Ben Cheats with Me

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Continuation of me and Ben’s relationship ship, in which I fuck him even though he has a new boyfriend.

After Ben railed me out on his couch, we talked a couple more times after that but I got busy with work and I think he thought I wasn’t interested because I kept telling him I couldn’t meet. Which wasn’t my fault because I was working. After 2 weeks I was finally off for 3 days straight and wanted to spend a night at his house.

Me: hey

*an hour fucking later*

Ben: what’s up

Me: I’m off all weekend

Ben: oh cool

Ben: I’m actually busy this weekend

Me: ?? ugh come on

Ben: lol

Me: I just want to make you cum

Ben: honestly, I’m actually seeing someone

Ben: so I don’t want to be a jerk but I don’t think we should meet up again.

Me: I guess if that’s what you want sure

Ben: well no

Me: lol ok

Me: so what do you want

Ben: I want to fuck your ass again

Me: yea but you’re seeing someone so ????>? oh well

Ben: well I’m ok with it

Me: haha so you’re not reeeallly seeing someone

Ben: I am but thinking about the last time I fucked you gets my cock hard. Really

Ben: come over tonight I’ll be here

Ben: I want to fuck you again!

At this point, I realized I had him so I decided to play hard to get and see how far I could take it.

Me: idk maybe

Me: I’ll come over. I definitely want to suck your dick again

Ben: let me play with your ass then?? I love that thing lol

Me: ?? maybe.

So we set a time and I went over there. He opened the door in underwear and a tank top, his cock was tenting in his boxers already. I looked down at his dick.

“Happy to see me?” I asked as I stepped inside the door and took a seat on the couch.

Ben laughed. “Yeah, he is for sure.” He sat next to me and I leaned back as he put his arm around me and started kissing my neck. I wanted to keep up the hard to get act, but it was pretty hard while he was massaging my legs and running his fingers over my dick.

“Mmm, are you sure diyarbakır escort this is okay?” I mumbled into his ear. He chuckled a little.

“Yes, it is. My boyfriends not coming over tonight.” His hand started grabbing at my dick and pulling my belt. “I’m going to take these off for you.” I stopped his hand.

“Wait,” I said, hesitating, “I don’t know if I’m comfortable doing that.”

He sighed and leaned back in to kiss my neck and chest. “Baby, I told you, it’s not that serious. I shouldn’t have even told you.”

He started to reach his hands up my shirt and rub my pecs and stomach and ribs. He lifted my shirt and started biting and licking my nipples while he stroked my dick. I moaned and thrust my cock toward him. He took this as a sign and unzipped my pants. I pulled out my hard dick and he leaned over and started sucking it into his warm mouth, bobbing up and down and deep throating it without even trying. I groaned as he sucked hard on me, tonging my balls every time he bottomed out on my dick.

I started fucking his mouth softly when he pushed me over on my back and started hard core bobbing his head up and down, trying to get me to cum. I thrusted up as he started jerking my cock in his mouth. “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum!” I groaned loudly, his fingers making their way to my lips. He ran his thumb back and forth on my mouth before sticking it inside and sliding it over my wet tongue. I licked his finger while he deep throated my cock and jerked the base, causing me to shoot a huge load right into his mouth.

“Oh… fuuuuuckkk shit!! Fuck fuck fuck! God dammit! I’m fucking cumming!!”

I shot my load, hard. He swallowed it down, tongue sliding all over my hard dick.

“Oh my god… holy shit.”

I finally got done cumming and my dick stayed hard and slick as he came off it and started kissing my stomach and nipples again.

“Mmm,” he growled, biting my chest, “That was hot.”

I pulled him up to kiss me. As I sucked on his lips he undid his pants and his cock sprang out. He grabbed my hand and escort diyarbakır placed it on his hard dick. K started rubbing it as his tongue made its way into my mouth. He had me pinned back down on the couch. There wasn’t a lot of room, so after a minute he got up and picked me up with him, walking me to a bedroom. It was very dark in the room and he placed me on the bed and started to undo my belt again. I let him this time, and he pulled off my pants and underwear, immediately reaching around to slap my ass.

“Fuck yeah. I missed this fat ass.”

He slapped it a couple more times before bending my face first over the bed and sticking is tongue inside me. My cock was still hard from the blowjob and it wasn’t getting any softer as I felt him lick my hole. I moaned as he penetrated me.

“Fuck daddy… that shit feels so good.”

His mouth came off my hole. “Lie on the bed.” I got up and lay face down on the bed while he grabbed lube from the drawer and fingered it inside my ass and on my ass cheeks. Again, I reached back and grabbed his hand.

“I really don’t think we should fuck dude. If you have a boyfriend I don’t-“

He pushed my hands again and grabbed my neck, pushing my face into the pillow.

“Don’t worry, you’re gonna like it,” he growled, “Now spread your fucking legs slut. You loved it last time.”

I whimpered and spread my legs open, giving him full access to my hole. His hand returned to my ass, still holding my neck down to the bed. He slapped my butt cheeks a few times each, slapping his cock against my asshole.

“Damn dude you got a huge ass. It’s so fucking hot. I can’t wait to watch this thing jiggle on my cock. I’m going to bottom out in this tight butt.”

He pushed his dick forward and I flinched as it made contact with my asshole.

“It’s okay baby just relax,” he whispered, massaging my lubed up ass, “Daddy’s cock just needs some love. Open up for daddy.”

I relaxed as he massaged me, his cock starting to put pressure on my asshole and finally sliding all the way in. We diyarbakır escort bayan both moaned as he pumped his dick inside of me. He grabbed my hair and pulled, forcing my neck up. His other hand rested on my hips, slapping my butt and grabbing at my legs and back.

“God dammit. You fucking slut. You love my cock don’t you bitch? You fucking beg for my dick…”

He slammed his cock all the way in my making me yelp.

“I said beg for daddys cock your little whore!”

His cock slammed into me a few times while I grunted loudly before I started talking back. “Give me your cock daddy!” He kept slamming into me as I talked like a slut. I could hear his grunts and replies every time I spoke, his thick rod pumping my ass.

“Oh my god yes you whore!”

“Yes Daddy ride my ass!”

He put both hands on my ass, spreading me open so he could go deeper inside me.

“Tell me you love my cock.”

“I love this cock! Fuck me!”

“I love this ass baby… your fucking tight little booty. This ass belongs to me, doesn’t it?”

“Yea Daddy! My pussy is yours!”

“God yes… fucking shit… your tight fucking hole… I’m gonna cum boy… beg for it!”

Ben started pumping faster and faster, pounding my little boy pussy as he got closer to shooting his cum.

“Daddy shoot your load for me! Give me that cum daddy I want your fat load inside me!”

He bottomed out inside me and I felt his first shot rocket up inside my hole.

“Oh fuck yes bitch!”

He pulled out and stroked hiscock, groaning as his load spit out all over my body.

“Oh fuck yeah! You little slut. Take my fucking cum! I’m gonna cover you in jizz baby… you little fucking slut!”

He kept jerking and I could feel his hot cum spraying all over my jiggling butt and lower back. He slapped my butt and he placed his dick between my cheeks. I shook my ass for him while we fucked my ass cheeks, squeezing the last bit of cum from his balls.

“Fuck dude… god damn. Your ass bro. I fucking love this thing.”

He finally let out a big sigh and slapped it, falling on the bed next to me and rubbing my upper back. We laid there, half cuddling half sweating while he recovered.

After awhile he turned to me and started kissing me again, biting my lips and grinding his dick against me. We made out like that until I said I should probably go and he agreed.

I got dressed and left.

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