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Subject: Brazen Brothers XII Yes, it’s been a few years but not forgotten. This chapter mentions characters from a couple of other stories, most notably Walmart Waif but also Davie-A Boys’ Story and Dane. The meeting that is told toward the end of this story is detailed in the most recent chapter of Walmart Waif post 9.5.17 and will be continued in the next chapter of that story. There may be some time discrepancies between the 2 stories… deal with it. Otherwise, N-joi Hugs, Tag_m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Things moved on, as things are wont to do. Upon Pedro’s return we all learned that he would be re-locating to Seattle with Ted and Miriam. To that end I had made some calls to find out what that process would look like on our end. Of course Javier was sad and Angelo was almost devastated. The twins, needless to say, were ecstatic. Both Andrea and I were happy for Pedro. Yes, the boy could have stayed with us for as long as he wanted. He was a good boy, a respectful boy but the opportunities in the US were tenfold over his opportunities in Costa Rica and living with my dear friends would make it even more so. Of course there would be the fringe benefits of sex without having to hide it. Yes, I could see Pedro as having a successful life. But I’m getting just a little ahead of myself. Andr�a and I had taken the day to go up to San Jose as we’d discussed. Because we intended to do some Christmas shopping for the boys we elected to leave them home with Javier in charge. I had no doubt that they would behave themselves. I also had no doubt that they would likely suck and fuck each other for as much of the day as they could get away with. We had lunch with Andr�a’s cousin and started our shopping but decided early on that we’d need more than a day. I called the house and surprisingly Javier answered the phone. After checking and finding out that everything was just fine I told him we’d be spending the night and he assured me that he had everything under control and that they’d be fine. I had no doubt that he did and they would. I spent the night at the Hilton and Andr�a stayed with family. I have to say that it was rather strange knocking around the city and my hotel room alone. I’d hadn’t spent any time alone for almost a year and actually found myself feeling a little lonely. I was in the restaurant for dinner and my waiter turned out to a boy, or young man if you will, that I’d seen on previous visits to the hotel and gotten to a first name basis with. “Se�or Greg it is good to see you again,” he said. “Thank you Adan; it’s nice to see you as well.” “You are alone Se�or, your boys did come with you?” I shook my head. “Not this trip Adan. It wouldn’t do to have them around while I do their holiday shopping.” Adan chuckled and nodded his head. “I understand completely. But, might I make an observation?” I nodded my head. “Forgive me if I’m being presumptuous but it is not healthy for a man to be alone at night, especially a man of your stature.” I was a little shocked at his statement but not overly. The boys had flirted with Adan in the past, and vocalized the question of whether or not he was, or might be, a player. Adan had flirted back but it had never gone beyond that, although both Angelo and Javier were more than willing for it to. “I see; and your presumptuousness is both understandable and appreciated,” I responded, wondering where it was going to go. “I will presume that you have a plan or solution for this… Issue.” He nodded his head. “A possible solution, not a plan. My cousin Carlitos is staying with me for a few days and is home alone as we speak and it is, Uhmm, unlikely that I will be home before 3 in the morning, if then. I know that he would relish the company and of course he would be as grateful as any boy could be.” Understand that I loved Javier with all my heart and I wasn’t looking for someone to bed but the idea intrigued me. The name alone told me he was likely a boy so I asked Aden how old he was, which was 13 he thought. I asked if there were any expectations on his or his cousin’s part. “I will be frank with you Se�or Greg. Carlitos wishes to be with a man. He is from a small village where such things are not possible or safe. It would be difficult enough to be with another boy. He is a very sweet and adorable boy Se�or Greg, of that I swear. You would be doing him and me a favor is you would say yes.” I’m a sucker for sob stories and coupled with my affinity for helping struggling gay boys. So, I was basically torpedoed. “How about this Aden,” I said. “How about if he comes over and spends the night. I will not make any promises about whether he will come away with new experiences but I can at least listen to him.” “That would be wonderful Se�or Greg,” Aden practically gushed. “If you ever need a favor you need only ask.” That all said he took my order