A Spring Break

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John sat at the table, slowly sipping his iced tea and watching people walk by the window. He was waiting, hoping to see if Joe would show up. He wasn’t sure if he would show—he hadn’t been able to talk to him directly; instead he left a message on his voicemail basically telling him he was in town for a day or so and would like to get together.

In high school and at the start of college, John had two best friends, Joe and Mike. The three of them were rarely seen apart. They were the original Three Musketeers and The Three Stooges all rolled into an odd trio. They had finished high school together and headed out to the same university in Montgomery, Alabama. They remained great friends though the first year of college, and although Joe dropped out of school after that, they still hung out together as Mike and John worked through the second year at school. It was during spring break that year that their relationship changed.

Lifting his glass and nodding his head to the waitress, John got his tea refilled. He tore open a packet of sweetener and poured it into his tea, then took a sip as he remembered how excited the three friends were when they started out on that spring break. They were nearly three-quarters of the way to Pensacola Beach when they finally stopped for lunch.

John and Mike sat at the table betting on whether Joe would make it back from the jukebox before being accosted by some of the girls there. Joe was the complete ladies man with long, straight dark hair that was always perfectly combed and deep dark brown eyes fringed with long eyelashes. He was thin with features so delicate he was usually more beautiful than any of the girls who chased him.

Sure enough, Joe suddenly veered off and sat down with a bunch of girls. Eventually, he would return to his friends’ table with three of the girls, so Mike and John just sat and waited. Mike usually did well enough with the girls. He was a gymnast with blonde hair and perfectly sculpted muscles. He didn’t have the delicate features Joe did; he had a more rugged look, a distinctive nose and a square cut to his jaw. He also was comfortable talking with pretty much anyone and within minutes could have even the most reticent person laughing out loud. Mike was definitely the clown of the three.

John was the slow one with the ladies. He was a football player in high school, but wasn’t good enough for college ball, and the lack of vigorous exercise at practice caused him to put on some pounds. He wasn’t fat, but was heavier than he felt comfortable about. This and his shyness were always a problem for him when he met any women.

Redirecting his thoughts back to that spring break, John remembered that it was Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May” playing on the jukebox as Joe appeared at the table and invited three girls to sit with them. For the next hour or so, Joe had the girls drooling, Mike kept the group laughing, and John sat quietly, worrying that they might not find a hotel with a room available if they didn’t get moving. In the end, it turned out the girls were still in high school, and although the Joe and Mike got phone numbers, they tossed them once they got back in the car.

“Definite jailbait,” Joe complained, starting his car.

“Hopefully the girls we meet at the beach will be in college,” Mike had replied.

“In college and ready to party,” Joe said, flooring the car and speeding out toward the highway, while the Guess Who blared on the cassette player, “No sugar tonight for coffee. . .”

They agrı escort arrived late at night but fortunately found a hotel with some vacancies, something that surprised John considering it was spring break. The three of them unloaded Joe’s Plymouth Barracuda and stocked up the room. It was after midnight when they finally crashed, Joe and Mike in the beds, John on the couch.

The next day, they found the beach empty. They headed to a local restaurant for breakfast, where they learned that spring break for most of the local schools was not until the following week. That explained how they were able to get the room. They tried to make the best of it, swimming out into the ocean even though it was almost unbearably cold. While on the beach, Mike and Joe actually found a couple of local girls to hit on, but they had to head back to the mainland early in the afternoon. The three guys drank a few beers in the room before going to sleep that night.

Glancing at his watch, John thought that if Joe got his message he should be walking through the door of the restaurant in just a few minutes. He wondered if Joe still made the dramatic entries he always used to. John could see it now, that Barracuda pulling up to a space, Joe stepping out of the driver’s seat, checking his hair in the side mirror, and then stepping into the room like he was some rock god.

