A Technical Virgin No More

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Jenny Glam

All participants who engage in sexual activity are: 1. Over 18, 2. Are normally endowed in breast and penis. 3. Practice birth control 4. Practice safe sex. 5. Do not indulge in ANAL sex or other painful practices.


Dad kissed me goodnight and trudged off to his bedroom office for the night. He has the whole East side of the second floor which he uses as a bedroom and office and private area. It was not verboten to enter there but if I did I felt like an intruder. There are also two guest bedrooms on the third floor.

I on the other hand ‘own’ the whole West side of the second floor which includes what was a large bedroom connected to a smaller bedroom and a former half bath which is now enlarged to a full bath suite. The first floor is our common place.

Dad and I began to live together because it was convenient for both of us. It was also economical and pleasant and that there is no reason not to. We have our privacy, we have our joint endeavors and we have some very nice amenities which we might not be able to afford if we didn’t share expenses

After he left I surfed the channels for a couple of minutes then turned off the lights and checked the doors before heading to my area.

Allow me to introduce ourselves. I am Donna. I’m 28, unmarried and was a technical virgin as this tale begins. I am 130 pounds 5’8″ and for those who consider it important I have a 35 B chest. This above a 27 inch waist. I am 36 around my butt which I am told is nicely rounded and is held up by dancer’s legs. I am a freckled redhead with hazel eyes.

Dad who is named Carl is 50, a widower, is about six feet tall who gripes when his weight goes over 180. He then works at it until his weight comes down. Meanwhile jogging and swimming take care of his muscle development. He is a very smart civil engineer who looks the part. Occasionally he is off on a field trip for a week or two leaving me to take care of two dogs and two cats.

Me? My dancer’s legs come from dancing. I’m not quite good enough to make it as a professional dancer. I am good enough to be a very good teacher as attested to by two former students who are now highly paid and well known professionals.

A little of my sexual history might be in order here. I use the term virgin loosely. Since no hard male penis had previous to the events detailed here been invited into my penis receptacle.

However there had often been penis substitutes in there along with various tongues and fingers both male and female. I also cannot claim to have virgin hands or a virgin mouth. Most times these activities have been to my pleasure, on occasion to my great pleasure

I wasn’t just being choosy. I understood that some men set great store in ‘taking her cherry’. Early on I decided to hold off till I found a man who would appreciate receiving that gift. Barring that, until I was so enamored of someone that my resistance would crumble. Up till now I hadn’t found that man nor was I actively seeking him..

In addition I totally enjoyed masturbating. I had a wide variety of toys including one called ‘The Never Stop’ which was a stroker which could be attached to various places and be used to stroke my cunt until I was totally worn out.

I really was not sure what dad did for sex. He stayed out very late on an average of once every ten days. He disappeared for a weekend about every other month.

I did spy enough to know that he had a porno channel on his cable. Since we share household chores I occasionally do the laundry. I therefore knew also that he occasionally cleaned away his cum with his underwear. Once I even teased him about it.

“Unfortunately my orgasms leave evidence. You only require a damp cloth once in a while to wipe off your toys.” He teased me back.

I wasn’t sure how he knew about my toys but the fact that he did caused a twinge in my pussy.

After dad departed for his quarters decided to light up my computer. I had once noticed a chat room name on dad’s computer. It had an innocent sounding name and on the surface appeared to be for engineers. When I explored the site sometime later I found a link to an adult chat room.

It turned out to be a haven for a more mature crowd who were subtle and who often joined each other privately after they connected in the room. Soon I discovered a compatible female whose sexual history and desires were similar to mine. We had an occasional wet session together which proved very enjoyable and satisfying.

I kept my eyes open to see if dad participated. Most guys seemed to use some version of their first name. Dad’s first name being Carl I would have expected some version of that. I never came across any. I wasn’t sure if I should be relieved or disappointed.

I chatted with various guys but couldn’t seem to get excited by any. Eventually about five weeks in I connected with a guy calling himself Lancer. When he signed on his first words were always, ‘Because I’m not.’

