A Very Special Birthday

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It was late afternoon when the bus brought me back to town, and I carried my small daysack out to the parking lot. A car horn sounded and I looked around to see my Mom and sister standing beside it waving. I waved back and trotted over to them.

We had come together for Mom’s thirty-seventh birthday. Katie and I had not seen each other for more than half a year now, since we had both gone away to college. We were now almost exactly the same age as Mom had been when she had done the same thing, except when she got to college she became pregnant and had us.

Katie is my younger sister, by about three minutes. We are non-identical twins and growing up we had been about as close as any brother and sister could be, sharing almost all our secrets about boyfriends and girlfriends. It had often felt that we were just opposite sides of the same coin; what I wanted so did she.

I knew I had been attracted to Katie all through my teens, in a way a brother is not meant to feel about his sister. I also had the impression Katie might feel the same way about me. Neither of us had ever done anything that might have changed the situation. There had been occasional inappropriate moments, a flash of too much skin, a comment that crossed an unwritten line, but that was all.

Mom had been on her own for three years. She had married the boy who got her pregnant and they had seemed happy while we were growing up, but then in her mid thirties Mom seemed to rebel against what she felt she had missed out on in her youth, and to be honest it seemed that Dave was bored anyway and they parted.

As far as either of us knew Mom had been on her own ever since. I found that puzzling, because she is a very good looking woman and could easily pass for ten years younger than her real age. If anything, I believed she had grown more attractive as the years passed. She seemed to take more care of her body now Dave had gone, exercising regularly and eating more healthily.

She was fairly tall, an inch taller than my sister, who I knew was five-eight. Mom has larger breasts than Katie, about a 36C to Katie’s 34B. Both of them were slim, without much in the way of excess anywhere apart from the places it looked good. They both had pretty faces and mouths with full lips that seemed to be smiling even when they weren’t; both shared the same natural dirty blonde hair. Mom cut hers short to the neck while Katie’s fell to her shoulders.


A couple of weeks earlier Mom had rung each of us and said she wanted us to come back for her birthday. She had booked a meal for the three of us in a good hotel in town and we would eat good food and have a drink and catch up on everything we had been up to at college.

Katie and I had gone to opposite ends of the state and had not seen each other since.

I reached the car and hugged Mom, kissed her cheek and then did the same to Katie. She hugged me back really hard and for a second too long and said, “Mike, wow, it’s so good to see you.”

Mom got us in the car, herding us like she always did, Katie and me being the puppies in the house who always needed showing how to do stuff, where to go, the right way to act. We set off and ten minutes later were being shown to our table in the smartest restaurant I had ever been in. Our table was set in one corner, right next to a large window and we looked out over a covered porch to neat paving, beach and ocean.

When Mom handed her coat to the waiter I was stunned by how nice she looked. She had obviously spent time on herself today. She smelled good with some subtle perfume I did not recognise, but liked, and had a new dress on: deep blue with small abstract flowers here and there, buttons all the way up the front, her shoulders bare and the front dipping in a V to reveal more cleavage than I had seen her show before. The hem fell to just above her knee, and sheer light blue stockings encased her long legs.

I felt underdressed in grey chinos and a blue button down shirt. Katie had tried harder and wore a silk blouse in a pale red and a short skirt made of some gauzy, floating material that followed slowly after her when she turned. Katie was beautiful, she always had been, but tonight she looked ordinary beside Mom.

We sat at our table and Katie rummaged in her bag and put a small wrapped box on the table. “Happy birthday, Mom”

“Oh Katie, you shouldn’t have gotten me anything at all, I know how tight money is for you both.”

“I couldn’t come without anything,” Katie said, and glanced at me.

I would probably have forgotten, but Katie had called me two days before and reminded me to buy Mom something, so I reached into my daysack and put my own small box on the table as well.

Mom looked like she was going to cry. She took a deep breath and poured wine for herself, then raised an eyebrow at us. We both nodded and she filled out glasses. The wine was good, and when the food came that was even better.

Mom opened our presents. Katie had bought her a necklace made up of small pearls and Mom took it from the sakarya escort box and clasped it around her neck where it shone and caught the light deep within the soft spheres. My present didn’t look anywhere near as expensive, a pair of silver earrings with small blue stones embedded in them, but Mom still took her own out and replaced them with mine. Mom had never played favourites with us, and we both received great praise and more kisses.

