Aaron’s Summer of ’77 Ch. 04

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Chapter Four — You Don’t Have to Be a Star, Baby

The Peacock Inn Restaurant is down a couple of blocks from our house and then to the right on King Street, just across from the Purvis Esso gas station. King Yee bought the property in the early sixties and proceeded to tear down the massive, dark red brick Victorian mansion that had stood there for almost a century to build the peculiar building now housing his restaurant and living quarters above. His new building is faced with thick white stucco, with arches and flower planters in the front and two stories high with parking in the rear.

Brockville was suffering the fate of many small cities in the ‘seventies, namely a dying downtown core with shopping malls in the north end and teardowns of irreplaceable, historic structures, all in the name of so-called progress and economy.

I have to admit though, that the interior of the Peacock Inn Restaurant is rather special. Greeting you at the front door when you come in is a huge, fierce and angry-looking cloisonné peacock statue that resembles no such bird ever found in nature. Red, shiny vinyl upholstered booths and chairs with black lacquered tables complete the theme. It was all very exotic and foreign for small-town Ontario in the ‘sixties and ‘seventies and had become a favorite dining spot for many people in town, my parents included.

“I’m just so worried about him, Richard. He’s only nineteen and all the trouble we had with him skipping school because of the boys taunting him in gym class. Do you really think he is ready to start college in a strange city?”

“Iva, sooner or later he will have to learn to stand up for himself. He’s not a little boy anymore. We won’t always be there to protect him.”

“I know Richard. It’s just that I remember when he was seven years old and playing with that damned John Weldon down the street. John taking his marbles and toy soldiers and throwing them down the sewer grate when Aaron’s back was turned. Aaron is a very trusting and naïve boy. I just worry about him getting taken advantage of or getting himself into trouble in Ottawa when he is away from me, errr, rather, us.”

“Iva, you’ve never liked the Weldons since Dorothy broke down crying in our living room here and told you Don was having an affair on her. And then that obsession of yours about their youngest one Wendy, where you were so afraid she’d try to get pregnant and force Aaron into a marriage because you thought that’s what Dorothy taught her girls to do in order to trap a husband. Like that was ever going to happen in hindsight now.”

“Honestly Richard, you can really go off on a tangent you know at times.”

“My point, Iva, is that we must learn now to sit back and let Aaron develop into who he will learn to become. We’ve both done a good job teaching him to have common respect for others and to understand right from wrong. Both you and I have worked long enough at the Psychiatric Hospital to see the damage done in the name of religion and what someone else thinks and deems is ‘right’ for boys who just happen to turn out being different.”

“Am I happy that he is gay? Well, no, I’m not, honey. I have the same fears for his future as do you. It can be a lonely life and a violent and unhappy one, with alcohol and drug dependency or worse. We both know and have seen that happen time and again with the patients at the Psych’ who have no family, or anyone for that matter to be there for them. But, I think we have to accept and support and love him and just be there for the times, and there will be times that he will need us.”

“Richard. Have you ever said these things to Aaron?”

“Well no, honey, I haven’t. I pray for him and ask God to keep watch over him.”

“Your very liberal for a man of your generation, Richard.”

“I saw a lot of unhappiness and sadness at the Hospital before I met you, Iva. And you’ve seen it too. The way the damned Psychiatrists and staff tried to cure homosexuals with shock treatments and aversion therapy…well, I used to think to myself that ‘they’ were the ones needing treatment and not the poor kids and young adults they were supposedly trying to fix. I’ve seen a lot of misery, both with the patients and the many male orderlies I manage on-staff. We are all human beings with our own hopes, dreams and desires. No one has any right to judge anyone else, as far as I’m concerned. After all, no one is perfect and when I think about it now, wouldn’t it be one boring world if we all were?”

“I know, Richard, I know. I’m glad we came out to talk about this.”

“And, oh yes, I did give Delphine a call and we are going to have lunch together at The Relax Restaurant later on the week. I don’t think she has many friends, Richard. Let’s have her over here when Adam gets back to us with a date for dinner. Is that OK with you?”

“That’s a good idea, Iva,” he says.

“Hey, Aaron! Are ya’ lookin’ for more KY to buy there?” says Adam, as he stands behind me in the store and quietly laughs to himself.

“Uh, no, Adam. I was just wondering if you wanted ankara escort to go to the Capital Theatre with me tonight or tomorrow. ‘Saturday Night Fever’ with John Travolta is playing and I really want to go see it.”

“You like to dance there, cookie?”

