Another Toy Party Ch. 02


Sorry it has taken so long to finish this story.


Cindy was grinding her pussy hard into my mouth as she reached out, grabbed my head and pulled me even harder against her. I began actually biting her clit which she really loved and kept telling me to fuck her harder with the huge dildo. I was enjoying eating her so much that I had neglected fucking her and when I realized this I pushed the black monster further into her. I was amazed at how much of the big dildo Cindy was taking and I kept going deeper until it was all inside her.

I began to fuck her, pulling it out until just the head was inside her lips, then shoving in hard and deep back in. This pushed her over the edge again and she came very hard. This time her whole body shuddered and she squirted more of her juices into my face.

“Fuck me baby. Fuck me hard while you chew my clit.” she begged. This woman was really turning me on and I wanted to please her so badly. I began actually chewing her clit and was amazed that it got even bigger. I heard screaming from across the room and looked to see Carrie and Trudy, butt to butt with the double dong buried inside them. They were attempting to fuck each other but it appeared that they just couldn’t get the rhythm right. At that moment Trudy screamed, “I need to get fucked. Fuck me now Carrie.” Carrie quickly pulled her end of the dildo from her pussy and went to the case of toys and began to strap on a big dildo. It was every bit as large as the one I had buried in Cindy’s pussy and maybe even thicker but it was flesh colored.

Trudy was still on all fours with the double dong hanging from her pussy and Carrie roughly pulled in out and quickly got behind her. She lined the dildo up and roughly pushed it into her, sinking at least marmaris escort 3 or 4 inches on the first thrust. It sounded like she knocked the air out of Trudy as she did but she was begging Carrie to fuck her. As I started driving my dildo back into Cindy I heard Carrie tell Trudy that she was going to get fucked like she never imagined. When I looked back over at them, the whole dildo had disappeared into her and she was begging to be fucked harder.

I was really enjoying the show but Cindy ordered me back to business and grabbing me hair, pulled me back into her soaking wet pussy. She was grinding into my face so hard that it was painful and I thought she was going to smother me. At that moment I wanted to cause this slut some pain to so I quickly pulled the dildo from her pussy and started fingering her. Two fingers at first, then three, then four. She easily took my fingers and begged me to fuck her with them. I knew I was hitting her special spot when her hips came off the floor and she started bucking against them as she came again. This one ever harder and more violent than the last.

I hadn’t done this in quite awhile but I bunched my fingers and tucked my thumb inside them and slowly started pushing into her. My whole hand slipped inside her easily and soon I was pushing deeper insider her pussy than I had ever fisted any woman. My fingers were actually touching her cervix and each time I did, she screamed and begged me to fuck her. She reached down and grabbed my arm with both her hands and started using my arm like a dildo. I had never seen a woman so turned on before and she was having the same effect on me. My pussy was dripping and I reached down, grabbed the black dildo and sat on it, burying it as far as it would go.

Cindy was loving my marmaris escort bayan hand fucking her. I was fucking so hard that it actually felt that I was punching her, another first for me, and she was gasping for air while she tried to talk to me. “OMG baby. Nobody had ever done it like this. Don’t stop. Give me all you got.”

I was losing control. I was working the dildo in me as best I could without using my hands and I was fucking her so hard with my hand that I was getting tired but I wanted to try something. I pulled my hand almost out of her and then slid a couple of fingers from my other hand in next to it. I could easily get three more but when I tried to add the fourth, it just didn’t want to go. I wanted to double fist this slut but I didn’t want to hurt her so I decided to use the fingers of my other hand in her ass. I started hard fucking her again with my hand and worked two, then three fingers of my other hand into her ass. This really set her off and she started calling me names and telling me to fuck her holes. I slowly worked a fourth finger into her ass and she started bucking wildly again as she came over and over. I wanted to try and fist her ass too but when I mentioned it she begged me not to this time so I complied.

I looked over at the other women and Trudy had collapsed on the floor but that didn’t stop Carrie because she fell to the floor with her and kept fucking her hard. I heard Trudy begging her to stop, saying that she couldn’t cum any more but it didn’t seem to phase Carrie as she reached under Trudy and started playing with her clit as she fucked her. Trudy started to shudder and shake, screaming and begging her to stop but I think it just made Carrie more determined. She kept going until Trudy went limp and go real quiet. escort marmaris She had passed out.

I told Carrie that I could us a little help and she smiled as she pulled the huge dong out of Trudy and came over to us. I had removed my fingers from Cindy’s ass but was still fisting her hard when Carrie told me to turn her over.

Keeping my hand inside her, I helped Cindy onto her knees and Carrie quickly moved in behind her. I soon felt the end of the dildo adding pressure to my wrist as she started pushing it into Cindy’s ass. With another violent orgasm, Cindy started crying and begging her not to fuck her ass but Carrie didn’t seem to care. With on final push, her dildo went all the way in Cindy’s ass and I could feel it working against my hand in her pussy. Oh what a feeling. I had never done anything like this before and was amazed that Cindy could handle so much inside her. She soon started bucking and pushing her ass against both of us and in less than a minute she had one final orgasm, cumming so hard that she too passed out and went limp on the floor.

I removed my hand and Carried pulled the dildo from her ass with a loud “plop”. She smiled at me and said “I think they liked it.” I still had the dildo in my pussy but was too tired to do anything with it. I suggested that Carrie fuck me with hers but she said she needed a break too. I guess we both fell asleep on the floor because it was morning when I woke up. Cindy and Carrie were gone and I could hear someone in the shower, which turned out to be Trudy. I went into the bathroom and told her good morning and asked her how she enjoyed her evening.

“Fabulous” was all she said. I told her how surprised at was that she had stayed and that she enjoyed what we did. She asked me to join her in the shower and I did. We made love to each other in the shower that day. No hard fucking, just slow sensuous lovemaking that ended with us spending the morning in bed.

I realized then that I had found some new friends.

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