Subject: Blind sighted by boys chapter 3 Thanks for reading the story I’m going to try to keep it going as long as I can as long as there’s some interest in it as always thank you to Eric Murphy could not do this without him or his input. You can email me ail This site is very important to some people and it’s very entertaining to other people the only Common Thread is that this is a free site if you can afford to give something please give something if you can consider when you’re able to donate to donate and if you can donate please keep in mind of the other people that cannot maybe donate a little extra to help cover for someone who is not financially stable Blind sighted by boys Chapter 3 Once we got back to the porch I sat back down in the rocker thats been here for as long as me. Little Timmy climbed up on my lap as usual. “So tell me more popa.” “Sure little guy. OK Where were we? I think it was I just had the boys over for the first time.” “Yeah thats where you were.” “Alright then.” I start rocking and the story flows. The next day nothing really happned. Dan moved some more things to the curb. He looked for his young friends to appear all day and they didnt. That night he made a big dinner in hopes they would come back tonight. He likes them. He misses them. He wants them around him more. They have a certain pull on him tha he likes. Especially the little guy Timmy. He can see just from the short times he has been with him. That he is a handful. He thinka all day about Terry. He is keeping them all together and he seems to be doing pretty good at it. None of them seem malnourished. But, they need a home he keeps thinking. Somwhere they can grow and be free instead of on the run. That life has to be rough. By the time the night is over with and he has finally given up hope that they will come he showers and heads to bed. He is asleep for an hour or two. He doesnt know he is in a really good slumber when he hears someone beating on his door. He shoots straight up from bed as its very loud and he is thinking maybe someone is trying ot break in. His heart is racing and he hears. “Danny please help. You got to help us.” Its Kennys voice he hears outside. He hears the thunder clap in the background and hears the rain pounding on the roof. He races downstairs to let Kenny in. When he steps in he is soaked and shivering. “Please Mr Danny you got to help us. Timmy is real sick. He ate something real bad.” I try quickly to assess the situation, as I am trying to wake up too. “Is he throwing up?” “Yeah everywhere. Hes pooping too.” “Does he have a fever?” “He feels real hot. But, we ain’t got no thermometer.” “Crap.” “I need you to go upstairs right now and get in the shower. Put your wet clothes on the drying rack by the fireplace to dry. When you stop shaking in the shower get out and wrap a big warm towel around you. Then I want you to get into my bed and get warm. I will be back shortly. I dont want you getting sick too.” Danny says and races upstaris to get on some rain gear. Basiclly some rain boots, and a London Fog overcoat. But, its better then nothing. He rushes through the open areas between the houses the rain pelting his faces as he races to help the little guy he has grown so fond of. His boots are sloshing in the puddles. Its not really puddles its more like all the lawns are under water. And its freezing cold too. Its got to be around 40 degreees farenheit. He rushes up to their house and bolts in the front door that is ajar. He races up the stairs to where he hears the boys. He smells them before he finds them. The stench is overpowering. The smell of feces and vomit combined is strong. He quickly enters the room the boys are in. Terry and Larry leaning over him looking very worried and scared. They turn to see Danny there in the door way. “You got to help us.” Terry pleads. Tears falling from his eyes. Danny races over to the bed. Really a mattress on the floor. But, it does have sheets so its better then it could be. He reaches down and touches Timmys fore head. “My god boys he is burning up. We cant just leave him here in this mess. First we have to clean him up. While trying to break the fever.” “How?” “We are going to give him a cold bath at my house.” “Do you think it will work?” “I hope so. If not I have another plan.” Danny snatches up the boy and he is like a rag doll in his arms. He isnt worried so much about the cold rain beating down on him. It may actually do a bit of good on the fever. He races back to his house with Terry and Larry following behind. Larry actually races ahead and gets the izmit escort door for Danny as he is running