Adam , Mike on the Golf Course

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(This is the next chapter in the story of two very close friends who discover a mutual attraction to one another, prompted by Adam’s blunt approach to Mike. They have enjoyed a morning of manly satisfaction and are playing a round of golf. Adam has just shared an experience with a grad student and now Mike admits desires that had been hidden for some time. I do hope you enjoy these stories. By all means, leave feedback one way or the other.)

“Adam, I need to tell you something.” My heart began to pound as I considered what I was about to say.

“Okay, buddy, I’m listening. Today is a frontier kind of day. What sort of revelation are you going to lay out for me?” Adam was looking intently at me as we drove our cart to the next hole.

“Well, on more than one occasion, I have thought about sex with you. I am proud of my own cock and you mentioned the prominent bulge I present. Well, you can’t exactly hide your thirteen inches of cock, even when it is soft.”

I continued, “I found myself stealing glances at you more often than I can count. In locker rooms as you stood there in just your jock, on our project as we worked side by side for hours on end, on the ball field, in the gym…I could not help my eyes from furtive glances at you.”

I tried to swallow through a parched throat and kept going,”I am pretty busy so I don’t have a lot of free time to think about sex. But I found myself more and more wanting to hold your soft cock and feel it grow strong and hard in my hand. Plus we are both uncut and uncut cocks have always held a certain fascination for me.”

“So that’s it, huh? How long were you going to let that desire go unfulfilled?” Adam smiled as he looked around to make sure we were all alone, then reached down and squeezed his growing cock through his shorts.

I smiled in return. “I don’t really know, buddy. I wanted you bad. I sometimes felt like a buck must feel during rutting season. But your friendship was more important to me and I for sure did not want to jeopardize that. I am glad your passion couldn’t be held back.” I punched him hard in the leg. “You better lose that woody, pal or the whole golf course is going to know about us.” I jumped out of the cart and nailed a six iron to within a foot of the stick. I was staring at an easy eagle putt. Adam’s effort came up short and in the bunker.

“So as you stole glances at my manhood, what activities did you have in mind, besides just feeling my cock grow in your hand?” Adam asked intently. “Did you have any particular desires or fantasies?”

“I have to admit that much of what we did this morning was on my list of things to try. I never imagined I’d actually have the chance to fulfill any of it,” I replied. “And frankly, buddy, sucking each other off was so erotic, it was staggering to me.”

Adam maintained his steady, intent, gaze as he said, “Well, I can’t argue there. And there is a connection between us that goes beyond the mere physical. I freely admit that I am as hot and horny as I have felt in years. There is a certain amount of sexual infatuation at work here but it runs deeper. I’m not sure we need to delve into the depths of that antalya escort part of it just now. Let’s enjoy what we have while we can.” Adam offered his hand and we shook hands in the strong, familiar, manly way we always have.

As we moved toward the green, I noticed the sky beginning to darken. Suddenly the cheap AM radio velcroed to the inside roof of the golf cart crackled. One of the things we liked about this country club was that they kept track of the speed of the golfers around the course. Each cart was equipped with a hidden GPS transmitter and if your group was causing delays on the course, they broadcast a warning over the radio. More than once during our time here, we heard shouts of laughter and/or affirmation when the course ranger specifically identified slow players and told them to let one or two groups behind them play through.

This time, however, the ranger informed everyone that some heavy thunderstorms were moving into the area. If we could not get back to the clubhouse in the next five minutes, we were to seek out one of the storm shelters strategically placed around the course. We had just enough time to finish the hole we were on and get to the shelter by the next tee.

Adam pulled the cart up to the shelter. We were able to secure our bag covers and get under cover ourselves before the rain began to pour down in buckets. We could see lightning flashing and the thunder was pounding the little building.

“Just great…now what are we going to do?” Adam yelled above the din of the storm. I could see a smile start to spread across his face as he looked over at me.

In two short strides I was facing Adam’s right side. I leaned over his shoulder, speaking loudly enough to be heard over the storm, “I was hoping to do the one thing I have fantasized about that I haven’t done yet.” I reached down and unbuckled Adam’s shorts. I unzipped them and pushed his shorts and boxers down to the ground.

I could see Adam was turned on but he was concentrating on keeping his cock soft until I had a good firm grip on his shaft. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and felt the cool softness of his flaccid cock in my hand.

Even soft, Adam’s cock extended way beyond my fist. Man, was this ever cool! Every guy who’s ever stroked his own meat (about 95% of the male population, I’m sure!) knows what his own cock feels like going from flaccid to firm to rock hard. To actually have your buddy’s dick in your hand and feel it grow is an entirely different sensation and experience.

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine for just a moment what it would be like to have this cock all the time. Let’s face it, I am really happy with my own cock and it is real thick and has never let me down, ever. But to feel this schlong get longer and thicker in my hand was a genuine physical thrill.

The rain continued to come down hard and we were sure no one would be dropping by for tea. I leaned into Adam and ran my tongue from inside his shirt collar to his ear lobe and stuck my tongue in his ear. He drew a shallow breath and I felt his cock stiffen even more. Eyes closed, Adam said quietly, antalya escort bayan “Buddy, you sure know my hot buttons, don’t you? It would be way cool if you just stroked me off. Would you come around to my left side? That would give us both something new. Please?”

