Subject: A Welcome Injury A WELCOME INJURY Please let me know if you enjoy this fictional story and I will reply. I was not really into sports that much, I never did really enjoy time at the school gym, jumping over the horse or climbing the ropes did nothing for me, at 15 I suppose I should have enjoyed playing football or cricket but neither appealed to me, the only thing I did enjoy was athletics especially running relays which I found exhilarating, of course the bonus was getting back into the changing room and seeing my fellow classmates stripping off and taking showers, no one knew that I was eyeing them up but by 15 I was becoming rather astute at looking at the male form whether that was in public toilets or in porn magazines that were discarded. Now saying I was not into physical exercises is not exactly true, I excelled in getting down on my knees and raising myself up after letting a strangers hand feel me up under a toilet wall partition, I was also good at using my wrist and hands to pleasure myself and any men who wished to extricate their spunk from their balls or to help me with the same response. As a young 15 year old who was 5ft 9, brown hair and green eyes and attractive so I was told, I was never short of a strangers hand around my six inch cock or my balls being cupped in their hands, how they loved to see me shoot my load as when I did and there was an open area in front of me I could shoot my spunk a good three or four feet away which always ended up with an astonished look on their faces, of course if I shot in someone’s mouth it always hit the back of their throats with such force, the only time that I shot my load mildly was if I had several cum shots previously in the day. I was learning new skills all the time and if I say so myself I would have to confess I was addicted to going into toilets for anonymous sex, that progressed to going to cruising areas as well, it was amazing to be taken to these places around my city which gave me more places to look for adult cocks. I had crushes on sportsmen I saw on TV wearing their speedos or tight lycra shorts in fact anyone with a bulge or a nice bum or even showing a bit of their undies would turn me on I was that highly sexed up but there was a few men in my real life that I had dreams about who I found so sexy and hot, one of these was my History teacher Mr Bell, now it was about a year earlier that he had to stand in for our swimming instructor for our one hour session, when we all got to the pool he was standing there in a pair of black speedos, the hour passed so quickly, there was no swimming lesson as such but he did ask for all us boys to practice swimming underneath the water with our eyes open, he asked each boy to swim under the water between his legs, the sight of his strong legs and thighs standing wide open and his bulge never left me, the crush was permanently there, he was so handsome with a sexy voice that I always enjoyed my History lessons to the full. Well this day I was going down the steps into this underground toilet which was one of my favourite haunts when due having been raining the steps were slippery and I fell down a couple of stairs, a couple of men came to my rescue and helped me up and as I was wearing light coloured shorts they were marked from the dirty step, they were good enough to try and wipe off the dirt from the back of my shorts , they apparently succeeded after a while as they kept brushing my shorts and feeling my bum at the same time, I knew only to well what they were up to but I mischievously played up the innocent boy to them, one guy suggested that I take my shorts off and damp them with some tap water and dry them off under the hand dryer, what a good idea so I pretended to be pleased with the suggestion, so there I was standing in the middle of the toilets in my small briefs, needless to say that the men who came in decided to stay so I had an audience of five or six men standing at the urinals watching me, the two men got in on the act and played themselves to the watching audience, one of them said that my briefs were marked, yes they were white but even I knew that the fall hadn’t marked them, but I just had to take them off to inspect them myself, their eyes were glued to my naked peachy tight bum cheeks, they also got a great view of my teen cock and balls which I inadvertently displayed, when I looked over every man was standing at the urinals looking and pulling their cocks, I was getting turned on by my acting skills and what effect they were having but I managed to stop myself from getting fully hard, I accidentally dropped my undies so I had no choice but to bend right over and they were subjected to a teen boys rear view that had my boy hole on full display, I put my undies back on, then my dry shorts and thanked the men for helping me out, I left feeling so horny at my subterfuge that from that day I got a liking for showing off, I divulge! I just had to find somewhere else to empty my balls and thinking of what had happened beforehand I shot ankara escort my load, the next day my right leg and