Letting his mind slip back to the hotel room on the third night of their spring break trip, John remembered Joe barging into the bathroom with the same confident air that he had entered every door John had seen. John was in the shower stroking himself slowly. As Joe pulled back the shower curtain, all John could do was stand there as the water slowly rinsed the soap off his erect cock. Joe simply reached out and gently grabbed it, moving his hand back and forth along the shaft.

“Turn off the water, I don’t want to mess up my hair,” John remembered Joe saying.

John reached over, turned off the water, and watched as Joe slowly kneeled down. He gently pulled John’s cock as he leaned forward. John just watched in silence as Joe slid his mouth over his erection and began moving his head back and forth. John had been close to coming before Joe walked in, so it didn’t take too long before he was breathing hard, pumping his hips back and forth.

Looking down, John saw his cock slipping in and out of the mouth of his friend. He moved his hands down and ran his fingers through Joe’s hair, simply letting the sensations in his cock run through his entire body. Feeling the pleasure overtake him, he arched his back and came, spurting his cum into Joe’s mouth. Without letting the cock slip from his mouth, Joe swallowed and continued sucking lightly as John’s erection subsided.

Joe finally pulled away and gently milked the last drops of cum from John’s cock. Joe licked up the last of it and then stood up, saying, “You better not have messed up my hair.”

John grabbed a towel and quickly dried off as Joe stepped over to the sink and checked his hair in the mirror. He then slipped out of the bathroom. By the time John finished drying off, Joe was already naked, sitting on the edge of one of the beds. John looked between Joe’s legs at his cock, seeing it erect for the first time. It was thin but quite a bit longer than John expected.

Joe slid backward on the bed and leaned back on the pillows as John crawled onto the bed and moved between Joe’s legs. He reached out and gently stroked his friend, watching escort ağrı as the pre-cum pooled in the tiny hole. Sticking out his tongue, John touched it to the tip of the cock and licked up the clear fluid. Surprised a bit at the bitter taste, he quickly moved his head forward, opened his mouth, and then closed it over Joe’s cock.

As Joe moaned, John began sucking on the head of the cock as he continued stroking the shaft with his fingers. He tried to take as much of his friend’s erection into his mouth as he could. He caught himself gagging a bit a couple of times as Joe thrust himself upward just as John moved his mouth down, but he quickly got into a rhythm where he didn’t take too much into his mouth, and soon it felt just right.

Just as Joe really began to respond, they were interrupted. They heard a key slide into the main door. The door swung open, and Mike stepped in, saying, “Well I got the beer —What the hell?”

Still holding Joe’s cock in his hand John pulled his head back and just looked up at Mike, not sure what he could say. He glanced up at Joe’s face but Joe remained silent too as he looked at Mike it what appeared to be sheer bewilderment. John looked back at Mike, opened his mouth and then closed it. How could he explain it, Joe had barged in and then, well… something just happened.

John watched as Mike eyes slowly moved over them, starting with Joe’s cock, still glistening with saliva, and then moving up Joe’s body, finally staring right at Joe’s face. Mike’s face reddened and as John glanced downward he could see Mike’s cock beginning to push out against his pants. Then, as if something inside him snapped, Mike placed the beer on the chair and began pulling of his shirt as if it was the completely natural thing to do.

Watching Mike continue to undress John wondered what it was that had so suddenly taken them from best friends to this. Was it something they simply felt all along, something they each longed for as they clowned around, or was it something more? Before he could think about it any more he saw Mike had removed his clothes and was moving toward them.

John immediately returned his attention to Joe’s cock as Mike climbed onto the bed and crawled up near Joe’s head. Pausing for a moment he looked down as John continued sucking on Joe’s cock, his hand pumping up and down its long shaft. John then watched Mike lean forward as Joe turned his head and took Mike’s cock into his mouth.

