Bring Your Mother To Work Day

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*** This is a stand alone story, but is a follow on to my Fall From Grace and How To Train Your Mother stories. This can be read alone, but reading the other stories will provide better context, to referenced events. I hope you enjoy. ***


Chapter 1

It has been two months now, since my mother came crawling to me, after she found herself down on her luck, and with no other place to turn. You can read about how I turned her bad fortune into my good fortune, in my “Fall From Grace” series and my “How to Train Your Mother Series”. We have now evolved into quite the happy couple, well “throuple” with my girlfriend Beth. However, I quickly realized that it was not good to leave my now sexually overcharged mother, home alone. She was getting more and more bored, and more prone to disobedience. I had to find her something to keep her mind, and her hands, and her mouth, and… you get the idea… busy during the day.

Since I an the owner and CEO of my own financial management company, it is no problem for me to bring on new employees. In fact, I have done this quite often with particularly talented, young financial managers. I am shameless when it comes to stealing talent away from other companies, especially competitors. However, It was not common that I brought in administrative staff. When I did, it was generally assumed that they were giving the boss much more than administrative support. I have a well earned reputation as a dog.

Knowing that gossip in the company will be, that I am fucking the new help, I had the hiring paperwork filled out in my mother’s maiden name. In reality, I gave my HR Chief clear guidance that no actual paperwork would be filed, and the new employee will not be on the payroll. She was more than good with that, since I arranged with her, that she would get the extra pay, that would have gone to the new girl. Additionally, she is one of my “employees with benefits”, If you know what I mean. The bottom line is, that mom will assume duties as my Executive Assistant, where I can keep her out of trouble… Well, at least I can control the trouble she gets in.

I am surprised at how excited she is at the prospect of getting a job. She was born wealthy, married well, and never worked a day in her life. I was sure she would resist, and I would have to drag her to work. Instead, she was excited and looking forward to seeing what it was like. I am impressed by how much she has grown as a person, since I forced her to take a good hard look at herself. I am also impressed at how she has grown as one of the best cock suckers I have ever experienced. Hey, I am no Saint.

I am certain that mom will not get any sleep tonight. She is now showing me the fifth outfit, she is considering to wear for her first day at work tomorrow. Seeing the stuffy looking dark grey suit she is holding up, I have to intervene. I tell her, “Mom, you are driving me CRAZY. These suits you are picking out, will definitely not cut it. I have an image to uphold. My people see me as bigger than life. They want to BE me. If you are going to be my Executive Assistant, you have to be the kind of woman, that I would have around. You need to have a professional confidence, that leaves no doubt that you can get the job done, but with a steamy sensuality, that lets them know you are a wildcat in bed.”

I love the look of shock and surprise on my mother’s face, when my words sink in. I go to her closet and quickly pick out a dark blue skirt, short enough to show a good amount of leg, but not so short, as to look like she is going to a club. To go with it, I select a sheer white blouse, and a black blazer. Then I go to her dresser and pull out a white lace bra, a pair of black stockings with seams up the back, and a white garter belt to hold up the stockings. I select a nice pair of black patent leather heels to complete the look.

“What about panties? You forgot to select a pair of panties for me to wear,” she tells me.

“No, I didn’t. Just because I don’t want you to LOOK like a slut at work, doesn’t mean I want you to forget that you ARE a slut, while you are at work,” I answer her. “Now, try everything on. Give me a preview of my new sexy assistant.” I tell her as I leave, and go into the living room to wait for her.

She makes me wait a bit longer than I expected, but when she comes out, I realize that the wait was well worth it. When she walks in, she takes my breath away. Not only is she dressed as I directed, but she has put her hair up in a very professional, but sexy way. She also took the time to make up her face in a way that would make a high fashion model jealous. “You look amazing mom… I mean… WOW. You knocked that right out of the park. You look better than any of the assistants I have had before. You will have ALL the boys sniffing around your desk, and all of the girls green with envy.”

“You like it? You really like it?” she asks me. My heart melts when I hear the desperation to please me in her voice, and the feeling trabzon escort of exhilaration, when she realizes that she has done it.