“Yes, Adam. I’ve got a lot of disco and soul records and I watch ‘Soul Train’ on the Rochester TV station when we can get it tuned in on the cable on Saturdays at home.”

“I kinda’ like Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and some stuff from Chaka Khan,” says Adam.

“Are you off this evening, then? Can we go? I’m asking you out this time,” I say.

“OK, sure thing, cookie. How about tomorrow though? I’m off then. but dontcha be expectin’ me to put out for ya’ without dinner first! Hah, hah! Just kidding, babe! I’ll pick you up around 8:00.”

“Oh, yes! I almost forgot. This is for you, Adam,”

” Hmmm, somethin’ in a plain, brown paper bag. You could have at least wrapped it for me!” he says.

“Just don’t open it here! Maybe go into the back when you open it. There’s a note inside to go along with it, too.”

“Ya’ got me all curious now, cookie. Now, was there anything else I can help you with? Maybe like actually buying something? Or do I hafta’ kick you outta’ here for loitering, before old lady Fullerton sees me wasting my time over here with you?”

“OK! OK! I’m going now. No big boner for me today, I see.”

“Saving those now for when I get to be alone and naked with you, or when I’m all alone and just thinkin’ about you, Aaron,” Adam whispers to me.

“Hah, hah! See you tomorrow at eight then, Adam.”

I head out the door and see old Mrs. Fullerton giving me the evil eye and feel Adam’s eyes burning a hole in my back as I leave the drug store.

“Now what in the fuck did he put in this gaddamn bag for me, I wonder?” Adam mumbles to himself, as he heads over to Mrs. Fullerton behind the cash. “Uh, Mrs. Fullerton, I hafta’ go out to get something outta’ my car right now. Do you mind if I go on break right now, ma’am?”

“No, that’s fine Adam.” And then she says, “Wasn’t that Mrs. Christie’s boy just in here now talking to you?”

“Uh, yes, ma’am. He’s going off to school in Ottawa in September and was asking me some things about when I was in college.”

“I see. Well, don’t be too long and go on ahead now, Adam,” she says.

“Ya’ nosy old bat!” mumbles Adam under his breath, as he heads out the back door of the store toward his car.

“I swear to God, every time I hop in my car now, all I can think of is Aaron’s hot little butt sittin’ in my seat! Now what in the fuck did he put in this bag?” Adam stretches his long legs out in his front seat and dumps the bag in his crotch. The bag is tightly closed with a solid row of staples so Adam has to work the staples free to get into the bag. “Fuck this shit! Just rip it open, Adam!” he says to himself.

Inside the bag is a sealed small yellow envelope. And on the front, there is a printed message that says, ‘open me first.’ As well, there is a small flat box that is perfectly wrapped in royal blue paper with a big red bow on it.

“What a creative little bugger. Better read the note first, I suppose.” He opens the envelope and takes out the note that is beautifully printed in Aaron’s careful printing and starts to read it:

“Dear Adam,

No, this is not a tube of KY.

I just wanted you to know that I am returning something of yours that I borrowed. I wore them all last week and jerked off in them every night, thinking of you and your big, thick hairy cock. I’ve laundered them and hopefully they are clean enough for you to start to wear now because I don’t want you showing your hairy man ass and big pube basket to anyone else but me from now on in the store.

And, yes. You ‘are’ The Man of Steel.

Yours very truly,

Aaron ‘cookie’ Christie”

” Jeezus fuckin’ fuck! The damn kid can get me hard now when he’s not even close to me!” says Adam with a laugh, as he stares down at the big tent his crotch rocket is rapidly creating in his pants.

“Sure as hell can’t go back into the store now to face Mrs. Fullerton until I rub one out here! Now where the fuck is that cum towel under the seat? Ahhh, what the fuck! If Aaron can use these to cum in, then maybe I’ll jack off with them too and make him wear them tomorrow at the movies! Two can play at this game!”

“Well Nick, Dad just hung up the phone on me!” says Ariana, as she puts down the receiver and starts to cry. “He told me they can’t help us and that he knows what you’ve been doing to Aaron at the store! Also, that I should be ashamed of what we’ve tried to do…to drive a wedge between him and Mom about Aaron being a homosexual and his going back to school and money!”

“That fucking faggot little brother of yours is screwing up my plans. If they don’t help us, then I’m going to have to declare personal bankruptcy and we’ll have to move out west and start all over. You have to convince them to help us! They’ll never get to see their escort ankara grandchildren if we have to go! Maybe tell him that the next time you talk to him!”

