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Subject: Bringing Home A Boy – 1 Disclaimer: Unless you are brand new to Nifty you know how this works. This is a work of fiction portraying consensual sex between a man and a boy. No real or fictional characters were harmed during the writing of this story. Do not read this if you are philosophically blind. If you are legally blind be sure to turn up the volume on your reader (thanks Fred!). If you are in a country or jurisdiction where it is illegal to read such material do not tell anyone what you are doing. We know you are doing the same things we do. We won’t tell either. If you are a minor, pretend you are in the same situation as the folks above and follow that advice. If this material offends you face the fact that you are here because it turns you on. After you get off, go seek professional help to deal with your feelings. (See the “blind” part above.) All constructive comments are welcome at ail. All flames will be ignored. Please donate something, anything, to keep Nifty going, and thanks to everyone who contributes. Keep ’em up! fty/donate.html I’m going to be honest, at least this time. I figure you are reading this for the same reason I wrote it. We crave beautiful, pubescent, curious, horny, young boys. The sight and feel of their smooth, lean bodies, the smell of their hormones, the sounds they make when they are laughing and excited, the moans they make when they are blasting their cum loads, all of it is ambrosia, the food of the gods, or at least those gods who crave young cum. I can never get enough of the sight, sounds, and feel of young boys, especially around 12 – 14. They are just too delicious to resist. I had collected pictures and videos of boys for decades, and on rare occasions even gotten into the pants of a few along the way when I was younger. But it had been decades since I felt the glory of touching a pubescent boy. Now that I was retired I knew what I really wanted was a boy I could not only touch intimately, but really access 24/7. Yeah, I’m that guy everyone is warned about in the news. I remember reading stories of Chester The Molester and wanting to have my way with lots of boys just like he did. Of course, I knew that wasn’t likely. In fact it was downright dangerous given the gulf between fantasy and reality. However, I figured if I could get one boy, someone who wouldn’t be noticed, one who would not have any adults looking after him and checking up, and at the same time lonely enough, desperate enough to accept my advances, the kind of kid that would be left totally submissive to my own devices and desires, then I would be set up nicely. God help that kid when I find him because I was going to be all over him like rust on an old bench. Muahhaha! My big break came when I saw a news story about a local home for boys. The reporter was talking about the urgent need for foster parents, and kids needing adoption. I was sure they wouldn’t accept single, older men as foster parents, but I thought if I volunteered it would bring me closer to the kids and maybe I could find a way to get at one. So I went to the local group home, told them I saw the news story and wanted to help somehow. They welcomed volunteers so I was soon doing all kinds of stuff; going to the store to buy food, driving on trips and appointments and shopping, just making myself as useful as I could. One day they held a picnic, as they do every now and then to bring kids and prospective fosters together. Mostly everyone stayed outside or downstairs. I thought this was my chance for a little fun. I wanted to sneak upstairs in hopes of maybe finding some cum stained underwear. I figured I would say I was going to the bathroom if I got caught by anyone. That was how I found him. Just at the top of the stairs a door was open. The boy was standing in the middle of the bedroom. I thought he looked around 12 or 13, on the tall side for his age, maybe 5′ 5″, with a perfectly proportioned gymnastic body, long legs, overall slim and fit wearing only underwear. Like most institutions this group home was practical with no sense of style. So the underwear was white cotton briefs, not boxers. That is the underwear konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort I love. It’s meant for sexy young boys. His ass looked perfect. Firm, small, dimpled globes so well shaped that even in the briefs I could see he had an awesome cleft between his asscheeks. I was stunned by the sight through the open door. So stunned, in fact, I didn’t realize he was standing in front of a mirror and saw me checking him out. Our eyes made contact in the mirror. Then he turned around and I saw the very full package between his legs. It looked huge simply because he was so slim. My mouth went dry. He stared at me as I stared at his basket, both of us in silence. Then he slowly reached to pick up a towel, and walked out of the bedroom, past me, and approached the bathroom. I was rooted to the same spot the entire time. At the door of the bathroom he paused, looked back at me, then walked in and closed the door. Not a sound was made between us. I remained frozen for another minute or so. I went outside after I recovered my senses, and control of my body, already wondering if I had pushed my luck too far. The way I stared at him he had to know exactly what I was thinking. However I couldn’t tell from his expression what he was thinking about me. He was exactly the kind of boy I desired, but I knew I couldn’t try anything without risking exposure. I got a drink, and a burger and hot dog from the grill, exchanged