Not entirely confident in what he was doing, John watched what Joe did to Mike and basically did the same to Joe. Sure enough, in just a few minutes he could feel an urgency in Joe as he lifted his hips and tried to thrust his cock deeper into John’s mouth. John responded by stroking Joe’s shaft faster and sucking the head harder, running his tongue over it again and again. He was quickly rewarded — he saw Joe move his mouth from Mike’s cock as he moaned loudly and came.

The warm spurts of cum caught John by surprise and he tried to swallow the thick liquid without spilling any, but by the time Joe’s orgasm had subsided, John had some of the white fluid running down his chin. He rested his head on Joe’s thigh and watched as Joe returned his attention to Mike’s cock, slurping hungrily on it. After a few minutes, Mike suddenly pushed his hips forward and came as Joe swallowed it all without spilling a drop. Only then did John stand up, walk over to the sink, and wipe off his face.

John broke from his reverie and glanced ağrı escort bayan at his watch. Joe was fifteen minutes late now, and he began to think Joe might not show. “Maybe he just didn’t get my message,” John whispered, trying to convince himself there wasn’t another reason for Joe not coming to see him. Looking back, he knew that wasn’t true.

It wasn’t until after three o’clock in the morning before the three lovers finally fell asleep, all entwined in each other’s bodies on the bed. John woke up about nine the next morning and saw that both Joe and Mike were already gone. He got up, got dressed, and headed out to the beach, where he saw both of them sitting on some lounge chairs not far from the water.

John walked up and said, “Good morning,” running his fingers through Joe’s hair.

Joe jerked his head away and said angrily, “Hey, watch the hair. Now I’ll have to wash it.”

Figuring Joe was just sleep-deprived and grumpy, John sat down next to Mike, feeling his leg slightly rub against his friend’s. Mike immediately jumped up and ran into the water, diving into a wave and swimming until he was about chest deep. John didn’t think anything else about it until he learned that Mike and Joe had decided to check out of the hotel and head back home that day.

Well, they did miss the spring break rush and the skies were looking a bit cloudy, so John went along and packed up the car. The ride back to Montgomery was very quiet, with Mike sleeping most of the way and Joe driving in silence. Any conversation John tried to initiate was quickly rebuffed with Joe’s short replies.

When they finally reached the school and John unloaded his stuff, he had to ask, “Guys, what is going on here?”

“What do you mean? Nothing’s going on.”

“But something happened, something very important . . .” John started to say.

“Nothing happened, John, nothing at all,” Joe replied.

“Something happened to me, we . . .”

“Don’t pull Mike and me into this thing. Maybe something happened to you, it would happen to you, but nothing — understand me, nothing happened to us,” Joe said, pointing at Mike and himself.


“Look, I’ve always thought you were strange around girls, now I know why,” Mike interrupted.

“But it was Joe—”

“It was nothing!” Joe shouted, climbing into his car.

John tried to say something more, but Joe started the car and was revving the engine. John just stood and watched as the car backed out and then sped away, the tires squealing and smoking as they left. That was the last time he talked to his friends.

In the fifteen or so years that followed, John learned that both did go on to get married and lead regular lives. Mike moved up north, and Joe pretty much stayed in Montgomery. Now John, on a business trip in Montgomery, glanced at his watch and saw that it was thirty-five minutes past the time he had asked Joe to meet him. He pulled out his wallet and paid his bill.

Just as he was standing up from the table, he noticed the glass entry door to the restaurant swing open and in stepped a tall, thin man with short but nicely groomed hair. The hair was dark with some very distinguished graying along the temples. John watched as the man spotted a mirror and checked himself out before looking over the restaurant.

“John,” he called out, waving.

John stepped forward and held out his hand, “Hi, Joe. I was afraid I might not recognize you.”

“Yeah, it’s the hair, I’ve been wearing it short lately. My wife says it makes me look dignified.”

“Your hair is great as usual,” John said as they moved to the table and sat down.

“It’s been a long time, John,” Joe said.

“Too long, Joe, it’s been too long.”

Joe looked at John and nodded. “Yes, too long,” he said.

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