Albany, NY – Part 2


Albany, NY – Part 2When my guest was done with his third beer bottle, it seemed that he was ready for the main course. He dropped the bottle on the floor next to me, stood me up, took off my boxers and jersey off, turned me around and made me climb on the bed, where I ended up on all four. He, then, spread my ass cheeks, and licked my ass crack. He alternated that treatment with small bites and spanking on my cheeks. It felt wonderful. I felt his eagerness, and I could tell this was not the first time this guy munched an ass. He was hungry. His claws and teeth sank in my fleshy butt cheeks, and his tongue and thin lips slobbered all over my ass crack. He totally had me squealing and moaning while I grinded my teeth, gasped for air and buried my face in my plush pillow with excitement.Eventually, I felt his tongue flickering my trembling hole, and inserting it inside me. Then, his fingers followed. He started probing and invading my rectum with one finger very slowly; then, two. I felt my hole was really tight, but he was very gentle. He worked my love hole really nicely until it was noticeably loosened. He had me feeling so good that I didn’t realized he had stopped manipulating entrance until I felt both of his hands were already grabbing my hips. He pushed me forward; away from the edge of the bed, so he could climb on it as well. I turned my head to look to my back and saw him kneeling behind me and applying more lube on his shaft. He was ready to roll.A moment later, I felt the spongy head of his cock pressing against gaziantep rus escort my hole. His rod was very hard and already well lubed, so it didn’t take much effort for him to pop it inside me. It was a slow, long push until I felt his balls rubbing against the bottom of my ass cheeks and perineum. He reached quite deep within me. We both moaned.Slowly, but steadily, he retrieved and re-entered his manhood into me, and began developing a sweet back and forth motion. He gently increased the speed and intensity of his hips thrusting, with each piston-motion of his cock reaching as deep into my tender rectum as he could. The ramming force grew more aggressive with each pump. His clasping on my hips bored his fingers and nails deep into my flesh. He even grabbed for my hair and pulled my head back at some point, making my back to arch as he continued fucking and spanking me. It hurt a bit; but it hurt good.I was really surprise with the energy and stamina of the old man. The trucker banged me pretty hard. I loved how he growled like a bear while at it. And he did it for long minutes. He even had to apply additional lubing a couple of times. After a while, we were sweating like pigs even though the AC was at full. I could hear and feel his saggy balls smacking wet my lower ass cheeks on every push. The trucker was in total trance, and eventually, he began losing control of himself when he began excessively leaning forward over me. He was toppling me more and more with each pump to the point in which his forceful movements made me lose balance, making fall flat face down on the bed.He ended up flat on top of me while penetrating his hard dick furiously inside me uninterrupted as if he wanted to vent and unload all his frustrations after a long, stressing day. I think I whined, and even sobbed, but I didn’t think he cared or listened. He had gone in fully feral mating mode.I felt his frizzy beard scratching in my neck and his hard and dried lips sucking and tasting my skin. His shaking hands clasped my shoulders. He must have had taken his shirt off, because I also felt his thinly haired torso and pudgy belly contorting and grinding on the back of my body as he humped me fiercely. The volume of his groans increased, and his rhythm faltered. Soon, I heard his longing lament. His body was riddled with intense spasms followed by the distinctive warm feeling of my tender rectum being injected with stud’s sperm. The trucker filled my ears with his ailing groans, and my bowels with his seed. After a several more erratic pushes, his balls were totally drained. Then, he collapsed on my back.I was expecting that an old man like him would have laid there still and useless the rest of the night after such an intense session. Having gotten what he wanted already, I would have been surprise if he rolled to the side any time soon. But surprisingly enough, in a matter of seconds, he pushed himself away from me, turned my limp body face up, spread my legs and begun sucking my half stiff dick. He also stuck two fingers up my ass hole. He finger-fucked me and jerked my shaft while sucked my dick off. It didn’t take me long to get solid and climax. His suction was very hard. I felt how my sphincter delightfully squeezed tightly around his interred fingers. My back involuntarily arched and my eyes rolled back. I was amazed how his ugly, thin and dried lips vacuumed around my dick so well and made me come so easily. I may have even blacked out for a second or two. He literally extracted the load out of my balls and swallowed it. Once seemingly satisfied, the old trucker quietly stood up, and in less than a minute, he was fully dressed. I looked at him in silent awe while still laying naked and lifeless on the bed. I saw him take the bottle he had dropped on the floor next to the bed, threw it in the trash can, walked to the fridge, took another beer, and then, he walked to the door.“Will you still be here next week?” he asked after opening the door.“Yes” I replied with incredulous smile while still dripping his ooze from my gaping ass hole. “I think so… yes”“I’ll shoot you a message when I’m back in the area, then. I’d love to see you again if you like” he said looking to my eyes.“Sure… that’d be nice” I said with a genuine mix of surprise and gladness. “Good” he finally said before turning off the light switch of my room and closing the door behind him.After I chuckled at the thought of how fast and bizarre it all had happened, I ended up dismissing everything. And as I heard the truck engine turn on for a minute or two, and eventually the noise fade away as the heavy vehicle rolled away, I rolled over, laying my head on my pillow, and in seconds, I fell asleep.

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