Barbie’s Date Night with Another Man

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She stood there in front of her full length oval mirror, held up on its wooden stand and paused in a moment of full stillness for Barbie. I could see her mind working through her pretty blue eyes. As if wondering if she had meant to bring something with her to the mirror?

I enjoy this process thoroughly, passively observing as our conversations continue to flow naturally in a way I never have before. Maybe it’s the way she has a hold on me, or maybe it’s the fact that she’s not getting ready to go somewhere with me. I’m not anxious to get on the move. Barbie is getting ready for a date with another man.

She spins her slim body around suddenly steps to a pile, then another and picks up a pair of leopard print shorts. Back at the mirror she holds them up, her perky breasts still exposed and the sunlight from the late afternoon coming through the window lighting up her pretty face and blond hair.

“Tell me about last night?”

I smiled, knowing my grin was devilish already seeing where this was going. “Want me to get you all worked up for another guy don’t you?”

Her response was a low “Mmmhmm” that began triggering my desire. “I do love how that gets you going, and I know just the feeling it gives you since you know you do the same to me.”

“That fiery, horny jealous feeling …”

Barbie swapped the leopard print and grabbed a white skirt.

“I went straight to her hotel, my heart rate climbing as I waited for the elevator. I felt an electric confidence combined with that excitement of someone new. I hit the bell on the door, and when she opened the door my eyes took in her fair soft skin, covered in a white button-down shirt with black undies peeking through from underneath.”

My eyes still following Barbie’s movements, trying a blue tie-dyed pattern shirt that she likes tying off at her belly – a very good look in my opinion.

I paused my story for a moment, my mouth working in the way it does when the right words don’t come immediately, and she notices right away with a smile jumping on her face.

Turning towards me, laughing, “Some feedback on my outfit?”

“Well, you know how I love that outfit and how much I want to pounce you when I see you in it … ok yes … every outfit but this one especially, but uhm … I was thinking that new pink dress, the one that flares out some at the bottom with the slim straps and low back?”

“You think he’d like that one do you? I had been saving it for you … but …” She turns to me now and her blue eyes are lit up with a look that makes my skin tingle, my heart pump faster, my stomach twist while an icy grip squeezes my heart.

“Ugh … yess … wear it tonight … will you even make it to dinner dressed like that?”

“All while you’re laying here wondering just what we’re doing …” She leans over me and kisses me deep and long, her soft lips pressed against mine, tongue touching mine as they swirl together. I reach up with my heads to pull her tighter to me gripping her sides and feeling the weight of her on me.

Breaking away she says, “Weren’t you telling me something? Make me ache like last time …”

“Mmm, you will be aching … I’m going to have you so ready for him, so turned on and squirming, will you even be able to pay attention to him talk through dinner? I don’t think so. ”

“We’d always had a buzz of tension, but it had never gone anywhere. I’d never tried, back then I didn’t even think I could. With her sexy green eyes, a smile that was born out in California and a perky, tight petite body with long dirty blonde hair that always fell below her shoulders, I just didn’t think I had a chance besides she was always partnered up.”

“I’d barely had a chance for my eyes to drift down her body before she leapt into my arms, attacking me with a deep aggressive kiss that surprised me. Clutching her body, I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her hard to me, surrounding her small body in my arms I returned the kiss hard as I felt her legs wrap around my back. My hands roamed her body and I noticed all the evidence of the time she spends at the gym, slim, curved but firm.”

“I opened my eyes while still locked in a deep kiss, our tongues swirling wetly as I located the bed and carried her to it. I didn’t waste much time before unbuttoning her shirt. Kissing her neck, and right ear as I was encouraged by her moans. I kissed slowly down her chest as I deliberately undid each button, kissing wetly and sucking her soft skin into my mouth as I did.”

“After the last button I pulled it way revealing her fit, tight body and moved my right hand behind her back to undo her bra. Soon her nipple was in my mouth, my tongue flicking before biting, again hearing her moans.”

I could see Barbie’s preparations for tonight had slowed. Watching her now I paused a moment to let her squirm, the heat showing in her cheeks and her eyes. I was getting more excited by her reaction and remembering my night with Jess.

