Adult Education 4

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Adult Education 4My fingers ranged closer and closer to her anus, and Amy sighed when I brushed my thumb across it. My other hand found her breast, and I rolled the fat nipple between my fingers. Amy arched her chest down into my hand, and I increased the pressure, triggering a moan of approval while she pushed her ass into my other hand.My thumb now hovered over her sphincter, rubbing and prodding the slightly rough flesh while Amy bucked beneath me. I let my fingers drift down over her slit, and they found her swollen and wet. Time to move this along.Amy opened her eyes as my fingers left her body, and a small smile played about her mouth as I drizzled lube along my thumb. When I replaced it on her ass, she wiggled her hips to try to get me inside her. I took it very slow, feeling her outer ring open to me. My thumb eased inside a bit and came to rest at her inner ring. I eased back and forth, teasing the ring to open, while my other hand tweaked her nipple again. I looked up at her face, and my cock jolted at the eroticism of seeing her eyes look into mine as I opened her ass.I took a good look, seeing a mixture of vulnerability, passion, anticipation, and elation flit across her features. I felt her push, and her inner ring relaxed, letting my thumb ease into her. I slowly worked back and forth, while Amy arched her ass into my hand. Still, she looked deeply into my eyes, seeking a window into my thoughts. Her eyes widened in surprise at something in mine, and then she closed them and buried her face into the sheet, purring happily to herself.My thumb had worked in to the flare of the second knuckle, and I let my other fingers splay across her ass, giving her another sensation. Still, she kept rocking and pushing back into me, driving my thumb to the root. I watched as it slid in further, her ass stretching to accommodate the fleshy base.”Yessss,” she whispered when she felt my hand press deeply into her ass—my thumb was buried to the hilt in her gut. I followed her motions, drawing partway out as she rocked forward and then driving deeply home when she pushed back. She gave a little grunt each time I bottomed out, clearly lost in the sensations. I watched her experience that for a while, her back arching and twisting beneath me, then I grabbed her nipple again, squeezing hard.”Uhhhhhh,” she moaned, pushing her breast into my hand. Her desire soared higher as I worked her body over, and I could feel her tension build. I watched her nipple stretch as I pulled and twisted.”Oh God, oh God, oh God,” she sobbed into the sheet, wracked by her dark need with no clear way for release. When I felt she couldn’t take it anymore, I shifted my fingers to her quivering slit.”Ohhhhhhhhh, God,” she exhaled, her relief evident at finding some way out of her sweet agony.Her pussy ran freely, juices flowing down her legs. I exulted in how hot this girl had become and slid further behind her to get a better view.My fingers massaged the outer lips, pulling away as she arched her back and shoved, trying to get them on her clit. Finally, I relented, sliding around the hard pearl, standing proud from its hood. I kept the pressure gentle at first, but Amy had other ideas, twisting her hips to mash her clit against my fingers. Her moans got shorter and higher in pitch, and I knew she was close to a massive orgasm. I clamped down on her clit, pinching it between my fingers, and she shrieked into the sheet. A few more bucks of her hips, and her body went rigid.From deep within her, I felt the detonation begin. Amy screamed as her pussy and ass clenched around my fingers, and her entire abdomen shook with the force of it. I even felt the waves reach her distended breast, her nipple pulsing in my fingers. Amy’s body throbbed for a long spell, and she whimpered and groaned through it, her eyes tightly closed.Eventually, her orgasm played out and her wracking sobs subsided. I slowly eased my thumb out of her ass, but kept it possessively at her entrance. She sighed with fulfillment.”If you want my ass, it’s yours,” she said softly. My cock quivered with the assent in those words.”Not quite time,” I replied, “but believe me, we’ll get there. My cock is nearly bursting after watching you go through that. You okay with me pounding into you from behind? I won’t last long.””Please, grab my hips and take your pleasure, Eric,” she responded.I lined up behind her and positioned my iron rod at her entrance. She slammed back, impaling herself. I grunted with the sensation of her tight sheath gripping my cock, and I took hold of her hips and drove myself into her, over and over again. Amy stayed right with me, pushing back each time until her ass flattened. Soon, I could feel the pressure build, and I held back as long as I could. When it became to much, I pulled her back tightly against me, smashing her mound against the underside