We talked about college and what we might want to do when we left, and about things we had all done years ago and laughed a lot.

I really couldn’t get over how good Mom was looking. I had never seen her more beautiful, her hands and face animated, her mouth smiling, her dark brown eyes sparkling.

And Katie was obviously her daughter, though not a clone of her. I had often seen Katie naked. When we were young it was not unusual for us to run around without clothes half the summer. As we grew and became more aware of our bodies we began to cover up, but neither of us had been precious about nudity and I had frequently chatted to Katie as she had a shower and she had done the same with me.

We had a second bottle of wine, and then a third, and about eleven Mom started to giggle and said, “There is no way I’m going to be able to drive us home tonight!” she got up, “I’ll go and see if they’ve got any rooms.”

“Mom,” Katie said, “That’s going to be way too expensive.”

“Not for my babies,” Mom said, grinning, and went off to the reception desk.

When she came back she had a small frown on her brow, “I hope it’s okay kids, but they only had one room left. It’s a big room though, so there’s space for all of us if that’s alright?”

“Uh, sure,” I said

“Whatever you want, Mom,” Katie said, “This is your night.”

“Yes,” Mom said, “Yes it is. Come on then”

The room was big with two queen sized beds and a large bathroom with an enormous shower with mirrored walls that sparkled and glittered in the light reflected from our room.

Tall windows faced out to the ocean and stood open to let a breeze through and we could hear the surf curling away along the beach.

Mom gave a little whoop and launched herself on to one of the beds laughing, bounced once and twisted over on to her back. “This is my bed,” she said, “You two can bunk down together over there. It won’t be the first time you’ve had to share.”

She was right, of course. But I think the last time we had shared a bed had been about ten years before.

Mom’s dress had risen up over her thighs and I couldn’t stop myself looking to where the tops of her stockings were held by garters which disappeared on into the darkness above. I went to the window and looked out, turning away to hide a bulge in my trousers.

“Left or right”, Katie said.

I turned, puzzled by her meaning, so she repeated, “Left or right side, dunce?”

“You choose,” I said

“I’m on the right then,” she said.

“Mom sat up and pulled her skirt back down, “I need a shower,” she said, and then, “I don’t suppose any of us have got anything to wear tonight, have we?” Then she shrugged. “Ah well, I don’t suppose it matters that much. Katie, come and chat to me.”

She got up and went through to the bathroom and Katie followed. “I’ll leave the door open a bit, Mike, then you can join in as well.”

I went over and lay on my side of the bed, hands behind my head, and thought, “Holy fuck!” It was almost as if Mom was eighteen again, and we were not her kids but pals on a wild night out.

I could see them both in the bathroom, reflected in the mirror. Katie was sitting on the edge of the bath while Mom unbuttoned her dress. I don’t know if they knew I could see or not because they were around the side of the room and it was only through reflections they were visible.

Mom folded her dress and stood for a moment in pale blue bra, panties, suspenders and those wonderful stockings. She and Katie were murmuring about something but I was not listening as I watched Mom unclip her bra and release her large breasts. Thirty-seven she may have been, but nothing at all showed her age. Her breasts were peaked and tipped with large pale areolas and dark brown nipples, full and firm, swaying and dipping as she leaned forward. She had to unclip the suspenders from her stockings to remove her panties, then straightened and lifted her arms to ruffle her hair. I had a perfect view of her in the mirror, almost full on to me. I was slightly shocked to see that she had shaved her pussy completely, the pink slit of her entrance glistening slightly in the bright room. She stood, almost as if posing for a moment, in just the suspender belt and stockings.

The she bent and unclipped the suspender belt, tossed it into the bath and rolled the stockings down over her long slim legs before turning away and stepping into the shower.

She washed her hair and soaped herself quickly, taking less time over her shower than she had undressing. She left the shower running and wrapped escort sakarya a large white towel around herself.

“Do you want a shower Mike?” she shouted through.

“Maybe in a minute”, I replied. I didn’t dare go through just yet. My cock was so hard it was forming a huge tent in my chinos.