Barbie held up the cute pink dress, stylish çanakkale escort and sexy in a blend that matched her just right. Before setting it aside seemingly somewhat decided before digging into her underwear drawer. She took off the pair she was wearing, nice simple cotton striped ones and I could see clearly the dampness.

Within one stride she was close to me again holding them towards my face, the scent of her filling my nostrils and overpowering me with desire. I grabbed them and held them to my face inhaling deeply while reaching out with my hand, sliding between her legs and slowly gyrating my finger over her clit with a firm pressure.

She let out a moan and her eyes rolled back for just a moment before managing to break away from me. She was determined to get ready for her date. At the underwear drawer she began pulling out different pairs and holding them up.

I continued my story, while still clutching her damp underwear, “Once she was naked, I stripped down as well. I got on top of her, with my firm chest against hers she dug her nails into my back and pulled me tighter while we kissed one another hungrily. As I pulled away to kiss her neck, and breasts she moaned that she was glad she was finally getting to enjoy me.”

“I replied that all those years of tension and experience were making this even better. Nibbling her just right, sucking at her soft skin I listened to her sounds and her bodies reactions for feedback on what felt best.”

“I could smell her arousal as I made it between her legs, I teased getting close but not actually licking her. Blowing hot breath across her lips already showing a glint from her juices, I sucked on her inner thigh and then finally slid my tongue inside her.”

“Enjoying the taste of her, then moving my tongue up to her clit. I started slow, light pressure, then harder pressure, then lighter and faster, harder and faster listening and paying attention to what she liked the best. It was the light and fastest my tongue could go.”

“As I really started getting my tongue moving fast her back arched, pussy pushing towards me her moans telling me to keep doing it just like that, and then ‘I always thought Katy was full of it the way she said you were so good at going down … but fuck … I think she undersold you.'”

“I started fingering her with one finger, then a second while reaching up to pinch her nipple with my left hand as I heard her getting closer I gently ran my thumb around her anus slick with her wetness. I kept my fingers going in and out, harder and faster, really hearing her moans pic up, her breathing quicken and her thighs tighten around my head. I knew she was coming.”

“Her moans louder now, her pussy tightening around my fingers and her muscles spasming. When her body stopped moving, I got up and looked at the deliciously satisfied smile on her face and I felt myself harden more. Moving back on top of her I kissed her deep with the taste of her still on my lips.”

“What woman wouldn’t appreciate your tongue? I know she’s never been licked that good in her life…” Barbie interjected.

I smiled turning to her knowingly. “You would know, Barbie.” I continued on, “I straddled her, sliding my cock into her mouth, looking at her eyes as she took me in hungrily. Her tongue swirling, flicking at the tip as I pushed deeper and then pulled back. I moaned and that increased her enthusiasm even more.”

“I was ready now, got up and pulled her by her legs so her ass was right at the edge of the bed. With her legs up in the air against my chest I pushed inside her. She was wet and I was able to put all of me inside on the first thrust.”

“I started slow, with a gyrating motion and reached down on hand to squeeze her breast roughly. She began moaning as I enjoyed the feeling of being inside her, seeing the pleasure on her face and I took my hand from her breast and began choking her.”

“I started pumping harder, deep hard thrusts so that her body reverberated with each thrust still going slowly. Switching to shallower faster thrusts I could really hear Jess’s sounds of pleasure as she asked me to choker her harder.”

“After a while I pulled her on top of me, so she could ride me. Her long hair dangling down into my face. I gripped her hips and we got in sync, my dick sliding in and out of her, and my pubic bone rubbing against her clit. I pulled her to me to kiss, feeling the pleasure building and let her know I was close. It was obvious she was too, I reached up to choke her and that pushed her over.”

“When I saw the look on her face that was all I could take and I came over and over deep inside her. We slowed down but didn’t stop, enjoying the feeling of how wet and messy we were while I staid hard a little longer.”

“We lay there together a while catching up, her husband hasn’t licked her in years and barely even seems to be interested in fucking her like she really needs. I let her know I’d been in the same place, cheated and finally got çanakkale escort bayan divorced. Then we were spooning, and I reached down and started rubbing her slow with harder pressure, hearing her moan.”