of my cock. canlı bahis My cum surged past in white hot jets, shooting deep in to the depths of her pussy. I grunted with each blast, savoring my release from the tension of watching Amy’s erotic display. When the fires died down, I eased out and collapsed on the sheet, pulling Amy down with me. We kissed deeply, then she nestled her head on my chest. We quickly feel asleep.Waking up after a refreshing nap, I felt like a million bucks. I could feel Amy’s heart beating against me, and the world felt totally right.Amy stirred, and then she gently lifted her head to look into my open eyes. Hers were clear and content.”That was…exactly what I needed,” she said. “You possessed me completely, yet I could feel how much you cared. Thank you.””Amy, the thing I like about you best is when you give me a heartfelt thanks for doing something that I was dying to do anyway. You are so welcome.”Amy smiled. “If I’d had any idea what a wicked lover you were, I’d have k**napped you from Lisa and never let you go. How did I get so lucky?””I ask myself that every day.”Amy’s eyes latched on to mine and went deep again. She found what she wanted, for I saw a smile turn up the corners of her lips.”You really do,” she wondered. We looked into each other’s eyes for a while longer. Finally, I broke her gaze and pulled her lips to mine for another kiss.”Ready to get a shower?” I asked. “We’re every kind of dirty.”Amy laughed. “You can say that again. Help me up?”We made it into the shower and traded washing duties. As Amy was soaping my backside, her hands wandered until she held my balls. She brought her lips close to my ear.”So I have to ask, how were you able to keep from taking my ass when I offered it to you?”I laughed. “I would have come in two strokes if I had done that.”Amy laughed back. “I hadn’t thought of that.””Seriously, though, there’s a time and place for that. As you’re probably figuring out, a big part of anal sex is wanting it. When you’re horribly frustrated, and you want it so bad that you’ll do anything to get it, that’s the right time. You know it won’t hurt, and you know it will cure what ails you. We’ll get there, and we’ll look into each other’s eyes again as you sink down and fill your ass with my cock. Believe me, I want this as much as you do.””I’m getting horny listening to you. I can’t wait,” Amy said breathlessly. I felt her smile behind me. “Looks like somebody else can’t wait either.”We ended up making love in the shower, Amy pressing me against the wall and taking me inside her. I marveled at her eroticism—vulnerable one instant and insistent the next.That evening, we went to dinner with our gang of friends, and hung out at Jackie’s house. We got back to Amy’s late and went to bed,. I dreamed of Amy all night. The next morning, I woke up to find her looking at me.”Penny for your thoughts, sleepyhead.””You really want to know?”Her eyes widened. “Especially now.”I sighed. “Amy, do you have any idea how erotic that was yesterday? I mean, I know we’re working on anal sex together. But, you are beyond volcanic. When you looked at me yesterday as I was playing with your ass, that was about the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. You tap into some dark current that’s wild and untamed, yet vulnerable and intimate. If you told me that you were a sorceress, I’d believe you.”Amy looked at me a long time, then smiled. “But Eric, I am a sorceress.””I believe you. You’ve got a magic combination of girl-next-door freshness, smarts, and something wicked. Then you wrap it all inside a package that’s extremely easy on the eyes. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m under your spell, and I’m a very lucky guy.”Amy’s eyes held mine. I let her probe. Finally, she smiled again and spoke softly, her words contrasting with the blaze in her eyes. “If you’re trying to get into my pants this morning, you’re doing great.”I burst out laughing. “I forgot to add the sense of humor.””Isn’t that what they say about a blind date?””Yeah. So why don’t you fuck me silly, Miss Blind Date?”She rolled her eyes. “I always fall for the romantic ones,” she said to herself. Then she jumped on top of me in a flash of intensity, pinning me to the bed and taking charge. I did nothing except respond as she warmed me up and proceeded to fuck the daylights out of me. I highly recommend it.We recovered with her remaining on top of me, her disheveled hair cascading across my chest.”Feel free to tell me how lucky you are anytime, Eric.””Hmmmm, I think I’ve discovered a spell over you.””Oh, yeah, and I’m helpless against it.” I could feel her smile on my skin.