Ann’s sitter ll

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Ann’s sitter llHer nightgown clearing her head Ann pulled her hands to her chest, then to her side. Looking at each other they sat in silence. With a look of fear Ann said, I’ve never done this before. Placing her hand on Ann’s shoulder Mary said, me either. Slowly Ann leaned towards Mary. Moving her hand down to Ann’s back, Mary met her half way. Closing her eyes Ann kissed Mary’s lips softly. Returning her kiss Mary parted her lips. Kissing her, she slid the tip of her tongue over Ann’s lips. They sat motionless looking at each other for a minute, then Ann made the first move. Opening her mouth, she pushed her tongue into Mary’s mouth. Hugging, they let their tongues explore the others mouth. Sitting back Ann watched Mary’s face. Mary looked at her for a few seconds, then pulled her tee shirt up. With her arms in the air taking it off, Ann placed a hand elazığ escort bayan on Mary’s bra. Moving her fingers over the cotton materail, Ann tracked the design on each cup. Shaking nervously, Mary watched as her fingers found their way to the White trim lining her bar. Wetting her lips, Ann pushed the strap off Mary’s shoulder. Taking her hand Mary brushed her cheek with Ann’s fingers before kissing them.Reaching behind her, Mary unhooked the back. Ann’s eyes widened as brownness of Mary’s areolas came into view. Moving her hand quickly Ann pushed her fist between her legs. Letting her bra fall from her chest, Mary laid her hand on Ann’s. Knuckles turning white due to her tightly clinched fist, Ann let Mary pushed it away. Tears grew in her eyes watching. Mary’s heart pounded as she pressed her fingers against elazığ escort the soft fabric. Ann jumped and instinctively closed her legs feeling pressure on her now wet pussy. Fingers trapped Mary leaned forward and kissed Ann again. Placing her hands on Mary’s face, Ann jutted her tongue out. Mary sucked on it passonately. Moving her hand sow, Ann caressed Mary’s right tit. Mary moaned in Ann’s mouth feeling her nipple being squeezed. Ann inhaled quickly with a finger pushing her cotton panties between her labias. Breaking their kiss Ann moved her head closer to Mary’s chest. Pushing her shoulders back, Mary presented her tits to her. The fire between her legs turned to an inferno as Ann kissed her nipples. The grip around Mary’s hand loosened as Ann relaxed her legs. Sliding her hand up Mary pushed her fingers under escort elazığ the waistband of Ann’s panties. Ann sat straight up with a shocked and confused look feeling the intruding fingers reach her clit. Ann’s eyes opened widely as her clit was rubbed. Her body stiffened and her mouth open wide as she shook. Unable to speak she stared at Mary. A wave of warmth covered her. Grasping at anything she could find, Ann grabbed Mary’s pant leg as she experienced her first orgasm. Shocked as well, Mary pulled her hand out from Ann’s panties. They both look at the wettnes shining from her fingers.Realizing the time they quickly dressed. Washing her hands Mary couldn’t help noticing the wetness in her own panties. Before rushing to bed Ann asked if she would tell her mother. Holding her hands Mary said never.Mary was in the kitchen washing the bowl and glasses when Ann’s mother came home. All A glee from her date she asked how Ann acted tonight. Afraid she could see it all over her face, Mary said everything went better then expected. That’s great, she said. Walking Mary to the door she asked, will you be free Friday night. Almost jumping Mary said, yes.

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