Biology 101 Pt. 01

Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın


My name is Professor Emily Burke my students call me Professor most the time and sometimes Miss Burke. When I’m not around they call me many different things relating to my looks and large breasts. I teach biology 101, which means I have hundreds of students a semester, exactly how I want it. Most are young, just out of high school, the perfect specimens for my fetish.

I have a huge thing for watching young, strong men ejaculate. You might not think that very strange but it goes deeper than that. Not only do I like to watch, but I also have a need to collect the results. That’s where my students come in. Sure I could rent videos, surf the web for hundreds of ejaculation videos but none of that comes with the actual sample of semen. To me, being able to touch, smell, taste and keep the results of what I see is the ultimate turn on.

When I began my exploits, I thought it would be harder than it was to secure what I needed. However, I found out rather quickly that young men, especially those not doing very well in my class, were more than eager to do what it took to receive an A. I found my ‘volunteers’ usually after the first test. They were the ones that flunked miserably and fit the physical requirements.

This year was turning out to have a very good selection. I had my eye on five young men after the first test. All five received a D or lower and all were strong, good looking, first year freshmen. I put a note with each of their tests that I wanted to see them and for them to set up an appointment with my TA (Teachers Assistant). This year my TA was a graduate student named Tami, a bubbly blond with breasts almost as large as mine. She made it easier for the boys to make an appointment because they liked to stare at her rack.

“I made all the appointments Professor; every one of the guys showed up like you said they would.”

“Excellent, that will be all for now Tami,” I said taking the list from her.

She smiled, turned and left my office. I looked down at the list for the first appointment. It wasn’t for another half hour with Steve Coburn, so I had some time to kill. Inside me office I have my computer monitor on my desk so I can watch some of my past students receive A’s by recording themselves masturbating. I use media editing software to combine the best videos into a collection. I watched some of my favorites while I waited for Steve to arrive.

Right on time a knock sounded on my door. I turned the clip off, removed my hand from between my legs and told Steve to ‘come in’.

“You wanted to see me Professor?” he asked.

“Yes, please have a seat Steve.”

I waited till the tall dark haired young man took a seat in front of my desk. I caught him looking at my chest a few times, which wasn’t surprising since my nipples were rock hard from the video and finger play.

“I called you in today to discuss your test score. It was quite low,” I began.

“Yes, I’m actually thinking about dropping your class. I need A’s to get into physical therapy school and after this test I don’t think that is possible anymore.”

“I see, what would you say if we came to an agreement so that you got that ‘A’ you needed?”

“What kind of agreement?” he asked like most of them always do.

“I’m doing some research on the male reproductive system. I need volunteers for samples, videos and feedback for my study. Your help would be greatly appreciated and would be rewarded with extra points to make up for previously bad scores. Would you be interested in something like that?”

“Umm, maybe… what kind of samples… what exactly do I have to do?” he asked and shifted in his seat.

“It’s easy really. This year I’m studying the male ejaculation, volume, force, external stimulation, refractory period, that sort of thing.. Basically I would give you a small camcorder for the semester with which you would record yourself ejaculating as well as capturing the semen for volume records.”

His eyes got wide and he turned a shade of red from embarrassment.

“It’s all very scientific I assure you. It’s entirely up to you Steve if you wish to participate.”

“Well, okay I guess.”

“Excellent, to get started I need to ask you a few questions. Don’t be embarrassed and please answer truthfully for the validity of my research.”


I pulled out a notebook and began my questions. “Now, are you sexual active? Do you have a girlfriend in which you have intercourse with?”

“No, not right now,” he answered.

“Actually that’s perfect; it will be easier to limit the variables that way. Now, how many times a week do you masturbate, would you say?”

He shifted in his seat again and looked very awkward. I smiled pleasantly and acted as professional as I could until he answered.

“Well… three or four I think. I don’t really keep track.”

“I see… from now on you will. You’ll need to record each occurrence. The camcorder will show me the day, and time but you must remember to record each ejaculation for the study to be accurate. çorum escort Also it is imperative you collect as much of the ejaculate as possible. I have a kit to make that easier.”