foot came out in a bruise and it was a bit sore. The next day the last two hours on my school timetable was Physical Education, had it been running I would have gladly been a spectator but when I was told it was to be cricket my heart stopped, even worse it would follow a football game, to my goad relief I was excused from the session only to be told to report to no other than my History teacher Mr Bell, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with him or even if I would be on my own, I reported to his classroom and he welcomed me in and asked about my injury and how it happened, not thinking I told him where it happened but not what followed, I did detect some kind of smirk on his face but thought nothing about it. He explained that he had two hours spare time before the end of the school day and help to tidy up the store room at the back would be appreciated, he locked the classroom door as he didn’t want anyone to know where he was and his chore to be interrupted, he unlocked the store room and he was right it was in a mess, the room had metal shelves on one side of the room and cardboard boxes strewn around the room in no order whatsoever. My teacher told me that all was needed was to put the books in a tidy row and put all the same books together, normally I would have been my usual self and talkative but here on my own in a room with my sexy teacher I became almost shy and introverted, I had never had a conversation with him apart from answering questions in class. He hung his suit jacket on the back of the door and stood there in his white shirt and tie, he told me to hang up my school blazer and take off my tie so I felt more comfortable, there was no need for him to stay, he could have stayed in the classroom but then he would have been seen if anyone looked through the window and he did say he did not want to be disturbed. I climbed up the few steps of the ladder to reach the top shelf to begin sorting out the books, he stood behind me warning me to be careful and not lose my balance and didn’t want me to have another accident as he was responsible for me, he laughed at his own remark but put his hand on my bottom as if to hold me and asked if I felt ok? All I could say was yes Sir I was fine but his hand remained there for longer than was needed, I did feel rather flushed and this intimate touch and then he took his hand away and I continued on, he was talking to me but to be honest I was just answering yes or no to whatever he asked me due to my initial shyness, after a few minutes when he stopped moving some boxes he returned to the same position knowing that I had to move the ladder along, when I got it into position I climbed the few steps and once again a repeat performance occurred only this time his hand stayed a lot longer and a slight stroke of his hand over my bottom sent a message to my head that he was feeling me up, my mind was spinning at that moment as I was trying to figure out if I was over reacting but no it was definitely a hand stroke on my bum cheeks, he stepped away and I composed myself. He said that the top shelf looked nice and tidy now and that I should stop and have a rest, I came down and he told me to sit on one of the boxes, I was feeling more relaxed with him now but didn’t speak until I was spoken to, I was young and with my teacher I was not going to talk to him as if he was a friend or something, then he said that he needed to change out of his clothes and into his running gear as he was going for a run when the home bell sounded, was it ok for him to do that he asked as if I would object to a teacher, it was then that I noticed the sports bag in the corner of the room, he started to take his shoes and socks off and as he did so he asked me how I managed to hurt myself and where it happened. As he stripped he told me that he to had missed a step in those toilets but had not injured himself and every time he goes in now he is extra careful, was he trying to tell me something? He took his shirt off and hung it up with his jacket, my first real look at his pecs and his back had my cock twitching, he returned to stand in front of me and asked if anyone had helped me when I fell, I told him about the men but that was all, he undid his belt, he asked about what they did, he pulled his zip down, my instincts were starting to tell me there was another side to him but no way was I going to make it easy for him, no way was I going to overstep the mark or divulge anything to him, he pulled down his trousers, so these men they looked after you did they? He was standing there now in just his white briefs with a defining bulge practically in my face, a few steps forward and my face would have been smothered in his bulge, how old were they these men? He moved away as he folded his trousers and hung them up very carefully and slowly, my eyes were glued to his strong muscular legs, his perfect bum cheeks wrapped tightly inside his briefs that I could see his bum escort ankara crease. I suppose they might have been around 40 or 50 I don’t know really, he turned around and walked over to his