ground my pussy down onto his mouth. He licked and sucked my clit, sending jolts of pleasure through me until I finally collapsed on the couch beside him.        As I lay there catching my breath, Sam dropped to the floor on his knees, pulling me over in a sitting position in front of him. Lifting and spreading my legs, he pushed my panties aside and laid his hard cock in my slit, sliding it up and down slowly between my swollen labia as he smiled down at me . Smiling back at him, I asked “Want me to take those off?  Placing my calves on his shoulders and reached up to massage my tits, squeezing my nipples playfully, he whispered “No, I like them. Did you enjoy my oral servicing?” he asked playfully. I smiled back and replied “Oh yeah, that was just what I needed.”  Reaching down, he swirled the tip of his thumb over my clit and said “What would you like me to do now?” My whole bottom was tingling as I anticipated what was next. I looked up at him and quietly whispered “I want you to fuck me.” He moved the head of his cock down and pushed it just barely into me as he asked again “What do you want baby?” He was toying with me and I was dying for his dick so I played along. “Fuck me” I replied again, in a loud commanding voice. “Give me all of that hard dick baby!” With that, he pushed his cock up into me and even though I was wet from his saliva and my own juices,I could feel my insides stretching. He was so hard that I could feel him throbbing as he eased his dick in and out of me. “Oh yeah baby” he moaned “That’s good pussy!” He pulled my hand down between us and began rubbing my fingertips across my clit. “Work it for me baby” he said “I want you to cum on my dick.” As I stroked myself, he lifted my legs, spreading them further apart as he slammed his cock in and out of my pussy, going all the way with each thrust. He bent his knees slightly and moaned “Ooh yeah baby, I love to feel my balls against your sweet ass.” As he continued to pump his dick into me, I could feel another orgasm building up and I could tell it was going to be stronger than the first. Working my clit as he assaulted my pussy, I moaned “Fuck me baby, fuck me hard. I want to cum baby. Give me that dick baby, make me cum!” Leaning over me, he began sucking and licking my nipples as he escort çanakkale plowed his cock into me and suddenly I knew I was about to explode. As I moaned “I’m gonna cum baby!” he pushed his dick all the way up into me and just moved it slightly in and out, massaging the deepest recesses of my pussy as I started to climax. Wrapping my arms around his necks, I threw my head back into the couch and shoved my bottom up to meet him as my orgasm flooded over me. It was so intense that I thought I would pass out. I could hear a voice in the distance crying out and I somehow knew that it was my own as he thrust his hard cock in and out of me, fucking me through the ecstasy.        Finally as my orgasm subsided and I felt the inner walls of my pussy spasm around his erection, I realized he hadn’t cum yet. My head was swimming but I knew I wanted to feel him erupt inside of me. He continued pumping his cock in and out of me while I coaxed him “Uh huh baby, fuck me. Give me that sweet dick. I want you to cum in my pussy!” Smiling down , he slipped out of me and pulled my panties off. Grabbing my hands, he pulled me up off the couch and turned me around, pushing me down on my knees in front of him. Leaning forward, he began to lick my asscrack, making it slick as he swirled the tip of his tongue across my little rosebud, sending chills up and down my backside. After just a few moments he raised up and laid his hard cock between my cheeks and slid it up and down, moaning softly “Damn baby your ass is amazing, I Just want to cum all over it.” Looking over my shoulder, I whispered “Fuck me baby. Shove that hard cock up inside of me and fill me with your warm, thick cum!” As he slid his cock down my ass and into my waiting pussy, I dropped my shoulders and raised my ass, taking him in to the hilt. Squeezing my plump asscheeks, he slammed his erection in and out of me ferociously, moaning “ Oh yeah baby, your pussy feels so good.” As he fucked me, I could feel his dick throbbing inside of me and I could tell he was close to cumming. The thought sent me racing toward another orgasm as Sam bent his knees and hammered his cock up into me, pushing down on my ass as he buried it all the way with each stroke. After a little while, I felt him slowing down to a stop and I whispered “What’s wrong baby?” He quickly answered “I don’t want to cum too soon.” Running his hands over my ample ass, squeezing the round cheeks, he started pumping his cock in and out once more, going slowly as he whispered “yeah baby, I want to enjoy this. Your ass is so sexy, I just want to fuck you for a bit.” Rocking my ass back and forth, impaling myself on his hard cock, I commanded him “Fuck me baby, I want you to cum in me!”  I beared down with my vaginal muscles milking his shaft as he pushed his dick in and out of me. In just a few seconds, I felt him swell and stiffen, stretching me even further as he moaned “ I want you to finish me with your mouth, like when I ate your pussy until you came. I want you to suck my dick until I cum in your mouth.         