Best Friends

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“Hey Mickey?”

“Yeah Lance?”

“Man, I m hot and tired. We’ve been paddling all day. Wanna call it quits and stop for the night?”

“Sure Buddy.”

The two young men, best friends since third grade, are physical opposites as is often the case with best buds. Mickey is short and thin, not very athletic, very fair skinned with red hair and numerous freckles. Most people, seeing him for the first time, take him for at least four years younger than his twenty-two years.

Lance is dark and broad across the shoulders, with jet black hair. A hint of dark mustache crowns his upper lip and his arms and legs are thick with muscle.

With a fair amount of expertise, the two young men guide their 16′ Grumman to a perfect landing at the chosen spot.

“Ya wanna pitch the tent or gather firewood, ol ‘pal?”

I’ll pitch the tent good buddy ,” Mickey replies.

In half an hour the campsite is set up with fire ring, heaps of firewood and taut tent. The two young men spent several years in scouts together and have camped together many times.

Lance, his dark face flushed even darker from exertion, yells across the campsite to his friend. ” Hey Lance. I’m really hot and tired, I think I’ll take a dip in the river.” And so saying, he dashes to the river’s edge, dropping clothing as he runs.

Mickey watches Lance. He can’t help but notice Lance’s manhood swaying to and fro as he runs, long, dark and heavy, almost fearsome looking, hooded by its long dark wrinkled foreskin. “Woah, Mickey,” he says to himself. “Since when are you interested in other guys dicks?” ” Well.” he answers himself, “I didn’t DO anything. And it really is astonishing.”

Lance cuts the current with a long slashing dive, yelling as he surfaces, “Catch me if you can, you wuss!”

Mickey answers the challenge, doffing his clothes somewhat more slowly and neatly and dives in, stroking strongly after his friend. The cold running current of the black river is stimulating on his small pink cock and balls. He has always loved the free feeling of swimming naked.

Suddenly the larger lad rises from the river and pushes Mickey under.

The two young men duck and splash and wrestle in the chilly water until they are near exhaustion, romping like a pair of puppies. Finally, Mickey surrenders. “I’m headin’ in, time for some chow and a roaring fire.” As he walks toward shore, he attempts to conceal the half-erection brought on by the frequent contact with the other’s body. He goes in the tent and emerges with a soft towel for each of them, holding one partially in front of himself. As Lance’s waist clears the water, he sees that he need not be ashamed, for Lance’s large dark manhood shows signs of interest also. Tossing one towel to his friend, he proceeds to dry himself all over, pretending nonchalance.

Lance grins as he snatches the towel and begins drying his body, feeling a deep, warm pleasure at the prospect of spending time with his life-long friend, who he sees as this amazingly clever and funny elf-like figure, a leprechaun whose pot of gold is his trusting, caring, clever nature. düzce escort bayan “Turn around and I’ll dry your back.”

Mickey complies. Touching his best friend’s back, even through the towel, elicits a reaction Lance had not expected, a deep warm flood of affection. He feels blood rushing to his groin. Confused, he turns away and immediately covers himself, walking away toward the fire ring.

“What’s wrong good buddy?”

Stammering. “Uh Er, uh nothin’ I’m okay. Let’s get the fire goin!”

Strangely, even though both battle a flood of conflicting emotions, neither friend rushes to get clothed.

“I got a better idea. You get the fire goin’ and I’ll get us a coupl’a cold ones.”

The friends sit by the fire, towels around their waists, sipping their beers and talking over old times, truly unconcerned now about their near nakedness, the earlier rush of passion subsided.

“Member that time in eighth grade I had to explain to that nun what ‘the finger’ meant?” Mickey says.

“Yeah and I told you to tell her it meant ‘god loves you’ so she would go around flashing it all day. They both gush with laughter, beer spurting out of their noses, nearly gagging. The friends char two big steaks, eating them with greasy fingers and greasy faces and greasy chests and bellies, sipping more beers, getting slightly buzzed, their voices ringing out along the vast spaces and echoing down the river

The lowering dusk paints the sky in hues of gold and scarlet and crimson, mirrored in the black glass of the river’s surface. The two young men, their bodies aglow, stand side by side, awed by the miracle, the backs of their hands touching lightly. They return to their fire as night seeps from the river, swallowing them in its starless darkness.

In the absolute darkness they subconsciously draw nearer the fire and one another, shoulders nearly touching. From time to time one of the lads will touch the other’s shoulder or knee to make a point. Stillness and quiet descend. The murmuring river sings in constant harmony to their subdued voices. It is as if this night is the culmination of all their years of trust, of unfailing caring and sharing, of dreams and hopes and schemes.

Mickey lays his hand on his bud’s shoulder, turns him to peer into his black eyes. “You know Lance. I am so blessed to have you as my friend. You can’t imagine what it means to me to have you. Sometimes I think of you and I cannot speak. But I had to tell you, had to put it into words, you know me, writer, poet, words mean much to me. Thank you for caring about me.”

“Ya know good buddy, having you, caring about you, being your friend is easy. Sometimes with, er, uh, like a girl, a woman, ya know they make it so hard”, laughing broadly, “I mean so difficult, having to name everything, have a name for every feeling. But with you and me it has always been there, I mean, I don’t know how to say it, but I feel what you are trying to say. You want me to say it? To name it? Lance’s voice drops several decibels, his words near a whisper.!” It’s love Mickey, love. Does that escort düzce shock you? Is it wrong for me to say ‘I love you’?”

Alone, miles from the nearest human, in the safe inky blackness of the woods, they are finally free to express all, to feel all. Their manhood no longer requires that they conceal the immensity of their feelings for one another. The fire throws a spray of gold and crimson into the air as if to celebrate this belated declamation.