I Grab her hands and pull her body to mine. I wrap my arm around her and hug her TIGHT to me, as my other hand goes to the back of her head, to pull her mouth to mine. I kiss her HARD and passionately. I feel her gasp for breath. I love that I can take her breath away like that. I feel her body melt into mine, as I feel her tongue slip into my mouth, desperately seeking my tongue. I break our kiss just long enough to tell her, “I hope that answers your question about whether I really like it.” She playful swats me in the chest and resumes kissing me.

I sweep her off her feet, and carry her to the bed. I am about to dive on her and take her savagely, but I stop myself. “OK, if you are going to wear that tomorrow, I better take it off you, before I damage it, because I am about to get medieval on your ass. Get up, before you wrinkle that skirt and blazer.”

As she stands, I stop her, and tell her, “Just stand there. Let me do it.” I help her out of the blazer and neatly hang it over a chair. I trace my fingers down her neck to the silky white blouse. I love the sheerness, that gives glimpses of the lace pattern of her bra, without looking overly slutty. I trace my fingers around her full tits. I love the way the silk moves over the lace bra. I see her GASP, as my fingers trace over her nipple. I see it quickly harden and grow. My fingers continue to the top button. I unbutton the blouse, slowly, making her wait. I can see her arousal and impatience grow with each deliberate unbuttoning. As I unbutton the last one, I pull the blouse from her skirt. Then I slide her blouse open with my fingers, dragging them across her lace covered tits as I do it. I feel her GASP again at my touch. I place the blouse on a hanger, while I leave her standing there. I can almost see her legs shaking with anticipation.

I walk up behind her. I trace my fingers down her back. I see her whole body shiver. I take my time moving down to the hook at the back of her skirt. I unhook it, and slowly lower the zipper. As the skirt opens, I get a glimpse of her garter belt. As it opens further, I see her pale white butt cheeks, and the sexy groove between those full round cheeks. As I continue pulling the zipper down, I let my finger trace along her sensitive groove. She moans and I see her skin ripple with electric jolts running through her. I slide her skirt down her legs and she steps out one leg at a time. I lay the skirt on the chair over the blazer.

I step back and look at my mother. She looks amazing in her white lace bra, stockings, garter, and heels. She looks glamorous and so damn sexy, at the same time. She looks like one of those classic pin up girls. I think to myself, how lucky I am. This woman is so beautiful and sexy, and she will do anything and everything I ask her to. As I notice the glistening on her inner thighs, I know that she is just as excited by that, as I am.

I quickly strip out of my clothes and walk up to her from behind. I pull her back against me. I enjoy how she presses her back against my chest. I reach one hand up to cup a large, full breast, as I kiss and nibble and bite her neck. She leans her head back, giving herself completely over to me. I reach my other hand down to her pussy and cup it… press it… SQUEEZE it… She GASPS, and lets out an almost animalistic moan. I feel her spreading her legs slightly as she presses her butt back against me.

I slip two fingers into her wet swollen pussy. I pry her open as I rub my thumb on her clit. At the same time I unclasp her bra and pull it down her arms. I feel her hand on top of mine, as she presses my hand HARDER against her wet pussy. She grabs my other hand and pulls it to her tit. She SQUEEZES my hand around her full tit. She moves my fingers to her hard nipple and pinches it. I take over and really start to pull and pinch and twist her nipple, as I increase the speed and depth of my fingers fucking her pussy. I feel her start to pant, as she quickly becomes overwhelmed with the sexual stimulation.

I can’t wait any longer, I bend her forward over the bed and push my cock into her. She screams out, “GOD YESSSSSSS,” as she feels my cock open her wide and push in deep. “Fuck me… Fuck me HARD… Fuck ME…” I do as the lady asks. I fuck her VERY hard. The sound of my hips SLAPPING against her full round ass cheeks, is thunderous. I grab her swinging, bouncing tits. I love the way they jiggle and flow in my hands with each violent thrust into her.

I realize that I will not last long. I am just way to aroused, by how fucking sexy my mom is right now, and how lucky I am to have my cock buried DEEP inside her. Luck for me, she is just as aroused, because she turns to me and says, “I’m going to cum… I can’t stop it…” Then I feel her CLENCH around my cock and spasms rock her body. It pushes me over the edge trabzon escort bayan and I cum HARD. I feel spurt after spurt of my cum shoot deep inside her. I feel like I can’t possibly cum any more, and still I cum more. We both collapse against the bed. I feel like I could pass out, just like that. However, my poor mom is crushed under me, so I force myself to get up and lift her up so she can lay comfortably on the bed.

