At Mr. Donalds house


At Mr. Donalds houseIt was the last week of summer break. I spent more time at Mr. Donalds house then I did with my friends or my own.When ever I go there I put my bike in the backyard and pull off my clothes. I’d play on the swings or swim while waiting for him to come out to greet me. He would always offer sun lotion and I would stand in front of him, arms out, legs spread. This particular morning Mr. Donald was already outside drinking his coffee. After stripping off everything I ran over and sat beside him. He offered me a coke, I took it and sat on his lap. He wrapped his arm around me and gave me a hug, I leaned back and kissed his cheek then drank my coke. He let his hand slide down to my crotch and cupped my dick and balls, I spread my legs out letting them hang off his legs. He squeezed my balls a bit tight causing me to squirm and I grabbed his hand.He whispered” relax, I’m not going to hurt them, I just wanted to feel your balls”, “Okay,but that hurt me” I said. He took my dick in his fingers and started rubbing it, I took a deep breath, ” you like that”He he ask, “yes, please don’t stop” I answered. He rubbed till I got hard, then started stroking it. We sat there drinking our drinks for a few more minutes. It felt good sitting on his lap, him stroking my little dick, and feeling his big cock growing under me. I shifted a bit till my butt cheeks spread enough to feel his cock pushing between them. He finished his coffee and said lets go inside for a while, I stood up and followed him in. He said to sit on the couch, he’ll be right back. I asked him if I could turn on the t.v., he sat yes. I didn’t see him come back in the room, he was as nude as me, and had a bottle of hand lotion. He said to put out my hands, I did and he squeezing some in my hands then put down the bottle and stood close to me. ” How about you rub lotion on my cock this time, then I’ll do you” he said. Smiling I looked up and said”like you put it on me, yes sir”. I take his soft cock in my hands and start rubbing. I started at the tip, covering the head, then down his shaft, rubbing all over. As I rub, it gets bigger and thicker.” That’s it, just like that” he said softly. Feel proud of my work I continue till it was well covered and stiff. ” now rub my balls, yes just like that” he said. He was breathing deep and pushed his hips forward. I liked how I made it grow and how soft yet hard it felt. He moved back wards and sat down, and told me to sit side saddle on his leg. While I sat I tried to stroke him the way he did me. After maybe twenty minutes he started breathing faster. ” Ok, get up and stand right in front of me” he said. I got up thinking I did something wrong. He took a hold of his cock and stroked it quickly, he grabbed my arm and pulled me right in front of him. He let out a yes, yes that’s it, then this thick white liquid came flying out of his cock, and hit me on my belly and chest. It was warm and thick. It shocked me, I never seen anything like that before, and he was breathing faster and looked red in the face. “Are you okay Mr. Donald, I yelled, what happened”?. He stood up and hugged me his cock still jumping. ” Oh yes, I’m just fine. That felt so good, tha.ks for helping me cum” he said softly. He held me close to him, pushing me from side to side, smearing the sticky mess all over our stomachs and my chest.” How did you like that he”asked. ” Wow, that was neat, I never seen that before” I said. He laughed and sat down. He told me to go outside and get a towel, I ran out got the towel and came back. He wiped me down and pulled me down to his lap. He took my face in both hands and kissed me on my lips. He took his left arm and hugged me, he took the bottle in his right and squeezing some on my dick and rubbed my balls and dick. We watched a movie while he stroked my dick, I rested against his chest and adıyaman escort shoulder. After the movie he spread my legs out and slipped a finger under me. I felt his fingers rubbing my butt hole, and I started getting that funny feeling again.I reached down and pulled me butt cheeks apart and let him rub my hole. After a few minutes, I told him it felt like my butt was falling asleep, he smiled. “-Just relax, it’ll feel better in a few minutes. While sitting on his lap I felt something pushing against my butt hole, I jumped. “Relax”, he said softly,” I promise it’s not going to hurt.” Nervously I said ok. He kept rubbing and pushing on my hole area till I felt something funny inside. My heart started beating hard, and my little dick stood straight out. He left his finger there for a minute, then started pushing in and out. My head was spinning,my heart pounding, and my butt hole tingling. “How does that feel” he asked. ” I feels funny” I said” it feels good but hurts at the same time”. He smiled”want me to stop”? No I said. ” can you keep doing it please”I said panting. He kissed my cheek,” of course I will, just relax.” He’d push in a little bit, let it sit for a minute then pull out some and back in, over and over each time a little deeper. My dick was so hard it hurt. I grabbed my dick and rubbed myself. ” That’s it, stroke your dick, it’ll feel better he whispered. After a few minutes he pulled out and wiped off my butt and his hand. “Why don’t you go swim for a while, I’ll call you when lunch is ready. I got up, my butt tingling and felt slippery, I jumped in the pool. After a couple of hours he came outside with lunch. We sat in the grass. “Did you enjoy your butt being played with” he asked. “It hurt at first, but yes, I liked it a lot. Can you do it again?” I asked. ” Not right now, let it relax some and we can do it tomorrow,ok he said. I smiled and kissed his cheek. I swam for an hour or so when Mr. Donald came out”your mom called, she wants you home” I dryed off dressed and left.When I got home, my mother asked me why I’m spending so much time at Mr. Donalds house? I told her he has a pool and none of my other friends do.” Well, I don’t want you spending all your time there. ” but mom, what else is there to do? I like swimming” I answered.( that was the wrong answer). She told me to clean my room, go in the backyard and pick up all the sticks and toys that were out there and sweep out the garage.(never tell your parents there’s nothing to do at home).It took me the rest of the day and most of the next day to finish. I pleaded with my mom let me go swimming at Mr. Donalds, it’s the last week of summer break. She finally got tired of my whining and let me go.When I got there, Mr. Donald was mowing the lawn.” Hey spot, I don’t think you were coming back” he said. “My mother made me do some work around the house and said I was spending too much time here” I told him. “That’s to bad, but she’s right.” He said. I hung my head,”you don’t want me here anymore?” I asked. He stopped the mower and walked over to me. He lifted my head,”I never said that”,then kissed me on my lips. ” I smiled and kissed him back. We went in the house and I removed my clothes. “How does that little butt feel today” he asked” it feels good, but I liked how it felt when you put your finger in it” I told him. He smiled and pat my butt. “Can you put lotion on me before I go swimming” I asked him. He still smiling went over a picked up the bottle lotion” you want to swim now and come inside later”he ask. Blushing I took his hand and pulled him into the house.”Down boy, we have all day.” He said.”your mom called, she’s going to the beauty salon and will be home later”. It was music to my ears. I wanted him to play with me all day. We sat down on the couch and watched t.v., Mr. Donald pulled me up on his lap and rubbed my dick. I leaned back, closed my eyes, and relaxed my butt hopping he’d rub it.

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