A Young Girls Story Ch. 01


I think this has been the best summer ever. My family had a cabin on the lake and I was able to spend just about all summer there. Having just turned eighteen I saw that my life was now different. That summer so much happened, so many changes in my life, so much fun. I am five foot four inches tall and my body is nicely shaped with what one boyfriend called more then a handful on top. My hair hangs to my shoulders and my pussy is still natural although not virginal, at least not after the summer I had.

As I mentioned I spent the majority of the summer at the lake, mostly with mom but sometimes with the whole family. A guy I had been dating for a long time and who had been ever more successful with his hands had come up with his family early in the summer. I liked him and knew that someday he could be the guy to pop my cherry but until this summer I had not let him do much more then stick his fingers in my puss and then only once. Other then accidentally bumping my hand against his erection a couple of times I never touched him either.

That week he was here we had been walking in the woods that surrounds the lake. It was in the early evening and we’d just seen a movie in town. We were taking the path through the woods to get home. Along the way we stopped and started to make out. I really can’t say I had decided that night was it but I just never stopped Jim and soon we were both naked. I was holding his erect cock in my hand and marveling to myself how alive it felt. Stroking it up and down lightly I felt its bumps and ridges and loved the texture of it. Jim wanted me to put it in my mouth but I wasn’t ready for that.

I was letting him use his mouth on me though and was amazed at how nice it felt. His tongue was penetrating my pussy and licking my clit and my hips were squirming as I enjoyed all the stimulation. When I knew I was ready for the big moment I tapped Jim on the shoulder and handed him a condom from my purse. Yes, I know it sounds like I had planned all this but I always carry a few condoms with me. I knew this would eventually happen and I wanted to be prepared. I wanted to try sex, I didn’t want to get pregnant or catch an STD.

Well I’d like to say that I saw stars and all was perfect but you all know that’s really not what a first time is like. Jim was too ready and after putting the condom on his hard cock he did manage to enter me, pop my cherry and stroke my wet puss a few times before he came. Wham bam thank you maam. Don’t get me wrong it was good and I liked Jim but as I would learn later that summer, the sex was bad that night.

When Jim and his family left I was happy because I really didn’t want to get into a regular thing with him. I think letting him fuck me was my good bye to him, though I really wouldn’t realize that for a few weeks. However having been fucked I felt somewhat less inhibited and started doing a few different things whenever I was alone. Yes, I masturbated but I’d been doing that for years. I started to take long walks in the woods every evening. It was safe and I was not concerned at all. For the first few weeks just being alone in the woods was erotic and I would find a place and masturbate. As the days moved on I started getting more and more daring.

I started not wearing any bra or panties on my walks then I started to open my blouse eventually getting to the point where I would strip as I walked away from our cabin, hiding my clothes in the trees till I walked naked. I would really be wet by the time I stopped to masturbate. Thinking that someone had seen me naked was a real turn on for me. On my way home I’d pick up and put back on the clothes so by the time I was close to the cabin I looked like a normal nice girl.

Towards the end of the summer I started to get more and more daring, taking all my clothes off at once and spending all of my time walking naked. I even caressed my tits and stroked my pussy as I walked. One night I was so busy rubbing my pussy I never saw him till he stood just a few feet in front of me. I froze with my hand between my legs and looked up at him. He was tall and handsome with dark black hair and deep blue eyes. We stood for a moment just staring at one another before I wrapped my arms around my naked tits and closed my legs. He actually closed his eyes and turned around giving me privacy before he said.

“I’m sorry for staring but who knew a naked goddess would be on the path tonight?”

“I’m, er, I mean.”

I was still too stunned to say much but I hadn’t thought to just turn and run either.

“I’d like to meet you but I think your lack of clothes may have you at a disadvantage with a man alone in the woods. Here!”

He’d reached into his backpack and retrieved a tee shirt and handed it to me.

I slipped it on and said.

“Ok you can open your eyes now.”

He did and looked at me then told me his name.

“I’m Mark and I was just out enjoying the night. I am sorry to have interrupted whatever it was you were ankara escort bayan doing.”

