Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 27

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Having just finished a story from the end of the holidays, it is truth that intentions do not follow a schedule. I generally try to jot down what happened during a visit, but finishing the story takes a long time.

In part because of the delay, as the glow of an extraordinary visit leads to more stroking instead of writing. Especially after enjoying some more beer and smoke, the available distractions leading away from writing as soon as my cock gets horny again.

Just remembering what happened as the laptop starts after taking off the helmet and boots is often enough to lead to opening my jeans and stroking, then being easily distracted reading or watching downloaded porn. Writing requires a certain precision that getting horny tends to interfere with, and when writing about visiting the baths after another hours long stay, getting turned on by the memories is unavoidable. Along with being a reason to stretch out the writing as long as possible.

Describing a heavenly bathhouse visit is difficult, as the best visits tend to be a blur while happening. A seductive haze forms, caused by how good it feels to have sex with other men without thought. Just counting how many men sucked my cock, if only for a little bit, the number grows the more I recall, from a half dozen to easily nine, to probably under a dozen – which is an amazing thing to remember, especially as only a couple of those cock sucking strangers stand out.

This sort of casualness is hard to imagine from when I first started visiting the baths, yet is somehow exactly the sort of thing I was looking for, having read about such things after leaving high school. And yes, this most definitely includes several bathhouse accessories from the late 70s too. A bit of bud, a beer, hanging out at a place wearing nothing but a towel – where sex is allowed, in any fashion those involved wished.

The satisfyingly hot whirlpool provided the first enjoyment, following an interval of sitting in the relaxing water, with the central fountain splashing in accustomed fashion. Fun though it was to pleasure another man as he played with my cock, it never really developed into the sort of intensity that is truly memorable. Of course those standards have changed over the years, as the bar continues to be reset on a regular basis, much to my undeniable delight.

Leaving the whirlpool, I gathered up my bag and took a brief shower – the water quite cold while rinsing off. Using the towel sparingly, it was a surprise to discover how chilling the previously comfortable warm air had become – obviously, the difference was not due to the room’s humid environment changing. Going upstairs just led to a chill that was not really pleasant. An effect generally avoided over the past year, the whirlpool having become an infrequent stop.

There is a certain framework writing about this latest visit. The first hour had led to wondering about the difference between opportunity and skill. I had enjoyed a bit of brief cock sucking in the porn theater, but neither the porn nor the sucking were particularly exciting compared to the best of the past. Though the joke about the best blow job in the world remains generally accurate – the best one being the one you are enjoying right now.

Returning downstairs, having put the black bag away in the locker, carrying only condoms and poppers, the proper accessories for the steambath, even if it took several years before realizing that. In honesty, the poppers have been used multiple times more than the condoms. The amount of bareback sex, watching it, playing with a man’s balls or cock while getting sucked, is very close to 100%. That fact alone being an extremely good reason to use condoms even without being asked. At least for fucking – being sucked with an uncovered cock remains çanakkale escort far too addictive to use a condom at this point.

The steam room seemed empty, apart from tempting noises coming from the back. I walked to the rear wall across from the glass door, eyes not really adapted yet, and began to cautiously move forwards into the deeper darkness. A man was at the narrowest part of the passage, requiring a bit of effort to keep going closer to the sources of the sounds. Encountering several shadowed shapes, soon touching a stranger’s cock as he played with my growing cock and a nipple.

Things continued in typical style, a mood of pure sexual freedom filling the room. Slowly, the basic scene unfolded, during which at least two different men had taken my cock into their mouth. A man was laying on the stone bench, with me standing near his knees, the third man lined alongside him. The man nearest the wall was clearly getting sucked, and loving it. Several men were in another group nearby, also seeming to involve hot male sex. Things shifted, sliding down a bit as the man next to me started getting head.

I reached down, playing with the cock sucker’s stiffening prick. Feeling his hand begin to jack me off, we settled into a turned on rhythm. Sometimes, things just click, knowing that the next period of time will be filled with exquisite sex. Another man stood next to me, playing with a nipple, his other hand going down around my balls. Things blurred, especially when my cock was next to his face, then feeling him start to go down on me. The bench was a bit challenging to deal with as the blow job went on, needing to shift position a couple of times to handle cramped and tightened muscles.

