Subject: A Summer in the MLB, Chapter Two This story is a product of my imagination. This story describes sex between males of legal consent. If sex between men offend you, read no further. The author retains all rights to this work. I welcome your comments. I am WW at ail. This story is brought to you by Nifty, a not-for-profit entity, providing interested parties with entertainment and pleasure. If you enjoy reading Nifty, please support it. A Summer in the MLB, Chapter Two Lucas had a dream job, a summer working for his favorite major league baseball team, the Metropolis Bobcats. Metropolis was an hour and a half away from Lucas’ hometown, so his Dad secured him a furnished short-term rental in an apartment complex. Lucas moved into his new place the day before he reported to work. He put away his clothes, set up his computer, unpacked his summer reading, and figured out the TV. The last thing to do was to hang Caleb Thomas. He had brought the poster of his favorite Bobcat, which had hung over his bed at home, and put it on the wall of the living room. Lucas expected his summer to be filled with working at the stadium, watching games when the team was away, and reading the books assigned him by the honors college at the university. Missing from this list was sex. He was alone in a new city. But he and his fist were good friends, and he could get help from porn, his imagination, and some remarkable memories. The memory in his mind the day he moved in was his last encounter with Jack where he fucked his virgin ass and kissed him farewell. Lucas dressed in slacks and a dress shirt to look his best when he checked in at the office but switched to something more comfortable. After unpacking, his plan was to check out the neighborhood, pick up some takeout, and watch the ball game on TV. He had on running shoes, shorts, and an old tee shirt with the sleeves torn off showing his great looking arms and the tail cut short to expose his flat stomach. He admired what he saw in the mirror. Then he turned and looked at the poster on the wall and said aloud, “Okay, Caleb, what do we want for dinner?” He answered myself with “A burger is a great idea” This was not new behavior. Lucas had spoken frequently to the poster on his wall in the past. He thought it a great joke, and it would break Jack up in laughter. Lucas thought he was looking good as he explored the neighborhood. Someone else thought he looked good as well. It was a young teenage guy working the counter at the burger joint. As the cashier entered each item of Lucas’ order, he would keep his head down but raise his eyes discretely from the screen and peep at Lucas’ body, taking in the flat stomach exposed by the short tee shirt, his well-developed pecs, and the muscled uncovered arms. Lucas enjoyed the moment and contributed to it by stretching and faking a yawn. He spread his arms out and then raised his hands to each side of his head, expanded his chest, and exposed the dark brown hair of his armpits. The cashier was so flustered that he messed up the order and had to re-enter it. Lucas made a point to look into the guy’s eyes and smile when he received his food. In the past Lucas had always enjoyed the lustful looks of other men, and the flirtatious comments from guys bursa escort in the checkout line at Target, but he had never acted on any of them. Lucas’s life was different now. He was in a new town. He had his own car and apartment. He was not under the supervision of his parents. When Lucas heard the supervisor tell the young man that his shift ended in fifteen minutes, Lucas took his takeout and instead of leaving he sat down at a booth in clear view of the cashier. The young man saw him. Lucas looked at the young man at the register and thought of sex. It had been days since he was last with Jack. Days without the touch of another guy. He needed it. He wanted it. The boy was slight in height and build, which was not a body type that Lucas was normally drawn to. Yet there was something that aroused him. The boy had an exotic foreign look but he spoke with no accent. He had a delicate, almost pretty, face with flawless white skin. In contrast he had jet black hair and full black eyebrows above dark sexy eyes. He was young, but Lucas thought he must be at least 16 to be able to work. Lucas had long finished his burger when the side door of the kitchen opened and the young man walked out. The boy looked to see if Lucas was still there. Lucas walked up to him and offered, “Can I give you a ride home?” The cashier said, “Yeah, thanks. I usually take the bus. A ride would be nice.” Lucas responded “My car is just up the street.” They talked as they walked. Lucas asked his name, and the boy said it was Johnny. He said he lived with his uncle in a nearby neighborhood. Lucas asked, “What about your parents?” Johnny said, “My father was deported and my mama went with him” Lucas thought it best not to pursue the subject, so he said nothing back. When they got to the apartment, Lucas said “I live here. Why don’t you come in and visit a while?” “Sure,” said Johnny easily. Lucas had no plan other than he was hungry for sex. He wasn’t experienced in seduction, but he knew that his physique had first captured the attention of Johnny, so Lucas pulled his cutoff tee shirt over his head and discarded it and announced “That’s more comfortable.” Johnny stood and stared at the naked chest that had first gotten his attention. After a moment, he said “You’re beautiful.” Lucas laughed and said “I’ve been told I’m handsome, but never beautiful.” There was a pause. Johnny dropped his eyes and said in a soft voice “Do you want to play?” Lucas answered with a question, “Play?” Johnny dropped his face further and stared at the floor and said “You know. Mess around.” Lucas knew what he meant. Johnny had made it easy. No seduction was needed. Lucas walked over to Johnny and stood close. He took Johnny’s hand and put it on his hard dick and said, “Like this?” Johnny smiled as he felt Lucas’ cock through the cloth of his pants, realizing how big he was. Lucas told him to undress, and Johnny stripped off of his clothes. Lucas dropped his shorts. Johnny was much shorter than Lucas, probably nine or ten inches. He had a youthful body, slim but not skinny, hairless except for black hair at the base of his five-inch hard dick. Johnny stood in front of Lucas and placed his palm against Lucas’s left pec. He slid bursa escort bayan his hand to the other and after a moment moved down over the ridges of Lucas’ abs and held