And, So It Goes Ch. 04


And now . . . . . .

This story follows on from “And then . . . . “, which features the first meeting of a highly sexual couple who live 5000 miles apart. Their respective partners are aware of the attraction, and have encouraged them to meet.

The second chapter “And next” followed on from their first time together in Tucson, Arizona, and the shower afterwards to clean up, when Tom took great pleasure from Karly’s full yet tight ass, and gave her pleasure aplenty in return before both fell deeply asleep.

Chapter three “And so” detailed how Karly performed a superb blow job on Tom, then after a wonderful day together Tom was finally introduced to Karly’s husband Stuart.

And now . . .

As the three of us unlinked arms to enter the house, I must admit to feeling a mixture of contentment at Stu’s easy acceptance of me, juxtaposed with wondering what exactly would happen between us all now. My expectation was that the two of you would make polite small talk for as short a time as possible then, quite rightly and understandably, get yourselves off to bed to make up for time spent apart.

As it turned out, this was quite a naive thought on my part; I guess I still hadn’t quite got to grips with your shared outlook on life, and loving, even though I believed I had understood it when you explained it to me so long ago.

The first I realised what was , in fact, going to happen was when you turned to Stu and asked,

“Shower first or straight into the hot-tub hon?”

“I’ll grab a quick shower first,” Stu answered you, “but you and Tom can jump in the tub and I’ll join you in a few minutes.”

I must have looked little lost and/or surprised, because you took me by the hand and giggled,

“Tom, silly man – did you think we’d leave you all alone tonight? No baby,” you wrapped your arms tightly around me, “you don’t get away that easily!”

Stuart landed a quick but loving kiss on your lips before disappearing through to the main bathroom for his shower. Meanwhile you released me from your hug – not before kissing me softly on my lips – taking my hand again and leading me through to the patio area where the hot-tub sat bubbling away under its cover. I had seen this in a couple of your photo sets some years ago, one set in particular which had showcased your superbly firm tits covered in tiny beads of water, rock-hard deep-pink nipples silhouetted beautifully against the bright desert sun; but, I digress.

You leaned over and deftly removed the cover from the tub, flicking a switch on the side of the frame to activate the jets inside. Turning to me you quickly and easily removed my shirt, then, crossing your arms across your front in that way only women seem to manage with any grace at all, removed your t-shirt in one flowing motion that revealed your round, quivering breasts to my horny gaze once again, an immediate response forming inside my closely-fitting shorts.

Kneeling at my feet, your dextrous fingers unfastened my shorts at the waist, drawing shorts and underwear together down the length of my legs and encouraging me to step out of the puddled cloth to stand naked in front of you on the warm tiling of the patio. I was rewarded by a soft kiss to the tip of my manhood, already beginning to grow in size in response to the sexy show in front of me, a show that was enhanced a hundred-fold as you eased your denim skirt over your generous, sexy hips, revealing your well-trimmed pussy to my gaze. You then treated me to the sight of the perfect globes of your buttocks as you turned and bent over to check the water temperature of the tub, the cheeks parting slightly as you moved to reveal the merest hint of your dark rosebud.

And now . . .

Standing up to face me you noticed that my cock was now standing straight out from my groin and a wide smile appeared on your lips as you reached out towards me, curling your fingers under my shaft and gripping it lightly to pull me towards the side of the tub. Kissing me softly on my mouth, you lithely lifted your left leg into the warm tub and using your grip on my shaft and touch of my mouth as balance aids, quickly brought your right leg inside the tub too. You obviously decided that such sexy distractions might be detrimental to my balance, as you gave one last, firm press of your lips on mine and released my cock from your grasp, backing away to sit on the bench fixed to the edge of the tub.

For my part, I stood and watched your luscious tits bobbing in the swirling water caused by the underwater jets, the bright, flowery colours of your shoulder tattoo glistening wonderfully in the lapping water, leading me to think that an extension that wound over the upper slope of your right breast would look amazing, or even to wind down underneath the full part of the mound, to merge between the valley of your breasts . . . I had to leave this wonderful image in my mind when I heard Stuart returning to us from his shower. I moved to get in the tub before he arrived, oddly reluctant ankara escort to have my turgid pole on show quite so soon after meeting him, and settled onto the bench across from you to (a) allow your husband to sit beside you and (b) to maintain the lovely view of your breasts!

