Because of What We Saw

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Dominic and I were neighbours and boyhood friends. We’d known each other most of our lives, we’d gone through school together, stayed over in each other’s houses, even gone camping together along with our families and done pretty much everything else that two boys growing up are likely to do. Then one day as we were taking a shortcut home from the sports club through an abandoned factory site when we saw something that had a profound effect on our future.

It began when I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head to look and saw two men near the sidewall of an old loading bay, deep in the heart of the site. For a moment I thought they were just standing talking and I wondered why they would choose such an out of the way place for a chat, but then I saw what they were actually doing.

‘Hey Dom.’ I called quietly. ‘Look over there.’

‘What is it?’ He asked, peering along my pointing arm.

‘Look!’ I hissed.

‘Oh my god, Callum.’ He exclaimed as he suddenly realised what he was looking at.

The two men, both in their late twenties I would guess, one bleached blond and one dark haired, were standing more or less facing each other and each had their fly open – and each had a hand around the other’s cock, wanking each other off. Now I have to explain at this point that we were young, but not too young to understand what it meant. I mean I’d reached my eighteenth birthday a couple of months before and Dominic was a few weeks older than me, although I don’t think he’d had a girlfriend yet. So we knew what being straight or gay meant and the concept didn’t faze us, but we were still a bit naive and what we hadn’t expected was to come across two bona fide gay men in our little town. I guess we sort of understood that there must be a few but to actually encounter two of them came as a bit of a shock.

We cautiously moved a bit closer under the cover of some straggly bushes that had grown up and for a while we just stood and watched, fascinated by what we were seeing. Then I noticed that Dominic was fidgeting and a quick darting look to the side told me all I needed to know. The sight before us seemed to be turning him on, and he was trying to adjust his lengthening cock within his jeans.

‘Getting a hard on?’ I whispered, chuckling to myself at his predicament.

‘So are you.’ He countered quietly, pointing at the front of my jeans.

I hadn’t even noticed the bulge in my front where my cock was trying to straighten out under my clothes, but now that I had I felt a bit embarrassed about it. Gay sex was not supposed to turn two straight young men on.

‘We shouldn’t be watching this.’ I told him, feeling slightly anxious. I didn’t want to get caught, not by the men themselves or by anyone who might recognise us and wrongly include us in the same gay category.

‘Then they shouldn’t do it where other people might see them.’ He pointed out, peering at the two men while massaging the outline of his cock through his jeans.

‘Looks as though you’re ready to join in.’ I teased him softly, looking pointedly at what he was doing.

‘I don’t think so.’ He said, suddenly defensive. ‘But you have to admit, it does make you want a wank.’

‘Don’t let me stop you.’ I told him, frowning because my cock was agreeing with him even though my mind was dead against it.

‘I won’t.’ He told me, still stroking himself while we both stared at two men wanking in front of us without any idea that they were being observed.

At that moment I didn’t think he meant it, but a minute or two later I heard the sound of his zip being cautiously undone and he began fishing for his cock.

‘You’re not going to…?’ I hissed, alarmed at what he was doing.

‘Why not?’ He asked. ‘They are.’

That was true, but that was no reason for him to do the same as far as I was concerned. I glared meaningfully at him as he twisted around to ease his erect cock through his fly, but he just grinned bashfully at me and began to rub himself off. I just hoped he wouldn’t want me to do it as well.

‘What if somebody sees us?’ I asked him worriedly.

‘If anybody comes along they’ll be too busy watching that pair to notice us behind these bushes,’ He explained reasonably, moving his stance so that he could wank more firmly.

I was getting more and more concerned. I don’t like the idea of spying on people anyway, and I certainly didn’t like the idea of someone seeing me spying on these two men with Dominic wanking away alongside me. I could easily have been branded as gay, and I wasn’t, even though I had to admit to myself that I was breathing more deeply and my cock was as hard as iron inside my jeans. It was a difficult situation and I didn’t know how to handle it. I could have left him to it, I know that, but I couldn’t do that to a friend and so I just stood there feeling uncomfortable – in both senses of the word.

I felt even more discomforted a few minutes later when the blond man dropped to his knees in front of the other and çorum escort took his cock in his mouth. Dominic and I both just stood and stared for a minute or so, unable to move or even speak, stunned by witnessing our first gay blow job. It had never occurred to either of us that a man might actually want to suck another man’s cock like that. I thought it was the sort of thing that only happened in porn films, not in real life.

