A Wet Weekend at Paul’s House Pt. 02

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After our pee exploits on Thursday we were desperate to get hold of Clare. We knew she’d be up for joining us for some fun.

We finally got hold of her late on Friday and we could tell she was keen to get to ours.

By the time Clare had bluffed her way out of a night with friends she got to us about seven that evening. She’d brought a change and obviously some panties to play in fully expecting to be here the whole night.

Paul and I had been to the shops and had bought a load of beer so we were both in for the long haul.

It was late summer so we sat in the garden in the late evening sun, it was still warm enough for shorts and t-shirts.

Paul and I were already wearing some panties under our shorts and assumed Clare probably knew. We drank a few beers as we sat and chatted about what Paul and I had got up to the night before. Clare wasn’t shocked anymore as she was more than happy to watch us do it.

The evening wore on, we were all now quite tipsy so obviously no inhibitions. I by this point was now quite desperate to pee as I imagined everyone else was.

It was Clare with her new found love of all things pee who broke the ice. As we all sat there the sound of cascading water broke the silence, we looked at Clare who was leaning back in her chair, the front of her shorts covered by a large damp patch and a steady stream of pee falling from the bottom of the garden chair.

Thankfully the area of the garden we were sat in wasn’t overlooked by any other house.

Paul and I both had the overwhelming urge to pee as we watched Clare finish.

I had a thought, I slipped off my shorts, standing in front of Clare in my sheer red panties. I straddled Clare sitting on her lap facing her. I felt her dampness against me.

I muğla escort leant in and kissed her and just let go, I was desperate. Pee exploded everywhere. It ran between us covering both our fronts, the dampness rising up as far as Clare’s bra and up to the chest of my t-shirt. It ran between our legs filling the chair. We were so engrossed in each other we hadn’t noticed Paul had stood up next to us undressing to his panties standing above us. He lowered tthe front of his panties, then pointing his cock between us and letting out his stream washing us in his pee. He directed his stream first over Clare covering her from head to toe before directing it at me covering me also. We were both soaked and so horny, my cock already hard in my panties.

Clare was more interested in Paul’s cock which was right in front of her face. I slipped my cock from my panties, Clare stood up slipping off her shorts and panties as we both sat back on the chair, Clare was now straddling me as she lowered herself onto my hardness but made sure Paul’s cock was still in the same position.

She started to ride my cock as she wrapped her mouth around Paul’s meat right in front of my face. I reached up and started to play with his balls as Clare worked on him. Her wetness coupled with my hardness was bringing us both toward climax, the squelching increasing in intensity.

I started to come, Clare frantically trying to bring Paul off, his cock finally tensing as he shot his cum into Clare’s waiting mouth. She swallowed as much as she could then turned to me burying her mouth on mine, Paul’s fresh cum spilling into my mouth just as I felt her juices run over my balls as she orgasmed.

We all sat there in a sticky, sopping mess. We couldn’t muğla escort bayan go inside in this state, we were covered.

We walked to the back door and all undressed, the three of us all standing naked while Clare passed a towel around. We dried off and stepped into the house. It was dusk now as Clare ducked through the front room closing the curtains.

We sunk onto her sofas all still naked but ready for more.

It was Clare who seemed most eager to carry on, she popped out the room and came back with some of her lube, I was obviously keen to know where this was going. She handed me the lube and leant over to start stroking Paul to hardness. She straddled her naked body over Paul and I watched as she lowered her pussy onto his now thick, hard cock. She took the lube from me opening the tube and smearing a large dollop onto my growing hard on., she proceeded to slide another large dollop between her arse cheeks at the same time turning to me and matter of factly declaring she wanted us both inside her. I didnt need telling twice as I pressed my length against her tight little hole and pushed my way inside.

This was new for all of us. Clare was groaning with absolute pleasure as we both found a rhythm to our fucking but also we could feel each others cocks grinding in and out of her, our balls slapping against each others. Both Paul and I were watching Clare intently, she was completely lost in the moment as we both pounded away. All our porn watching, pee dates, blowjobs had led to this moment, both of us deep inside Clare, both about to fill her with more cum.

I came first with a final deep push, Clare wincing as I filled her arse with my load, Paul very quickly jerking and pushing his load deep inside escort muğla her sopping pussy.

She eased herself off us both seemingly a little sore but slumped on the floor teasing her pussy as cum oozed from her lips.

Paul and I slumped together on the sofa but my greedy self wanted one last hit. I leant over lowering my mouth onto Paul’s cock taking it into my mouth, licking the last few drops of cum and Clare’s juice from him, the taste was amazing.

It was still only early but we were all completely spent. We decided to lock up and adjourn upstairs to Paul’s room. He had a decent sized double bed in his room so we all climbed on, the thre of us laying naked, Clare in the middle.

As we lay there we touched and stroked each other, out states of arousal rising and falling, all of us slightly sleepy but very much awake. Clare was stroking both Paul and I as we teaed her rigid nipples and her very wet pussy. There was no frantic desire to fuck or kiss, just three people exploring each other.

I think both Paul and I knew that very soon we would have to relieve this ache, we were both rock hard and Clare could see that. She slid down the bed, her chest, face and mouth now virtually level with our cocks. She looked up licking her lips and told us to finish off in her mouth, she didnt want waste any.

We both positioned ourselves above hee face and sartrd to stroke ourselves. We were both already oozing pre-cum which Clare was eagerly dipping her tongue into.

It was Paul who succumbed first, his creamy load pouring from the end of his cock, Clare’s mouth opening to accept it all, swallowing it all down as if it were quenching some kind of thirst. It was too much for me as I guided my cock over her mouth letting my cum flow, watching her greedily swallow every drop, licking both our tips clean, swallowing and finally licking her lips. She was now such an exhibitionist and seemed more than happy to be both mine and Paul’s.

We all laid back on the bed drifting off to sleep our bodies entwined.

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