“Lance?”softly, tentatively.

“Yes Mickey,” tenderly.

“I need to tell you something but I am afraid”

“Afraid of what my friend?”

“Of losing you.”

Lance’s voice is flat and even, like swearing in court. “Well forget it. Say what you want. Lose me. I would lose you. That AIN’T gonna happen!”

“Remember that time in the sixth grade when we ‘camped out’ in my back yard?”

“Yeah, I remember.”

“Well late that night, after you thought I was asleep, I watched you beat off in the dim moonlight.”

“Huh? You watched me?”

“Yes. I thought it was the most beautiful and exciting thing I had ever seen.”

“You mean, er, uh. . .?”

“And I wanted so, so badly to come to you, to join you. To, to ………………to touch you. I have regretted it my whole life. And then when I saw you in the river today I almost lost my breath.”

Very very softly, like a muted whisper. “I felt that too!”

“You mean today, this afternoon?”

“Oh yes!”

Lance rises and stands behind and over his life-long friend. Silently his hands begin to move slowly, massaging Mickey’s shoulders and upper back; roughly at first, softening to caresses.

Behind him, Mickey feels his friend’s manhood push the towel roughly against his back. Moving and swaying with his massaging movements.


“Y y y yes Lance?” Mickey’s voice is muted by the growing lump in his throat.

Lance turns his friend’s body to look in his eyes, glimmering gold and crimson in the firelight. “Let’s go to the tent?”

Deep dark stillness for a long, deep moment. ” Oh . . . Okay.”

Wordlessly, the two lovers rise, towels falling away. Lance reaches to take Mickey’s hand and leads him to the tent, holding the flap open for him and entering behind. Lance lays on his back and reaches out his hand. “Come,” he says simply.

Mickey small manhood is about the size of a small sausage, smooth and pink, but rigid as iron. His legs are shaking as he moves to lie beside his ‘friend’.

There is silence for a time and darkness, the only light the flame of the campfire dancing on the eerie blue of the tent. Lance speaks, his voice clearly distorted by the lump in his throat. “You want the flashlight on or off?”

“D..d..don’t know Yyyyou decide.”

After another long pause, Lance reaches over wordlessly and lays his palm on Mickey’s small firm belly, rotating in widening circles.

Mickey gasps. “L l lance?”

“Yes friend?”

“I, I, . . . I’m afraid”

“What of?”

“I don’t know. Of you, of IT, the uncertainty, of the change I might düzce escort be making in my life, I guess.”

Lance rises to one elbow, not loosening his hold, leans over close so Mickey can see his eyes. “Don’t think, don’t analyze. Here is this glorious day, The full, wondrous day we have spent together, the first day ever in all the years we have known each other that we have been together all day. And now this wondrous night. The two of us. No one else for miles and miles. Don’t think. For once, Mick, don’t think, don’t analyze.” He rises partially and lays his huge cock against Mickey’s belly. ” Touch me,” he says, “touch my cock.”

Mickeys hand covers the massive organ, pressing it tight against him. “Oh God,” he whispers, “Oh My God!”

Lance begins to softly stroke Mickey’s rock hard dick rising straight out from its nest of strawberry curls. Mickey’s hips arch upward to meet his friend’s hand. Lance begins to grip tighter, stroke harder.

“Oh Lance, don’t I’ll … I’m gonna … “

“Mickey, go with it man, cum!”

“But I …But it…”

“Shhh. Shhh. Lance leans and covers Mickey’s lips with his, softly, then whispers softly into his best friend’s mouth. “Yes Mickey cum! I’ve been waiting a long, long time. Give it to me”

The young redhead arches his hips, legs taut and trembling, his voice is gone, breath ragged. Lance’s dark unshaved stubble is rough on Mickey’s face, scratchy, but so intimately exciting. Mickey cries out and spatters cum on Lance’s hand and his own chest and neck.

Lance leans over and takes Mickey’s small cock fully in his mouth, licking it free of cum, savoring some on his tongue and bringing it to Mickey’s lips, laughing. “I guess this makes us cum brothers.”

Mickey, panting hard, still recovering, gasps, “Not quite yet, good buddy!” He pushes Lance over on his back and takes Lance’s huge swollen cock head between his lips. Amazed at how good, how right it feels to take the rigid, smokey, pungent hot-man smell and taste of Lance into his mouth.

Something clicks in his consciousness and , eyes open he begins to ardently make love to the thick tower of Lance’s manhood. He toys with the foreskin with his lips and tongue, running his tongue under and around the loose flesh. Lance moans as Mickey flicks his tongue into the small cock lips. His hips arch upward. Mickey’s face descends, nose touching Lance’s black pubic hair. He gags, withdraws. Tries again, gags, withdraws. After several attempts his throat finally adjusts to the massive presence and he begins a quick rhythm, moving his throat up and down on Lance.

Lance cries out, startling the night birds from their perches. “God! Oh my god, Mickey! Oh god Mickey, yes!,” grabbing the back of Mickey’s head and thrusting his huge shaft sharply up.

Thick white gobs of cum spatter against the back of Mickey’s throat. Mickey responds by sucking hard. It seems as though he sucks a solid stream of cum from deep inside Lance as the orgasm goes on and on. As Lance’s large organ begins to recede, Mickey slides up his best friends body and spits cum into Lance’s gasping mouth, laughing. “Now we’re cum brothers, just like we became blood brothers in the fourth grade!”

Lance chuckles. “What took us so long?”

The two soulmates snuggle into one another’s arms, possessively clutching each other’s cock as they doze off in contentment.

( part two cumming soon)

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