As it happened Stu didn’t seem to be at all bothered about his own erection, wagging proudly from side to side as he strode down the passageway towards the hot-tub area where we waited for him. His already smiling features broadened further when he caught sight of your floating boobs, his rampant cock seeming to harden even more as he watched them moving softly in the water, stiff, dark pink nipples showing and disappearing every few seconds, a wanton smile on your lips as you smiled at him – then turned to me and offered the same, lustful grin to me, too.

As Stuart climbed in to the tub, I couldn’t help but compare his cock to my own; for some reason and despite having been in threesome situations before, it was important to me that we weren’t too dissimilar size-wise. Without looking too closely right then, Stu’s manhood was very similar in size to my own, which somehow was quite reassuring to me. It seemed to be slightly longer perhaps, but also a little thinner in north – in other words, I had nothing at all to feel negative about. It felt odd to think like that in truth, as I hadn’t had any issues about my size since the first time I ever had sex, which happened to be with a girl several years older than me and with many previous lovers; she had expressed her contentment with my size even then, and taught me a lot about the art of making love for which I was forever grateful.

Anyway, suffice to say I relaxed considerably at that point, and sat back to enjoy you and Stu’s reunion hugs. As he sat beside you, Stu had his right arm around your shoulders and guided you round to kiss you passionately, his other hand reaching to cup and fondle your breasts in turn while your hand disappeared under the water and, by his reaction, was engaged in acts unknown with his cock. I could feel my own penis had now returned to its previous rigidity as I watched you two together, thoroughly enjoying the expression of physical and emotional love between you.

After some minutes you both ‘came up for air’, sitting back against the wall of the tub and looking over towards me as I sat still watching you both.

“You look like you needed that” I said, “must be Hell being away from this sexy lady for so long Stu.”

“Tom, you just KNOW it is!” Stu replied, while you added, “I’m always glad to have him back!”

“But, you know,” you went on, “this time is different. This time I had someone here to make love to me, someone I love almost as much as I love Stuart. I missed him, you know I did” you continued, “but Tom, thanks to you, I wasn’t as lonely as I usually am.”

“Now!” you exclaimed, “I want a cock in me, and I don’t care which one of you it is! So, you need to decide right now who’s going to fuck me, and how!”

And now . . .

You sat then with a broad grin on your face, watching Stu and I look at each other in amusement.

“Well, it seems only fair to me,” I ventured to Stuart, “given that this lovely lady is your wife, that you should have the honours!”

“That’s a wonderful idea Tom,” Stu replied, a big smile on his face, “but I reckon she would appreciate more than one cock tonight – and I don’t mean one after the other either!”

Your answer came in the form of a huge smile on your face, and a further query;

“Well, yes sweetie, you’re quite right” you said to Stu, “but I still want to know who’s going first! Tom,” you added further, “seeing as you’re sitting next to the controls, would you mind turning the jets down a little – I want to see what I’m getting before I get it, if you know what I mean!”

After a bit of a false start where I turned the jets up full blast, I turned them down so our bodies were essentially visible despite still being underwater. We could all see that both Stuart and I had raging hard-ons, while you were sitting with at least two fingers buried deep inside your slick cunt. Reaching your other hand out to grasp Stu’s rampancy, you plunged your fingers even further into your pussy one last time before pulling them out and slipping them between Stu’s eager lips, where he sucked them avidly until all vestiges of your taste would have evaporated.

Withdrawing your fingers slowly from Stu’s mouth, you turned in to his arms and swung your outside leg over his lap, onto your knees on the bench seat, easing down on to his turgid member until I could no longer see any sign of the penis now lodged solidly inside you. Kissing each other softly at first, then more and more firmly, I watched as you rose and fell on Stu’s thickness, the muscles in your buttocks tightening and relaxing in a very sensual manner as you moved, the swirls and whorls of black and red ink above them glistening as the water covered them. You moaned into Stuart’s çankaya escort mouth as he firmly grasped your ass cheeks in both hands, spreading them apart so I could see your sexy, tight rosebud every time you reached the tip of his prick.

