Becca and Jen


“Geez, why does it seem that when I am all ready depressed as all hell, the world decides to pour down rain?”

This question muttered into the phone only received a laugh in return. Jen, of course, felt no joy, though Becca’s funny little giggle always brought an answering one from her.

“I am being honest, Beck. Jimmy treated me awful and I feel like utter shit. Then to add insult to injury, it decides to up and rain. I swear, the only thing that would make this worse is if I happened to see the little shit with his new bitch.”

Becca, of course, said all the usual things girls always say to their best friends when they are feeling down, which did absolutely no good. She finally gave up and just let her friend vent. After all, that was the main reason she called, not to be laughed at or lectured but to be heard.

A full 20 minutes had passed before Jen finally ran out of steam. Becca then took it upon herself to invite Jen out for dinner and a night of dancing. Surprisingly enough, Jen agreed for the next night, which was Friday.

“What should I wear?” was Jen’s only question.

“Something scandalous. There is a new place I want to take you to. Guaranteed you won’t run into asshole there.” Becca’s answer, spoken with a slight laugh.

About 8:30 the next evening, Becca pulled in front of Jen’s apartment and tooted her car horn.

Jen, dressed in a form fitting black velvet mini-skirt and camisole with knee high boots, ran out.

“Damn, sweetie when I said scandalous, I did not mean nearly naked.”

Jen blushed an alarming shade of pink, not very attractive on a natural redhead with faint freckles.

“Mind your business, brat and let’s go get me drunk.”

An hour later Becca pulled into a parking lot,

located bayan kartal escort just across the street from the club they were going to. It was named Satin Slippers and looked busy. There did not seem to be a man in sight, though.

“Lock up hon, and let’s go drown your sorrows.”

Once inside, they quickly located a table near the dance floor and dropped off all the non-essentials. A waitress stopped them on the way to the bar and informed them that instead of waiting in line, she could get their orders for them. With obvious relief, they each ordered a slow screw and went to sit back down. A little while later (or 4 drinks each, however you would like to calculate the time) Jen and Becca had joined the mostly all girl throng on the dance floor and were busily dancing. It was then that Jen asked the question she had been too sober to ask before.

“Are we in a lesbian bar, Beck?”

“Yeah, why? I did guarantee you wouldn’t see that ass in here, didn’t I?”

“Umm, yeah, I guess you did.” And that was the end of it, until later.

Driving slowly homeward, Becca watched Jen as she cried in her sleep. Reaching over, she wiped tears from her friends eyes, and played with her long curly hair. She would have gladly kicked Jen’s ex boyfriends ass if he were available right that moment. He wasn’t, so she could only sit and fume and worry about her friend.

Becca had just helped Jen into the apartment and out of her clothes when Jen seemed to finally come out of her drunken stupor.

“Ain’t you gonna stay, Beck?” she slurred. “I don’t wanna sleep by myself tonight.”

Becca stripped to her bra and underwear and slipped into bed, her brain spinning. Here it was, she was finally going to bed with a woman she kartal eve gelen escort had wanted since junior high and the wench was too drunk to do anything with.

“Did you take me to that bar to tell me something, Beck?” Jen slurred quietly in the darkened room.

“Not really, but if you are gonna ask, yes I am gay. If that bothers you, then I will leave now.” Becca held her breath, awaiting Jen’s answer.

“No, don’t leave. Will you show me how women make love? I always wanted to, but never could find someone I truested enough to try it with.”

Becca was speechless. Finally, though she said,

“If that is what you really want love, I would be more than willing to teach you. But are you sure this isn’t something you will regret in the cold light of day?”

For an answer, Jen turned on her side. Running her hands gently over Becca’s shoulders, she pulled Becca closer until their lips met. A soft exploratory kiss began. Tongues met and meshed. Lips sucked and sipped at one another.

Becca ran hands slowly over Jen’s body; shoulder to hip, back to breast. Small moans emanated from Jen’s mouth, vibrating Becca’s mouth. Soon the kiss ended. Becca fumbled for the bra catch, releasing Jen’s breasts to her questing mouth. Taking a nipple softly into her mouth, Becca flicked it gently with her tongue, then sucked it deeply into her mouth. It sprang up, hardened. She soon turned her attentions to the other breast, flicking the first one with a fingernail.

Jen did not just lie there, while Becca pleasured her. Instead, she released Becca’s bra and began caressing her back and sides, catching her nipple every once in a while with a fingertip.

The pressure grew between them as low moans began to echo escort bayanlar from the walls.

Becca rolled on top of Jen, placing her soaked panty covered crotch against Jen’s. Making sure that their clits were close enough for proper friction, she began a slow grinding motion, suckling Jen’s nipples as she did so. Soon they were both gasping, their pussies steaming from the slow grind. Jen released first, moaning loudly followed closely by Becca a few seconds later.

They kissed once more, as their bodies cooled.

As soon as Becca was sure Jen was calming down, she began to once more lick and suck on Jen’s nipples and breasts. Moving slowly downward, Becca began exploring the rest of her friends luscious body, licking and tickling each rib, kissing Jen’s belly. Finally she reached the prize. She removed Jen’s sodden panties and lightly licked her clit.

Jen sat straight up, her body shaking. “What are you doing?” She gasped.

Becca pushed her back down onto the bed. “Lie still love, let me do this. I promise you will like it.”

Becca slowly caressed Jen’s clit with her tongue, not venturing more until Jen started moving and moaning. Finally, though, she could move down. Sticking her tongue deep inside of Jen’s fragrant pussy, she began exploring. Feeling each and every little ridge inside. Jen quivered uncontrollably, her hands clenched in Becca’s hair.

“Ohhhh Goddd!!” Jen yelped when another mind shattering orgasm peaked. Becca kept up the in and out of her tongue, switching every once in a while with clit flicks and sucks until Jen came again, sobbing.

Moving back up, she kissed Jen full on the lips, letting her get a taste of her own juices. Then she rolled off. Jen lay there, shaking hard.

When she made a motion, as if she was going to try to return the favor, Becca put a halt to it.

“Uh-uh, love this was about you. In the morning, if you aren’t embarassed then we can see about me, ok?”

Jen laid her head upon Becca’s shoulder, so that Becca could feel her nod. Clasping one another tightly in tired arms, they drifted off to sleep.

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