For a while we stood watching the blond man’s head bobbing back and forth over his friend’s cock, one hand around the shaft and the other gripping his partner’s waist to hold him still, while the darker of the two stood, slightly bowlegged, his head tipped back with pleasure and his hands resting on the first man’s shoulders. Then Dominic’s hand began to move again as he returned his own wanking. He looked as though he was going for gold, and so I stepped to one side a couple of feet, wanting to make sure to avoid any wayward droplets when he did reach his climax.

I realised then that I had no wish to leave any longer; I was fascinated by what was happening and I was feeling increasingly turned on, although I hated to admit it. That didn’t mean I didn’t still feel uncomfortable, because I did, although now I wasn’t sure if it was because of what I was seeing both in front and beside me, or because of the way I was feeling about it. I was beginning to wish I had enough courage to take my own cock out and follow Dominic’s lead.

Fortunately I didn’t have to worry for too much longer, because very soon Dominic’s hand began to work faster and a faraway look of total concentration came over his face, and at almost the same time the dark haired man moved to clamp his blond partner’s head firmly onto his cock, that same remote expression on his face too. I was about to witness two male climaxes, something I had never expected to see and something that I didn’t know how to react to now it looked like happening.

It was the dark haired gay man who came first. Neither Dominic or I could see him shoot of course, but we saw his hips begin to twitch and his hand grab more firmly onto the other’s head and we knew what was happening even before we heard his groans of pleasure. And I think it was the sound of that man’s pleasure that did it for Dominic, because he suddenly let out a low growl and his cum was spattering down on the leaves and onto the grass around his feet. He lurched forward as his climax overtook him, grabbing at branches of our concealing bushes to steady himself, rustling them alarmingly.

I saw blond man’s eyes flick across to where we were hiding, but I for the moment he was too busy trying to swallow the other’s cum to worry about what he might have heard. Even so I was very anxious to get away in case the pair came over to investigate. Dominic seemed just as worried because even before he’d rubbed out the last few drops he was busy tucking his slippery cock away.

‘Come on Dom.’ I whispered urgently. ‘I think they heard us.’

Dominic nodded and we both beat a hasty and frightened retreat, neither of us really sure if we’d been seen but wanting to escape anyway. Of course, as soon as our getaway was secure and our heartbeat had returned to normal we giggled like children all the way home, both of us making lewd and corny jokes about what we had witnessed.

When we met up again it seemed we had made an unspoken pact that the incident was not to be mentioned again, for it was as if it had never happened. Perhaps in Dominic’s case it was because he was bothered by what he had done and what others might make of it, and perhaps myself because I was bothered by what I hadn’t done. Whatever the explanation, we just didn’t talk about it. As for the short cut through the old factory grounds, we automatically went that way every chance we got, both well aware of why we were going that way but neither admitting it to the other. I’m not sure what we would have done if the two gays had been there again, but it never happened and so I never found out. But that wasn’t the end of the matter, far from it, although it was more than a month before Dominic hesitantly raised the subject again.

We were in his room sitting on his bed. The rest of his family had gone out and so we had the run of the house, but somehow we still found ourselves in his bedroom. Habit I suppose. Anyway, he suddenly turned to me and asked me quietly what my thoughts were about that day.

‘How do you mean?’ I asked in return, unsure what he was getting at.

‘Well, did it turn you on watching them?’

I couldn’t really deny that it had got to me, he’d seen that I was sporting a damn great erection even though I’d not taken it out like he had. I hedged my answer.

‘Yes, I suppose it might have done.’ I told him cautiously. ‘A bit anyway.’

‘So why didn’t you do what I did?’ He asked. ‘Or did it embarrass you, me wanking off like that?’

‘No it didn’t bother me.’ I decided to be truthful with him. ‘I wanted to do it çorum escort bayan too, but to be honest I was too scared of being seen.’

Being reminded of that blond man sucking his friend’s cock had made my cock begin to stiffen, and that’s something not easy to hide from someone you’re sitting next to on a bed. I shuffled about uneasily. But then, he was already sporting a hard on himself.