carrying TImmy. He races upstairs and Kenny is just getting out of the shower. He glances at his naked body and wishes he could look longer. But, more important things at this time. He lays Timmys frail little body in the tub and turns the water on cold. He lets it flow into the tub and it slowly fills up. As its filling he carefully removes Timmys clothing. “In the nedicine chest there is a ear thermometer. Grab it for me.” He tells Terry who quickly follows his instruction. He hands it to Danny who immediately puts it in Timmys ear. It reads 104 and flashes red several times “Crap.” Danny mutters. “Look if this doesnt work in the next fifteen minutes and it goes down at least one degree I have a friend I can call. He wont say anything. So it will be safe for you guys. I pormise he wont turn you in.” “I dont guess we have a choice. But, to trust you and your friend.” “No i suppose not. But, I promise and you will see in time my promises mean everything to me. I do not break them. But, I promise that so long as we dont have to take him to the hospital my friend wont tell. Nor, will I.” “Pinky swear.” Larry says holding out his pinky. Danny smiles and wraps his pinky in his. It is a very long fifteen minutes. Danny takes his temperature and its not gone down a degree. Just a few tenths. “Im calling. We cant risk it. He could go into fever onvulsions. It can cause brain dammage. No we have to call and call now.” Danny states emphatically. “Stay with your brother so he doesnt drown.” He says and races to get his phone. When he gets into his room he sees Kennys little head on his pillow and convered with a conforter up to his chin. Only his head is poking out laying on a big white soft pillow. “Is Timmy going to be alright?” He asks timidly. “I dont know. Im calling my friend now to help us.” “Can I go see him?” “NO! You stay right in that bed and get your heat back. I dont want you out of it until morning.” Danny tells him in a stern voice. Not to scare him. But, so he knows the importance of getting warm again. Danny grabs his phone and scrolls through. He punches the correct name. “David its Danny. I need you to come to the mansion I bought immediately. There is a boy here he is very sick. He has eaten some bad food.” There is a pause. “I cant. I will explain when you get here. But, get here fast. His temperature is 104. I have him in a cold tub of water. I dont know what else to do.” A pause. “Sure I can do that. Right away. Just come upstairs when you get here. Again time is of the essence.” Danny hangs up and he rushes into the bathroom. He grabs a towel and pulls Timmys naked flimsy body from the water. He wraps the towel around him and tells Larry. “Grab all the alcohol from the cabinet. There are four I think I got. Then follw me.” Danny rushes back into his room and lays Timmy on the bed next to Kenny. Kenny is watching intently. Danny starts rubbing the alcohol all over Timmys body. He continues doing this until a tall thin man appears in the doorway. He rushes over and he looks over the boy. “David I thought you would never get here.” “Has it dropped any?” “Its down to 103.” “Has he vomited lately?” “Not in the last half an hour.” “OK. Maybe he has expelled it all.” David opens his medical bag and pulls out a syringe and a vial. He inserts the syringe and withdraws some of the medicine in it. He wips Timmys thigh with a alcohol wipe and inserts the needle. After he pulls it out there is a little drop of blood he quickly wipes away. He puts a bandage on it quickly. He then pulls out an iv bag. He quickly works a small needle into a vein and starts the iv. “Whats in that?” Kenny asks. “Its a solution of water, salts and electorlytes. It will rehydrate him. I can tell just looking at him he is severly dehyrdrated. Now what did he eat?” “It was a can of apple compote. You know like you put in pies. I told him not to eat it that it was probablly bad. But, Kenny found him sick with the can laying next to him. He ate it all. Like a little piggy.” “I can see how that would be tempting to a little boy. Shoot I may be tempted.” David says. “I am Dr David by the way. I am a pediatrician so I am kind of used to this sort of thing. Well, little boys being sick anyway. Also why is he eating rotten cans of apples? Where are your parents?” “David its a long story. Like I said on the phone. This has to be secret.” “Danny I have known you a long time. I trust your judgement in this. But, I still want to know why he is eating rotten food.” “Their kadıköy escort parents are no longer with us. They told me that the social workers wanted to seperate them. I cant blame them for running