Pulling out of me, he crawled up on the couch and I moved over in front of him. Sitting on my bottom, I stared at his cock which was so hard that it stood straight up, glistening from our juices. “Get up on your knees” he said “I want to see your tits.” Chuckling as I did what he asked, I ran my hands over my nipples and answered “These little things?” He reached out, cupping my tits with one hand as he stroked his erection with the other. Moving his hand up from my chest, he slid it around the back of my head and pushed down until I wrapped my lips around the head his cock. As I began sucking him, he moaned and whispered “Ah yeah baby, suck my dick. I love watching your tits sway as you suck me off.” Pulling him out of my mouth momentarily, I raised up slightly and rubbed his cock against my nipples. “I want you to cum for me baby” I whispered huskily. He looked down through slitted eyes and moaned “Ooh yeah baby, you get me there and I’ll cum anywhere you want.” Licking the underside of his knob as I stroked his shaft, I teased “Anywhere I want?” I could tell he was right on the verge as he breathed “Uh huh.” His cock was throbbing and I could tell he was about to climax as I tasted the salty precum on my tongue. Standing up, I straddled him and guided his dick back inside of me. Leaning over, I laid my head on his shoulder with my mouth at his ear as I pushed myself down onto his cock. “Cum for me baby” I moaned softly “give it all to me.” Sliding his hands over my ass, he shoved upward as he pushed down on my bottom, burying his erection all the way up into me once more. I ran my tongue around the inside of his ear as I moaned “Cum in my pussy baby, give it all to me.” I felt him swell and stiffen even more inside of me, stretching my insides as he cried out “Oh god”started to orgasm. I whispered again “Oh fuck yeah baby cum in that pussy!” as he began shooting his warm, thick cream into me. Grinding down, I humped his cock and began to cum again myself as he emptied his load into me. Turning my face, I let a muffled scream into the side of his neck as we climaxed together. He squeezed my ass, hammering his dick in and out of me until we both finished and he slowly softened, finally slipping out of my cum soaked cunt. As I collapsed on top of him, trying to catch my breath, he whispered “Oh fuck me, that was amazing.” As I rolled over onto the couch on my side, he slid over behind me and we laid there spooning. As he put his arm around me and nestled up against my backside, I sighed and murmered “Umm, I could get used to this.” He chuckled and said “You always were a cuddler.” Still feeling a little frisky and still having a bit of a buzz, my inhibitions were gone as I turned my head slightly and replied “I don’t mean the cuddling, I mean the fucking.” I must have struck a nerve when I said it cause I felt his cock stir against my ass. Slipping my hand around between us, I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and stroked him gently and even though he was only semi-erect, his cock throbbed and slowly stiffened. Pulling my hand away, he began rubbing up against my ass as he reached around and massaged my nipples. I was really enjoying the attention but I had to pee so I pulled myself away and got up to head for the bathroom. As I reached down to pick up my robe, I glanced back at him and could see that he was indeed fully erect again. Feeling emboldened, I took his hand and pulled it down to his cock, whispering as I wrapped his fingers around it, moving his hand up and down ”Keep that going for me baby.” As I moved my hand from his, he continued stroking his erection and whispered “It’ll be right here waiting for you.”After peeing, I cleaned up a bit, running a wash cloth between my legs. I was still so turned on that my clit throbbed at the touch of the warm material. I slipped on a fresh pair of panties, some sexy ones that barely covered my ass. Not a thong, just about a one inch strip of material that made my plump asscheeks flare out a little. I figured since he had been so complimentary about my butt, I would display it for him. I put my robe back on to keep the panties hidden. Always liked to keep a few surprises for my man. By the time I returned, he had stopped working his cock but was still nice and hard as he said “I figured I better wait til I had an audience.” Laughing alittle, I responded “Oh would you like me to watch while you play with yourself?” Shrugging çanakkale escort bayan his shoulders, he said “That might be fun but first I have a little blast from the past for you.” and with that he reached under the couch cushion and pulled out a joint. “Oh my” I blurted out “It’s been a long time since we did that.” He gave me that grin again and said “Well you said we had all night. We might as well take advantage of it.” With nothing else to say, he lit it and took a long pull before handing it to me. I settled in on the couch beside him and took a couple of hits. Remembering the taste of good pot, I knew right away that this was. I also knew that if we got high, it would definitely lead to more fucking and I was all about that. In just a few minutes, we were pretty well buzzed. I noticed his erection had subsided a bit and I didn’t want him to lose interest so I got up and put some music on. As the slow beat took over, I began to dance for him, teasing him by opening my robe slightly and flashing my tits. He said softly “Ooh baby, I like that.” Turning around, swaying with the music, I pulled my robe up in the back giving him a view of the panties showing off my full ass. I heard him whisper “Oh man” as I reached back, placing my hands on my ass and moving it back and forth slowly. Moving my robe to the sides of my shoulders, I turned back around to face him with my nipples exposed. I could see his erection was returning pretty quickly. “ My my” I cooed “Looks like we’re getting excited, aren’t we? Do you like watching me dance?” I asked as I rocked my hips. Reaching up to massage my tits, I whispered “Stroke it baby, stroke that dick for me!” I moved my hand in front of my crotch and pumped it up and down making his cock twitch involuntarily as he stared at me. Dropping my robe, I turned my back to him and swayed my hips sensually as I continued to dance. I ran my hands over my ass as I bent forward slightly, spreading my legs and pulling the panties aside, giving him a show from behind. I was turning myself