Lucas’ tool with both hands. “You’re big. Bigger than my uncle.” Then Johnny dropped to his knees and said “I do this for my uncle” before taking Lucas’s dick into his mouth. He sucked it, then licked it with the base to the tip, before sucking some more. Lucas accepted Johnny’s mouth gratefully. It was soft, warm, and wet, and it was obvious that Johnny’s uncle had instructed him well. Lucas looked down and watched again and again as inches of his cock disappeared into Johnny’s mouth only to emerge a moment later wet and glistening with saliva. Lucas said, “Lick my balls,” and Johnny dutifully licked them before taking each sphere into his mouth. Then he returned to sucking cock. Lucas pulled Johnny up, put his arms around him, and kissed him. It was the second male he had ever kissed on the lips, and he felt the same thrill in my body as he did when he and Jack first touched lips. Johnny responded, wrapping his arms around Lucas’ neck. Their kiss only emphasized their difference in height, with Lucas bending over and Johnny reaching upward for their lips to meet. Lucas knew Johnny was a man with lust, with a hard cock and cum filled balls, but he seems so much like a boy as Lucas held this smaller person in his large muscular arms. Next Lucas went down on his knees and took Johnny’s dick into his mouth. It was smaller than Jack, and Lucas easily took all of it down his throat. With Johnny’s dick fully in his mouth, Lucas stuck out his tongue and licked Johnny’s balls. Johnny moaned, and Lucas was pleased. Lucas looked up at Johnny and asked “Do you want to cum in my mouth?” Johnny said “No. I want you to love me like my uncle does.” Then Johnny got on his knees, placed his face on the sofa, arched his back, and presented his hole for Lucas to fuck. Lucas marveled at this man/boy who was so full of worldly experience but so innocent in manner. He called being fucked as being loved. Lucas had not forgotten his three-year relationship with Jack, nor their farewell, where Jack offered him his hole. It was Lucas’ first man fuck, and he had thought of it every day since. It was the greatest climax of his life. Now here was a beautiful body asking for his dick again. He was ready. Johnny’s bottom was small, and Lucas could almost cover it with his large hands. Johnny put both of his arms behind himself and pulled his ass cheeks open to show Lucas his pink hairless hole. Lucas put his dick head on the closed sphincter and pressed. It opened easily, and Lucas entered. With a slow easy movement, he sought the depths of Johnny’s body. Unlike Lucas’s first time with Jack, there was no indication of pain or discomfort. Johnny moaned pleasurably as Lucas’ big dick filled him. Lucas began his movement, fucking Johnny’s wet and warm hole. His fucking increased in speed. Johnny moaned as each thrust reached its furthest depth. Johnny’s hand was on his own dick and he jacked himself to the rhythm of Lucas’ fucks. They came together in a chorus of gasps and moans, with Lucas leaving his seed deep inside Johnny and Johnny shooting on the escort bursa floor before the sofa. Lucas’ climax was long and intense, a rival to any one he had ever had. Johnny seemed so satisfied and pleased, but he apologized for the cum on the rug. They uncoupled and Johnny crawled into Lucas’s arms, and they lay together for a long time. Finally, Johnny asked “What should I call you.” Lucas realized that he had never told Johnny his name. “My name is Lucas. Why don’t you call me Uncle Lucas?” Lucas’ reply carried with it the expectation of future times together, future fucks. Johnny gave directions and Lucas drove his new friend home. As Johnny got out of the car, the front door of Johnny’s apartment opened and a sinister figure appeared. Johnny’s uncle was large and thick with muscle, and he directed a hateful glare toward Lucas. Johnny was hours late coming home, and Lucas suspected that his uncle had an idea of what had happened. As Johnny walked past his uncle into the house, the uncle gave a loving smile to his nephew and then turned again to look at Lucas. He was shooting daggers with his eyes. Lucas was fearful. The uncle looked like a thug, like some enforcer in the Russia mafia. The uncle gave Lucas the finger, and Lucas drove quickly away. Lucas reflected as he drove. This had been his first day in his apartment in a new city without the supervision of his parents, and he had an unbelievable experience. He fucked the cashier in the burger joint, but he knew he could not risk it again after seeing Johnny’s uncle. Reluctantly Lucas declared the burger restaurant off limits for the rest of his stay in Metropolis. Lucas sat down to watch the evening game, but he couldn’t get the feeling of his cock sliding into Johnny’s hole. He watched the TV with a rigid dick in his pants. The Bobcat’s starting pitcher was slow to warm up and he let the other team score in the first inning, but he found his fastball and shut down the opposition. That and good batting put the Bobcats in the lead and they went on to win by four runs. The postgame interviews were on. Lucas lowered the volume and opened his computer. He was going to deal with his hard on. First, he went to a straight porn website. He enjoyed watching a man and woman fuck, but he knew that his interest was more in the guy than the gal. He liked to watch a big hard cock slide in and out of a shaved pussy. He didn’t stay long there and moved on to a gay porn site. Lucas was now naked on the sofa, slowly jacking his cock. He watched one clip after another of guys sucking dicks, going to a new one as the previous one ended. As the sucking and licking continued, Lucas’s pleasure increased. He could sense that wave building inside of him. He continued with his hand at a steady pace, not wanting to rush it. He was close and he shut his eyes. He was no longer watching the computer screen. He thought for a moment about Johnny. Then a scene played out in his mind like a movie. It was Jack sucking his dick and then taking Lucas’ wet cock into his tight hole. “Oh! Jack!” he cried. His dick spewed cum like a fountain, landing on his hand, his chest and stomach. It was good, and Lucas was pleased. He looked at the poster of Caleb Thomas and thought of Caleb watching him shoot such a huge load. After scooping up some cum on two fingers and putting it in his mouth, he said to the poster “It’s delicious.” As Lucas climbed into bed, he wondered what tomorrow and the rest of the summer would bring.

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