‘Shame,’ He commented. ‘I would like to have seen you do it.’

There was a pause while we both thought about what we’d seen and what might have been, and then he asked me. ‘Would it have bothered you for me to see you?’

‘No.’ I shook my head, not thinking. ‘It was other people I was worried about.’

Mainly it was the thought of someone I knew spotting me wanking at the sight of two gay men and thinking I was gay too. But I had left myself open for his next question.

‘So can we watch each other now?’

My internal reactions swung alarmingly, all the way from an incredulous ‘you must be joking’ to an enthusiastic ‘that sounds a fantastic’. On the outside I just sat there and gazed at him with my mouth open.

‘C’mon Callum.’ He encouraged me. ‘Let’s do it, nobody will know.’

He seemed to take my silence as at least a tacit agreement because he started to unzip his fly, fishing inside to find his cock. I simply watched, but my heart was beginning to beat faster and not just for what I was seeing. In the end I gave in, overcoming my trepidation and undoing my own fly, surrendering to what in reality I actually wanted to do.

If you’ve never sat on a bed next to a friend with your jeans open and your cock in your hand, then take it from me it’s a weird but strangely exciting experience. Especially when that friend reminds you of what started it all off in the first place.

‘We’re like those two gay guys now, Callum.’ He told me, fondling his shaft in long languid strokes.

‘No, we’re not Dom.’ I told him nervously. ‘They were doing it to each other.’

‘True.’ He acknowledged. ‘Well, we can do that if you want.’

He made it sound as if it were a joke, as if he didn’t mean it, and at the time that’s how I took it, but in retrospect I think he was just testing the waters.

‘No, we’re bloody well not.’ I told him firmly, too firmly, contradicting the quick buzz of excitement I felt at the thought.

‘Okay, okay.’ He grinned knowingly, stroking himself more firmly.

I couldn’t help but follow his example and for a while we sat beside each other, silently masturbating, the only sounds the quick little gasps we both gave as darts of pleasure hit us. I wasn’t embarrassed, even when his head turned to look at me or mine turned to look at him, but I was very self conscious and anxious about the implications of what was happening.

‘Nice?’ Dominic asked after a while.

I nodded. ‘Yes, what about for you?’

‘Yes, nice.’ He nodded back, an excited smile on his face.

There was another brief pause while we wanked and gazed at each other’s cocks before he spoke again.

‘I wonder what a blow job is like.’

‘I don’t know.’ I told him. ‘But it looked nice when those two guys were doing it.’

You must remember, we were relatively young and inexperienced then, and I’d never had a blow job from anyone, male or female. But it had looked good. I can even remember the look of pure ecstasy on that guy’s face as his friend sucked him. Just picturing it in my mind’s eye was making my erection harder, even though it was two guys doing it without a girl in sight. Dominic’s voice broke into my reverie.

‘I’ll have to try it one day.’

‘Yeah, me too.’

Once more we lapsed into thoughtful silence as we wanked and, although I don’t know for sure what he was thinking about, I know what was occupying my thoughts, and that was having a mouth wrapped around my cock. It had to be a female mouth though. Nevertheless, watching Dominic’s hand slide up and down his shaft and seeing his purple head keep disappearing under his foreskin only to reappear looking shinier than ever was doing my own arousal no harm at all.

I suppose it’s a normal thing, but we quickly found that we had fallen into step, doing it at the same pace, hands moving in unison so that we were masturbating in sync, then realising it and smiling to each other while we licked dry lips and breathed more and more deeply. I could see that his eyes were fastened on my cock now, just as mine were on his, and that seemed to increase the excitement. I’d never been watched wanking before and, to be honest, I loved the sensation of erotic wickedness it gave me.

I expected Dom to be the first to cum, after all he had done it before, but to my surprise I found that delicious sensation creeping up on me long before he gave any indication. Instinctively I pushed my free hand into jeans to cup my balls, massaging them and rolling them in my palm as I began to wank faster, my eyes rolling back with pleasure.

‘You escort çorum gonna come?’ He asked breathlessly.

‘Yes.’ I answered shortly, unable to say more.

‘Good, go for it Callum.’ I heard him say. ‘I want to see you shoot your load.’