“How about you, Katie?” Mom said

“Oh yes,” Katie said, “I feel grubby after that bus ride.”

She stood up from the bath and unbuttoned her blouse. Her breasts were cupped in a white bra and she reached around and unclipped it, freeing them to the steamy air of the bathroom. She was smaller than Mom, but had inherited the same large puffy nipples. She unzipped her skirt and slid it off, her white panties quickly following. We both had the same blonde hair and brown eyes as Mom, but Katie’s bush was not shaved, just neatly trimmed. Mom came and stood in the doorway as Katie stepped into the shower, obscuring my view of her.

“You should shave your bush, Katie,” Mom said in a matter of fact voice, “It’s much more hygienic.”

“Mm-hm?” Katie replied, “maybe I will sometime.”

Mom smiled and came back into the room, went to the mini bar and poured herself a glass of white wine. As she bent to look in the fridge her towel rose up over her buttocks and I had a perfect view of her firm round ass and a glimpse of pussy nestling tightly between her cheeks.

She glanced back over her shoulder, and I sat up quickly and rolled over to lie on my stomach so she wouldn’t see the enormous erection inside my trousers. “D’you want something?” she asked. There was a wicked glint in her eyes, and I’m sure she knew where I had been looking, and didn’t care.

“Uh, yeah, sure,” I said.

She poured me a glass and filled a third one for Katie, shouted “There’s wine for you here, Kate,” then took her glass and sat on the bed, leaning back against the headboard, her slim legs stretched out in front of her and crossed at the ankles. The thick towel was tucked around her, pushing up her breasts which bloomed above the top of the thick white material. She sighed heavily, “You know, this has been my best birthday ever,” she said, raising her glass.

“Really?” I sipped from my glass, staring at her, my beautiful mother who seemed to have lost any inhibitions she had ever had. She had always been pretty open and never a prude, but tonight was something completely new.

“My two wonderful, gorgeous children are here with me,” she murmured,” I can’t think of anything more perfect.”

She leaned her head back, her eyelids growing heavy. I thought maybe the wine was beginning to hit her and she looked ready to fall asleep.

“Shower’s free,” Katie said, coming back through. She had dried off and came back in just a pair of panties and a sleeveless tee shirt, ready for bed. The tee shirt stopped above her navel, her panties were very small, and a wide band of smooth skin was exposed between them.

“Thanks.” I rose quickly and went through to the bathroom, half turning away to hide my heavy cock. I pushed the door almost closed behind me, feeling guilty that I had watched Mom undress and shower and would have watched Katie, but I did not want them to see how excited I had become.

I undressed quickly and stood in the shower, letting the water run over me. I soaped quickly, then cleaned my balls and cock and around my ass. I hesitated a moment then gripped my hard cock and gave it a couple of strokes, groaned and shook my head. I knew if I let myself cum now there would be some leakage afterwards and I didn’t want Mom and Katie to see stains on my shorts.

I released my hand, turned off the shower and dried myself, pulled my boxers back on and then reached inside and squeezed my cock really hard, painfully. It did the trick and I felt myself grow less hard. My cock was still long and heavy, but did not stick up like some wayward flagpole any more.

When I came back Mom had removed her towel and slipped into bed, lying on her back against the pillows, the covers pulled up to just cover her breasts. Katie was also in bed, turned on her side towards Mom and they were talking about one of the holidays we had taken years ago in Yellowstone.

I pulled back the covers, glancing at Katie’s long back, and slid in beside her. The bed was a good four feet wide and there was plenty of room for both of us.

“Well, kids,” Mom said, “I’m bushed. Sleep well,” she rolled on her side and as she reached for the light switch her arm lifted, the covers slipped and one full silky breast slid out to reveal itself fully, the pale areola big and puffy, the nipple dark and hard. She clicked the light off and lay on her back, the cover still drawn back and revealing her now in the lesser light from our lamp.

“‘Night Mom,” we both said together, and giggled. Katie turned our lamp out and lay back with a sigh.

I lay on my side in the dark, listening to the ocean and the breathing of the two women I loved most in the world, and felt conflicting emotions surging through me. sakarya escort bayan Mom had been really wild earlier on, and Katie had been teasing, and still was when I felt her roll over and wriggle so her ass and back were pressed against me. My cock had finally given up and gone back to normal, but as soon as I felt Katie’s warmth it twitched and started to thicken again. Katie must have felt it too, because she reached around and slapped me on the side and said, “Mike, behave yourself,” with a smile in her voice.

