Amorous Goods: The Cufflinks

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A lifelong collector of goods and objects from far and wide has passed and left the entire collection and the business built around them to the only remaining relative, a niece on a career path of her own. Vikki has taken on the task of administering the estate and liquidating the business and collection. However, she has come to find out that many of the goods have been cursed or enchanted with amorous powers that affect those who encounter them. These are the stories of some of those encounters with objects found at Amorous Gooda .

Amorous Goods: The Cufflinks

Jason affixed the cufflinks he’d gotten at that weird little shop, Amorous Goods. They were inlaid with ebony, a tiny opal chip in the center of each one. Maybe a bit fancy, especially as they were going to be mostly hidden in the arm of his suit, but they gave him confidence. He was about to start a job at a new firm, a big step up in his burgeoning business career.

He arrived early at the firm, getting orientated and then settling into his office. All was going well. Then he was introduced to the guy who was his bosses’ boss, and his luck ran out. “Oh right” said Mr. Carson, looking Jason up and down. “The new fish from the little pond. We’ll see if you can keep up with the sharks.” Jason blushed. He tended to blush embarrassingly easily. Mr. Carson noticed. “Cuuuuuuute” he said, raising a sardonic eyebrow.

Jason shoved down his annoyance, and continued with his work day.

For the next several weeks, he did well on the job. He liked his coworkers, got on with his direct boss. But Mr. Carson was always around, making insinuating comments and driving up his anxiety.

Jason had to participate for the first time in a task force meeting. Mr. Carson was running the show. He was such a snarky asshole, and a backbiter. It was so painful to watch. At least Jason wasn’t directly under him.

‘He could be under you though.’

Jason blinked. That was a weird thought. It had definitely been his own voice in his head, but he’d had an odd sensation when it happened. Like the cufflinks had pulsed. He shook himself, and went back to listening to Mr. Carson.

The cufflinks throbbed again.

‘What that jackass needs is a nice, fat cock up his bunghole.’

Jason was horrified. He’d heard about intrusive thoughts before, but he didn’t understand why his were so gay. He’d never so much as looked at another man before in a sexual way.

He found himself looking at Mr. Carson now, though. He was pushing 40, with a bit of grey in his full head of hair. Jason, with a receding hairline at 25, was a bit jealous of it. He was also quite a bit taller than Jason’s 5’5. He was very, very fit, in a slim, wiry way. He ran a lot, apparently. Probably marathons. Had participant numbers from his races pinned up in his office.


‘He’d let you fuck him in that office.’

Suddenly, this seemed very appealing, as Jason got an eyeful of Mr. Carson’s pert little butt.


He imagined his cock sandwiched between the cheeks of that ass. It would look amazing. Pornagraphic images of Mr. Carson flooded Jason’s mind.

Jason shook himself again. Even if that would be kind of hot, now that he thought about it, no way could he get that asshole to–


There was now a weird certainty in Jason’s mind. If he followed his instincts, Mr. Carson would absolutely let Jason fuck him. And he’d love it.

Jason couldn’t understand it. It felt like something he just knew, without any memory of how he learned it. The way he knew Paris was definitely in France. And now that he knew it, he couldn’t resist the temptation to act on his knowledge.

When the meeting adjourned, Jason followed Mr. Carson into his office, closing the door behind him. “Could I ask you a question Sir?” he asked, heart leaping hard in his throat.

“What is it shorty?” Mr. Carson replied rather smarmily. He took a swig from his energy balıkesir escort shake.


Jason was suddenly unafraid. Completely and utterly confident.

“Are you aware you’re a cumdumpster?”

Mr. Carson froze. “What?!”

He was obviously shocked. Rather than angry though, he looked alarmed. Like he’d suddenly realized, somehow, that Jason was right.

“Do you realize you’re a slut, Sir? That your ass was made to receive big, juicy cocks?” Jason continued. He couldn’t believe he was saying these things, but was still being carried along on a wave of self assurance. Could it be a sign of a break with reality? If so, Mr. Carson would surely kick him out, call HR, make sure Jason was fired and then permanently blackballed.

“You…you can’t talk to me like that.” said Carson. He didn’t even raise his voice. He was shaking. It was obvious to Jason that Mr. Carson was becoming hard in his pants.

Jason unzipped his own trousers and exposed his erection. He was mildly surprised to see It was throbbing in time with the cufflinks.

Mr. Carson starred at Jason’s stiffie, panting hard. Jason could see he was now fully erect and straining against his zipper.

Jason turned and locked the door with a single, sharp click.

“Put that thing away,” said Mr. Carson, eyes still fixed on Jason’s cock. His voice trembled, tentative. He’d made a request, not a demand.

“You have to accept yourself, Sir.” said Jason, taking his suit jacket off and placing it carefully over a chair. “Accept you were born to take cock up the ass. Your journey starts with satisfying this one.”

Jason stepped forward, and placed his hands on Mr. Carson’s belt.