“I let this go on for a little while and then reached and gripped her neck in my hand, slowly picking up speed until I felt her shaking in my arms. I was hard now. Flipping her on her stomach I slammed inside her, wet and filled with my cum from earlier.”

“I took her on all fours, then prone my weight pressing on her and pulling hair. From that position I was able to reach around to her throat and choke her, my groans of pleasure filling her ear as I felt the pressure building. Then I rolled her over onto her back, pushed myself back inside her angled above her.”

“After sliding in and out of her I reached behind her back and clutched her tight with her legs wrapping around me from behind. I was thrusting very hard and quickly now, and she was moaning for me to keep going faster and even harder. Her mouth on my shoulder biting me when I felt her tighten, her muscles shutter.”

“That’s when I came too, so hard – moaning and shaking as I felt it all through me. Filling her again with even more cum. I kissed her softly as I slowed my thrusts and pulled out. Then I kissed down her body slightly slick with perspiration, until my tongue was in her cum filled pussy – She gasped that that was so hot and naughty and remembered my ex telling her about the time she snowballed me.”

“I could taste myself oozing from her, hungrily lapping it up, my tongue penetrating where my cock had just been, sucking, slurping and then finding her clit. Gentle now because of all the activity, slow, then faster, still light. Her moans enthusiastic, her hips gyrating as I licked, rising to meet my tongue while her hands gently surrounded my shaved head.”

“It wasn’t long before she gasped my name unable to articulate anything else, her thighs closing around my head tighter and her hands pushing me into her harder before suddenly releasing.”

I noticed then that Barbie had paused holding the pink dress I’d suggested, heat showing in her fair cheeks. “You’re still supposed to be getting ready love … Do I have to stop?”

“Ugh .. that was hot …”

“Mmmhmm – I’m glad you enjoyed too.”

The pink dress was on, just waiting for me the help with the zipper. I did and then pulled her to me, in a close warm embrace surrounding her from behind in my arms. Her petite frame fitting perfectly, her head position just at the nook of my chest and arm. I released letting her start on her makeup.

“So tell me about the guy you’re meeting tonight?”

“Hmm, he seems nice, late thirties, dark, I guess Persian or middle eastern, tall, beard with a shaved head like yours. Haven’t talked a lot with him yet, but he’s humble about his career, mix of screen writing and directing that he’s been successful at. I could see her smile while she talked about him a devilishness that set off a glint in her eyes.

“What are you two planning to do?”

“He’d planned to take me for dinner, I think it’s near his place, but I think on my way there I’m going to see if I can go straight to his place … I don’t want to wait until after dinner .. not now.” She looked back at me. I knew that look, and knowing it was directed at him was driving me crazy.

Once her makeup was done I walked her down to the subway, gave her one last deep kiss and told her to enjoy herself.

Back at our apartment I was restless. The underside of my skin was tingling and my dick semi hard. My mind drifted to the beginning. That first right swipe, a sexually charged conversation that flourished into something deeper before we’d even met.

The dynamic of how our conversation flowed, even before the shared experience of sobriety, we came from different places but saw a number of things from a similar perspective. It wasn’t long before I felt that she saw all of me, noticed little things about me – like when she laughed at the way my mouth would move when I wanted to say something but didn’t want to cut her off or was still working the words out.

Of course, I was married back then. We were both looking for something without commitment.

Our first kiss was electric. I snuck out of work (I’d never done that for anyone) and met her on a street corner nearby. When I rounded the corner, she was on her phone, leaned against the bank, I wanted to jump her immediately and before I could get her attention, she moved with a speed I wasn’t expecting pouncing me.

Lips locked, hands gripping, groping, roaming we kissed without even a word. Finally, we broke away and I was dizzy. This woman had been intoxicating me over text for days but now that I felt her lips on mine, her teeth biting me, her neck in my grip, her body pressed against mine I could barely find my way back to the office.

It had been only ten or fifteen minutes which was about the right amount of time escort çanakkale to get to his neighborhood on the subway. I got a text. My heart suddenly pounding hard. ‘I’m here. Going inside now no need to wait till after dinner.’

‘Have fun. I love you,’ I replied.