pleasantries with the people who made eye contact, and walked over to an empty table to sit and eat. I looked around watching the boys in the yard and the adults they were talking with. Then I saw him again. This time he was dressed in shorts and a tank top, in line to get his food. He was definitely as hot fully dressed as he was in his underwear. Studying his appearance I thought he looked like a version of the actor Case Walker. I felt my cock swell. I watched him carefully and gradually realized he was not talking to anyone. Some orphaned kids don’t really interact much with their peers, but almost all talk to the adults around them, no doubt trying to be engaging in hopes of adoption. But not this kid. There was an air about him that said either, “leave me alone.” or, “I’m too old so I give up any hope of adoption.” That thought made it all the more amazing to me when he looked around, spotted me, and brought his lunch over to sit next to me. I was nervous, but good manners are the best armor. At least that’s what my mother told me. “Hi there. I’m Rob.” I extended my hand, and he shook it. The touch sent a jolt of something like electricity throughout my body. I know this sounds stupid, and I don’t believe in fate. But I had an incredibly strong sense that this was indeed the boy I had been looking for. Somehow maybe he was the right one for me. If I had any doubt about that he erased it in the next two sentences. “I’m Joe. I know you like my body, and you can look at me more if you get me out of here.” That was it. No preamble. No skirting around the issue. No testing the waters. He put the deal on the table, and I knew my response was going to make or break it. I knew he saw me for exactly what I was, and he obviously knew what I wanted from him. The only problem at the moment was I was too dumbfounded, too nervous, to answer at first. He stared into my eyes, into my soul in fact. “I… I… um… I mean… uh… Well… I… I…” He looked at me and I felt the heat of my face blushing. Sheesh! It was like I was a kid in grade school asking someone to dance for the first time. Then I thought to myself, “Idiot!!! This is EXACTLY what you’ve been wanting all your life and dammit, Rob, don’t fuck this up now! He’s hot, he’s willing, and you are never gonna get a better opportunity than right this moment.” My lust ruled the day. Taking a deep breath I raised my eyes to meet his steady gaze. “I doubt this place would let me foster you. But maybe there is a way we can spend some time together and satisfy both our needs.” That was the best I could do, and he seemed to recognize that. He simply nodded his head then came konyaaltı otele gelen escort around to the same side of the picnic table to sit next to me and countinued eating. When he was done, in about five seconds it seemed, he sat back, and put one foot up on the bench. The leg of his shorts fell open along his thigh. I was a deer in headlights once again. Seeing Joe’s smooth, creamy legs up to his thighs would have been enough by itself. But seeing his loose gym shorts fall open to reveal a sneak peek of his undies again made me rock hard in one second. This kid had sealed the deal by showing me another glimpse of his precious package. Also, like a master showman he did it without giving away everything. I was dumbstruck. I somehow tore my eyes away from his groin to meet his eyes. The look on his face told me he knew what he risked, and still confirmed giving me what he knew I wanted. The tension became physically almost too much to bear. Feeling my drooling mouth and seeing our empty plates I had an inspiration. “Let’s get seconds and talk some more. Ok?” He nodded in agreement and stood up. My eyes were immediately drawn back to his groin. But somehow I held it together to stand up and follow him back to the grill. Of course what my eyes really followed was Joe’s cute ass knowing full well how little was between those basketball shorts and his perfect bubble butt. My mouth watered again. I felt like the eyes of the world were on me. Yet somehow I got through the rest of the event. Joe and I talked more and got to know each other a little. He had entered the system after the state terminated his addicted parents’ rights on account of neglect and substance abuse. Because he was already nine years old at the time, and both parents were still alive, no families were interested in taking him on. His story brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t try to tell him it would get better, or try to match his life with my stories. I just listened and acknowledged his pain. I saw in his eyes he knew how much I felt for him. Before too much longer the picnic was over. I stayed to help with cleanup. I was more determined than ever to make myself indespensable around here in hopes of spending more time with Joe. He also helped with cleanup unlike most of the other boys. We made repeated eye contact in the process and my heart fluttered each and every time. Many days passed before the next opportunity came along. I continued volunteering every chance I had. This day Gloria, the site manager, was talking to me as we discussed the next grocery run. She complained how the evening supervisor had gone on leave with a new baby, and she was scrambling to find coverage between the daytime and late night shifts. It was just a few hours, 5-9pm, and only required being present for dinner then staying until the overnight supervisors arrived. I sensed my opening and volunteered to fill in while she found a permanent replacement. I knew it would bring me closer to Joe. She was thrilled at the help, had me