His skill was thoroughly entrancing, unsurprising considering how often he likely performed it – after all, I knew that he sucked two cocks before my own started to fill his gorgeously ready mouth. As time stretched, it was possible to be so positioned that I could go down on him after doing a hit from the magic brown bottle.

Taking his rigid velvet cock into my mouth, starting to 69 a stranger among a group of horny men. The rush turned me into a total slut, taking his cock deep into my mouth, right hand beginning to explore his ass. The pleasure was utterly primal, both of us filled with sucked cock, lips grinding against the base. At some point, after breathing out, I felt his cock start pulsing, with just a small salty taste with each pulse. Pulses reflected in his deliciously soft fingered ass, as he rode the very edge of orgasm.

Much as I was doing, a total suck slut, humping his mouth as my cock grew gigantic. We continued for a while, when I needed to shift again. The wall was close, but offered no support when kneeling over my cocksucker’s face. He quickly took another cock into his mouth, as my moving back on the bench created some space for the next man to use a horny slut. All of us shared the same desires – and knew how to satisfy them. Another man took my cock too, replacing my hand before going down on me.

One of the realities the baths teaches is that sucking cock is really hot – once you have experienced the thrill of a cock filling your mouth, it becomes thoroughly addictive. Especially when surrounded by other cock suckers who understand that reality as they indulge their desires.

I did another hit before returning to the sexy licked cock of the lying man. One I had seen another man going down on it after moving away. Becoming so turned on, a slut among sluts, sucking cock. Unfortunately, the steambath’s heat creates certain restrictions, and after what had felt like an eternity in paradise, he moved away. There were still men around, one going down on me until I had to leave too.

The çanakkale escort bayan clock said only 20 minutes had passed, though I was certain that at least half hour had gone by. Time becomes very hard to keep track of while having hot sex, a reliable indication of just how good the sex was. I played with myself a bit under the shower, enjoying soaping my hardening cock, then dried off again, carefully, to avoid getting too chilled returning upstairs.

Wandering around upstairs was not very productive, though a number of visitors were around. Deciding to enter the darkroom before returning downstairs, things took a reasonably predictable turn, as several men were there. Hooking up in the dark was easy. Soon, another mouth was covering my swelling cock, my outstretched arms finding horny men on both sides.

As happens in such a place, hands and mouths began to stroke and lick cocks and nipples, no one able to keep track of what was going on, all of us submerging in the incredible sensations of intimate group contact. At times shifting into pairs or threesomes, as different men explored the opportunities.

A dim light on my right would occasionally appear for a few seconds, seemingly someone turning on their watch. After several shifts in position, I was next to him. When he again checked his watch it was to use as a flashlight before reaching for my cock. Which he did, though it was possible to retain the image of the clock hands, showing 4:50pm. As his hand began to fondle my cock, it meant that a quarter hour or so had passed since entering the darkroom.

We began to play, hands exploring cocks and nipples, sliding between thighs as we both lay on our backs. Until he started to go down on my cock, bending over, his mouth maybe the third that had been on my cock since getting on the platform. My hands roamed over his head, soon right on the edge of orgasm. Which seemed a perfect time to get the poppers ready, doing a long slow hit as he went down on me. Closing the bottle, my hands returned to his head, amazed at how my cock had begun to throb and grow as he took me deep.

I squeezed his hard shaft, unable to move as he sucked me, moaning about how good it felt while breathing out. He knew just how to keep me from cumming, someone interested in longer term games. Twisting a bit, knowing that there were other men around, listening to at least one other cocksucking pair enjoying themselves.

We alternated between mutual playing and his going down on me a couple of times before I found the magic brown bottle again, sitting up to do a hit before bending over his slick flared cock head. Of course the rush turned me into a total suck slut, enjoying how deeply his thick cock was going, knowing I was deep throating him even before breathing out.