and left me to ponder what I’d gotten myself into but I didn’t ponder long. I knew that Javier would not only understand he’d be highly curious why I’d refused. My dinner came and with it the message that Carlitos was on his way. I dug in with relish, thankful for the quality of the fare that the Hilton restaurant provided. My guest had not arrived when I was finished so Aden asked for my room number, which I gave him. “I will send him up with some desserts so that no one will question him.” Less than 10 minutes later I was in my room on the 12th floor. It took another 15 minutes before there was a diminutive knock at my door. It had been more than worth the wait. “Se�or Greg,” the beautiful boy asked, his voice still high and melodic. Standing before me was an incredible specimen of boyhood. Not more than 5′ tall he was slender without being skinny. His black hair was cut short on the sides and longer top, that portion having been lightly gelled. His face was smooth and blemish free and a beautiful mocha color. His eyes were huge and amazing. A twinkling hazel color, they were framed by very long thick black lashes and eye brows. If there ever was a pair of lips that needed kissing that boy owned them. Slightly pink and quite generous I envisioned plastering my own mouth against his. “Yes, and you must be Carlitos,” I responded and got a wide grin that flashed crystal white and perfectly straight teeth. I stepped aside and waved the boy in, checking out his very tight little ass as he went by. “Where should I put this,” he said, indicating the small box he was carrying and I had him set it on the dresser top. I opened the box and pulled out the two desserts and put them in the fridge then beckoned the boy to sit in an armchair next to where I chose to sit. “Tell me a little bit about you Carlitos,” I said. The boy proceeded to give me a quick version of himself, including that he’d just turned 13-year old a month before, had no siblings, lived with his mother in a small village that was located about 90 miles south of Jaco. “Am I to understand that you think you are a gay boy Carlitos?” He shook his head quickly. “No Se�or, I don’t think, I know I am a gay boy. I so want to be with someone but it is dangerous in my village. People would know and it would be made very difficult for me and my mother. It was only this night that my cousin Aden told me perhaps you could help me.” “I see. Well thank you for sharing that with me and for being honest with me.” The boy smiled, which made his face seem to light up. “I am just a little uncomfortable with just ripping our clothes off and going at it like animals. I usually take a shower about this time of night so what do you think about taking a shower with me and we will see how things go?” He gave me what I would soon learn was a signature grin. “I would like that Se�or Greg. I too feel a little, how you say, weird about it.” That said I stood and did a quick step to the bed and sat then beckoned Carlitos to stand in front of me. I then instructed the boy to kick off his shoes and as he did so I explained the joy of undressing a boy and put my hands to the hem of his t-shirt and lifted. Carlitos lifted his arms to help facilitate the process and when off I tossed it gently onto a chair. I reached for the buckle on his belt while admiring the smoothness of his exposed torso. All the muscles were defined but he was still a growing boy so there wasn’t much muscle mass. One the belt was undone I went to work on the button and zipper then opened the flap and began to work his jeans down over his hips and butt to reveal a pair of Man Club low rise briefs. White, with a pastel blue waistband, they showed off a nice boy bulge and it seemed to me that his cock çorum escort was already hardening. He stepped out of his jeans and stood before me in all of his young teen boy glory. Carlito’s belly was flat and taut and the abdominal creases deep and thus highlighting the V that disappeared into the waistband of his underwear. I stood and began my process but Carlitos stopped me. “May I have the pleasure Se�or,” he asked tentatively. “Only if you call me Greg and not Se�or,” I said with a smile. Carlitos nodded his head and went about what he’d started while I peeled my shirt off. He got my jeans opened and worked down to my ankles at which point I took over and got them all the way off then stood and allowed the boy to stare, which he did. I was wearing some basic black briefs with red piping and waistband, the garment giving me a fairly decent bulge. “Come on, let’s go shower,” I said and reached for his hand which the boy gladly gave. In the bathroom I got the water going in the glassed in shower room then turned to Carlitos. “You ready?” He nodded his head so I slipped my underwear and stepped into the water. I didn’t wait for him to drop his, wanting to give him that little moment of privacy, and got under the oversized