I take off her heels. I unsnap her stockings from her garter, and roll them down her legs. I undo the clasp on her garter belt, and take it off her. I get a wash cloth from my bathroom, and lovingly wash her thighs and pussy. She takes the cloth from me and cleans my cock and thighs. I tuck her into bed and curl up behind her. I feel her breathing get shallow, and I realize she has fallen asleep. I smile to myself, realizing that I finally got her to settle down, so she could be well rested for work tomorrow. I also got a great fuck out of it, I think, as I slip off to dreamland myself.

Chapter 2

In the morning, I am all business. “Get up mom,” I tell her, as I SLAP her on the butt. “No time to sleep in. This is your first day at a new job. You don’t want to keep the Boss waiting… He can be very HARD on you, if you don’t make him happy.” She laughs as she rushes off to the other bathroom, to shower and dress. I do the same, enjoying the privilege of being the Master, and of course rights to the Master bath.

After coffee and a light breakfast, we are in the Range Rover and on our way downtown to the office. I can’t help letting my eyes roam over to look at her as we drive. She is looking even better than she did last night. Now it is time to throw her a few curves. I tell her, “Mom, pull your skirt up. Spread your legs and show me that pussy.”

She looks at me shocked. She is clearly surprised and unnerved that I want her to do this, when she is so anxious about getting to work and worrying about what the day will bring.

“You heard me. Do it now. You need to learn that when the boss asks you to do something, you do it. You don’t hesitate. You don’t ask why. You just do it. Do you understand Miss Andrews?” I ask her, using her maiden name, to get her to start responding to it.

“Yes, Sir,” she responds and does as I directed her.

“Very good Miss Andrews. Now play with your pussy. Slip your fingers inside your pussy. Show me what a good slut you are Miss Andrews.”

I see a look of excitement take over her face, as her eyes get a far away look, and she starts to slide her fingers in and out of her clearly,VERY wet pussy. I try not to crash, as I can’t stop looking over at her. I see how excited she is getting. I see that she is getting close to orgasm.

“STOP. Take your fingers out of your cunt, Miss Andrews,” I order her. I see the look of desperation on her face. I can tell that she wants to continue with every fiber of her being… but she does as ordered, without question.

“Very good Miss Andrews. Maybe if you continue to be a good girl, I will let you cum later… MUCH later,” I tell her, relishing the look of dread on her face.

“Now, take your pussy covered fingers and rub them under your nose and across your lips. I want you to smell and taste your needy pussy all day. I want that to motivate you to be the best assistant to me, that you possibly can.”

I love how she lingers with her fingers under her nose, relishing the smell of her pussy. I see how she licks her fingers and sucks her juices from them. I love how much of a sexual person she has become. I love pushing her further and further, to see what she is capable of. With that in mind, I have one more surprise for her. As I pull into my parking spot, in the parking garage, I hand her the remote controlled vibrating dido, that I used earlier to train her. She looks at it, and I can see the look of dread on her face. She is already on the verge of cumming, and the idea of being driven crazy all day long, is almost too much to contemplate.

Seeing her hesitation, I tell her, “Go ahead. Put it in. You know what I want.”

She blushes and pushes it into her extremely wet and willing pussy. I can see the look of concern on her face, and I can almost hear her thoughts. She is clearly worried about how she will keep that inside her all day. I can see her worrying that it will slide out and PLOP on the floor as she is talking with some of her coworkers. I am SOOOO going to love messing with her all day.

I interrupt her worried thoughts and get her moving, “Come along Miss Andrews, we need to get upstairs. I need to get one of the other girls to get you set up with accounts, etc., so you can be of some use to me.” Then I lead her to the elevator that takes us up to the 32nd floor.

She has never been to my offices before, so she is overwhelmed by the number of people and the opulence of the offices. She is clearly not ready for the deference, with which everyone treats me. escort trabzon As we cross the open cubicle farm, my Office Manager, Tracy Mills walks up to me and says, “Good morning Mr. Wells. Is this the new girl?”