I could not stop from moaning, mouth wonderfully full as I kept sucking, for the second time feeling a man almost cum, enjoying the salty taste of each suppressed pulse. I have never actually experienced this, though it is certainly something I knew about – and knowing that it was my skill that had brought two men to the very edge of orgasm was a real turn-on.

After the reciprocal oral fun, we quickly discovered just how addicted each of us were to having our nipples played with while jacking off. Playing with a man’s nipples, either my own or another man’s, was something first suggested by gay porn – and confirmed decades later. He kissed and licked my nipples while I jacked his hard cock off, and I played with his little buds for quite a while, including licking and biting, before playing with his neck.

We kissed, enjoying each other’s oral skills, and at least one other man sucked my cock during this time. Or possibly two – my mind remains escort çanakkale blurred after such extended visits in paradise. Fully aware that part of this is how thoroughly I surrender to whatever is happening – or what is being done to someone else.

At some point, I was beyond hard or soft as he sucked me, feeling like a total slut, cock surrounded by a stranger’s wet soft mouth, doing at least three hits of rush in a row. My finger filled his ass as another man’s cock started to press against his ass cheeks, as the group dynamic started to intrude on our pairing.

My cock sucker seemed uninterested in bare back fucking, even as his sucking kept me beyond orgasm, one hand playing with a hard nipple. It was a real distraction when the new man took my cock into his mouth, even as I did another hit of rush. By now, finger fucking just made getting sucked by another man even more intense, knowing that this was the sort of pure group sex that men have found so good since the 70s, when first discovering the varied possibilities of sex. With a definite background awareness of sex between men, and its seemingly forbidden attractions.

Unable to read his watch whenever its light was used, it was impossible to judge just how long we had spent playing, though the way he used it seemed to suggest he was concerned about the time. And soon lost in pleasure, as I kept caressing his nipples while he played with himself, sometimes taking a nipple into my mouth before or after kissing his neck and ear. Many men visit the baths for the freedom, and depending on how things turn out, simply remain lost in heaven instead of leaving.

And clearly, considering how he kept playing with his hard cock, as I noticed every time my hand went down to enjoy his horniness, he had succumbed to the addictive sexual bliss that men know how to share.

At some point, I began to talk about how good it felt to have someone play with nipples, especially how it felt like being a woman. A kinky thought undoubtedly related to a unique past experience with a cross dresser. Nipple sex between men is paradise, both of us succumbing to the other’s desires and skills. He had turned so that I could tweak one nipple with a hand while I kissed his nipple – and other things as time went, biting and sucking and tonguing.

He almost came a couple of times, controlling himself exquisitely as the pleasure stretched on. He did occasionally turn on his watch light, but my mind was incapable of processing a blob of light into a clock’s defined positions. However, he did finally leave after checking one last time. After spending a couple of moments in the still darkness, I followed.

Only to discover, in a sort of tiredly amused fashion considering how dulled my mind still was from what turned out to be a solid one and half hours of sex, that I did not have the locker key bracelet. I searched the two platform mattresses, without any luck – it could have happened any time in the last 90 minutes, as all my attention had been focused on hot sex, barely able to keep track of the poppers bottle.

This unexpected turn of events did not require hurry, so I slowly figured out what to do, First, checking the locker’s keyhole, then asked at the counter if anyone had turned that key in. The person there answered “no,” so I asked if he had a spare key, and we could check my locker. Nothing inside was disturbed, which was a bit comforting. Returning to the counter, he gave me a small flashlight.

I quickly found the bracelet in the corner where the platform’s front edge runs into the wall, a dark spot – and further than I would have expected it to travel. I briefly disturbed two men entering the darkroom when trying to turn the light off, but it was clear that I was leaving – along with such unexpected glare.

The sex had run pretty much straight over two hours, so this additional 15 minutes of mild drama was not a concern. Though still wondering about the man I had spent more than hour with – lots of married men visit the baths, of course. And sometimes, they just cannot leave when enjoying male sex, lost in heaven.

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