start immediately, and introduced me to all the boys. The home could serve twelve boys at most, but with the youngest getting foster families, and the oldest being discharged or moved elsewhere at 18, there were only five boys living there at this time. Of course most had seen me at one time or another from my volunteer efforts. I was most interested in Joe’s reaction. He was cool about it. Like the other boys he appeared totally indifferent. My first evening everybody went about their normal routines. Most of the time the boys fed themselves. There was no formal dinner, and so no need to supervise anyone directly. I ate my dinner, then entered the den and turned on the tv. I was basically there in case of some emergency. I was flipping channels and settled in on the sofa when Joe entered the room. He had a blanket wrapped around him. “Can I sit here and watch tv?”, he asked. So polite, even though he actually lived here while I was the temporary help. I shook my head yes. Joe looked back to see if anyone else saw us together in the room, then he opened the blanket and showed konyaaltı rus escort me his body. He was wearing a tee shirt, the customary tighty whities, socks, and nothing else. My eyes locked in on his basket. Joe gave a shy smile and quickly moved onto the sofa. He sat right next to me and arranged the blanket over both of us. I could smell him, all hormones and body spray. The heat from his body made my dick stir. I moved the hand on my leg next to his bare thigh, my heart pounding. This was it. Time to test the waters. I laid my hand on his bare thigh, thrilling in the feel of his smooth skin over light muscles. I think I stopped breathing. I gently began moving my hand back and forth, caressing his thigh from his knee up to where I knew the goodies lay, increasingly taking in more and more of his inner thigh, and going higher until the back of my hand brushed against his pouch. For some seconds I didn’t move from there, just letting us both soak in the intimacy of our contact. Joe made the next move by shifting his whole body away from my hand and the space next to me. I thought surely I had gone too far, but before I could panic he make it plain he was fine with my attentions. Joe rearranged his body to lay his head on my lap and pulled the blanket back over his body and my arm. “Let’s watch a movie, ok?” No argument here. I was intoxicated with this boy so close, and so obviously giving me the green light to check him out. I stopped holding my breath. Something special was happening and I wasn’t going to spoil it. I can’t tell you for certain, but I think we watched the movie Avengers or something like it. The reason I can’t tell you is because my entire focus was now on the boy. I started feeling his chest over the tee shirt, gradually sliding my hand lower to feel his tight abs, and then going back up underneath the tee to feel the smooth skin of his chest. My fingers brushed over his nipples which were coned shaped nubs. Touching this willing boy there was no way I could stop myself even if a tornado was coming. I glanced again towards the doorway as I slid my hand back down his chest not stopping until I had my hand over his bulge. He opened his legs and I told firm hold of his cloth covered sex. We both sighed. I rubbed his full package under the soft cotton of his briefs. He was hard. Joe opened his legs a little wider as I groped him. Pure gold!!! I slid my hand back to his waist band, and he pulled it away from his waist. There was no mistaking the invitation. My hand slipped inside his underwear. My fingertips brushed the silky patch of pubes, and his stiff tool rose over my fingers. I moved my hand again to take firm hold of his hard cock. Of course I couldn’t see it under the blanket, but it felt really big. In fact in my fantasy cum true it felt enormous. My fingers brushed over his smooth ball sack and then determinedly gripped his boner to begin wanking him. Joe’s eyes were closed, not even pretending to watch the movie. It didn’t take long before I felt the wetness coating my fingers. Such a precious, delightful, long desired moment. The upper half of his body on my lap, the blanket covering our play, my hand in his undies stroking his hard cock. He began rocking his hips gently at first, then harder as I squeezed and milked his young dick until he suddenly froze. I felt his dick spasm with his orgasm. I kept rubbing my hand around the head trying to scoop up all his cum. He shuddered and moaned as I overstimulated his prick. I took out my hand, wet with his jizz, looked at the pearl jam, smelled, and licked it clean. The sweetest taste ever. It was heaven. Joe had reopened his eyes and turned his head to see me eating his cum. His eyes were wide as he said, “Cool.” It occurred to me that I was probably the only person who he ever saw eating his spunk. I immediately became embarassed, thinking again that I just crossed a line that would get me fired, arrested, or shot. Can I be fired from a volunteer position? It didn’t matter. Joe got off the couch even though the movie wasn’t over. He looked quickly at the door, then opened the blanket to show his body again. This time I could see that his briefs were wet from our play. “Thanks.”, he said. Joe wrapped the blanket around himself again and left the room. Once again I sat in stunned silence before realizing I was still sniffing my hand to smell the boy’s fresh jizz. I savored the taste. Oh yeah. This is exactly what I wanted. I was determined this would not be the only time we played. To be continued…

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