bag and rummaged around it still talking, I interrupted him asking if I should get on with sorting the books, no its fine you have done enough just sit there, done enough? I had hardly even touched anything, he is coming onto me! You were ok with these men then were you, looking after you, he stepped back in front of me only this time very close, he blatantly put his hand over his crutch, so they got you to take your shorts off? before I could answer his hand was at the back of my head and I was pulled forward onto his bulge, his hard cock was stretching his briefs and mouth felt his hard cock, I held onto his legs as I sucked his hard cock through them, how did he know I had shorts on! all I could hear him say was yes suck my hard cock boy! You like a cock don’t you I know you do, I kept sucking his rod when he asked if I wanted his cock in my mouth? It wasn’t sounding dirty or anything like that he was asking quite politely to be honest but with just a hint in his tone of voice that spoke for itself, I replied yes Sir. He stepped away and pulled down his briefs to the top of his legs, there he was with his hard cock standing erect a good seven inches, his cock head glistening with his pre cum, his piss slit opened and pre cum was leaking, his balls hung tightly beneath his cock, no hairs at all, in fact he was smooth all over, here he was the man of my dreams, the man I had so many dirty thoughts about, the man of my fantasies there completely naked, any nerves or apprehension dissolved into thin air, my inhibitions were non existent as I pulled his briefs down and he stepped out of them and took his cock into my mouth, of all the cocks I had sucked over the last few years nothing compared to this in my mouth, not that it was any bigger, thicker than I had before but who it belonged to. I sucked his cock, I licked his balls, my hands grabbed his cheeks, I got one of his balls in my mouth and then managed both although only for a few seconds as my mouth found trouble at the two of them, his moans and expletives of Fuck told me he was enjoying his pupil and he was no longer my teacher any more even if it was only going to be for a short while, but he stopped me suddenly and telling me that if I kept going he would shoot his load, he said now its your turn! He pulled me up and we exchanged places, he didn’t have to ask or order me I knew what he wanted of me so I stripped off very quickly, I was also down to my briefs and like him my hard young cock was stretching them out, no words were said but his mouth repaid the compliment I had given him a few minutes earlier. My cock was hard as his mouth engulfed my cock, I felt his hands rub my legs and then gripping my bum cheeks, his fingers slipped into the rim of my briefs and he pulled them down revealing my bare arse cheeks to his hands, I felt his hands kneading my cheeks, caressing them, his hands down the back of my legs and back up to my cheeks, his left hand took hold of my briefs followed by his right and they were pulled down to my feet, as he took my cock in his mouth I managed to step out of them without interrupting his attention to my cock, I knew by the way he was sucking and licking my cock that he was experienced, he took all six inches of my cock down his throat, I just had to let out a moan and ushered my first words to him in response and that was Oh Sir! that was it nothing else but Oh Sir! but the way I said it told him everything he wanted to know. He took my balls in his mouth and I thought I was going to pass out with the sensation, both balls were swirling inside his mouth, I held onto his head and fingers through his hair as if my life depended on it, all I could feel was that my face was going redder and redder with the sensations running through my body. He released me all of a sudden and stood up and got behind me, he told me to bend over, I obeyed my master by putting my hands on the box, as it was quite low I was well and truly bent over, I looked behind and saw him get down on his knees, the next thing I knew was that he was parting my cheeks and then his wet tongue was licking my hole, I had been told this was called rimming and found the idea of it repulsive, why would anyone want to do such a thing I always thought, but I never knew how sensitive this area was as when he started to rim and I could feel his tongue across my puckered lips and then delve inside me, well whatever composure I tried to keep just evaporated into thin air, I moaned, I swore and moaned and grunted, the words just flowed out , oh Fuck! OH MY GOD! FUCK! You like your tight hole licked don’t you boy! I said yes! But it was as if it was someone else that was rimming me and not my History Teacher, all my inhibitions disappeared, it was as if I was in a public toilet and a stranger was invading me, I tried to look back but was told to stay put, I obeyed my master, ankara escort bayan then his finger went inside of my hole and I just gasped for air, this was so new to me and I was loving it, his finger got deeper and he was rubbing my nut, I felt my whole body tremble and knew I