“What about using a condom, I could just bring that in righ…”

“No!” I interrupted him, making him jump in his seat. “I’m sorry Steve, you can’t use a condom because part of the study involves velocity and force of expulsion. I use the tapes time signatures to record how fast the semen travels upon ejaculation and the amount of contractions. Condom use inhibits that completely.”

“Okay, no condoms, got ya,” he said.

I smiled and opened a drawer on my desk. Taking out a small duffel bag with the camera, several small plastic containers and a plunger syringe for sucking up the semen, I place them on my desk in front of him.

“Very well. Here’s the camera and charger, this should be enough containers for the first week wouldn’t you say? You can get more from either me or Tami if you run out but only drop off your samples to me. The syringe is self explanatory I think.”

“No, not really? Why don’t I just cum in the container?” he asked.

“You’re not listening to what I’ve told you very well Steven. You can’t ejaculate into the container because that will interfere with the cameras view? The best results from the past are using a hard flat surface to ejaculate on while the camera records the velocity and distance. Then use the syringe to suck up what’s on the… table for instance, placing the contents into the containers. Also please use the syringe to extract any left inside your urethra and on your penis. Does that explain it better?”

“Yes, Professor,” he said squirming in his seat again. I could see the large lump in his pants from his hardening member. I was going to enjoy watching him masturbate for me.

“Very good. Any questions?”

“I don’t think so,” he replied, deeper red.

“Oh one more thing. The samples need to be fresh and given to me with the memory card soon after collection. I have many other replacement memory cards I’ll swap you when you bring one in with the sample if you get low. Also please mark the samples with a number to keep them organized with the correct video if you have more than one on a memory card. The more samples the more points you’ll get.”

“Sounds good.”

“Great, you’re all set then. I look forward to working with you and receiving your first sample,” I said standing up and shaking his hand. He picked up the duffle bag and left my office, trying to hide his erection.

The other appointments went very similar. All five boys agreed to help me with my research. It was a diverse group. The next, Rodney, had a girlfriend he said he had sex with almost everyday so I had to incorporate that with my plan. I suggested his girl friend hold the camera and film his ejaculation, but told him he would have to pull out and if he used a condom to have sex to remove it before he ejaculated. He said he had to run it by his girlfriend first but thought she would be okay with it if it was for school.

Daniel had no girlfriend and said he had never masturbated before. I didn’t know if he was telling the truth or not but he said he was willing to try it as long as it was for extra credit. I gave him the name of a web site on male masturbation to help him learn what to do and to come see me if he had any problems.

Justin had a girlfriend but wasn’t having sex with her yet. He said he masturbated twice a day at least and sometimes many more. I gave him extra containers and memory cards, making sure to tell him to label them correctly so I could put the right sample with the correct video.

The last boy was named Mike, a large football player who said he didn’t have a specific girlfriend but was sexually active with multiple girls. He also masturbated during the week several times between the dates. I told him to make sure he captured the ejaculations from the self stimulation and to do his best to record his other episodes with the girls. He seemed to be the most excited and actually thought the camera would help him get more girls to have sex with him, since he would tell them it was for research and grade.

The appointments ended by lunch. Normally the first day I receive samples from all the boys because they get excited to video tape themselves ejaculating. I ate lunch in my office and waited for any to return.


Justin was the first to come back. My lunch hour wasn’t even over yet when he knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

“Hi, Professor… I’ve got some samples for you,” the sandy blond haired, blue eyed boy said.

“Excellent Justin, I’ll get to working on them immediately. You said samples, how many?” I asked.

“Three right now, I have class so I thought I’d bring them in before hand.”

“Impressive! Three so close together, you must have a short refractory time.”

“A what?” he asked.

“Refractory period is the time between an ejaculation and when your penis engorges çorum escort bayan again. Tell me did you use any visual stimulation?”

“Oh, yeah well I get hard really quick again; sometimes it just stays hard in-between. To answer your question, I was online viewing porn for all three samples.”

