A Thanksgiving Feast

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Liz looked out the window, nervous as hell at being in an airplane. Filled with nervousness, excitement, and a lusty libido, Liz almost jumped out of her seat as the plane landed on the tarmac. Finally, finally, finally!!!! She was getting ready to meet Vanessa in person, the Latina cutie that she had been conversing with for a full year! Both had such busy schedules that it had been impossible to meet sooner, so they contented themselves with e-mails, chat rooms, and…ahem…”pleasure time” together. This Thanksgiving, however, both of them had some time off of work to finally meet in person!

Liz was so relieved to be off the airplane and on solid ground. Flying was never one of her strong points, and adding a “first date” to that really put the pressure on her nerves. She hailed a cab and in less than twenty minutes was on Vanessa’s doorstep. And what an aroma! Even from outside, Liz could smell the heavenly odors of turkey, stuffing, corn, potatos, and all sorts of goodies being worked on inside. Nervously, Liz knocked on the door, primping her red curls in an attempt to get rid of “plane head”.

The door opened and Liz and Vanessa met for the first time. Liz took one look at Vanessa’s long dark hair, her sensual figure, her warm (yet teasing) smile, and smoothly said, “Vuh…you…hi…vuh…”. Vanessa laughed, reached out her arms, and gave Liz a huge hug. “Get in here, you silly! You act as if you’ve never seen another woman!”

“I don’t think another woman has lived that’s as beautiful as you!” Liz confessed, then quickly shut her mouth, afraid of coming on too strong. Vanessa bursa escort just beamed and ushered Liz into the house. Liz quickly took of her coat and sweater, since the room was well-heated by the activity at the stove. “How can I help?” Liz asked, hoping Vanessa didn’t notice her lack of culinary skills.

“Well, I think the pumpkin pie is almost done. Would you check on that? I’ll take your bags to the room.” With a wink and a flip of her hair, Vanessa grabbed Liz’s bag and took it upstairs. Liz looked nervously at the oven, imagining a mean face ready to ruin the food as soon as she touched it. She opened the oven and saw that the pumpkin pie was done and took it out. Now what?

Hmmm…, Liz thought, I know that whipped cream gets put on pumpkin pie. Why don’t I just slather it in cream now, so Vanessa doesn’t have to worry about it later? Action followed thought and soon enough Liz had a spoon and was scooping whipped cream on the hot pie. Ack!!! The whipped cream was melting on the pie! Liz panicked and began to scoop even more of the whipped cream on, hoping to cover up the melted sticky mess. She soon found out, though, that the whipped cream kept melting no matter how much she put on the pie!

Thinking fast, Liz decided to put things in reverse and she began scooping and scraping the whipped cream off of the pie and back into the container. Her hands (and spoon!) flying, Liz was totally concentrated on her task…which is why Vanessa scared her when she came up from behind and kissed her on her neck. This wouldn’t have been so bad except for the fact that escort bayan Liz jumped and the next scoop of whipped cream ended up in Vanessa’s face!

Vanessa was shocked! She blinked and wiped her face, opening her eyes to find a contrite Liz saying how sorry she was. With a glint in her eye, Vanessa scooped some whipped cream out with her bare hand and tossed it at Liz! Liz giggled, realizing where this was going and soon the whole kitchen and the two women were covered in whipped cream.

With the ammunition supply depleted, Vanessa moved over to Liz and gave a long, slow, sensual lick down Liz’s neck, scooping up the whipped cream and swallowing it down. “Mmmmmm…” moaned Liz and then winked at Vanessa. “If you are cleaning by tongue, I think I may have gotten some cream here and here.”

Liz then lifted up her shirt, exposing her pale breasts and dark nipples. She then let her fingers play over her nipples, dabbing whipped cream on each one. Vanessa gave a throaty laugh and said, “Oh, really?” She backed Liz up until they were both on the couch, then leaned in and licked…and licked…and licked…at Liz’s sticky sweet nipples. Liz began to moan, unable to contain herself as she caressed Vanessa’s cheeks and hair. Ohhhh…so goooooood!

“You know, Vanessa, I have some more cream to be cleaned up.” Liz shimmied out of her jeans and panties and slid her finger up her slit, wetting her finger with her own, self-made sticky sweetness. Vanessa eyed Liz’s pussy appreciatively and then gasped as Liz let her sex-scented finger slide against Vanessa’s earlobes. bursa escort Liz leaned up then and sucked on each of Vanessa’s earlobes, tasting the mixture of her own cream and the whipped cream. Once Liz was finished, Vanessa quickly stripped out of her clothes and apron and literally pounced on her redhead lover!

As the whipped cream melted on the pumpkin pie, so these two lovers melted into one sexy, multi-colored, sticky sweet treat. Tongues and mouths were everywhere as they almost literally ate each other up. Finally, Liz and Vanessa took turns tasting each other’s “cream” from the sources. Vanessa had teased and pleased Liz so much that she came soon after her clit was sucked up by Vanessa’s sensual full lips.

Liz, however, treated Vanessa to a long, slow tonguing, exploring every crease and fold. Liz wanted to memorize every scent, taste and sight of Vanessa’s beautiful, trimmed, dark-haired pussy. She alternated between sucking and licking Vanessa’s labia and blowing warm breath on Vanessa’s clitoris poking out between the folds. Yesssssssssss, Vanessa could feel her orgasm coming on strong and she held Liz’s head close to her as her hips thrust Liz’s tongue deep into her pussy.

It was the longest orgasm in Vanessa’s life and she enjoyed every single second of it! She felt as if she was on fire as she cried out in ecstasy. Once she was finished, Liz lay beside her and they cleaned each other’s face off, once more lapping sticky sweetness off of nose, cheeks, lips, chin. “Wow, Vanessa,” Liz confessed. “I have never felt so turned-on and…hot!”

“Well, that was very intense…and hot!” Vanessa agreed.

They both sniffed the air then, smelling the smoke.

“Oh my gosh!” they yelled in unison. “The turkey!!!”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🙂 Don’t forget to vote and e-mail a comment. Happy holidays!

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