I think I knew what he was getting at. Both of us being right handed, we rarely beat our meat with the left hand. I stepped behind Adam, allowing my bulging cock to graze his ass. I put my hands on his hips and ground my groin into his crack, only to hear him moan and motion over to the left.

I leaned in again and spoke softly, “MMMM, Adam, your manhood feels so good in my hand. What a man you are. MMMMM…” I kissed his neck and let my right hand find his hairy ass. I ran my hand up and down his crack. My left hand had a firm grip on his cock and I began to slowly milk his meat. I leaned into him and he wrapped his left arm around my shoulder.

“I love the way you talk to me, Mike. It turns me on to hear your husky voice whispering in my ear. Are you enjoying this as much as I am?” Adam opened his eyes, now milky with desire and passion, and looked me straight in the eye.

“You bet, pal,” I whispered as I kissed his neck and moved my left hand up and down his now hard shaft. What a sensuous feeling to stroke my buddy with my left hand. I ground my groin into his left hip. Adam deftly moved his left hand down to unbuckle my shorts, pushing my shorts and jockeys down so he could get a soft handle on my balls.

“Mike, your balls are so big, mmm, what a turn on to hold them. You are hot, buddy.” Adam was able to manage only a throaty whisper at his point. He was really turned on and his cock was leaking a generous portion of pre-cum. When I pulled down on his shaft, a shiny and slick cockhead appeared and flared as my hand bottomed out in his bush.

“Your hand feels so good holding my balls and you’re being pretty gentle with them, too. I appreciate that,” I said to Adam. It really felt wild to be getting this intimate with my best friend. I was quite turned on myself, and my rock dick was seeping pre-jizz just from Adam gently massaging my balls. This had all the makings of a hard and spastic orgasm.

Adam’s breathing became more labored. He turned and whispered, “I am getting close and I am going to need an experienced right hand to stroke me home. Will you please come back over here on my right?”

I curled around to Adam’s right and took his hard dick in my right hand. “Come on, pal, I’ll take you all the way,” I whispered into Adam’s ear. “Just tell me what to do.” Adam reached down and began massaging my balls with his right hand and then wrapped his hand as far around my cock as he could.

“That’s it buddy, mmmm, stroke me, your hand feels so good on my cock, mmm…” Adam whispered hoarsely. “I’ll stroke you like I like to be stroked…just match my rhythm and I’ll be there shortly. Oh, this feels so good, Mike. I am loving every second of this.” Adam leaned back and his arch thrust his hips forward. I matched his rhythm and his hand felt hot and tight around my own cock, which began twitching and I knew escort antalya I wouldn’t be long either.

“Oh, fuck, Mike, here it comes, keep stroking me…oh, shit, man, oohhhhhh, here it comes!” Adam grunted and began spraying his jizz. He sent three or four strong ropes of cum onto the pebble floor of the shelter and continued to pulse afterjets onto the back of my hand. Adam staggered back a little and gave a mighty hard grip on my cock to steady himself.

Adam’s grip and the twisting motion from his stagger coupled with seeing his orgasm brought mine galloping out of nowhere and with Adam fisting my sloppy wet cock in a vise grip. I began to shoot my load all over his leg. He pulled down one final hard time and just held my throbbing and glistening cock by the base as my load pulsed out of my now very tender cock.

There we stood, best buddies, with our hands wrapped around each other’s cock and with jizz dripping off. We stood like that for a very long few moments, hearts pounding. As our cocks began to slowly empty of blood, we released our grip on each other and flopped our buck naked butts onto the bench. I was never more thankful for finished lumber in my life. There was no danger of a splinter here!

Adam’s cum had sprayed all over the ground but mine was trickling down his right leg. I licked his cum off my hand, then fell to my knees and licked his hairy legs where my own cum had splattered. It was quite erotic, even though I had just shot my load. Either this was just plain sick or it was one more new and manly experience for me. I was convinced it was the latter. I licked Adam’s leg clean and pulled myself to my feet. We both pulled our underwear and shorts back up and got all tucked in and everything.

I just sat back down, resting my forearms across my knees, trying to catch my breath. I could feel the bench shaking and looked over to see Adam quietly sobbing. It seemed like a good deal of pain and frustration was making its way out through Adam’s tears. But I did not presume to know for sure what he was thinking so I just kept my mouth shut and was lost in my own web of thoughts. The lightning and thunder had mostly subsided and the rain was slowing down.

I had a sudden urge to piss, so I stood and washed away as much of Adam’s cum into the pebbles as I could. I followed that by washing away the strong smell of my urine using the water and cups provided by the club. Adam had stopped sobbing by this time and he just sat there with his head down and arms resting on his knees. I sat back down, resting against the back of the bench, eyes closed, lost in my own thoughts, trying to make sense of this day.

After a while the rain stopped and the sun began to shine again. The radio crackled to life, instructing us to finish our round. Adam and I both stood and just looked at one another. Adam reached out to shake my hand and we pulled together in a mutual buddy hug. We stepped apart, stepped out into the hazy sunshine and began to wipe off the seat and take the covers off our golf bags.

We finished the front nine, quietly joking and having a good time like we always do. We decided to call it quits on the golf after the ninth hole. Neither of us likes playing in really wet conditions and we were also both closing in on our appointed family communication times. It was time to head for home. As we departed the club, I could not help but wonder what the rest of the day would hold in store for us.


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