“Excellent, this is the kind of information I need. Any specifics you can tell me or put on the video would be great.”

“Like, what do you mean?”

“Well, most of the time I can tell from the video the technique you used to stimulate ejaculation but sometimes letting me know about lotion, grip, visual stimulation used and things like that are very helpful.”

“Oh… well okay. Here are the samples and all three are on this one memory card,” he said handing me the three containers and card.

“Superb Justin, the more samples you supply the more points you’ll get for extra credit.”

“Cool,” he said and left.

I wasted no time and took the first sample and popped the lid. Inside was a plentiful supply of fresh, very white semen. It smelled wonderful, turning me on instantly as I placed my nose to the top. I put the memory card in my computer and it popped up. Finding the first video that went with the number one sample I double clicked. Up popped Justin looking into the camera.

“Okay, this is Justin and my first attempt at recording for Biology 101 extra credit research program,” he began on the screen.

He had his shirt on but he was naked from the waist down. The camera moved and I saw a quick glimpse of his laptop computer. He had porn up on the screen but it was too quick to see what he was looking at. He set the camera down on the table in front of him and I got a great view. His penis appeared to already be hard. It was nice, probably seven inches but I couldn’t be sure on screen. He stood in front the table and began manipulating his shaft with his left hand. His right looked like it was on the computer, probably clicking on porn. He didn’t use any lube, just moving the skin quickly up and down his shaft.

Suddenly I heard a woman’s voice, screaming and moaning like she was being fucked. I assumed he was watching a porn video but couldn’t see anything but his hand working his wonderful cock. It didn’t take long at all, and before the sound of the video ended on his computer he moved forward and let out a huge burst of white semen toward the camera. I watched it splash on the desk followed by six others. He had built up quite the quantity with all the masturbating he does. I was very impressed. His penis throbbed and oozed out the rest of his load after he stopped stroking. He kept the camera on while he used the syringe to suck up the sample, placing it in the container before me. Then he used the syringe to suck out the extra from his slit and globs off his head. I was glued to the screen enjoying the sights and marveling at how hard his penis stayed even after such a load.

I picked up the sample and dipped my finger in it, bringing it to my mouth. I replayed the video and tasted his load while I watched his wonderful cock spew over and over on the clip as I kept rewinding it to the good part. The knock on my door made me jump and almost spill Justin’s sample. Quickly I stopped the clip and put the lid back on the container. Fixing my clothes, I told the person to come in.

“Hey, Professor. I just wanted to let you know I was serious about this extra credit. I really want to get good grades so I brought you a sample to get started,” Steve said walking to my desk.

He noticed the other three containers labeled with 1, 2 and 3.

“Great Steve, set it here away from the others so I don’t get them mixed up.”

“Wow, someone brought you three in one day?” he asked.

“Yeah, three in one hour actually,” I said smiling.

“Shit! That’s a lot.”

“Yes it is. The more samples the more points though remember,” I hinted..

“Right, okay well I’ve got to go,” he said embarrassed, leaving before I could ask him any questions.

I watched him leave and picked up his memory card. They each had three cards so I didn’t replace Justin’s or Steve’s yet. I ejected Justin’s card and replaced it with Steve’s, clicking on the clip once it came up. The images of a bathroom appeared. I could see Steve in the mirror because he was holding the camera in his hand. Pointing the camera down, I got the first view of his spectacular cock. I knew it was going to be big from the tent he made in his pants when he was in my office but I had no idea how big. From the look of it he had to be nine or even ten inches and very wide. He never spoke on camera and I didn’t see any visual stimulation he was using either. He was sliding his hand up and down the shaft with some kind of lube, so his shaft was shiny and slippery looking.

I had a good feeling about this year’s volunteers but Steve and Justin had already exceeded my expectations; Steve for his size and Justin for his potency and volume. I popped the lid on Steve’s sample and peered in. escort çorum Not near the amount as Justin but average. Good aroma and consistency. I watched the clip and sampled the taste, getting very turned on as Steve worked his mammoth cock before the camera. I heard a small groan from him right before a spurt of semen shot out about an inch, followed by another slightly longer. The rest just oozed out onto the sink as he stroked himself to completion. Not as eye catching as Justin but his cock size made up for it. Steve turned off the camera before cleaning up the sample so I missed him sucking it out and off his astonishing cock.

