Business Solution

Big Dick

Flash story, everyone over eighteen, just a quick story about men’s pursuit of women.


Business school in college seems always trying to think outside the box. Trying to find solutions for doing more with less. I was faced with another sort of problem, but it was a business solution that solved it for me.

In this big wide world, there are heroes, villains, good guys and bad guys, big guys and not so big guys. All out there, competing for one thing, and one thing only: pussy

At least, that’s the way of things on my campus anyway. And unfortunately, it seems to be that not so big nice guys might as well save up for hookers, ’cause that’s about all you’re gonna get, unless the girl in question is totally wasted through alchemy or alcohol. That seems to border on rape. The fact that many young girls put themselves at risk for that sort of thing is a very sad commentary.

So for a horny young lad like myself, I had to actually use my brain to get into some lucky girls panties. I decided to use business analytics to figure out a solution to my blue shaded testicles that did not include my right hand!

So I began to think of my problem in business terms instead of rudimentary-rutting- on-campus-101 terms. What do I want? What do they want? And how can I provide it better than the hard bodied jocks, or the trust fund babies, who seemed to have hot and cold running women at their beck and call? This called for my research and development team to come up with a good marketing plan to sell- ME! Or at least certain portions of me. Of course, I am my research and development team!

I decided on an untraditional way of doing market research. I would ask the women! Of course, everyone seems to lie, sometimes even to themselves, but for lack of a better idea…

Here were some of my initial responses:

“Fuck you, I’m calling security!”

“I have mace!”

“What kind of weirdo are you?”

“Don’t touch me!”

“Police! Police!”

Clearly I needed work on basic communication skills. Or bail money. So the direct approach does not appear to work for me.

I decided to try the stealth mode. I would go to the commons or the student union and listen to women’s conversations. This was easy as I had to at least look like a college student. Which I was.

I was very smart, and pulling a 3.95 GPA, so that was not that difficult. I just treated learning like a business as well. Business before pleasure, getting my work done on time and under imaginary budget. I still had time enough to do the research I needed. But it was not going very well.

What I initially learned about women’s conversations was:

They love shoes.

They kartal otele gelen escort love clothes.

They love to criticize each other, especially about their choices of clothes and shoes.

Any talk of guys was confined to who was going out with who, and she saw the cutest guy, or he’s a hunk. Talk about sex was almost non-existent. Probably the wrong venue, talk of sex being confined to dorm rooms perhaps.

While I was doing my listening, a very cute young girl came up and sat at my table. She looked about either eighteen or nineteen, ruby red hair and green eyes. Very slim, and a dazzling smile. She had those sexy bee stung plump lips.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Market research. I’m trying to figure out what women want.”

“Why don’t you just ask them?”

“I tried that, almost got arrested for asking impertinent sex questions. So now I listen to find out what women want. I have found out a few things:”

“They like high heels, but don’t enjoy walking in them. They love cashmere sweaters and seem to hate other women, but still wish to impress them. They like cute guys, and hunks, but I have heard no definition of either term. And smaller men, who are nice, may as well join a monastery for all the women they are gonna get. I guess I should get fitted for a monks robes.” The girl giggled.

“Well I think that you are cute, in a nerdish kinda way. My name is Annie. Annie Ashcroft.”

“Hi, I’m William A. Pollard, but I go by Tony. Pleased to meet you Annie Ashcroft. Not related to President Ashcroft of our college are you?”

“Yes I am his daughter. Is that important to you Tony?”

“No, not really, just like to know who I am chatting with is all. My dad is a lawyer, my mom works in finance. I’m getting an MBA, well after I graduate here. I might switch to pre-law, or pursue a dual degree.”

“So you are following in both of your parent’s footsteps.” She observed.

“Yes, I suppose I am. I never thought about it like that, but you are right. It’s just what interests me, and what I am good at. I have three businesses I have started at home, and they are all doing ok. It means I won’t have any college debt following my graduation.”

“Three businesses? That’s amazing! How do you run them from here?” She asked.

“Phone, fax and e-mail. I do have to go home very infrequently, but I am so lucky to have the parents that I do. More than once they have saved the day for me. I am very grateful to them for all that they do.”

“In return, they have not had to spend too much on my education. I may put my sister through school if need be. She is way smarter than me, istanbul kartal escort I suspect she will get a full ride scholarship.”

“I plan to have my first million by age thirty, and retire by forty-five. Of course, life is what happens while we’re making other plans, so who knows?”