I moved back so she was not touching me, rolled onto my back and put my head on the pillow.

Katie was still in a teasing mood though and she turned over, put an arm over my chest, leaned across and kissed me on the cheek and said, “Goodnight brother.”

“Goodnight,” I said. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something other than my beautiful, sexy Mom and sister.

I hadn’t expected to sleep easily but I did. When something woke me I opened my eyes to see a faint light filling the room. Somewhere east of us the sun was still below the horizon, but not for too much longer.

Katie was breathing lightly, and in the night we had rolled and moved so we were now back where we started with her turned towards Mom’s bed and me spooned up against her back and thighs. My cock had realised the position before me and now I woke with an almost painful erection, my cock hard inside my boxers and so long the head had slipped out above the waistband, its length lying snugly between the firm cheeks of Katie’s ass. My right arm had wrapped around her in the dark and my hand was cupping one of her breasts.

I lay for several minutes revelling in the smooth length of Katie pressed against me, her long legs lying against mine, feeling the rise and fall of her breast under my hand as she breathed. Gradually I became aware of small sounds from across the room.

There was a creak of a mattress, rhythmic and slow. It was not just Mom turning over to get more comfortable, it was more deliberate than that. I lay stock still and listened. I could hear the same sound continue, and then just above it Mom’s breathing grow louder and deeper. Suddenly I realised what was happening. Mom was bringing herself off, across the room from us!

I lifted myself slightly so I could see over Katie’s shoulder. Mom had thrown the heavier blankets off and was covered in a thin sheet. She had lifted her knees slightly and the sheet tented above her hips and her arm was moving in a gentle rhythm. I couldn’t see, but it was all too easy to imagine her fingers working themselves over her pussy, dipping inside her wet sex, raising hot hard feelings inside her.

My cock was now ridiculously hard and where it poked up out of my boxers the head was weeping clear fluid on to Katie’s back.

Mom’s movements started to grow more frantic, her breathing harsher, and I could sense she was close to a climax. She pulled the sheet down to her waist and rolled a nipple between her fingers, cupped her breast and kneaded it. The sheet began to slide as her hand rubbed faster, tugging it lower with each movement. Her hips were now bucking up and down, and I could just see where her hand disappeared between her legs and when she drew it back the glistening of her juices on her fingers.

She rocked her head from side to side, mouth open and breathing hard. I didn’t know if she knew how loud she was, or if she didn’t care. I was beginning to worry I might shoot my own load all over Katie if this kept up, and feeling weird about it I moved further back so my cock was not pressed against her warm sleekness.

Mom gave a small moan, bit her bottom lip and her fingers became frantic and I saw her shudder uncontrollably as a strong climax ripped through her body.

She pushed her fingers deep, deep inside herself, moaned and shivered again, then gave a long satisfied sigh. She relaxed back into her pillows and pulled the sheets up over herself, then rolled onto her side. Her eyes were open and met mine. She smiled and then did the most amazing thing I had ever seen. She lifted the hand that had just been between her legs to her mouth, inserted the fingers between her lips and sucked her own juices off them, watching me the whole time. Then, slowly, her eyes closed and she fell almost instantly asleep.

I lay back, wondering if she had really known what she was doing, or was it some kind of waking dream that she wouldn’t remember in the morning. It had been so sexy, so rude and so dirty. I know she was my Mom, but at the moment I could have fucked her brains out. Katie’s too.

I didn’t know what to do. I had never been as excited as I was just then. My cock seemed to have grown a couple of inches more than it’s normal eight inches and the head was burning and I didn’t know if I was going to shoot a load of cum into the sheets or whether I could hold it back.

I was debating whether to slip out of bed and go into the bathroom to relieve myself when Katie rolled over and snuggled in against me, wrapping her arm over my stomach. Her wrist felt to be about an inch above the tip of my cock, and I hoped she didn’t decide to move it any lower. If she wasn’t careful she would brush against me and I was sure if she did it would trigger me off and she would end up with a very wet and very sticky arm covered in my cum.

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