shower head. I felt the shower door close and stepped back from under the spray to see Carlitos standing there. The boy was delicious. His cock was large for his age and his size, easily 5� inches of circumcised flesh. His balls seemed to hang quite low and were of a medium size. I didn’t detect a single hair anywhere but didn’t see much more because he stepped under the spray leaving me only his bare butt to look at. Like the rest of him, it was adorable. Carlitos’ butt was very similar to Angelo’s but the crack was slightly longer and the cheeks a little more bubbly. He finally turned around and I got to get a longer, more satisfying look and I did look. His cock was hardening and his balls were hanging quite a bit for a boy his age. “Do I look okay Greg,” he asked, his voice tentative. I looked at his face and could see the sweetness, the innocence, the total trust but also the uncertainty of a young boy wanting to move into the world of sexploration but afraid that he wouldn’t make the grade. My heart went out to him so I dropped to one knee in front of him, reached out and took his hands. “You are a perfect boy and you look incredible Carlitos and I mean that very sincerely. I cannot tell you how honored I am to be your first lover, to be the man that gets to show you the mysteries of your own body and of sex, and to teach you how to be a gay boy.” At that he melted into my arms, although he had to bend over to do it. I rubbed his back and as much as I wanted to rub his butt I didn’t think that was the time for it. “Okay,” I said gently pushing away from him after about 10 seconds, let’s get showered.” I stood and saw that he’d returned to his default state which still seemed a little on the large side for a boy of his age and stature. And still, those balls hung low. “How about I give you a washing Carlitos,” I said and got a head nod. The boy continued to stare at my cock and I didn’t mind because I was ogling him too. I started at his shoulder, like I usually do, and got groans of pleasure right off the bat. I worked my way down his back and this time I didn’t shy away from the glorious golden globes. “You have an incredible butt Carlitos,” I told him as I kneaded the flesh. After re-soaping my hand I rubbed up and down on his butt crack then slipped inside on a trip back up. My fingers grazed his puckered hole causing a low moan from the boy. I worked back and forth across his muscled which prompted Carlitos to step one foot to the side in order for me to have full access. That said, as I rubbed, my finger-tips went far enough forward to poke at his balls. “Gosh that feels good Greg,” the youngling groaned, his pitch voice a lovely melodic sound. I finally moved to his side with soapy hands worked his butt and his front and of course I found him stone hard, his cock as rigid as any boy cock that I’d had occasion to fondle. It hadn’t gone unnoticed that the boy was circumcised, a rather unusual occurrence in Latin American countries. I loved feeling his balls because they were at full hang so was able to rumple the eggs in my soapy fingers and got yet another groan of pleasure from the boy. I stroked his raging boner a little bit stayed off of the swollen head. My own past experience, and of other boys, was that soap on a fully tumescent cock head burned and didn’t go away with a simple rinsing. I finally stepped away and the boy turned to me, his large eyes half lidded in lust. His cock jutted out from his taut belly and all but quivered as it stood there, tall and proud. “Gosh that was amazing Greg. Can I wash you now?” I nodded my head and he went to work. Of course it wasn’t quite like I did it but he followed the prescription that I’d laid out for him. Carlitos didn’t hesitate to wash my hole and commented on how strange it felt as his fingers brushed back and forth over the puckered muscle. “I can’t believe how big your cock his Greg and it’s so hard and your balls are big and soft too. Do you shave your hairs cuz it doesn’t look like you have a lot?” I explained that I did groom, kept my pubic short and shaved everything from my balls to my asshole. When he asked why I told because boys like it that way which prompted a discussion about my experience with other boys. “I’m a gay man Carlitos and I’ve known I was gay since I was your age or a little younger. As a man I love playing with boys just like you and showing them all about being gay and not just the sex stuff either.” “Well, I sure am glad that you are first guy,” he said with sincerity. “Speaking of that, how about if we rinse and go to bed sweet boy?” Carlitos have me a huge grin and a head nod and 3 minutes later we were snuggled under the covers. We lay facing each other, the light in the bathroom providing enough illumination to see but not to distract. “Is there anything on your wish list Carlitos; anything that you are curious about or are dying to try?” He seemed to give that some