Right away I liked that about him. We went slowly. osmaniye escort Lancer was always polite. We gradually learned each other’s sexual histories and desires. He was surprised at my technical virgin status especially considering that I certainly seemed not to have denied myself any other pleasures.

He was a widower who was gradually coming out after a long period of mourning. “God, I wish I could get my dad to do that.” I thought to myself. We took it very slow but at the end of two months there were no secrets left. We began to exchange pictures from our collection of favorites.

I introduced him to a story site called Literotica. We found that we had very similar taste in it’s offerings. Rejecting about 95% as being either ugly categories, or boring or just simply not our cup of tea.

He liked some of the first time stories, many of the lesbian stories, some of the group sex stories. This was pretty much the same way I felt. With a little embarrassment I admitted that I also liked some of the incest stories. With much the same words that I had used he admitted that he too enjoyed them.

I explained that I did not have a sibling to have coveted but I very much enjoyed sibling stories. The parent child stories he said were sometimes exciting to him but most were a turn off.

I agreed saying that I had a sexy father and that sometimes the father role in a story seemed to fit my father. That when the man seemed to fit my father’s image I found that story exceptionally erotic.

Eventually our conversations turned erotic. I really started looking forward to them using them to fuel my late night masturbation sessions. One night we were having this erotic exchange when we began to exchange pictures that illustrated what we would like to be doing at that moment.

I had just put one up on the screen of a girl riding a man when I heard a car crash out front. I jumped up and ran toward the front of the house to look out our guest room window. I had grabbed a thin cotton shift to cover my nakedness on the way.

Dad was just coming out of his room when I came down the hall. Just before his door closed I caught an image of a picture on his monitor. I was about three steps further down the hall when I recognized that it was the picture that I had just sent.

The thought sent shock waves coursing through me. Suddenly what had been only a vague thought was now a blazing desire. Without conscious thought I left the shift open which left a gap of about the width of my hand down the middle.

Dad was in his underwear looking out the window phone in hand ready to call 911 if it seemed necessary. I came up to his left side. I put my right hand on his right shoulder as I pressed close to see out the window. I pretended not to notice that my boob was pressed against his bare arm.

I looked down at his crotch to see if he noticed. The evidence there said that he did. The accident seemed to be minor and one of the group had a cell phone to her ear so our intervention didn’t seem necessary.

Although I was tempted I quickly made up my mind to wait and think carefully before making any moves. Meanwhile though, I knew that if dad was to make a move he would find me ‘an easy lay’.

He was reluctant to turn around and face me while he was still sporting an erection. I solved his problem by pressing close again with my breast and blowing in his ear while saying.

“Goodnight dad, have pleasant dreams.” Like most women I can be a bitch when it suits our purpose.

With that I departed, going straight to my room and closing my door gently. Dad was obviously a bit disconcerted by the events of the last few minutes. I ran to the computer and hurriedly typed in “Hello. Hello. Everything all right there?”

It was about 2 minutes before he answered. He explained about the accident but not about our contact. A few minutes later he said that he was in a very horny mood. He was apologetic but said that either he needed to close so that he could masturbate or that we needed to indulge in cyber sex.

My reply was. “I’d love it if the girl in the picture was me and the man was you.” With that we were ‘off to the races’ as I told him how good his cock felt inside of me and he told me how good my pussy felt. Then we admitted to each other that we were masturbating as we exchanged those words.

I was masturbating furiously. I wanted to see if dad was also. After a very satisfying orgasm I sneaked down to his room and looked thru a crack caused by a bad fit in the door jam.

Yes, dad had his cock in his hand. His hand was moving albeit slowly. That was all I could see. I ran quickly but quietly back to my room and typed.

“I wish I could watch you for real. I have this image of you slowly moving your hand up and down your cock as we do this exchange. It is very arousing. Will you come soon? I am about ready to burst.”

He didn’t answer for at least a full minute and a half.

“That did it” He said. “I made escort osmaniye a bit of a mess here. Took a minute to clean it up enough to continue typing.”