“Yes, Tracy. This is Miss Andrews. Jess Andrews,” I inform her. I use “Jess” because it always drove my mother crazy when people called her that. She always insisted on “Jessica”. She always said that women that went by “Jess” were either strippers or lesbians. I laughed to myself, wondering which one she was.

“It is so nice to meet you Jess,” Tracy says. I see my mother cringe slightly, knowing that she will be Jess, for ever more. I give her a ZAP with the vibrator, just to put a big old period at the end of THAT sentence. I see her eyes get wide as she shivers.

“Are you cold Jess?” Tracy asks mom. “They do seem to keep the temperature quite cold in here. It’s a good thing you have that blazer on. Maybe something warmer from now on, though, eh?” She says, rolling her eyes, as she notices my mother’s nipples are ROCK hard and poking through her bra and blouse.

“Tracy, be a dear and get Jess set up with accounts and show her how to access the appropriate files and calendars, etc.,” I say as I dismiss them and walk to my office suite. As I walk away, I give mom another quick JOLT. I see her whole body shiver again. I smile and think about what a great day it will be.

After about an hour, I walk around the office to check in with the troops, and to see where my mother is. I see her with a group of my employees. I notice that they are predominantly men. No surprise there. She is the new meat in the office, and the hounds are on the hunt. She hasn’t seen me yet, so I give her a ZAP and enjoy the way she visibly jumps. I see her face blush bright red.

Before anyone can react or say anything, I break in, “So, who is it, that is holding my new assistant up? I expected you to have checked in with me by now. Did Tracy get you set up OK?”

I love how the lesser animals scatter, when I stake my claim. “Sorry Boss, I didn’t know she was yours.” Yeah, no harm Boss. We didn’t know you were waiting on her.” “Yeah Boss, I got to get to a conference call now.” It is a chorus of apologies and attempts to get away before they are singled out, as the one who is poaching the Boss’ new girl.

I see the look of admiration and awe on her face, at my overpowering affect on all the men that were round her. The way they scatter in fear, arouses her. She gives me a sly smile. I give her a JOLT… a good long and hard JOLT. I see her grab the edge of a cubicle, because her legs get weak.

I grab her hand and say, “Miss Andrews, are you OK? I better help you back to your desk.” I then lead her with my hand on her back and the other holding her hand. I can feel her wobbling on her weakened legs. As I get her to her desk, I give her another good hard ZAP. She drops into her chair and GASPS out loud.

“Why don’t you get yourself under control, and then come into my office. I have a conference call in an hour, so I want to go over office protocols with you until then,” I tell her and then go into my office.

After maybe five minutes, she opens my door and walks in. I can see by the look on her face, that she is not prepared for the size and richness of my office. I have old school tastes, so I have a large cherry wood desk and impressive bookshelves, filled with leather bound books, as well as mementos and various awards for achievements. Along the wall is a comfortable leather sofa. And in one corner is a treadmill, an elliptical trainer and a multiple use weight lifting machine. However, what really makes her breath catch in her throat, is the wall of glass looking out onto Lake Michigan. Although there are other buildings between my building and the lake, none are high enough to block my expansive view.

“Do you like the view Miss Andrews?” I ask her.

“Yes, it is amazing. I didn’t even know views like this were possible here downtown,” she responds.

“Mmmm, yes, the view is amazing,” I tell her, as I am looking at her and not the window. She realizes this and blushes.

“I think we can make the view even more impressive. Drop the skirt, the blazer, and the blouse,” I tell her. She remembers my earlier correction, and complies without question. I love seeing her strip down in my office. She is not the first woman to strip in my office, and if I am honest, she will probably not be the last. However, there is something very special about having her strip for me here and now. This is my ultimate control of her. She has come so far from the cruel woman who resented my very existence. Her unquestioning obedience to me, the son, who she hated and wanted nothing to do with, it makes this moment so much more exquisite.

“Now, walk over to the windows. Lean against them and spread your legs for me.”

I see her hesitate for just a second, but then does as I directed. I see her looking around, to see if anyone can see up to my office, to see the woman dressed like she is in a porno movie. I know that no one can, but I know that she doesn’t know that. I relish the anxiety and excitement that is coursing through her. I give her one last JOLT of the vibrator. I see her legs give out and she barely keeps herself up.

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