I was looking forward to taking my samples home where I could sit back, relax and not worry about a knock on the door. I watched Steve’s clip a second time, licking my fingers clean but leaving some for later. Ejecting the memory card I put Justin’s back in. I wanted to see how long it took his dick to get hard between clips. I opened the first and recorded the time shortly after he finished ejaculating and opened the next clip. I was shocked to see only three minutes had passed and he was either still hard or had engorged again.

“Justin again, ready for my second sample,” I heard his voice over my computer speakers.

The camera was in a slightly different position. He was masturbating as the clip started with the exact same technique as before, which is very typical. Sounds of people having sex were already going as well when the clip started. I sat back in my chair and watched him stoke to the sounds of moaning and groaning from the porn stars. Justin actually warned me this time it was coming.

“Here we go!” he moaned, moving forward slightly so his cock was over the desk.

It erupted in a stunning display of white ejaculate. It wasn’t as thick as before but shot out in all directions from the head of his penis. The next few spurts were more controlled, landing on the desk in front of the camera.

“Oh shit! That’s going to be hard to collect,” I heard him say about the first explosion, as he continued to stroke to the end.

The kid sure had a libido! His output was staggering and the fact that he was able to climax like that so soon after the first had me very excited. This year was already turning out fabulous. I picked up the number 2 sample and peered inside. It wasn’t as much as the first and not as white but he did a good job collecting what he could. I loved watching the boys suck the remains out of their dicks and was very pleased when they left the camera running to do so.

I was very curious now to see clip 3 and how much longer it took between two and three for him to ejaculate again. Opening it up, my mouth dropped open. I had never seen a kid this potent. Only five minutes had passed this time and he was hard and stroking again.

“This is sample number three from Justin,” he said stroking furiously.

More porn played and a minute later he splattered the camera with cloudy white liquid.

“Oh fuck! Sorry about your camera Professor, I’ll clean it off,” I heard him say as I saw nothing but blurry white semen running down the lens.

I came in my pants for my fingers on my clit I was so turned on by this kid. The sample in container 3 was very runny and much cleaner than the other two but still quite large. The boy had my attention and I was overly impressed with him. As I came I gulped down the entire sample 3 loving the taste and slimy texture of Justin’s third offering.

I never even heard Tami come in, never even recognized she was standing by the door until she yelped in surprise as she watched me swallow Justin’s load and stick my tongue in to get more.

“Tami! Did you knock? How long have you been there?!” I asked, wiping my mouth and fixing my skirt.

“Long enough to know drinking the guy’s semen while masturbating to their videos has nothing to do with research. You lied to me Professor.”

“And you didn’t knock, Tami. How dare you!”

“I think that is the least of your worries Professor,” she said folding her arms and glaring at me.

Shit! This wasn’t good. I normally don’t get this involved at school, for this specific reason, but damn if Justin didn’t have me turned on! Now Tami knows the truth, which will probably get me fired and banned from teaching anywhere in the country.

“Yes… well let’s talk about this Tami. Please come in and have a seat.”

She hesitated slightly but then I noticed her nipples were erect, she was turned on by what she had witnessed. I could use that to my advantage I thought. She crossed the room and sat down, looking at the samples on my desk.

“So none of this is for ‘research’ you just do this for your own jollies?” she asked.

“Yes… I’m sorry I lied to you but I didn’t think I could tell you the truth.”

“Which is?”

“I’m addicted to watching men ejaculate and collecting their semen for my own use,” I unloaded.

“I see… my my Professor, quite the dark little secret you have. What am I to do with this information?” she jabbed.

I remained silent with my jaw clenched. I wanted to smack the little bitch for being so smug and busting me but I couldn’t make her mad. She smiled, picked up one of Justin’s samples and popped the lid. Looking in she swirled it around, looking back up at me.

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