“I’m Ashlie and I am the idiot who likes to walk the woods at night alone and naked.”

We both laughed at my honesty and I learned he was interested in history and hiking. I told him I was just being adventurous and had found my liking of being naked outdoors just recently. I told him that the thought of being seen was exciting but the actuality of it was really more embarrassing.

“Ashlie, I would like to see you again, no not like this. Would you have dinner with me tomorrow night, maybe you might wear clothes?”

I had to laugh and agreed to have dinner with him. And so I began my first serious relationship. I got to know Mark and learned he was a teacher. He learned that I was still in school and had a lot of ideas but no real plans for my future. I fell in love with Mark in a less then a week and on a Friday night after we’d left the movie I handed him a small package then kissed him and said I had to go.

I went home and put on my walking clothes and went into the woods stripping naked as I did. When I came to the area I had first met Mark he was there, naked and holding the package of condoms I’d given him after the movie. In the package was a note that said.

“Please wear this and meet me where we first met.”

We met half way and I wrapped my arms around him, pressing my tits into his chest as we kissed one another. I had sex with Mark and learned how good it could be. We used all three of the condoms I’d given him that night. Mark was so gentle and when he first slid his cock into my pussy I thought I had gone and went to heaven. He fucked me slowly and deeply bringing me to orgasm then cuming with me. We stayed embraced as his cock fell from me after and I slipped the used condom from him and tossed it in the woods. Then I wrapped my hands about his spent cock and stroked him as we kissed and whispered words of love in one another’s ears.

I was pleased when his cock hardened in my hands and felt like it was magic. I put the condom on him this time. He wanted me on top. He said.

“You do the work this time Ashlie! I want to lay here and watch your tits bounce up and down as you ride me.”

I did and it was even better then the first time. It seemed to me he was even deeper in my pussy in this position and the feeling of control was exciting too. This time when we finished we both drowsed off to sleep.

I spent the rest of the summer with Mark and we came close to buying out the drugstore’s supply of condoms. Having to go home was tough but Mark promised to come see me. I was happy and sad. I missed Mark a lot and felt very lonely even when I was with all my friends preparing to go back to school for our senior year. Imagine my surprise, when on the first day back at school, I found my second period history class was being taught by Mark.

It was a bit awkward we both knew the problems we’d face if anyone found out that a student was having a love affair with a teacher. It was more a problem for Mark he could lose his job and never get another if our affair became known. So we found a place and a time to talk it out. We both agreed that we would maintain nothing more then a typical student-teacher relationship anywhere where we could be seen or overheard. His apartment and my house provided no relief so we were left with meeting in neighboring towns at off times. I’d be off to the mall and would meet up with him at a remote motel.

It wasn’t often we could work things out, I was now on the track team and he was coaching the boys volleyball squad. Whenever we managed some time together we made passionate love to one another and I was certainly in love with him. I opened not only me legs but my heart to Mark and each lengthy delay between our meetings became harder and harder to take.

As I said I was on the track team and while I could usually use practice time to relax and forget about when or where I might see Mark, the new coach was riding me hard. He was the type of coach who knew his business but his means of communication were terrible. Most of what he said to me, in his own snide sarcastic way, was true and if I had listened to him, I would have been much better. Instead I took his comments as being rude and intentionally ignored his suggestions. Each day in practice only got worse as his sarcasm increased with my resistance. He was a good-looking guy if you like the type. He was definitely an athlete and was well muscled, no fat on him at all. His blonde hair was a little long but his moustache turned me off. For a guy in his twenties he reminded me of a parent, always complaining. If he had had a better attitude or coaching style perhaps I would have listened to him.

One night he’s had me run extra sprints because I had failed again to listen to him so I was showering alone in girl’s gym. The warm shower did nothing to quell my anger, which was close to boiling over from the day’s insults eryaman escort and the command to run the extra sprints. I finished washing and threw the bar of soap out of the shower so hard I broke one of the windows. When I stepped into the locker room with only towels draped around me, I found the coach holding the bar of soap and a piece of window glass. I snapped.