“No!” breathed Mr. Carson, but made no move to prevent Jason from unbuckling it. Jason unzipped him, then deliberately reached inside his underpants. Mr. Carson groaned softly as Jason molested him, sweat breaking out across his forehead. Jason could feel how terribly hard Mr. Carson was as he caressed his penis. It was already slick with precum. Jason roughly pushed Mr. Carson’s pants down to his ankles and then, giving his cock a final hard squeeze, forced the underwear down as well.

Mr. Carson’s was now exposed, red and twitching. Jason rubbed his hard cock into Mr. Carson’s, enjoying the heat and friction. Mr. Carson was spluttering, moaning. Suddenly his knees buckled, and he sat heavily on the edge of the desk.

Jason put a hand on Mr. Carson’s chest, pushing him down onto the polished wood beneath. When he lay flat against it, Jason resumed jabbing his dominant member in to Mr. Carson’s thick, compliant dick. He felt his ball sack swinging heavily into Mr. Carson’s. Mr. Carson was squirming, red faced, eyes screwed up tight. Jason rubbed the precum that had continued to bubble up from Mr. Carson into both their stiff pricks. The lubrication allowed him to buck ever harder and faster into the slut under him.

The cufflinks throbbed in apparent satisfaction.

Leaving Mr. Carson’s tie on, Jason unbuttoned his shirt up to the collar. Continuing to drive their cocks together, he ran his hands up Mr. Carson’s chest. Mr. Carson had lovely brown aureola surrounding his small erect nipples. Jason gave one a pinch, making Mr. Carson mewl and opened his eyes. His mouth hung open, inviting. Jason lent over and thrust his tongue in. Mr. Carson grunted in protest. He tried to shift Jason off him, but his weak flailing only resulted in his body writing sensually into Jason, arousing him further.

Jason rose up, realizing it was time, and pulled Mr. Carson forward so his buttocks rested just over the edge of the desk. Then with a hand on each knee, he parted Mr. Carson’s thighs, exposing his twitching anus.

“No—you, you can’t!” spluttered Mr. Carson. “You can’t fuck my ass! I’m straight! I’m the alpha in this office!”

“First of all Sir, the concept of ‘alphas’ is based on discredited wolf science. You can google it balıkesir escort bayan later. Secondly, you’re already hard as a rock. You’re not straight. As I said before, you’re a cumdumpster. A slutty, gay cumdumpster. You just weren’t aware until now.”

Mr. Carson made a strange, bleating sound, but didn’t move beyond a few ineffectual squirms.

Jason placed his cock between Mr. Carson’s fit buns, savoring the feel of the skin as he rubbed back and forth. Mr. Carson gasped as Jason’s cockhead glanced against the outer surface of his hole.

Jason moved back, and spat on his fingers, wetting his cock. He placed the head at Mr. Carson’s entrance, then ground back and forth. It spasmed against him, twitching open.

“No! No! Ughhhhh!!!” Mr. Carson protested. “You can’t do this to me, you little shrimp!”

Jason forced his broad mushroom past the pitiable defense presented by Mr. Carson’s sphincter muscle.

Mr. Carson threw back his head and wailed.

“You should probably keep it down,” said Jason. “It’s lunchtime, but still.”

Mr. Carson whimpered. “A penis….there’s a man’s penis in my ass, Oh god! Oh god it stings, it’s huge!”

Jason felt Mr. Carson’s ring flutter around his cock as it stretched open.

No bothering to let Mr. Carson adjust, he thrust his cock in the rest of the way, right down to the balls.

“Oh god nooooo!” moaned Mr. Carson, writhing a bit in a way Jason found highly erotic. “Fuck!”

“You finally have what you’ve always needed,” said Jason. He slid out about half way before humping back in. The feel of the hard slap of his balls into Mr. Carson’s sent a delicious spike of sensation up his spine. “A nice fuck to show you your place in the world.”

Soon he was pummeling Mr. Carson with quick, brutal thrusts. The sound of bodies slapping together in sexual union filled the small office. It was a nice accompaniment to the noises Mr. Carson was making.

Mr. Carson moaned nearly continuously. Strangled, slutty moans. They made Jason think about choking him with his cock. He saw Mr. Carson’s mouth hanging open, drool escaping one corner of his mouth.

“You see Sir, you were born to be a whore.”

“No……” whined Mr. Carson as he was shoved forward with each stab of Jason’s cock.

“It feels good doesn’t it Sir? Being impaled on this big, fat cock.”

“Oh my god, I’ve never been this hard.” came Mr. Carson’s horrified reply.

“Of course. As a cumdumpster you love to be used hard. To feel cocks banging away.”

Mr. Carson shook his head, mortified, as high pitched bleats were forced past his reluctant lips. As the shrillness of his vocalizations intensified, so did the pleasure and humiliation expressed in each and every one.