You pulled your lips away from Stu’s mouth, replacing them with your tits squeezed together so he could take both of your stiff nipples into his mouth and suck deeply on them as he filled your cunt time and again with his meat. That allowed you to look at me over your shoulder, seeing that I was sitting avidly watching you both making love with my hand slowly stroking the length of my own rampant cock.

“Look in the little locker at the side of the control panel,” you instructed me, “and put what you find in there to whatever use you would like.”

Dragging my eyes away from the sexy sight in front of me, I ventured a quick exploration in the locker to find another bottle of Superlube! It took all of about 5 milliseconds to work out that this was only needed for one thing, and Stuart was holding it open right in front of my eyes! A very quick look at the bottle confirmed what I’d thought about the lube’s waterproof qualities so, standing up in the water which left my cock quite a bit above it, I liberally coated my glans and shaft with the lube before liberally pouring it over two fingers to insert in to your dark hole.

As your hips rose above the water again I placed my unlubed left hand on the small of your back to halt your moves, Stu’s hands still in place on your ass cheeks, holding them spread wide apart for me. I still had the bottle of lube in my left hand and poured a few drops over and into the crinkled folds of your anus, my two slick fingers quickly following to probe inside your tight asshole and coat it with the slippery liquid.

Your reaction to this was incredible, as your anal sphincter tightened painfully around my fingers and almost snapped them off as your cunt plunged down on Stu’s cock. That resulted in my being able to feel the strong rod through the thin wall between pussy and ass, which was a first for me! However, what followed next wasn’t an entirely new experience for me, though the (very) few times I’d done double-penetration before had been with a guy considerably less well endowed than Stuart.

And now . . .

I grasped hold of your hips and eased you upwards again, allowing you to stop when Stu was only just inside you. Then, with a slight bend to my knees, I guided my dripping cock-head to the wanton rosebud in front of me, pushing it slowly but steadily until the ridge had popped past the ring of muscle at your sphincter and filling your dark hole with the full, thick length of my throbbing shaft.

When you realised I was all the way inside you slowly sank down on Stuart, causing my knees to bend further than I thought they would but ending electric-type shocks throughout my body via my manhood as it bumped against his inside your body. When Stu bottomed out inside your sweet pussy, you reached back with one hand and indicated you wanted me to fuck your ass; slowly to start, I knew, but speeding up slightly after a few minutes but never moving very quickly in order to avoid pain to you, and premature ejaculation for me!

Unfortunately (and unlike in porn films!) as a 54-year old man I wasn’t able to maintain this position for long, due to the strain on my knees and back. I told you I was going to have to pull out, and why, but you quickly came up with a way of keeping me (and Stu) inside you, but relieving the strain on my joints. Carefully, you choreographed the three of us into a standing position, both of us still filling both your holes with our members, baby-walked backwards until I felt the bench seat on my calves and let you know I was ready to sit down with you still impaled upon me and Stu still inside your hot cunt.

Now I was sitting on the fairly wide bench seat, my rigid manhood buried balls-deep inside your tight, squeezing asshole, my legs spread as wide apart as I could manage with your thighs parallel along the top of mine to allow Stuart unfettered access to your juicy depths. He had managed to snag a small platform to kneel on from somewhere (I certainly hadn’t seen it earlier) which meant while I could lay back with your back tight against my front, my lips able to reach the tender spot just at the back of your ear, both hands filled with very firm, full breasts with swollen nipples the colour of strawberries, the size and hardness of thimbles.

I felt Stuart press forward as his cock slid all the way back inside you, until I could feel his heavy balls just touching the base of my penis where it entered your dark hole. I had wondered how I would react when this happened, as I knew it would, but it did not faze me at all and I enjoyed the pulsations of his throbbing member through your inner membrane and the movements of his cock as he began to fuck you properly.