****************************Tuesday evening found us talking on the phone.”Thursday is going to be a rough day,” she told me. “We have a review with a major client, who is very demanding. We’ve been preparing for a couple of weeks, but we expect to bahis siteleri be put through the wringer. I’ll be a stressed-out zombie when I get home.””I’ve got an idea that will make you forget about silly things like what your client thinks. Interested?””Let me guess. It involves me naked?””Surprisingly enough, it does.””Well of course I’m interested!””When you get home, give me a call. Then hop in the shower and scrub your naughty bits really good. I’ll let myself in with this handy key you gave me,” I instructed.”Thursday isn’t sounding so bad, after all.””That’s the spirit! Now, get your sleep, and knock ’em dead.”After work Thursday, my phone rang.”It was brutal, but we made it through OK. And it really helped to have your little mystery to look forward to. I’m hopping in the shower now.”I gave her a couple of minutes and let myself in, going to her bedroom and lighting several candles that I brought. I uncorked a bottle of wine and poured a couple of glasses, put a French country stew on her stove, got the salad in the fridge, then stripped down and wrapped a towel around my waist.Soon, I heard the water stop, and Amy emerged a little later, a towel wrapped around her.”Oh my, I like,” she said, as she took in the candles and the glass of wine I was handing her.”Good. Now sit down beside me and tell me about your day.”Amy really did have a hard day. As she finished her glass, I took it from her, then got behind her on the bed and started massaging her shoulders and neck as she continued her story. Eventually, I came around and stood her up.”Keep talking,” I instructed.I responded to her, but whenever I wasn’t talking, I trailed kisses across her body. I started at the back of her neck, dipping down between her shoulders. I covered her arms, then gently eased the towel from around her and continued down her back.”It’s going to be hard to finish telling you this story,” she said after a sigh.”That’s the idea. Keep going.”I let my hands tease her nipples as I worked down her back. I kissed briefly down one cheek of her ass, then started working on the backs of her legs. In front, my hands mirrored what my lips were doing in back. I could feel Amy getting distracted. The sighs came more and more, and she shifted her weight between her legs. I moved up, kissing lightly across both ass cheeks.”Ahhhh, that feels good. I think you’ve got the gist of the story,” she said.”Are you sure? I don’t want to miss anything.””Well, you’re not missing anything so far,” she said, wiggling her ass in my face.”Tell me a little more. What happens the next time you meet this client?”I smiled to myself as I listened to Amy trying to focus. My lips circled closer and closer to her rosebud. I heard little sighs mixed in with her narrative, and she gave a pretty short answer.”Sounds like you’re relaxing pretty well, but I want to be sure. Why don’t you get up here on the bed?” I helped her up and got her on all fours. “Here’s a pillow for your head.””Such a gentleman,” she laughed, resting her head and arching her back.”Now,” I continued, “I’m trying to relax you, but knowing you, you may start getting hot and bothered. Please feel comfortable to take care of any little problems you may have in that regard.””Don’t worry.””Great.” I moved back behind her. “Now, where were we? Oh, yes, kissing your wonderful ass.”I started over, working slowly toward her center. Amy’s breathing picked up, and the scent of her arousal reached me.”Ohhh, God,” she moaned when I first touch her anus with my tongue. Slowly, agonizingly, I touched it more often, watching as her ass started writhing in the air.Finally, I gave her what she wanted, lapping deeply across her pucker. I felt her hand slide between her legs to start playing with herself. I alternated deep strokes with lighter journeys around her rim.Amy started pushing into my face, and I flattened my tongue to let her find the pressure she wanted. Her hand moved faster and faster, and I could hear the wet sounds of her pussy getting pummeled.I felt the familiar tingle of her body tensing for a big orgasm. She twisted her ass into my tongue, completely given over to the pleasure coursing through her body.Amy’s breath came in grunts and gasps, then she went rigid, shrieking into the pillow as the convulsions rippled through her pussy and ass. My tongue was treated to a front-row seat, and it picked up every tremor.I stayed with her as her orgasm died down. Then she whipped her head around.”Inside me. Now!” Amy commanded, her fingers guiding me. Her hands never left her clit as I stroked into her, and she came shortly after I blasted a very satisfying load inside her.We finished coming back to earth, and I lay down beside her on the bed.”Pretty kinky, Eric,” she said. “You definitely made me forget all about my day.””It was my pleasure. Actually, I had a lot of fun. I love your ass.””I can tell. bahis şirketleri I guess if I ever tell you to kiss my ass, you’ll wonder what I mean.””No I won’t,” I said.Amy laughed her rich laugh. “No, I guess you won’t.” She turned to hug me. “I