That did it for me too. I pictured dad, just a few feet away, having just come over my words. I came then with a ferocity that I had not experienced in a long time. We both decided that it was time to quit and set an appointment to meet again tomorrow at the same time.

I fucked myself that night with a life sized realistic looking dildo. I pumped it in and out of my cunt with an image of it being attached to my father. I had a magnificent orgasm followed by two lesser but very pleasant follow ups.

After a very pleasant sleep which lasted until ten the following morning I awoke to find dad gone. After fixing myself breakfast and finding that he wouldn’t return till late afternoon. This being the day my studio was closed until 3:00 PM my naughty streak suddenly took hold.

“First.” I thought. “I’m going to search dad’s room.” There wasn’t a whole lot to find except I finally came across a disc containing offerings from Literotica. I managed to open the file and found about twelve father/daughter stories. Some from each POV.

That was a very exciting find which produced so much wet in me that my denim shorts showed a wet spot.

“It really could happen. We might really do it.” I thought. “My dad has thoughts about taking my virginity. He doesn’t know it would be my virginity.”

A few minutes later as I ran it through my mind I thought. “Wouldn’t that be perfect.”

Then I had another naughty thought. Pictures. Pictures of me. Naughty pictures of me. How could I do that? Then I remembered. I own a digital camera. It did everything and had a large capacity and a self timer.

I spent the next hour getting everything set up. I decided that not only did I want erotic pictures with my identity apparently concealed. I did want there to be a few subtle clues from which he could discover my identity.

The sun was such that if I opened my patio doors I would be in direct sunlight. I owned a large black backdrop which I had home for some reason. I was for publicity pictures at my dance studio.

I carefully positioned and focused the camera. I ended up with about five near perfect shots including one of me masturbating with my fingers, one masturbating with the dildo and one of me sucking the dildo while wearing a ski mask.

I didn’t remove a ring that I almost always wore. That was my clue. I finished and hurriedly put away the camera. I took the backdrop with me back to my studio.

This was the afternoon when two of my favorite pupils were due. Lana and Jan, sisters. I had some interest in both of them. I had a feeling early on that they had some kind of relationship beyond simple family ties but it was only a feeling.

I was still horny from the activities of the last twenty hours. I had trouble behaving myself as I took them through their lesson. As usual they took showers after their lesson. I decided to spy.

I knew a place from which to observe them which was easily explained if I were caught. Sure enough they were under a shower together. They were kissing as they talked.

“Did you notice the expression on Donna’s face?” Asked Lana of Jane.

“Yes I did. I thought that she looked horny. I was tempted to ‘come out’ to her.”

“Better we go slow. We might spook her.”

I’ll leave telling of the events that flowed from that exchange for another time. This story is not about that.

At that moment I heard the next student enter the studio and departed.

At least now I knew my instincts were correct. Lana and Jane emerged from the locker room about fifteen minutes later. They both had a glow about them. I gave them a smile and a knowing wink as they passed me on the way to the door. The episode left me even more horny than usual.

By coincidence that night as I caught up with Lancer (because I’m not) that evening he seemed pretty much his normal self. Then without any lead in he asked if my stated of technical virginity covered females as well.

I pleaded that I didn’t quite understand his question. He replied that he was wondering if I had ever had sex with another girl. I replied saying that the only event missing in my experience was the entrance of a live penis into my penis receptacle.

“I’d love to be the one to perform that task.” He wrote.

“You just never know.” I replied. “All we need is the opportunity. By the way I have some pics of me you might enjoy. May I send them.”

Without waiting I dispatched the first one. It was a side view with my hands between my spread thighs. My nipples were, as usual, erect.

“What a beautiful body you have. I assume that the pic is of you.”

He having said that I sent picture two. Head on, my legs spread, my hand with two fingers extended near my pussy. A moment later I received his reaction.

“The first picture gave me an erection. The second osmaniye escort bayan made it rock hard. Any more?”

I sent him number three. Me with two fingers in my obviously wet pussy. It was a couple of long minutes before his reply appeared.

“Sorry for the delay. I had to recover first and fight down the urge to masturbate right that minute.”

