A Shortie for Susan


A Shortie for SusanSusan arrived home late from a hard day at the office – well her boss had been hard most of the morning, staring down the top of her dress.Susan expected Andy – her 16-year old step-son to be studying hard for his maths exam next week.Susan didn’t expect to see Andy with his hand down the front of the pale blue jeans of a very attractive 20-something Indian beauty. She was his maths tutor – she had short-cropped black hair, sensuous brown skin and a wicked smile. Her tight white jumper, pulled up over her small breasts exposed a swathe of flat brown abdomen leading the eyes down to a dark pubic triangle above Andy’s fingers buried in her snatch.Susan stood quietly in the doorway for a moment, feeling a slight moistening between her thighs.Andy must have heard the familiar rustle of nylon tights being pushed aside and looked up: “Hi Mom – have you met my maths tutor Bindi? We all call her Bendy at school, because she’s so flexible – you should see her in the gym in her leotard – all bare buttocks and long legs”Now Bindi was on her knees between Andy’s feet, having pulled off his jeans and hers. Bindi was sucking on her step-son’s rock hard cock; both of his hands up her jumper, massaging tits .Susan knelt down beside the young tramp batman rus escort sucking hard on her step-son. Susan pulled the cock out of her mouth and swallowed it down.“Hi Mrs Jones; I’m Bindi, but everyone calls me Bendy.Susan handed the cock back to Amy: “How much are we paying you for this tutorial Bendy”? Bendy pulled off her jumper, exposing a pair of very attractive breasts topped by hard dark pierced nipples. Susan resisted the urge to fondle them, but instead stripped off her own dress and tights, taking Andy’s cock back –rolling the head around inside her mouth.“Can I fuck him”? asked Bendy, leaning back and pushing Andy’s feet up beside his ears.“Whoa – that looks like gay sex” spurted Susan, staring at her step-sons exposed butt hole.“Mum – how do you know about that? I think she just wants to try the Amazon position”.Bindi stood up, pulling her gusset aside, leant forward over Andy’s legs, lowering her pussy onto his hot erection, pinning his ankles back.Andy reached up, mauling her hot breasts, grunting: “Fuck me baby, ride that cock, take me deep. I love these nipple piercings –who knew that a Maths Teacher could be so hot?”Bindi rode him hard, arching her back to get the deepest penetration, batman rus escort rising up and slamming her cunt down onto his erection, loving every moment.Bindi was making funny little “oooh” sounds as Andy gripped each breast, twisting the hard metal nipple studs around, tugging them out, then flattening them again.Meanwhile Susan was kneeling behind Bindi – face at crotch level, wondering why she still had her panties on –everything else was on show and being groped or fucked hard – and her arse looked particularly fine. Then Susan spotted the blue jewel – not circular like most she had seen on the internet, but rectangular so it was almost hidden between Bindi’s firm buttocks.Susan pulled the panties aside to get a closer look – it was definitely a butt plug of enormous proportions, as she gently tugged on the end. She could hear Bindi calling out “No, no – you mustn’t” as Susan twisted and pulled. The size of the jewelled end gave no hint of the size of the b**st up her tiny arse – how on earth did it all fit? Susan couldn’t imagine how Bindi could walk or even sit down with so much metal inside her – it must provide an amazing sensation as she was fucking Susan’s step-son. Susan licked and kissed all rus escort batman around the jewel, holding onto the Maths Tutor’s hips as she tried to twist away from the anal onslaught.“I can explain” added Bindi “my .. er Partner allows me to use my pussy however I want, but insists on keeping the ass for herself”.“Susan: “Herself? You don’t seem like a lesbian – fucking my Andy – please explain”.“It’s a very open relationship – I let her seduce any women she likes, and she gives me free reign to get my sex anywhere I like, except for the ass, of course – that’s hers”.“My turn” insisted Susan, pulling Bindi off her step-son and settling her own pussy onto his erection. Bindi let go of Andy’s ankles, handing them to Susan: “Hold tight – he really likes the pressure”.Susan pushed back on his legs, flexing her back to take his cock high into her cunt –marvelling at the depth. Susan rode him hard, Andy’s hands now groping her hot tits; both of them watching Bindi playing with herself on the sofa. One hand rubbing her clit in tight circles, the other twisting the huge anal plug deep inside her ass.“What did you say this position was called?” asked Susan.Bindi was very close to cumming: “Amazon. It’s called the Amazon position – you’re in complete control – you can make him cum anytime you want.”“Fabulous” grunted Susan “I’m going to use this in the office –really want to fuck my boss in his big leather chair – he’s always touching my ass. It would be great to push his ankles back and drop onto his meat. Amazon position! That’s really funny –I work at Amazon.com”.

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