“So you’re a peeping Tom too. Get your jollies hanging out in the girl’s locker room. Get out!”

“I came in here because someone had broken a window. I wanted to make sure you were OK. It’s not enough you keep me here late now you accuse me of being a peeper?”

“Get out of here, you bastard. I am so tired of all your bull. You’ve been on my case since the first day and you’ve only gotten meaner since then.”

“I’ve been trying to get you to listen and to do things in a better way. But you’ve been too angry and self-centered. Too focused on something else to pay attention to me or your teammates!”

My anger went up a notch and I started towards him swinging my arms as I yelled at him, using them to accent what I said as I moved to get in his face. Just as I reached him and stuck my screaming mouth close to his, the towels fell and I was stark naked. Too angry to care I continued raging at him, complaining about every insult or sarcastic comment he’d made. I admit I lost control and was starting to hit him and slap at him, while he was seemingly trying not to see this out of control student standing and screaming at him while naked as the day she was born. I realize now that I was totally out of it.

He finally grabbed me and pulled me into the shower intending to dowse me with cold water and perhaps end my tirade. I struggled and squirmed to get away, still screaming at him. He tried to hold me tight and was whispering into my ear

“Ashlie, calm down. Settle down and we can talk this out later.”

I wasn’t listening my rage was in full control. I continued to rant at him recalling every comment, every sarcastic remark every insult he had tossed at me in practice. I squirmed and kicked my feet and tried to free my arms. Still he whispered softly in my ear.

“Ashlie, relax. Ashlie you need to settle down before you hurt yourself.”

Each word seemed to set me off on another rant. His words were like gasoline on a fire and with each word I found more strength to fight and yell. Yet he persisted to whisper, never raising his voice. The words finally crept into my thick scull and I began to cool down. Yet he continued to fill my ear with his soft words. I guess my emotions changed rather then slowed. As he whispered I felt his warm breath caressing my ear and neck and I began to think of Mark and how he would nuzzle my neck and blow softly into my ears and how wet I would become and how my own needs for sexual gratification rose.

I was still struggling some but in my head I knew I was losing my anger at him. My arms fell to my side, limp. My legs found the floor and I let them rest on the cool tile and still he whispered into my ears the same refrain.

“Ashlie, relax, that’s it settle down.”

I had settled down and my hands were now grasping his firm ass as he finally got me into the shower. He released one of my arms to turn the shower on and I let that arm now slide under his sweat pants to find the warm flesh of his ass. My face, once a red screaming monster was now nuzzled into his neck and I began to softly kiss his ear lobe and lick the salty remains of his sweat from his neck.

The slick tiles proved too difficult and before we knew what was happening we were both flat on the floor. Hitting the floor like that separated us. When Coach Sean leaned over me to see if I was OK I started to cry. All my anger had been spent. I cried and now Coach Sean was trying to comfort. He pulled me into his arms and started me telling me it was OK that he understood my anger, that he was sorry he was such a poor communicator. But I knew it really wasn’t him that I was angry with and I looked into his eyes as he hovered close to my face and then I kissed him.

When he didn’t move away I kissed him again, this time forcing my tongue into his mouth and wrapped my arms around him. I pulled him tight to me enjoying the feel of my breasts crushing against his steel hard chest. Lying on my back I pulled Coach Sean on top of me and spread my legs to allow his body to rest between them. He tried to pull back, to stop what I was doing but I would not let go. He pulled his lips from mine and started to say something but I grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him back. I kept kissing him and when he seemed resigned and stuck his tongue in my mouth I lowered my hands to his ass and shoved his sweatpants down. Rolling him over I now straddled him with my hips as the kisses continued. I worked his sweats and his jock strap down to his ankles and moved my hands back up and found his cock.

I was warm and pulsed in my hands as I stroked etlik escort it and felt him harden. His cock was so different from Jim’s and Mark’s. He was longer then both of them yet not as thick as Mark. I noticed how his cock turned a bit and the head of his cock mushroomed out creating a ridge that felt good when my hands crossed it. I tried to position him so I could impale myself on him but his strength now exceeded mine and he rolled me over. He then flipped me onto my knees as he closed in behind me wrapping his arms around my chest and cupping my tits while kissing the back of my neck and nibbling at my ears. I felt his cock pressed against the opening of my cunt. I took a deep breath, expanding my chest and forcing my tits into his hands even harder as I arched my back and pushed my ass towards him. When his cock slid in he filled my pussy so fast and so deeply I moaned.