off David. They are all they have.” David looks at each boy in the eye less TImmy who is unconcious. “Yeah damnit I would have done the same damn thing. I wont say anything. You have my word.” He says looking at each boy as he says it. Dr Davis sits next to the bed and waits as the solution drips into TImmys body. As he is watching he says. “Im surprised at you Danny you didnt feed them. With all you have you should be ashamed.” The boys look stunned. By all he has whats that mean. Hes homeless like them right. Kenny had already been thinking about it when he heard Danny say the mansion I bought. But, kept it to himself. “Well, its complicated David. They thought I was homeless. I didnt want to tell them the truth I was worried it might scare them and I made dinner for them. But, they didnt show up tonight like I had hoped.” “What do you mean the truth?” Terry asks looking angry. “I didnt mean to decieve you boys. I really didnt. I just didnt correct your assumption is all. Here it is all the truth and nothing but. If you have questions feel free to ask when Im done. OK?” Terry and Larry cross their arms waiting. “Its like this. I found out a few weeks ago I am going to lose my eyesight due to diabetes. I wanted to create a little community for myself so I knew I culd get around easily and be taken care of. So I bought this house and several of them around it. I actually bought five blocks all together. Well, thats not exactlly true. The city gave me most of it on the promise I will rehabilitate it. So thats the truth guys. Im not filthy rich by any means. But, Im not hurting either.” “Why didnt you tell us yesterday night?” Larry asks. “Well, I figured if you knew I owned it all that I would be trying to kick you out or something like that. I didnt want you to think that. I wanted and want you to feel safe. I want to help you boys. But, I havent figured out how just yet. I know I can and will. But, I will have to think about it for a while and talk to some very trusted friends about it.” “So you ain’t gonna kick us out or nothing?” Kenny asks. “Good Lord no. I want to help you. If I kicked oyu out where would you go? I mean you have a pattern of sorts here. Somewhat of a life with each other. I wouldnt want to do anything to jeporodize you boys being seperated.” “I think you mean that.” Larry says after a moment. “I do. I want to help you guys. Like I said I dont know how. But, I will.” They all sit around and chat for a couple hours and when TImmys fever breaks 100 Dr David calls it a night. Now that all the worry is gone Terry speaks up. “Um Danny?” “Yeah Terry?” “I know its kind of rude to ask. But, can I take a shower? I feel all gross and we can only wash at the creek.” “I see no reason not to. I also dont think its rude to ask. If you boys want or need anything you ask me. If I can do it or get it I will. So long as its within reason.” “Can I get in with you Terry?” Larry asks. “Sure.” “You can take seperate of you prefer.” Danny says. “No its OK. That way he can wash my back.” Larry says. “Yeah we used to do it all the time when…” He stops and gets a somber look. “I understand. Go shower maybe we will talk later about it. If you want. If not thats fine too. But, its important to not bottle things up.” Terry gives Danny a weak smile. “Yeah maybe.” Danny isnt counting on it. Yet he is convinced it will help him to talk about it. The two boys go to the bathroom and he hears the shower running. “So you think Timmys going to be OK now?” Kenny asks. “I know he will be. Otherwise Dr David wouldnt have left.” “I like him hes cute.” Danny is certaint hats not what he said. “Excuse me?” “I said he is cute. I like smart guys they are the cutest.” Kenny says. “So what are you saying? Are you gay then?” “Not just then. Always have been. Are you mad?” “No Im not mad. Im just surprised is all.” “Why cuz I dont act girly?” “No its just I guess your age. I dont know. I guess I knew when I was your age.” “So your gay too?” “Its a long story. Why dont you rest a while.” “I been resting. Im hot can I uncover some?” “Sure. So long as you dont get cold again.” Kenny pushes the blankets down exposing himself to just above his pubic line. Danny watches in hopes to see a bit more. He does admire his chest and its a very nice muscled chest. It looks so smooth its al he can do not to just start rubbing his fingers kahramanmaraş escort over it. Kenny lays his hands on his belly. Dr David had covered Timmy with a sheet before he left saying its fine now to cover him. “So Kenny what do you do for fun?” “Well, I like to play hide and seek with Timmy when the other boys are away. Thats