I had every intention of going for it, and I wanted him to see me shoot, but it was still nice to hear his encouragement. I was getting close, my hand was pistoning up and down my shaft and my hands were squeezing my sac.

‘Nearly.’ I gasped out, wanting him to pay attention.

‘I won’t be long either.’ He replied, the first indication that he was getting there as well.

I nodded and flicked another quick glance at his rock hard cock before closing my eyes and surrendering to the sensations of my rapidly approaching climax. I did what I always did when I come, as soon as I felt the pressure getting too much to hold back I stopped wanking so fast and instead I squeezed my cock and ran my hand up and down it slowly and firmly, as if trying to milk myself. That always does it for me, it makes the feelings so good they’re almost unbearable and I found myself groaning out loud as I got there.

My climax was a good one. The sensations were incredible, building in the base of my cock and then rushing out to every bit of my body as I came. I felt my cum run along my cock and burst out of the end in big long spurts, my hips lifting and my groans coming in time to each one. At the end I just sagged back, my body trembling, my breath coming in quick gasps and my heart pounding as if I’d run a mile.

‘I’m coming.’

I’d almost forgotten about Dominic seated beside me. I shot a look sideways where he was slumped back on one elbow while his other hand pumped at his cock. I kept watching, and I was just in time to see him climax, his cum gushing out in a series of quick jets, the first few heavy and prolonged, fading then until the last simply welled out and ran slowly down his cock onto his fingers. He didn’t make the noises I had, he just gasped quietly, but when it was over he was panting and trembling just as much as I was. We looked at each other and then at our wilting cocks and burst into self conscious giggles.

Our next problem was cleaning ourselves up. It had been a spur of the moment thing and so we hadn’t made any preparations, not even having tissues handy, so that now we both had slimy hands and cum on our t-shirts and jeans. We made our way to the bathroom, trying not to get cum anywhere else, and washed our hands before wiping down our clothes with a facecloth. Then we washed the facecloth as best we could and then left it in the laundry basket, not the greatest way to do things, but the best we could come up with at the time.

‘Next time we’ll take our things off first.’ Dominic muttered.

‘Do you want there to be a next time?’ I exclaimed, taken aback.

‘Yes, don’t you?’ He looked surprised that I needed to ask the question; as if communal wanking was something we’d already planned on making a habit of. But planned or not, there was a next time. It came about three weeks later when his folks were out once more, and this time Dominic had it planned. We were in his bedroom once again when I noticed a box of tissues on his cupboard. I guessed straight away why they were there and the realisation of what he had in mind did give me a quiet thrill, although I figured I’d make him tell me. It took him all of ten minutes before he broached the subject.

‘You remember what we did the last time we were here?’ He asked a little nervously.

‘Yeah, we were a right pair of wankers, weren’t we?’ I told him, making light of it.

He pointed to the tissues. ‘Well if it happens again, we won’t get in such a mess.’

‘We won’t get in any mess at all if it doesn’t happen again.’ I told him, sounding much more serious than I intended. His face fell when he thought I wasn’t game for a second go.

‘Shall I go and put them back then?’ He asked, pointing at the tissues,

‘Where did you get them from?’ I asked.

‘From my sister’s room.’ He told me. ‘She uses them to take off makeup.’

His sister, Helena, is three or four years older than us, and I must say that even if she hadn’t been a friend’s sister I could never fancy her. She is just too damn fat. She is also a Goth who seems to wear four pounds of dark eye makeup on each eye. Not my type, although she is actually a very nice girl.

‘And with her war paint she’ll need every damn one of them.’ I told him, grinning.

He stood up to take them back, bridling at the implied insult to his sister. ‘All right, smart arse, very funny.’

‘Sorry Dom, I didn’t mean it nastily, and don’t put them back yet.’ I told him, feeling suddenly anxious that I’d missed the boat. ‘You never know, we might find a use for some of them.’

I suppressed a grin as the cloud lifted from his face and I realised it wasn’t too late. I hadn’t realised just how much I wanted us to have our simultaneous wank. My cock twitched in relief and began to uncoil inside my jeans.

‘If we take our things off we won’t need so many of them, and then she won’t notice.’ Dominic pointed out; smiling as he saw he’d caught me out with that one.

‘Okay, you win.’ I made myself sound reluctant, although in truth my cock hardened at the thought.

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