on even more as I brushed my fingertips across my clit before letting the material slide back into place.As I raised back up and turned back around to face him, I could see that he was now moving his hand up and down that gloriously hard cock. The pot had removed all my inhibitions and I was on fire. Moving my hands down into the front of my panties, I spread my pussy open and rubbed my clit slowly as I encouraged him “Yeah baby, pump your dick for me while I rub my pussy.” I teasingly kept my panties up so he could tell what I was doing but he couldn’t see anything. Moving his eyes up to my face and back down to my crotch, he worked his dick more vigorously, moaning gently. I shoved two fingers up inside myself while I flicked my thumb across my clit as I stared at his cock. I could tell he was getting closer to making himself cum as I moved up to straddle his legs once more. Bending my knees slightly, I held myself just above the tip of his cock as I worked my fingers in and out of my cunt, getting closer to orgasm. “You wanna cum baby?” I moaned “Oh yeah, I want you to cum. I want you to cum on my pussy baby.” Moving one hand up out of my panties as I continued to work on my pussy, I pulled the material aside, exposing myself to him. I could feel myself right on the edge as I bent my knees further, placing the top of my slit right at the head of his dick. “Give it to me baby” I moaned “Give me all your cum.” Suddenly, he cried out “Oh Fuck!” and raised his hips, shooting his thick load onto my clit and swollen labia. Reaching down, I grabbed his cock and as I rubbed the knob over my clit, my orgasm overtook me as well. My knees began to shake as I climaxed and he leaned forward moving his hands around to my ass, holding me steady as we both finished. When my orgasm passed and his cock softened, I lowered myself onto him, laying forward across his chest. I found myself dozing on his shoulder as he ran his hands over my ass, squeezing it gently.After just a little while, he whispered “Let’s go lay on the bed.” Almost unwilling to move, I groaned and got up so he could lead me down the hall. When we crawled into bed, he spooned up to me once more and the last thing I remember before I fell asleep was him pushing up against my backside and sighing “Damn baby, your ass feels so good.” I swear right before I dropped off, it felt like he was getting another erection. It had been quite awhile since I slept that good. When I woke up, I was a little groggy but I felt fine. I had been stoned when I feel asleep but the alcohol had worn off so I wasn’t hungover. Sam was already awake cause he was always an early riser. He must have gotten up to use the bathroom because him crawling back in the bed was what had woken me up. Rolling over and putting his arm around me, he whispered “Hey there sleepy head.” Lowering his face down into my shoulder, he kissed me on my neck. He knew how that effected me as he continued to nuzzle there as he ran his hand up cupped my tits. As I let out a little moan, he chuckled and said “How about a little breakfast?” I was loving what he was doing and I whispered back “What did you have in mind?” He kissed my shoulders as he worked his way downward, paying excruciatingly close attention to each hardening nipple. Dancing his tongue down my belly, he finally came to rest between my legs, looking up at me over my thick bush. Dipping his chin downward, he ran his tongue into to the top of my labia, teasing my clit with the tip. I had almost forgotten just how good he was at oral sex until he lifted my legs up onto his shoulders, slipped his hands up to spread me open and went to work swirling his tongue around the inside of my pussy. Moving his tongue in and out and up to my clit, he worked his magic until I couldn’t hold off any longer. It felt incredible as I pushed my head back into the pillow and gave myself over to a powerful climax. Not losing his stride as I wound down from my orgasm, Sam raised up lifting my legs and sliding a pillow under my ass. Moving up on his knees between my thighs, he guided his erection into me. As he pumped his dick in and out of me, he began to moan “Oh yeah baby, that’s good pussy. Um hum, you feel so fucking good.” Leaning over me, bracing himself on his arms, he drove his cock all the way up into me. He was rock hard and I knew he was extremely excited by the way he ground down into me, fucking me passionately. Planting my feet, I pushed upward meeting him with each thrust as I moved my hands around to his ass riding him from underneath. “That’s it baby” I moaned” fuck that pussy. Give me all of that hard dick. Yeah baby!” I could tell that he wasn’t far from cumming and I knew exactly what always pushed him over the edge. Squeezing his ass harder, I dug my nails into him slightly and that was all it took. I felt him swell and stiffen as he cried out and as he shoved his dick all the way in, he started to cum, flooding me with a fresh load of warm, thick cum. As his cock throbbed and spurted hot semen into me, I whispered more encouragement “Uh huh baby, give it all to me. Fill me up with that sweet cum!” He continued working his cock in and out shooting stream after stream of his seed deep inside of me until he began to soften and as he slipped out I could feel the cum running out and down over my ass. “Wow I needed that” he panted as he flopped down beside me. Pushing the pillow out from under my ass, I snuggled up next to him and answered “Yeah, I could tell. I got about half a gallon of cum inside of my pussy.” We both busted out laughing.Later in the morning, he took me back to Nancy’s to get my car but before I got out of his, he reached over and kissed me. Running his hand across my boobs, he whispered “We must do this again.” I replied “You can count on it.”

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