was about to cum and told him so, his finger left me and the feeling ebbed away and he let me stand up, my face felt bright red. He laughed and asked how was that as if he needed any confirmation, then he asked with some surprise that no one had done that to me, no Sir not like that, it was true I had my bum felt and a finger rubbing me but not fucking my hole like he had just done. He stood up and guided me to his cock once again, this time it tasted better I don’t know why maybe because any barriers we had were torn down and it was more enjoyable if you know what I mean, I just felt more at ease and I think he did as well, so much so that I broke off my sucking him and told him how good his cock felt, he became more verbal giving me compliments on how good a cock sucker I was, how those men in the toilets loved my cock in their mouths, I licked his balls and back to his cock but I made sure my hands worked him as well, I felt his bum cheeks they were so firm but I did something to him that I had never done to anyone else and it seemed so natural, I opened his cheeks and got my finger on his hole and rubbed it around making him moan and telling me how good it felt, it spurred me on and I found myself putting my finger up inside him, it felt so good to me that my finger was exploring a mans most intimate part of his body and it felt natural to be doing it, I was actually enjoying it much to my surprise and shock even, even more so when he quickly stopped and bent over spreading his cheeks and telling me to rim him. I cant really explain it but when he turned around and bent over I saw his hole inches away from my face, I should have been disgusted by it and refuse his order but it looked so inviting, a round pink hole with lips just like a mouth and I had the urge to kiss them, not knowing what to expect and his acknowledgement that how good it felt I went for it hook line and sinker, I kissed his hole and licked my lips around his hole, his hands spread his hole wider and I could see it open like a tunnel, without thinking I put my tongue inside, my cock throbbed at this new feeling, I loved it, I spent a good few minutes rimming him before I put my finger inside him and started to fuck it and I loved that just as much, the moans and encouragement to fuck my finger in deeper made me push it in past my knuckle and then all the way in, the tightness, the wetness overtook me, I enjoyed feeling his moist tunnel, he quickly stopped me and turned around and placed his cock in my mouth, my head was held and his cock was fucked down my throat which made me choke, above me I heard strained moans that made me look up, our eyes met and they were full of lust, his face was now turning red, I gripped his bum tight and his cock was hitting the back of my throat, this hot sexy man, this boy lover, my teacher, shot his load, I felt every spurt of his seed hit the back of my throat, my mouth was filled with his cum and I swallowed it like it was nectar, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and I could see the last few remains of his spunk leaking out of his piss slit, my tongue lapped it up. He sat back down on the box to regain his exposure and I sat next to him not saying a word, my demeanour changed I was right back to where I started off feeling unsure that is until he spoke to me, he told me no wonder those men go after me if I performed like that, it unsettled me and I asked what men was he talking about, he looked me straight in the eye, and I listened to him. I was there at the weekend, I saw you approach the toilets and go in, I didn’t follow you in but waited across the road until I saw you come out and walk away, when you were out of sight I went in, I knew their faces so I asked what had happened of course not giving away that I knew you, some had seen you around before and seen you with men so when you were told to report to me well I need say no more but this has to be kept a secret, I said its a secret that I would keep, I stood up in front of him and started to pull my hard cock, he took it in my mouth, his hands feeling and stretching my cheeks apart, his finger fucking my hole, deeper and deeper it went in, he massaged my prostrate, my whole body went into a spasm and I shot my load down his throat, he to licked the remains off my cum off my cock. We dressed and when he looked at his watch he told me that I could go home just that bit early and if someone stopped me I had his permission, he got dressed but back into his suit and tie, he had enough exercise for the day, he unlocked the classroom door but before he let me go he said if I saw him anywhere he didn’t know me, the message was clear and understood, I left and turned around and smiled and he smiled back, the next day I sat in the classroom as if nothing had happened, however when I looked at his trousers I knew what was hidden behind them, when he turned to write on the blackboard and I looked at his rear view, I could so much more than my fellow classmates could ever imagine in their wildest dreams.

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