I had moved my head to avoid yours as it moved in counterpoint kızılay escort to Stuart’s pounding so I had my chin resting on your left shoulder, which had the added benefit of allowing a splendid view of my hands cupping your tits and fingers teasing those fantastic nipples, again in time with Stu’s thrusts and consequent bumping of your clitoris. I already knew there was a link of sorts between your nipples and love button from our first time together, and I wanted to bring you the absolute maximum of pleasure tonight. Deeper and deeper, harder and harder, Stu fucked you like there was no tomorrow, every thrust lifting you up sufficiently that my cock moved an inch or so inside your tight hole and causing you, in turn, to tighten around my shaft and encourage me closer to orgasm every time you moved.

By now you were moaning and grunting in time with my and Stu’s movements, both filled holes tightening around our thick members on your way to your first climax. One particularly hard thrust by Stu seemed to be the catalyst which set you off, your whole pelvic area locking solid around the two invaders of your body as your orgasm tore through your body, a loud drawn-out half-scream emitted as I felt your climax through your body.

After that, every second or third thrust by Stu caused another climax, while I couldn’t hold back any longer and removed my hands from your boobs to underneath your buttocks, lifting them up just enough to allow me to start fucking your ass properly timing my movements so that as Stuart was pulling out of your pussy, I was pushing upwards to spear your asshole, now only seconds away from erupting deep inside your bowel.

I looked down the length of your body, unable to see the union of you and Stuart through the roiling water caused by our frantic movements. I was SO close now, I whispered in your ear to let you know.

“Oh baby, yes, yes, yes!” you cried, “fill my ass with your hot spunk, do it, do it DO IT!!”

Stu heard this too, of course, and apparently believed you were talking to him! He began to piston into you quicker and quicker, in turn speeding up my own thrusts until we both plunged in cunt and ass simultaneously, our two sets of balls mashing together as we both ejaculated fiercely inside you. I could feel Stu’s cock spurting millimetres from my own, and your pelvic muscles clamped like a vice around the two invading poles in your body as my hands squeezed your breasts tightly in time to my spurting cock, loud moans from me matching the same from Stu as he filled your pussy with his cum.

Finally we were both spent, no more left in us to give you. A few last shudders of orgasm died away in you as you relaxed your muscles, your body slumping back against mine as the two cocks inside you began to deflate and slip from your two, creamy holes. Now you groaned your disappointment, but seemed to appreciate me letting go of your poor, abused breasts to cuddle my arms around your torso, closing my legs together as Stuart withdrew from your pussy and in unspoken harmony we took hold of you and lifted you out of the tub to recline languorously on the chaise longue at the side of the tub.

Stuart and I sat in a couple of lounge chairs either side of you and I noticed I had darkened your beautiful tits with red finger marks so hard had I squeezed them when I came. It seemed Stu noticed at a similar time to me, as our heads bumped together when we bent down in unison to ‘kiss them better’!

For your part, pretty much your whole body was flushed, from your neck, over your shoulders and breasts and down to the gentle curve of your belly as it disappeared into the dark shadows of your pubic bush. It was fading even as we watched, but a reminder nonetheless of the heights of sexuality to which we had managed to take you.

And now . . .

I have to say, events between us up until now had blown my mind with their intensity, probably in part because making love with you was something I’d fantasised about for one hell of a long time. This last hour had taken things to a whole new level, not unexpected because we’d talked about the probability many times, but the very close proximity to Stu in a sexual manner so soon after meeting him was quite . . . exciting, kinky even. But if I thought that was kinky, I’d seen nothing yet!

In a move we definitely hadn’t talked about, and which you later admitted only crossed your mind because of how I’d enjoyed my cream-pie during our first time together, you sat up suddenly and exclaimed,

“I want you guys to clean me out!”

We obviously had somewhat confused looks on our faces, because you went on to explain,

“Tom, I want you to lick out my cunt and Stu, I want you to clean out my ass!”

I suspect Stuart’s shocked reaction was mirrored in my face. However, I quickly reasoned that I had admitted to you that I might not be totally averse to trying such a thing if the opportunity ever came along, and it definitely had done just that tonight. As for Stu, you had said more than once that he was quite adventurous sexually, having never once said no to any suggestions you had made; I decided that I would at least attempt what you asked and, if I really couldn’t stand it, you would understand.

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