“I don’t think he wants to talk with either you or me again for a long, long time! I really think we’re going to have to put the house up for sale here and sell it. Whatever money is left over after, we can take to head out to Alberta and make a fresh start. You still have your painting contracting business, Nick and your equipment,. And I can always get a job as a teller again in one of the banks out there in either Calgary or Edmonton. The kids are still young enough to adapt and make new friends and fit into new schools out there. They say that Alberta is the place to go to start over. I don’t want to lose Mom and Dad forever here over this, Nick! I’ve never known Dad to be so angry at me as the way he is right now! He told me I was both a bad daughter and an even worse sister!” Ariana completely breaks down in tears and looks pleadingly at Nick, saying, “We have to do this, Nick! We just have to! There’s no other way!”

“Well, the little fucker is not gonna’ get his pay from me for his work at the store. I dare your Dad to try and make me pay the little queer!”

“Uh, Nick, Dad said to tell you that not only are you to pay him every cent you owe him, but that if you didn’t he would call the Manager of the Mall himself tomorrow and have the Bailiff put the locks on the store before you have a chance to take any of the unpaid stock and supplies out after-hours like you wanted, to sell them off.”

“Shit, Ariana! Your Dad can be a real fucking, moral, Catholic cunt at times! OK then. He’s backed me into a corner. We’ll pay the fucking little fairy what I owe him! But, I’m not going to hand it to him personally though. Your fucking Dad can come and get the hundred bucks from you, because I never want to see that little cocksucker brother of yours again!”

“Aaron, Nick gave me this pay packet of money for you and said to say thanks for helping him up at the store, but that he wouldn’t be needing you after all until September. He and Ariana put some extra cash in there to help you with the first semester for spending money when you need some,” says my Dad.

I open the envelope and there are four one hundred dollar bills in it.

“Thanks Dad. But this is a lot more than what Nick owes me. And he hasn’t been all that nice to me at the store since I got accepted at Algonquin. Still though, I guess I better call him to say thanks for it all the same.”

“Ummm, no, Aaron. I had a long talk with him when he gave this to me. He and Ariana are busy right now. They have decided to move out to Alberta right after you start school. They are busy now meeting a real estate agent to sell their house and Nick is going to close up the store. I’ll tell Nick you said thanks for the money. You just focus on yourself now and the next few weeks. There’s going to be a lot for you to take care of in that time.”

“OK, Dad. But, you always taught me to thank people when they do nice things. Don’t you think I should at least call Ariana to say thank you?”

“She has a lot on her plate right now, Aaron, son. Leave that for your Mother and I to take care of. She’ll know you are grateful for the extra money.”

“So, did you like the movie, Adam?”

“Well, cookie, I think the best part of it was having your hand on my thigh through the whole movie. That and the red licorice and popcorn!”

“No, seriously Adam. What did you think of it?”

“Well Aaron, baby, it kinda’ made me sad in a way. Travolta plays this guy driven’ around in a friend’s car as old as mine who gets caught up tryin’ to better himself and getting out of the life he thinks is all his future has for him. I can kinda’ relate to that. But fancy dance moves and white suits and trying to be popular and cool isn’t how I think the way to be happy really is. I liked the music though, I hafta’ admit.”

“What did you think about it, Aaron?”

“Well, outside of you stealing all the licorice, I guess it was OK.”

“Hah, hah! OK then. Let’s hop in the car and go somewhere quiet, whatdaya’ say? Not Blockhouse Island though. Too many straight people parked down there at this time a ‘night. I have a special place I know of that I want to show you, OK, cookie?”

“Sure, Adam. Let’s go.”

Adam parked his car in the parking lot right beside the Capital Theatre where the old Adam’s Furniture Store burned down on King Street back in the early ‘sixties. It looks pretty ancient next to all of the newer cars in the lot and I kind of feel sorry for it, somehow.

“It’s been runnin’ not too badly since Gerry fixed it up for me, Aaron. So let’s hope it stays that way ’cause I just don’t need the fuckin’ frustration and grief of having to cope with it stalling out or breaking down on me this evening.” Luckily, it starts right up for him. “Slide right over tight beside me, baby. I can drive just fine with one arm around you and one on the wheel. You can play with my ankara escort bayan dong and stick your tongue in my ear!”

“Can I turn on the radio, Adam?”

“Ummm hmmm…first turn the radio on and then you can turn me on!” he says with a suggestive leer and a laugh.

Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. are singing, ‘You Don’t Have to Be a Star Baby (To Be in My Show),’ as I wrap myself around Adam and as he heads east on Water Street.