thought. “Everything, I guess but I really want to suck a cock but I don’t really know how to.” “Well then, how about if I show you how to do it, suck your hot cock for a moment then let you give it a try?” “That would work,” he said. I showed him how to cover his teeth so he didn’t scrape someone then tossed the covers back and slid down the bed. Seeing a boy lying like that, naked and hard and ready to go is such a stimulating sight. When the boy is as adorable as Carlitos it makes the whole thing even better. I reached out and cupped his balls, reveling in the warm soft feeling of those precious eggs and of course the boy elicited a sigh at my touch. I finally let them go, albeit gently, then moved to take hold of his raging hard cock and gently stroked him a few time. I finally just held his cock upright and lowered my head and got a bit of a surprise. The boy was sprouting hairs. I thought to myself that they were so short and barely visible that they must have started growing just that morning. “Oh my,” I said, you’ve got hairs growing Carlitos. Are you making sperm too?” The youngling nodded his head. I had to run my fingers through the small wisps just to feel them, letting go of his cock in order to do so. After a light swipe or 2 of my fingers across the silky threads I picked his cock back up and lowered my head and took him into my mouth. Carlitos’ body jerked at the initial contact of my lips and tongue against his most sensitive body part but he relaxed straight away, albeit not quietly. The boy moaned softly as I bobbed my head in his lap, my lips tightened so that they massaged the rim of his cock head, the corona. I allowed my tongue to work on the satiny flesh as I suckled him, adding that much more feelings to the already intense ones he was experiencing. I didn’t take much before Carlitos was pushing his hips up off the bed, the instinct to fuck kicking in. Moans accompanied his movements and I suspected that the novice young thing would probably cum way sooner than he or I wanted him to so I stopped and moved back up alongside him. “How was that Carlitos?” The boy rattled off a bunch of Spanish which translated roughly to “fucking amazing and incredible.” “It felt like everything I hoped it would. Can I try it now, can I suck on your cock,” he asked and you know I didn’t refuse him. Like I had done Carlitos slid down the bed and took hold of my cock for the çukurambar escort second time in 15 minutes only this time it was for play and not just cleansing purposes. The boy squeezed up and down it’s length, commented on how hard it was, then stroked it a couple of times before lowering his pretty little head and putting his mouth over it. I felt a little electric shock that was caused, I was sure, by the fact that mine was the first cock he’d ever sucked. That’s always a thrill. I couldn’t help but reach out and rub his back since it was within reach. I also rubbed up onto the back of his head and let my fingers rub on the bristles of almost buzzed hair. As is not uncommon with first time cock suckers the boy tried to take too much and ended up choking so had to back away and let his coughing subside. I lay there and watched him and had he been closer I’d have patted his back but he wasn’t. Instead I just admired his body and his totally adorable face. The boy was a cutie and would likely grown into a hottie. I waited until he was done and had turned to me with teary eyes and a grin. “Too much cock too soon will get you every time youngster,” I said with my own grin and Carlitos nodded his head. “Still, it was fun and I want to do it some more,” he said with enthusiasm. “How about if work on you for a bit then? The young hottie was very open to that so I slid back down the bed and took hold of him yet again. This time I held his cock still and licked up and down it like an ice cream cone. I worked all over the head before taking him back into my mouth. I bobbed up and down a couple times before sinking all the way down and engulphing his entire cock and bouncing my nose off his pubic bone. “Oohhh mi dios,” he groaned and both hands went to my head. He didn’t try to hold me there though, it felt more like he simply wanted the contact. I continued to suck his cock and about every 5th down stroke swallowed him to the root and kept him there for a moment, my throat muscles massaging his cock head. All the while I was also playing with his balls and trailing my finger up and down his perineum and of course, he moaned in response. “Oohhh Greg I will shoot out my sperm if you don’t stop,” Carlitos finally said so I stopped and slid back up alongside him. “I cannot tell of how good that feels having my cock sucked and my balls handled. It gets me so, hot I think you say. But I don’t want to let my sperms out yet.” “Yes, hot would be the word Carlitos. Would you like to try some other things?” The boy nodded his head vigorously, not questioning