“I do very well in school, but I can’t seem to grasp even a basic understanding of women. With women, I am flunking out. With women, I am very stupid.”

“Many men have tried that, and failed, miserably. What is it you want to know? Maybe we can help each other.” She looked at me as if measuring for fit.

“Well, I’ve decided to treat my difficulties as a business problem, and find a business solution. For my evil plan to succeed, I need to determine what women want, then find a way to give it to them. I am not a huge muscled jock, nor am I from money. I am at a severe disadvantage right off the bat.”

“Tony, you’re cute, and smart. A bit of a nerd, but it looks like you really work out a lot. May I?” Her hand approached my abs. She ran her fingertips all over my abs and pecs. She oohed and ahhed as she did so.

“Sure. Yeah, I work out, and I am into karate and self defense classes.”

“You take classes? In Karate?”

“No. I give them!” I said, “I help a lot of women that must defend themselves.”

“That’s so cool! You prevent tragedy from happening! What a nice thing to do.” She seemed sincere in her complement.

“I’ve been a nerd all my life, so out of a need for self preservation, I have had to develop a self defense repertoire. I like the idea of giving back, to help others defend themselves, it makes me happy.” I explained.

“Well, I can tell you what I like. I can tell you what women are not getting from their men that they would love. Is that what you are after?” She had a glint in her eye.

“Really? Just like that, and you can speak for all women? But I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. You are obviously a very kind person to even discuss these taboo subjects with me, and I am grateful to you. Might I propose a trade?”

“Like what? You want to be my sex slave? Oooh, I like the sound of that!” She smiled wickedly. She was still running her hands all over my body.

“Nothing quite so brazen, though I still might enjoy your charms later. How about I teach you self defense and perhaps some basic karate moves, then you explain what women want to me. If you have any girlfriends who might have something to contribute to the conversation, my offer would of course be extended to them as well. Would that be of some interest to you?”

“Buy me dinner too?”

“I would love to. I ahh, kartal rus escort well, the thing is…I sometimes get ahh… too excited around beautiful women. My body just reacts, and then I get very um, hard. I get very embarrassed and sorta self conscious and tongue tied. I apologize ahead of time.” My dick was getting hard. There was nobody around for a hundred feet as it was getting late in the day. We were in a secluded alcove and for the most part very alone.

“I saw. You shouldn’t be self conscious about having natural reactions to the opposite sex. I can take care of that for you right now, but I don’t want you to think that I’m a slut or a whore.” She unbuttoned and unbuckled my pants and pushed down my shorts. My rampant erection came straight out, hard as rock cock.

She looked at my hard dick and said one word: “Beautiful!” She stroked him with both hands as I watched her take my happy hard on into her wet and warm mouth. Her lips and jaw were a bit stretched. She could only take four or five inches in her mouth. She didn’t complain. She moaned throughout the blowjob. She looked me in the eyes as she sucked my hard dick.

“I’m going to cum!” I expected her to stop and jerk me or at least point me away, but she was determined to get my jism in her mouth. I came very hard, shooting a huge cumload into her succulent mouth. I pulled out when she choked and shot the last big blast on her lips and cheek. She swallowed as fast and as much as she could, but when she choked, some of my semen escaped out her nostrils. She pushed all my cum on her face into her mouth and down the hatch! I was still hard as nails watching her oral activities. She smiled and said, “Delicious!” She licked her plump cocksucker lips.

I picked her up, spun her around lifted her skirt and pushed her soaking wet panties out of the way. I took her, then and there, on the table. I entered her hot wet vagina in one long hard thrust. She shuddered and came very quietly. I fucked her through four huge cums until I couldn’t hold back anymore. I shot squirt after huge squirt into her spasming cunt. She turned her head around. She looked at me. She looked THROUGH me.

“That is definitely what women want! At least this woman, me.” We quickly redressed. I hope there were no security cameras recording our coitus for posterity! Speaking of nice posteriors, Annie is walking funny in front of me.

“Annie, I am so sorry that I hurt you! I can’t believe we just fucked in the student union. I do apologize for roughing you up. I’m so sorry Annie.”

“Oh, Tony, don’t you worry about that. Every woman alive wants that kind of hurt now and then. It’s a good hurt! Maybe you can take me to your bed and massage my pussy with that ramrod of yours again. My ass needs a massage too.” She smiled wickedly again! I really liked this sexy girl, I think she might like me too!

So my business plan worked, albeit in a sideways fashion. I may still try to understand women, starting with Annie. I’m going to study hard underneath her tutelage. Very, very hard.

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