“We’re gonna’ park just before Centeen Park and look out over the water. Did ya’ know that Great Lakes steamships used to dock there to unload coal a long time ago, cookie? The moon is really nice tonight and it’s private and quiet there, babe. And I’m gonna’ give you some lessons on how to suck a man’s cock!”

“I thought I already knew how to do that, Adam?”

“Well, baby, I figured I’d suck yours for a change and maybe you’d pick up a few pointers from me. Ya’ know there’s all kinds of ways to teach and learn in this life, cookie!”

“What did you do, cookie?”

“What? Adam?”

“Baby! Your pubic hair smells like Eau Sauvage! Jeezus, cookie! What in the fuck gave you the idea to douse yourself down there with my brand of cologne?”

I start to get upset and say hesitantly and shyly to him, “Well, Ummm, it reminds me of you because it’s what you always wear and I can smell it down there when I put it on. It just reminds me of you, Adam!” I say hesitantly to him.

He sits up and puts his hand on my shoulder. I can tell he is stifling a laugh, which really embarrasses me and then pulls me in and gives me a big hug and starts to nibble on my ear lobe. “Honey, I’m real flattered. But, I really don’t wanna’ smell my cologne down there when I’m goin’ down on ya’! I’m good at this sorta’ thing, babe! But so far, I’ve never been able to suck my own cock! Besides, I’d rather suck yours there, cookie!” He starts to shake with laughter and I’m almost in tears at this point.

“It’s OK cookie! Don’t cry or anything, baby. It’s OK, honey. Hold on, I got an idea. Reach into my glove compartment and pull out that tube of KY I stashed away in there.”

I open up the glove compartment and his Superman briefs and KY fall out onto the floor of the car. “Gimme’ those briefs and KY and I’ll clean ya’ up a bit to get rid of the cologne smell and get ya’ all boned up at the same time.”

He proceeds to squirt the KY onto my dick and starts to massage my crotch with slow, rhythmic, deliberate moves, back and forth and up and down. “We’ll do the blow job lessons another time. In the meantime, I’m gonna’ give you a hand job after I wipe ya’ down with my underwear to get rid of the smell of that cologne! And, Uh, cookie, I don’t think Christian Dior meant for his cologne to be used down there!” he says, while barely able to hold back laughing.”

Ten minutes of his hands stroking my dick and him wrapped around me in the front seat and I am ready to shoot a cum load all over him and his old car. “Adam! I’m gonna’ cum!”

“Yeah baby, I can tell! Gimme’ a sec’ to get my mouth down there though ’cause we’re not gonna’ need a cum towel tonight! You’re gonna’ feed me, baby!”

I explode deep in his mouth, He moans and grunts and sticks his finger up my butt hole to increase the sensation. “I think ya’ ‘came’ there, cookie! Whatdaya’ think?”

“I think maybe yes, I did,” I whisper. He laughs that wicked laugh again and does the zipper up on my jeans and then sits back in his driver’s seat with his hand on the steering wheel and gives me one long look. “We always seem to be groping and doing something physical and sexual to each other. Not that I’m complainin’ or anything, but let’s just sit back and look at the moon tonight and talk a bit. Are ya’ OK with that, Aaron?”

“Talk about what, Adam?” I say.

“Well, baby, when exactly are you gonna’ be leaving to start school for one thing?”

“Classes start on September 12th and I have to be moved in to a place and ready for classes for 8:30am that morning.”

“C’mon over here and put your arm around me, Aaron. I want to feel you tight beside me right now. Ya’ know, baby, I don’t want this to end when you move away. We’re only just startin’ to get to know each other besides what we have in our pants. How do you feel about that?” he says.

“I don’t want this to end either, Adam. You said something about ‘chemistry’ before. I don’t know if that’s all this is or not. All I know is that I want to be with you and if I have to give you up because I have to move away and not see you anymore…well, I just don’t know if I can do that.”

I start to cry on his shoulder. “Oh, baby! Dontcha’ cry on me, now. We’ll figure something out here. I gotta’ feeling we’re gonna’ go right on with what we got started here, ’cause I don’t wanna’ be without you either, cookie babe.” He holds me even tighter and nudges my ear.

“Cookie, I checked my schedule from work and I’m off next weekend. Your Mom can make dinner if she still wants to, maybe next Sunday. I wanna’ find out from your Mom and Dad what’s gotta’ happen with you between now and when you hafta’ move. I’m gonna’ step in and help with that if they’ll let me, just to stay in the picture with them. I wanna’ see what’s in your bedroom that has to get moved and then you and me are gonna’ do that together to get ya’ all settled in. How does that sound to you?”

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