“Why don’t you go ahead and do it. I could use a DIY break myself. How about I meet you back here in twenty minutes?”

Without waiting for an answer I clicked off. I tried to think of something to do next. Finally I went to the kitchen and made two wine coolers. I fixed my shift carelessly much like the night before and knocked on his door.

Without waiting for an answer I turned the knob and entered. Dad scrambled from the lounge chair throwing a towel over his privates and stood red faced as I innocently offered him a drink. As both of his hands were occupied I put the drink down saying.

“Dad, I do think I interrupted you doing the nasty. That’s all right, you’ve scared me a few times over the years too.”

That said I smiled, turned and left the room making sure that as I turned my dress would open further revealed more of my body to his watchful eyes. I waited the promised twenty minutes plus a couple more then launched instant messenger.

A few seconds later we connected. “How was it?” I asked.

“Actually I enjoyed it very much, but just as I finished my daughter barged in and she knew exactly what I had been doing. Thankfully I did have a good come before she interrupted”

“Maybe she’s spying on you. Girls love to watch a man come.”

“But she’s my daughter!”

“What’s that got to do with anything. A daddies flying cum is just as exciting as any other man’s flying cum. Much safer too.”

“Sounds like you’re encouraging me to seduce my daughter.”

“I have this feeling that you wouldn’t have to try very hard. Have you ever tried.” This was a question that I definitely wanted answered.”

“No. Recently I’ve wanted to. I given it a lot of thought. But I just can’t think of an approach that seems reasonable.”

“Why don’t you just forget that she’s your daughter. You have a woman living in your house who is attractive to you. You would love to get into her panties. Forget that she is your daughter treat her as you would such a woman.”

“Sounds like an idea.”

“Next time we’ll pretend that I’m your daughter and in spite of that your objective is to get into my panties. Assuming I’m wearing any.”

A minute later we said goodnight. With that I switched off the IM to check out Literotica. As usual it was twenty five to thirty percent BDSM, Rape or Anal and other stuff for the male children. I opened about ten stories, made it to the end of two one of which was excellent. About par for that course.

Twenty minutes later I was naked on my bed, rapidly fucking myself with my favorite dildo. Images of my dad watching me, Lana and Jane carrying on while he fucked me doggie style brought me to several strong orgasms. My pussy was just a bit sore as I fell asleep to enjoy my dreams.

Dad was gone when I got up in the morning. I was anxious to know how the slight encounter in the window would affect things. I had high hopes.

By mid morning I had freshened up and changed clothes. I was wearing white shorts with wide leg openings and a new white T-shirt with my dance studio’s name and logo emblazoned upon it. The tents made by my slightly erect nipples indicated my lack of a bra underneath.

I stepped out into the back yard to do some watering. Just as I reached the far point in the yard I heard the house phone ring. I hurried back to the house.

After four rings later my father’s voice came over the speaker. “Donna. If you are there please pick up. I’m stuck in Parsons. My radiator blew apart. It will take days to get a new one. I need a ride.”

By then I had picked up. I wrote down specific directions. I left to pick up dad. Two hours later I was back.

I barely made class. Actually in spite of everything the class went well. Lana seemed inspired today. I wondered what she and her sister might have done interesting.

Dad was in a good mood when I got home. He invited me out to supper in a upscale roadhouse. I dressed somewhat modestly since we were both known around the area. My dress was mid knee with enough strength in the bodice to hold my offerings without need of a bra. I added bikini panties.

We had a drink at the bar while waiting for our table. Several people stopped by to say a word. We each got enough attention from the opposite sex to satisfy our egos. We elected me as the designated driver and dad had several scotches to celebrate.

He wasn’t drunk but just a little loose with his talk as I drove us home. We parked in the driveway and found our way to the area where my rooms are. We paused as I opened my door. I turned and stepped closer to him.

“I’d asked you in,” I said. “but it’s too soon in our relationship. But I do usually kiss my dates goodnight.” With that I placed my lips softly against his. His arms went around me as his lips softened also. After a minute or so I parted mine, then he his. In just another minute it turned into a full blown get aquatinted kiss with tongues and everything.

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