“Oh god, yes! Oh yes your cock feels so good.”

Somehow, without pulling out of me he stood me up against the tiled walls and pressed my tits into the tiles as his cock began to move inside me. He was fucking me hard and fast, so different from the gentle lovemaking I was familiar with. As he drove his cock into me my tits rubbed against the tiled wall and my nipples sent sparks flying thru me as they rubbed up and down on the smooth tile surface. His cock was unrelenting, fucking me hard and fast and my pussy loved the pounding it took. Over and over his cock explored the depth of my wet pussy and I was soon ready to cum. I could feel the head of his cock with each withdrawal and entry as it rubbed my pussy. When he bottomed out inside me I was stunned at how good he felt and my orgasm burst sending shivers through my legs.

Still he plowed me. My orgasm never let up as each new thrust spurred my body further. I could no longer stand easily on my trembling legs but Sean held me close as he fucked me. I’d never had such an overwhelming orgasm and still it spun and wove thru me. When I felt his cock begin to jerk inside me, my body moved to a higher level of pleasure and when I felt the hot jets of his cum spraying the walls of my overheated pussy I lost all semblance of control and my body spasmed without stop as his cum filled my pussy. He rested against my body, pushing me against the tiled wall.

When he withdrew his cock from my pussy I whimpered at the loss. He gently placed me on the floor and slid next to me. He was breathing hard and he was gently petting my head, stroking my hair. I felt empty and my hands searched for his cock, finding it and clasping it tight I stroked his tool as my body still spasmed in pure pleasure. I loved the feel of him in my hands and was not willing to let go. He allowed me to stroke him as his hands worked to calm me. His touch was like lightning and rather then calm and sooth me I he ignited the fires still glowing inside me.

I needed more from him and I stroked his cock faster. I felt his cock start to grow again in my hand and I moved my lips to him and kissed his chest. I sucked his nipples in my mouth and continued to stroke his cock. Mindlessly I worked my mouth all over his chest and down to his belly and soon my eyes were just inches from his now hard cock. Never before had I had the urge to put a cock in my mouth but at that moment, still feeling how his cock filled my pussy, feeling his cum starting to ooze down my thighs, I took him in my mouth and did my best to suck him. I didn’t know what I was doing, I only knew I wanted to taste him, to feel that mushroom head fill my mouth. His hands hand found my slit and he was tantalizing my clit and dipping a finger inside me.

My passion grew again and I tried to take him all the way into my mouth but gagged and had to let him out while I regained control. Spitting out the saliva that had accumulated I quickly engulfed his cock and pushed my head down again letting that fat mushroom head try to enter my throat. It was useless. I could not stop the gagging. Realizing all of this Sean turned me around and gathered me in his arms. He picked me up and carried me from the shower and put me down on the trainer’s table. He took hold of my ankles with his hands and pulled my legs apart and up. Splaying me open he stepped close to me and speared my cunt with his cock.

My legs were pushed back and over my head, held fast by his hands as his cock plowed back into my sticky cum filled cunt. Amazed at how much deeper his cock went in this position my dulled orgasm roared back to life. Soon I was trying to push my hips at him as he rammed his cock into me. Having cum once already that night Sean drove me wild with his cock, incessantly thrusting into me. Some combination of his previous emissions and my own pussy leaking made my ass sticky and wet. Still he stroked. My pussy spasmed and I was again losing control and cuming wildly. Sean moved swiftly plowing into me over and over and my pussy seemed content to entertain him by spasming around his cock on its travels. When Sean finally erupted inside me the now familiar feeling of his cum spraying inside me elevated me yet higher and I reached out with my arms to wrap them around Sean. He released my ankles and pulled me to him as our mutual orgasm molded our bodies together.

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