Batter Dipped


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My wife is a free spirit and thinks that whatever excites her will excite me also. My wife is beautiful, long black hair, smooth caramel skin, nice ass and really gorgeous breasts with large nipples; she routinely has sex with other people and then tells me about it. I love to hear how she has taken a big load or facial, it always makes both of us horny. My wife and I were traveling to see some of the countryside and we stopped for a night at one of the large chain hotels. The hotel appeared full and the desk clerk told us that they had a lot of basketball players for a community college tournament. The lobby and hallways were filled with kids in jerseys with basketballs. After dinner and a pay for view movie (along with some drinks in our room) I told my wife that I was exhausted and was going to go to sleep. My wife said she was going to get a coke from the vending machines and then read some before sleep.

I was shortly sound asleep. I must have been asleep for at least an hour or two when I felt my wife pull the covers back reached down and start jerking my cock.

I thought how wonderful it was to be waken this way and my dick quickly became hard, I did not open my eyes in hopes that the longer she thought I was asleep, the longer she would play maybe even placing her mouth ankara escort on my cock. Suddenly she stopped, climbed on the bed and straddled my cock, she must have been very horny and wet as I felt moisture drop on my cock before she sat down plunging me inside her. Her pussy was drenched and very slick. She leaned downed to me and as I opened my eyes and realized she was going to kiss me, I noted that her face was wet — tears? And that there were globs of moisture or something in her hair; before I had time to process this, she was kissing me her tongue opening my mouth and depositing a huge load of sperm in my mouth. We kissed until I eventually swallowed it. I felt her breasts touching my chest and they were soaked. My hands grabbed her ass as I thrust in her, her ass was wet and between her ass checks was sticky and slick. She kept bent over to me and started whispering in my ear telling me to slow down and she would tell me what had happened.

She only had on a baby doll night gown, with a flimsy robe over it when she went to get her coke. The door across from our room was open and filled with one of the teams having a beer party. When they saw my wife they invited her for a beer which she accepted. They said their coach lets them have a beer party in their room, but limits the amount of beer and imposes a curfew of 1230, but he usually comes by at 1am to check.

His other rule is mersin escort no girls, my wife said she was not a girl but a women. They started to laugh and told her she would need to prove it. My wife then said she stood and dropped her robe. This must have really gotten their attention as she said some started to rub their crotches. She said she could tell some of them were really hung and it made her horny, so she reached out touched the nearest guy and pulled his shorts down and took him in her mouth. After a few minutes they had all shed their clothes and were stroking their dicks. A couple of them pulled her baby doll off. The guy she was sucking had a seven inch cock and started to unload in her mouth. She told me she swallowed it all. My dick was rock hard and straining by now but she told me not to come yet.

She told me most of their dicks were eight to ten inches and most were thick, and since they had all been together with no release most had not cum in several days. She said she soon had one in her pussy and another in her mouth. She was being touched everywhere, most of them just wanted to jack off on her, coating her hair, tits and ass with multiple loads. She said three came in her pussy, she swallowed four loads, and had her ass plowed by one huge guy. Most guys came at least twice; the guy who did her ass came four times. She then told me the coach came in as she was leaving and wanted izle to know what was going on. She told him she was just encouraging the boys. He told her that he was going to call the cops unless she convinced him. He then pulled out a twelve inch ebony cock that was almost as wide as long with huge balls.

She started licking his dick and stroking it as she knelt in front of him. He took control of her head and held in in position as he fucked her mouth. She said it was not brutal but probably looked that way. She lost her self in his using her. She said she even felt a couple of guys jerking off one last time in her hair. He stopped as she felt his cock swell even larger and heard him start to grunt. His first two spurts blasted so far into her throat she had to swallow them, the rest she collected in her mouth until she could not hold and more, the rest splattered her face. He told her to leave and she bolted across the hallway to our door, still naked and dripping. She then woke me and passed me the coach’s load.

By now I could not hold back and stated cuming, she laughed and said I was her cum boy and that she wished she had a dick for me. She then rolled off of me and we fell asleep.

We were awaken the next morning by knocking at our door. It was the team members and they just stared at me, eventually they said the coach had sent a team jersey over for my wife to thank her and to remember them by. I took the jersey and closed the door. I turned to my wife and she was covered with dried cum all over and when I looked in the mirror I was too — I know why the kids just stared at me. My wife still has the jersey …

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