what I had in mind so I told him what I had in mind. “I never tried kissing or making out but I’d like to learn.” Since I was already propped up on an elbow and looking down at him I simply let my hand rest on his chest then rubbed him. It wasn’t designed to do anything more than have contact with him, to relax him and get him used to being touched. “That feels good Greg,” he whispered. I worked all around, to his neck, the side of his head, back down to his nipples and then his taut belly. I didn’t have a pattern or a direction. “You are such a cute boy Carlitos. I am so glad that Adan told me of you.” That said I leaned down slowly, his large dark eyes watching my face then focusing on my lips and just before we met he closed his eyes. I didn’t just up and kiss the boy but let my lips brush against his in a more teasing manner. I backed up a fraction of an inch then did it again but this time I added a little more pressure and moved my lips a little bit. “You are such a cute boy Carlitos. I am so glad that Adan told me of you.” That said I leaned down slowly, his large dark eyes watching my face then focusing on my lips and just before we met he closed his eyes. I didn’t just up and kiss the boy but let my lips brush against his in a more teasing manner. I backed up a fraction of an inch then did it again but this time I added a little more pressure and moved my lips a little bit. It took a moment but Carlitos began to move his lips ever so slightly. I backed away after a few moments and said, “How do you like that sweet boy?” And yes, i got a grin. “I like it Greg, a lot. I didn’t know lips were so soft.” “Great. So let’s try it a little longer and with a little more movement,” I suggested and got a head nod. I went back at it, pushing my mouth against his a little bit harder, with a little more movement while trying to open my mouth just a little more. A quick study it seems, Carlitos followed my movements quite closely, doing what I did. This kissing last longer and at some point his arms went around my neck and before I knew it his mouth was wide open. I broke the kiss then went right back at it this time mouths open and at that point I allowed my tongue to gently probe into Carlitos’ mouth. A low moan issued forth from his throat and his arms tightened around my neck and he began kissing back with a little ferocity. I broke the kiss, breathed deeply and went right back to it a couple of times before we broke, both of us breathing heavily. “Wow,” he muttered more than actually said. I looked down on him, his arms still around my neck and simply admired his cuteness again. I let my free arm move and rubbed down his belly and took hold of his throbbing young boner. “Are you ready to cum now Carlitos?” The youngling nodded his head. I leaned down and kissed him again, this time more quickly, then moved down to kneel between his legs using my own knees to spread him open. I moved in close as if I was going to fuck him but that wasn’t my intent. Instead, I cupped his smooth young balls in one hand and his raging barely 13 year old boner in the other and began to jack Carlitos off while gently tugging on his balls. “�por Dios,” the boy groaned by the 5th stroke. It didn’t take long before he was thrusting his hip albeit slightly, working contrary to my stroking in order to fuck my fist. It didn’t take long before the youngling cried out. “Me estoy viniendo; Me estoy viniendo,” which roughly translates to “I’m cumming.” I felt his cock stiffen against my finger at the same time he thrust his hips up hard. The first shot was a watery glob of sperm that his Carlitos on the neck, the second offering a similar watery glob that mostly just popped out of his cock head and landed on his belly. I continued to jack him off and got a little bit of oozing but that was about it. I kept on working him for another 10 seconds before slowing and stopping completely then gently let go of his balls and set them down. The boy’s hands had gripped the bed covers as he was cumming but finally let go and his body relaxed back against the sheet. I moved forward and straddled his legs and bent over and licked the droplet of sperm from his belly then moved up and licked the one on his neck. Carlitos had opened his eyes, sort of, as I moved above him and once there I leaned my head toward his. I thought I was going to kiss but instead I used my chin to move his head then licked the sperm from his neck and smacked my lips. “Nothing as tasty as fresh squeezed boy sperm,” I said and he giggled. “That was amazing Greg. Are you gonna cum now?” That seemed to be the first question that most boys had in that situation. Instead of asking if that’s what he wanted I just nodded my head and moved onto my knees while still straddling his slender body. I took hold of my cock and started the process. “Your cock is so big Greg, I really love it. Is there something I can do to help?” “You can play