Jason pulled out suddenly. Giving Mr. Carson no quarter, Jason flipped him onto his belly. He humped into him once again, fucking him at a feverish pace, and wrapped one arm under Mr. Carson’s waist to angle his ass up higher. It jiggled deliciously with the impact of Jason’s hips.

“I’m about to blast my cum into you Sir. Get ready for my load.”

“No! Don’t! Not my ass! You can’t come in my ass you twerp!”

“It’s happening Sir,” said Jason matter of factly, starting to get a bit short of breath. “You must complete your transition to true cumdumpster. To full-fledged, inseminated whore.”

“NOOOOOO!” wailed Mr. Carson, and he was cumming, humping his ass helplessly onto Jason’s cock. Jason grunted, giving one more hard pump forward as his sperm burst out of him, filling Mr. Carson utterly. Jason’s balls kept contracting hard for a full minute, until the spunk began to leak around Jason’s cock and onto the floor. There was a lot more than usual, Jason thought; it also seemed to glow faintly.

Suddenly, Mr. Carson yelped and sprang up from the desk, jerking Jason’s softening cock out of his ass. Jason saw a little diamond of reddened flesh on Mr. Carson’s stomach, next escort balıkesir to his hip. Jason’s cufflink had burned Mr. Carson, branding him.

“What….” said Mr. Carson, staring.

“Good to have been able to christen you, Sir” said Jason, zippering himself up. He let himself out of the office, Mr. Carson still staring at him in shock.

As time went by, the cufflinks helped Jason identify several other sluts. All men who believed they were straight. Each received a load of cum deep in their holes. One guy Jason just walked up behind at a urinal, breeding his ass without a word exchanged. His expression, transforming from horror, to pleasure, to realization, was exquisite to watch in the mirror.

Another was a biker he met at a bar. Big tough guy, covered with tattoos. That man he fucked in the parking lot. Then man’s buddies saw, and after Jason was done took their turns breeding his hot ass. Little did they know that Jason’s glowing cum would leach into them, ultimately forcing them to recognize their own terrible desire for cock.

So far, Mr. Carson was the only one the cufflinks hand branded. It had something to do with his previously disrespectful attitude towards submission.

The lady from Amorous Goods, Vikki, called him one day. Something about some of the things in the shop having turned out to have had magical properties, and had he had any problems with the purchase.

He hadn’t, he told her.

After three months, Mr. Carson cornered him in his office late at night. “What’d you do to me you little freak! You cursed me!” he hissed.

Jason raised an eyebrow. “Calm down and tell me what the hell you’re talking about, cumdumpster.”

“Don’t call me that!” Mr. Carson hissed. “Every couple of weeks this scar you made starts throbbing. Then I lose time, and end up in strange parts of town. Doing….things.”

The cufflinks throbbed.

“It’s your own fault, Sir. You have to do penance for your pride at being an ‘alpha,’ as well as your bullying. Plus, you’re still denying your true whorish nature.”

Mr. Carson paled.

“You’re about to go on another little excursion, I think.” Jason said. “Maybe this time I’ll tag along.”

Mr. Carson tried to say something angry, but stopped mid-sentence. Then he turned, walking out of the office like a zombie.

Jason followed him home.

He emerged dressed in a lacy woman’s slip, face heavily made up, and legs shaved smooth. His feet sported a pair of shiny, gold, four-inch stiletto heels. Jason followed him as he tottered toward the docks.

Mr. Carson was quickly surrounded by a group of rough looking men who seemed to recognize him.

He was pinned with his face against the wall, a man holding both of his arms tightly at the wrists as he shoved his cock into Mr. Carson’s ass while the others watched, stroking themselves and making lewd, degrading observations.

Jason could tell Mr. Carson came back to himself when that first cock had fully entered him. He was powerless to resist the rough buggering. When the first man finished, another quickly took his place, entering him with no more gentleness than the first. He gave Mr. Carson’s butt a series of resounding blows with one hand while firmly pressing his head to the wall with the other.

Before the third man took his turn, he made a point of ripping Mr. Carson’s slip in half. He stood naked save for garters, stockings, and the ridiculous gold heels. In an impressive show of strength, the man lifted Mr. Carson in the air by the waist and lowered him onto his prick. The gold heels framed the man’s ass, bobbing with his powerful thrusts.

Mr. Carson was fucked repeatedly, most of the men filling his ass. At some point a couple of them got impatient, and Mr. Carson was spit-roasted on his hands and knees.

After they left, Jason approached. Mr. Carson was a mess: dirty, covered with cum, lipstick smeared, mascara running down his face.

“I see you enjoyed that, Sir.”

Mr. Carson scowled at him, but nodded.

“It’s simple Sir. Get filled with cum on a very regular basis on your own terms, or this kind of thing will keep happening. I’m prepared to help, naturally.”

Mr. Carson shuddered. “You’re the devil.”

Jason smiled. “No Sir. Just here to show people who they are.”

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