It wasn’t long before we’d grown much closer than we’d intended. As my marriage dissolved Barbie was there as only the best of friends can be. Did I leave my wife for her? No. Barbie had reminded me of parts of myself that had lain neglected, she stirred my emotions that had grown numb and suppressed.

Now my mind was picturing her in his apartment, pouncing him. Kissing him hard, hands roaming. I stroked myself slowly, quickly slick with precum.

My insides were twisted intensifying my arousal as I imagined how it might be unfolding. I knew it wouldn’t be long before Barbie had his cock in her mouth, demonstrating her expert skills and riding him the way she likes.

Would he also know to pull her hair? Or choke her just right? Would he lick her and touch her in the right ways. I knew she would make sure it was so. Her encouraging moans, helpful direction – Barbie would be enjoying herself and he was in for a very satisfying experience.

I must have finally drifted off reading because I woke up to the feel of Barbies soft lips on my cheek. The light was low, but there was enough to take in her smoky eyes with mascara and eye shadow smudged and ruined along with a glow to her skin that always excites me.

There was also something more relaxed about the muscles in her face. A look I associate with Barbie having experienced a satisfying orgasm.

“You look like you had a good time,” I said before pulling her close and kissing her. Barbie’s mouth tasted like sex and I knew he’d had the pleasure of experiencing her skilled mouth. As I kissed her deeper, tongues swirling, I knew he must have cum in her mouth.

I kissed her harder. The taste making my head spin with images of her mouth wrapped around his cock, his moans and finally filling her mouth with his cum.

Our kiss breaking off, her hand pushing my chest back on the bed gently, her blue eyes were all lit up, the inner yellow ring surrounding her pupil seemingly charged with sexual desire. “I did have fun …”

“Tell me … I want to hear everything … I’ve been squirming all night …”

“Except that you were sleeping when I got in.”

“Exhausted from all that squirming.” We rolled, Barbie on her back as I positioned over her, arms planted on the bed holding myself over her. My eyes taking in the details of her beautiful face, the wicked smile on her lips.

Kissing her again, I pressed myself against her, hard and wanting her as much as I ever had. She moaned as I grinded against her, reaching behind her to start working her out of her dress. I kissed down her body, noticing at least one purpling bruise near her breast, other places on her fair skin that were red, some matching a hand, some the shape of a mouth.

Taking my time being attentive to the details I made my way down, pulling away her underwear – not the sexy pair shed gone over with – no Barbie never puts a pair back on – these were a more comfortable pink cotton pair. The crotch noticeably darkened with dampness.

“He opened his door,” Barbie started. “And I had my lips to his before he could say anything. I was so turned on already and he was even hotter than he’d seemed in his pictures. Pushing him back towards the sofa of his studio apartment, I straddled him and we made out for a few minutes. He kissed really good.”

As Barbie spoke, my cock throbbed and I pulled her underwear down. I was greeted with a strong scent of her arousal and semen. I dove in hungrily. My tongue penetrating her pussy, sucking and slurping his cum from inside her. Her story broken with a few moans.

“Sean ..” came out as a whispering moan, “No one knows how to do that to me like you …”

“I went down on him, he was moaning and telling me how good I am, when I made a motion to stop and get him inside me he stopped and said I was too good with my mouth and he wanted me to finish him with my mouth. This turned me on even more and even though I wanted him so badly.”

“He came in my mouth, moaning and telling me how good I was at sucking him.”

I was licking hard using slow gyrating motion on her clit now, knowing how much she really liked that and also that she wouldn’t cum that way while she continued her story.

His cum was still sliding down my throat, just as Barbie was talking about swallowing his cum herself.

“Then he brought me over to the bed and went down on me, he licked me good and I could tell he was really enjoying pleasing me. After I came I got on top, at first he wanted a condom but I told him we didn’t need that. He kept complimenting my body, and I loved seeing his face when he slid inside me.”

I started licking faster now, flicking her clit lightly while still sliding my tongue into her pussy, hearing how he’d just been inside her, how I’d just licked his cum from inside her.

“I came like that and then he took me doggy, I could tell he was getting closer, thrusting harder, deep and fast, really filling me. His hands getting rougher, grabbing my hair and groaning about how good it felt.”

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