with my balls if you want.” Carlitos reached out and came up under my sac and hefted my nuts and began feeling them up and tugging on them. “I really liked it when you pulled on my balls, do you like that too,” he asked and I nodded my head. Carlitos reached out and his hand came up underneath my balls, cupped the smooth sac of eggs then hefted them and began rumpling them in his finger and gently tugging on them. I worked my tight fist back and forth along my rigid shaft, the sight of Carlitos face watching me intently, and his warm hand working on my balls all conspiring to get me quickly where we both wanted me to be. I felt the tension building, and began to envision my cock buried deep inside the young boys pounding his tight little ass for all I was worth. In my head, I could hear him groaning each time I bottomed out inside of him and I could hear his high pitched voice begging me to fuck him harder and make him cum. And then I was there. “Here it goes Carlitos,” I groaned. I slowed my stroke, felt ankara escort my cock thicken in my grip and then the incredible feelings of my sperm blasting through my cock to shoot out into the world. And shoot, it did. The first thick stream hit the boy on the tip of his nose and draped down over his half opened mouth and onto his chin, the rest of it hanging in the air for a brief moment before dripping onto his neck. Of course the boy flinched. The second jet caught him alongside the right side of his nose half-way to his cheek bone and did the same thing, leaving a 5 inch trail of white good past his jawline. The next 4 jets landed all over his narrow chest, one of them covering a small brown nipple. From there it was a series of 3 burps of cum that landed on his belly and then the typical end of orgasm oozing. I slowed my stroking then finally stopped and stayed there panting. Carlitos had a big grin on his face, let go of my balls and let his finger trail in the cooling goo. I reveled for a moment in the sight of the copious amount of sperm that I had deposited on the boy as if marking my territory, the white of it a sharp contrast on his coco brown skin. “Wow that’s a lot of gooey sperm Greg,” the boy said, “Do you always make that much of the stuff?” I nodded my head. “Yep, pretty much.” “I don’t think I could swallow that much of it.” I asked him if that was something he thought he wanted to try and he nodded his head, again, with the ubiquitous grin. I got Carlitos off the bed and into the shower where we got him cleaned up then went back to bed to cuddle, snuggle and kiss. “Tell me about yourself Carlitos. Where you live, school, your family, those kinds of things.” Carlitos was in 7th level at the school that service many villages in the are. He said that he love math and science and got high marks, loved soccer and running and had plenty of friends but no relatives close by. Carlitos told me that he was the youngest child with 2 brothers and a sister that were older and lived on their own, the sister in Costa Rica and one brother lived and worked in Panama and the other Honduras. Both were married and had children that he had never met. He told me about his small village. His parents were old, he said, much older than me, but that his father still worked at odd jobs. He said that his father was a handyman that seemed able to do everything but it was hard at his age to find work. There was not much work in their village and his father had to take care of his mother who seemed sick much of the time. They were a poor family but full of love and caring and, the boy said, a good family. I asked him a few questions for clarification which he answered. My brain took in all of that information and in my typical manner was starting to consider ways I might be able to help Carlitos and his family out. I figured that I would try to catch Adan and see if I could get more information about the father. It might well be that we could put him to work in our organization. There were a ton of projects that I wanted to do but didn’t have the time. I could use the help, especially considering the massive changes that were going to be happening with our property. Around the American Thanksgiving holidays we’d had some visitors from my home town of Seattle, or at least that area. Actually it was 2 separate groups of people that had traveled together and stayed at the house. The primary group consisted of a couple of very wealthy young men, David and Cody along with Cody’s young charge, an almost 16 year old boy named Dane. They were accompanied by a man by the name of Jody and his 13 year old foster son Seneca. The short story goes like this. David and Cody were in Costa Rica to investigate the possibility of acquiring a home there either by purchase or building. Ideally they wanted to start a business or even buy an existing business. The boy, Dane, was the grandson and only heir of a European Billionaire by the name of William (just call me Bill) DeMarc who was partner with David in a variety of businesses and homes all over the world. David, barely 19 year old, was a multi-millionaire in his own right. Cody had become Dane’s caretaker slash foster parent and lover through a variety of circumstances that don’t bear mentioning here. Shortly after taking charge of Dane, Cody met David, a then 17 year old, and they became lovers almost immediately thereafter. Jody owned a large and well respected construction company in the Pacific Northwest that, among other things, did a vast amount of work for Indian Tribes. Seneca had been a homeless throw away kid that Jody had taken in. They were also lovers. In the process of becoming Seneca’s foster parent and unbeknownst to the boy, it was discovered that Seneca was a member of a very small but incredibly wealthy mid-western Indian tribe. A life long criminal, the boys’ father had died in prison and, unbeknownst to Seneca had left his son worth some 10 million dollars that had come from the sale of tribal gas oil and mineral rights that were shared by all tribal members as well as a monthly stipend of some 10K a month from tribal casino’s. An equal amount of money was held in trust for Seneca until he turned 18. A portion of his monthly per-capita went to the boys’ caretaker while the rest went into the trust. At age 18 another 10-17 million dollars would be turned over to the kid. David and Cody had been in the process of starting a horse ranch on their huge estate east of Seattle and had hired Jody’s company to do all of the construction. Upon discovery that they were all boy lovers, they became fast friends. It was quite possible that the business prospects in Costa Rica would be shared between the two parties and it was also possible that Bill DeMarc would have his fingers in the pie as well. Upon discussion of said prospects Andrea and I had a discussion which I then pitched to David and Cody. A part of our estate had once been a very profitable and well known coffee plantation but, like everything else had gone to ruin over the past 40 years. Andrea had harbored a dream of restoring Villa la Joya del Pacifico to its days of glory and we were doing so slowly but surely. The pitch to our new friends was this. We would give them a 99 year lease for the sum of 1 dollar per year for the coffee plantation, some 100 acres. They would have free reign to build whatever buildings they needed for housing and work and they would keep 90-95% of all profits. Of course we would have to give approval of all plans and have some say in the branding since our name was linked to it. We sealed the initial deal on a hand shake which was the way they did business. The whole group of people would be coming back down in January with some building plans and to sign all of the legal paperwork. There had also been some discussion of building a landing strip on the estate, something large enough to handle twin engine planes or even small personal jets. Given all of that I wondered if Carlitos’ father might be an asset for us. I told Carlitos a little bit about me and how I had ended up in Costa Rica. He then told me that he’d heard about Villa la Joya del Pacifico but had never thought he would ever meet anyone associated with it and said that it was almost like meeting someone famous. I then asked him if he felt like eating one of the desserts with me and of course he said yes. We piled out of bed and I pulled them from the fridge and we scarfed them down and I have to say, they were quite delicious. In the process I got to see the boy in his default state, his cock at full hang, and it was nice. A good 4 inches it remained moderately thick and lay against the beginning folds of his scrotum, his balls still lower than his cock head. I had to wonder how the boy would look in another couple of years when he’d matured further. And there was his butt. All boy butt are exciting and fun to look at, not to mention play with. I loved Carlitos’ tender little butt and was looking very much forward to peeling those bubbly cheeks open and ravaging his puckered little hole with my tongue. “Now what sweet boy,” I asked him. He came to stand in front of the chair where I’d sat. “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” I reached out for him and when he got close I pulled him onto my lap and the boy curled up like a cat. Damn I love being naked and holding a naked boy, especially a small one that I can really wrap my arms around and all but smother. “I like this Greg,” he said softly. “I don’t get to be held much; in fact, never.” “I like it too Carlitos and holding you is extra fun because you’re so cute and cuddly.” That caused the boy to giggle. “I think we should go back to bed and play some more. I need more practice sucking cock so I don’t choke.” “I think that’s a great idea sweet boy; a great idea.”

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