A Quickie 01: Rodianne


It was a torrid day. I was as mad as a hatter. Literally. This work was freaking me out. And as usual, when I was mad, I was looking at the girls in the factory simply as fuck-meat

“God, I’m horny!” I muttered to no-one in particular, thinking there was nobody in the office.

“Huh! You should talk, I’ve got an itch that could choke a rhino.”

I turned round quickly, embarrassed at my words. The place I worked in was very politically correct, and this could mean trouble.

Fortunately it wasn’t some prude, but Rodianne from down the corridor. Rod had a reputation that went with booze and sex. I decided to try my luck.

“Fancy getting something done for that itch? I got a great scrubber” I told her.

“Fuck yeah. Think you can handle me?” was her tart reply.

I looked her over. Beneath the blue overall she was wearing a skin-tight white shirt that her nipples were trying to poke through, and a pair of hip-hugging grey hipster sweats.

“Hell, I know I can knock you up until next week.”

“Just so you’ll know. There are no strings attached to this. I may, or may not, take up more offers from you!” she said.

“It’s OK Rod….this would just be ‘Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma’am’. I’m not looking for assurances, especially today. I just want to stick my meat in some hole.”

And that is how, during our hour’s break, we found ourselves gunning down the road in my car to the garage I owned not more than a kurtköy rus escort couple of minutes away. As a philanderer, I had transformed the garage into a bachelor’s pad, complete with all amenities one could want. A bed, large shower, and a small kitchenette.

Many a time I had gotten my rocks off with girls here. I’m sure the wife would not have approved of this. That was one of the reasons I did not have a key guarding the place, but an electronic lock.

I drove under the rising door into the parking space and we tumbled out of the car, all haste and practically panting.

I took off my shirt but hardly had time to undo my jeans-snap before Rod came from behind me and pushed me to the bed. She just pulled down my jeans and underwear in one fell swoop and jumped mouth first on to my dick.

I was already half-hard, and Rodianne took me into her mouth, urging me to full stiffness. I thought about telling her how thick my cock gets when erect, but I figured she would find out soon enough.

Within a couple of seconds I was sporting a thick slab of meat that threatened to unhinge her jaw. Rodianne’s eyes registered surprise at the amount of cock she had in her mouth.

I could see her gagging, but at the same time pulling me further into her throat. Her face was bent out of shape as she struggled to breathe.

“Oh fuck me, this is going to be fun,” she panted. “If I’d known you were kurtköy otele gelen escort packing this meat, I would’ve jumped your bones ages ago.”

I replied by getting up and taking her clothes off. There was not much to remove in reality. Her shirt came off, leaving her in her bare breasts, such wonderful pear-shaped tits only available to the young. Her pants came off next, damp at the crotch. Hardly surprising since she did not have panties either.

I looked at her cunt in wonder. A super-smooth snatch. My favourite. It was my turn to push her on the bed and lap the nectar of the gods. She was so tasty. Cream already gushing at her tunnel’s entrance, clit standing proudly, I worried her clit with my tongue and teeth.

Rodianne screamed and shuddered, pulling her legs further up on her small chest. I inserted a finger in her pussy and sloshed around before removing it and shoving it purposefully in her ass.

She howled and pushed her lower body off the bed as she came, my middle finger fully in her ass, my thumb I her pussy, and my lips chewing on her clit. She grabbed my hair painfully, trying to pull me inside her as her orgasm hit her wildly.

Finally she calmed down, sobbing with the effort.

“That was awesome” she whispered In between breaths.

“It’s not over” I replied, as I crawled up, positioning my dick on her pussy mound.

“Oh God yes, give it to me” she said as she gyrated her hips.

I pulled back and positioning my cock to the opening of her pussy, I pushed in steadily, letting all my six inches of very thick cock split her open.

She wailed, whether in pain or pleasure I neither knew nor cared. I didn’t even give her time to adjust to the large circumference of my dick. At that moment Rodianne was just a girl attached to a hot and beautiful pussy that was begging to be screwed.

So I pounded her. Her eyes rolled, toes curling and her hands clutching at my shoulders as I sawed in and out of her snatch.

She came again and again, gurgling in delight, and I warned her that I was about to blow.

“In my mouth, in my mouth, please” she begged.

I obliged by pulling out and hardly had time to aim at her wide-open mouth before I jetted in a huge orgasm. Long ropes of sticky cum streaking towards her waiting tongue. My cum shot her mouth, nose, and eyes, before finally dribbling slowly from my spent cock.

Rodianne lewdly got up from the bed and stuck my cock down her throat, licking and sucking every last bit of cum I had in me. I was still tingling from my orgasm and every touch was painful.

We rested for a few minutes before hitting the shower, where, once I lubricated her ass-hole with soap, attacked her anal darkness to oblivion. She screamed herself hoarse with pleasure as we both came with abandon.

In the end we overstayed our planned sixty minutes, but it didn’t really matter that much since we could always bring an excuse that we were in the stores. There were many repeat performances with Rodianne, and with some of her friends too… but it seemed unlikely that we would forget our first fuck.

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