fun. We like to play cards and stuff too.” “Do you play any sports?” “I used to play soccer before…well you know.” “Yeah I know. They must have been really great parents.” “Yeah they were the best. Thats why it hurts so much.” “Yeah my dad was like that. He was really great. He always made time for me. No matter what. So I know what you mean. But, I was pretty lucky he died when I was 40. So I had him a long time.” “That woulda been nice.” Danny just cant help himslef he has to confort this boy. He knows he needs a hug and to be held and just loved. He scoots over to the bed and he lays next to Kenny and puts his arm around him. Kenny immediatly turns and wraps his arms around Danny. Danny holds him close and Kenny begins to cry. Danny just rubs his fingertips up and down his back and whispers reassurances in his ear. “I miss them so much.” He lets out between breaths. “I know buddy. I know. Its OK to cry. Just let it out. Let out all that sorrow buddy.” Danny is so wrapped up in tending to Kenny he doesnt notice Larry and Terry walk back in buck naked except the towels over their shoulders. He feels them sit on the bed and looks at them a second and then back to Kennys needs. “We all miss them Kenny.” Terry says. “Yeah we do.” Larry puts in. “Im sorry I didnt mean to get him upset. I just was asking what he likes to do. Then I asked if he played sports. Well….” “Yeah he was really good at soccer. Dad loved watching him play. He said it was like God reached down and touched him the way he handles the ball. He is really good.” “I was always so excited to watch him play too. I wish he could play again.” Larry says. “We will work on it guys.” Danny says. “I think I have an idea. But, it may involve some seedy dealings.” “Like what?” Terry asks. “Like never you mind. Its very late. You guys need to get some sleep.” Danny says as Kenny has clamed down and feels like he may be asleep already. “Where are we going to sleep?” Larry asks. “In the bed. I figure I can sleep in teh chair and you boys take the bed.” “Its a big bed you can sleep in it too. We will all snug in a rug like a bug.” Terry says. “Well alright. It does sound better then the chair.” “Im not sleeping next to Timmy.” Larry says. A head lifts off of Dannys chest. “Me neither.” “Why dotn you want to sleep next to TImmy?” Danny asks. “He drools and other things.” “A little slobber is no big deal. I will sleap next to him.” Danny says. The boys all chuckle. They climb in the bed and its Timmy on the edge, next is Danny, then Kenny, Larry and Terry on the other side. They were tight. But, there was room. Not much but, some. Danny generally sleeps on his back and tonight was no different. He fell asleep and had Kenny laying with his head on his shoulder and his arm draped over his belly. It felt really nice. That and knowing he was naked was making him have thoughts about Kenny that he dare not try. You have to be asked by little boys. He wants to help them not hurt them. He later feels TImmy has climbed up next to him and his pressed against his side. He smiles to himself thinking that sleeping next to two naked preteen boys and two other boys in the same bed is a twisted fantasy he has never had but, wishes he would have. He dreams about the boys and is awakned by the bed shaking and somone hunping into his side. He looks down and little TImmy is pumping against Danny to beat all hell. Danny can feel his hard little cock rubbing against him an its rather thrilling really. He sprouts wood due to it. Finally after a minute of solid humping he feels Timmy quiver and then let out a snore. Then he stops. The other boys start giggling. “So thats the other things?” Danny asks laughing. “Yeah thats it.” Kenny says. “He has always done that. As long as I can remember.” Kenny says. “Yeah its weird. He almost never wakes up. But he gets his tingles for sure.” Kenny says. “Should I expect it again?” “No he only does it once a night.” Terry says giggling. “Good. I need some sleep.” Danny says and they all go back to sleep. The boys letting out a giggle every now and then as they doze back off. “Daddy still does that to mommy.” Danny laughs at litle timmy saying this. “He used to do it to whoever was next to him. But, he is asleep so he cant be blamed for it.” “Do i do it popa?” “No budy you dont. Not when you stay with me anyway.” “I think its funny.” “It kind of is.” “So tell me more.” “I need to go relieve myself first. But, when I get back I will tell you more.” “Cool!” He says as he hops off my lap. I go relieve myself and think back. My god it feels like yesterday.

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