loved it. I’m glad my ass turns you on.””Big time. Now, shall we try out some dinner?””I was hoping that I was smelling something good. I’ll have to admit that I didn’t notice until recently.””Glad to hear it. Come on.” I led her out of bed, and we got dressed and padded into the kitchen, bringing the bottle of wine with us.Once again, I enjoyed a great dinner with Amy. As we were lingering over the last glass of wine, she fixed me with her eyes.”Eric, I want to say how much I appreciate what you’re doing for me. You’re taking me to places I didn’t know existed, and I’m loving what I’m finding there.””Amy, I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having taking you to those places.””I can see it in your eyes. But there’s something more. You know I’ve been a fan of yours for a while. What I didn’t understand was how much the real thing surpasses my dream.”It’s almost hard to accept a powerful compliment like that. I sat back, stunned. Then, I acted with my body when the words wouldn’t come. I got up and took Amy’s hand, then pulled her up for a long hug. When we separated, I got my tongue back into gear.”Amy, that made me feel really good. I’m a really lucky guy.””You bet your boots you are,” she responded. “But I’m a really lucky girl, too.”As you might guess, our mutual admiration society got us all hot and bothered. We made love again that evening, and I stumbled out of Amy’s bed early the next morning to get back to my place and start my day.We spent Friday out with friends, then went to dinner Saturday with a few more.”Care to spend the night?” Amy asked as I was driving us back.”Hard to pass up that offer,” I answered, my dick hardening in my pants.”Would you be interested in letting me direct our recreational activities this evening?””I could go for that,” I answered, my dick getting even harder. “What do you have planned?””Uh, uh, naughty boy. That would ruin the fun, wouldn’t it?””Okay, Lady, I’ll let you keep the mystery.”We got back to Amy’s place and she led me inside.”Do you trust me, Eric?” she asked, a smile on her face that was right out of a second-grade playground.”Yes, but answering a question like that always leaves me a little worried.”Amy batted her eyes. “Worried about sweet little me?””Now I’m definitely worried!” I answered, to a laugh from Amy. “However, I’ll trust you.””Good, you won’t regret it. Now, could I ask you to close your eyes?”I closed them, my other senses instantly heightening. I strained to hear Amy move, but could pick up nothing. Finally, I hear the soft padding of feet away from me, then coming back behind me. I jumped when I felt the blindfold slide over my eyes. Amy tied it gently, then took my hand and led me down the hall. We entered a room, but it didn’t feel like her bedroom. Amy’s hands came around my front to unbutton my shirt, then gently ease it from my shoulders. My shoes and socks were removed, then Amy got my pants off. It took a little more work for her to guide the waistband of my boxers over my rampant erection. Her game was turning me on.Amy took my hand and guided me to the bed, arranging me on my back, with my head comfortably on a pillow. I felt a rustling to one side, and a soft material was looped over my right wrist. My cock strained even harder as I heard Amy walk around the bed and loop another band over my left. I remained still as I heard and felt her do the same to my ankles.”Very good, Eric. You do really trust me, and I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel. Why don’t you try your bonds? Wouldn’t want to spoil the fun if they aren’t working right.”I moved my arms and legs, finding I could move each a couple of inches.”Hey!” I yelped, as Amy’s hands tickled me. I tried to roll away, or do anything, but it was useless.”Now I’m satisfied,” she said, relenting. “Kind of fun to have you at my mercy.””What was I saying about being worried?””I like you a little worried,” she said, giggling.I sensed Amy padding around the room to several destinations, and then I felt her climb onto the bed with me and reach forward. Surprisingly, I felt her pull the blindfold off, but I was even more shocked to discover that I couldn’t see anything.”Yes, Eric, it’s pitch black in here. I wanted to see how our other senses were heightened when we couldn’t use our eyes. Your senses will be especially heightened since you can’t use your limbs. You’ve been leading me to some great places lately, but I’m the type of girl who likes to keep the score even. My turn to take you on a journey.””Lead on, Amy,” I said. “I’m yours.””That’s why I like you,” she whispered as I felt her leaning down.My lips felt the softest touch imaginable. My nerve endings danced, straining for more, as she ever so lightly brushed her lips against mine. Then I felt her trail kisses over my face and neck, an electric buzz crackling off my skin wherever she touched.

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