Car Accident Ch. 02


2nd Day: Madame’ s beauty bath & Party

Next morning a bell woke me up. Probably the door, I thought. I’d better get down to see. I quickly dressed up and rushed towards the stairs. Then a harsh female voice made me stop.

-Slave! Come here you miserable worm!

It’s Madame! I said to myself. I’d better go quickly. I rushed to my room, took her slippers with me and ran to her bedroom.

I knocked at the door and entered the room. I knelt beside her bed and put her slippers on the floor. I was looking at the floor.

-Good morning Madame! Your Wish is my command! I said.

-Next time to be so late it’s going to be ‘My Wish your punishment’.

-I’m terrible sorry Madame, but I thought it was the door bell.

-So be it. Now bring me my breakfast; sliced toasted bread, butter and marmalade and an orange juice. And bring me my agenda, it’s downstairs by the phone.

I stood up and went downstairs to prepare Madame’s breakfast. After ten minutes I was going to her room with a breakfast dish and the agenda. I entered her room and stood beside the bed.

-Your breakfast Madame. I put the disk on the bed and knelt on the floor waiting. She tasted the orange juice.

-Good, fresh orange, as I like it. Prepare my foam bath, slave. I’ve decided to take care of myself first. You can prepare the party food later. Be careful, warm water, foam and salts.

-Yes Madame! I do as you please, I said and left her room.

I went to the main bathroom and opened the water, adjusting the temperature. The door leading to her bedroom was half opened. She was laughing on the phone. I couldn’t hear very clearly. From a few words I managed to pick, she was talking about a surprise get well party. She was saying that she had a small accident with an idiot, but she put him in place. That’s me, I thought. No, nothing serious. It’s going to be just a friendly female gathering. No boys allowed. They would realize the reason when they come. She’s OK now. No problem.

The bath was full of water now. I put some foam and bathing salts, took a couple of towels from the cabinet and placed them on the easy chair next to the bath tab. I hope I didn’t forget anything, I said to myself.

I went back to her room. She was still talking on the phone. I knelt by the bed and waited for her to hang up.

-Your bath is ready, Madame! I said in a soft obedient voice.


She pulled she blanket and lowered her feet on the floor. Before they touched the floor, I took them in my hands and kissed them passionately. She waited for me to finish, enjoying it very much I imagine.

-Your Wish is my command! I said putting her slippers on her beautiful feet.

She stood up and went to the bathroom ordering me to follow. She stood by the bath tab waiting for me to get her slippers off. Then she tried the water with the tips of her toes. She told me to draw the curtain. Then she gave me her clothes behind the curtain. She is naked now, I thought, and a strange warm feeling swept all over my body. I put her clothes in the laundry basket. She then ordered me to draw the curtains and help her with her bath.

She was lying in the foam water, relaxed, as beautiful as ever. I knelt by the bath tab and rubbed her long light brown hair with my bare hands, gently massaging her skin. She then gave me a natural sponge and I began scrubbing her back very softly. Yes she was very beautiful. She then lied down resting her head on a pillow by the edge of the tab and lazily offered me her leg. I was beginning to get wet already with all this water around me, but I didn’t mind. I rubbed both her legs with the sponge, working from thighs to soles, being very careful between her toes. I didn’t dare looking her in the face, but I was certain she was very pleased. Somehow I felt happy and proud for this. I also had the feeling that she was looking at me all the time.

She then told me to draw the curtain and fetch her a large towel, which I did. I gave her the towel behind the closed curtains.

-Open the curtains, slave!

I drew the curtains apart. There she was wrapped in the big white towel, water dropping on the floor. She looked gorgeous. I didn’t dare looking her in the eyes, but she certainly had the glamour of a real queen. She walked triumphantly and lied down on the easy chair.

-Fetch me a towel and wrap my hair, slave!

I fetched the towel and I wrapped her beautiful wet hair carefully.

-Don’t stand there stupid, come and dry my feet.

I took another towel and knelt in front of her feet, the towel spread on my lap. She lifted her right foot and I placed it on my lap, rubbing it softly with the towel. I was very gentle when working on her toe nails and between her toes. The nail polish was still shinning, but some very small areas on the tips of her nails were slightly discolored. Her feet had the scent of roses, from the foam bath I had placed in the water.

-Very good my obedient slave, she told me.

So far you are very good. I’m quite pleased with you. You will make a very good abidinpaşa escort dedicated slave. Don’t disappoint me.

-No Madame, I’ll never disappoint you. I’ll always do my best to serve you in any way I can.

I was drying the other foot when I had a glance in the mirror. There she was, lying on the easy chair, with me at her feet in total submission. She was really Cleopatra the queen, and I was becoming her obedient dedicated slave. Somehow I began to like the idea.

When I dried her feet, I bent to the floor and kissed them again

-Your wish is my command, Madame! My lips remained in full contact with her feet, as if I wanted this kiss of submission to last for ever.

-Well slave, you please me a lot with your behavior. It seems that you undertook your position very seriously and responsibly. I think we are going to get along very nicely together.

She lifted her left foot and let it rest on my head, softly rubbing my hair with her sole. Her touch was so tender, her sole so soft. I was still pressing my lips on her other foot, feeling really happy for the first time after the accident. She lifted my head with her foot and started playing with my face. She closed my eyes with her sole and started playing with my ears. She then started moving down and took my nose between her toes. I had to open my mouth to breath. She then started rubbing my teeth with the big toe. Suddenly she pressed her foot inside my mouth. Her toenails scratched my palate. She wobbled her toes inside my mouth as if trying to explore it. I had to open my mouth as much as I could in case my teeth hurt her skin. Then she took it out and lowered my face with her foot. She placed both her feet on my hands again waiting to worship her. I started kissing them passionately for a long time.

-This is your reward for satisfying me, slave she said. Consider my foot caressing as a token of appreciation. Now fetch me the hair dryer from the towel closet and dry my hair.

I did as I was told. I took a hair brush and begun brushing her hair drying them with the hair dryer. She had lovely long hair. It took me about half an hour, but the result was astonishing. I fetched a face mirror and she looked at it.

-Well done, slave. Now bring the manicure set and a couple of small towels. You’re going to treat my hands as well as my feet. From your progress so far, I think you can do it.

I took the foot stool and sat next to her, with the things she asked me. She told me to spread a towel on my laps and she rest her left hand on it. She told me that normally a proper manicure, or pedicure consists of more steps. I would learn them as we went along.

With her instructions I took a nail polish remover pad and carefully removed the varnish from her nails. She then showed me how to trim her finger nails with the nail file. I was never going to use a nail clipper, she told me. The nail file is much better, although it takes more time to finish.

Using the file I started trimming her nails, starting from the small finger. I tried to shape them according to her instructions, and I must say that I was surprised by my progress.

When I finished with the file, she showed me how to remove any dirt from underneath the nails with the special tool. I was scared I might hurt her, but luckily all went well.

She then showed me how to remove dead skin from the nail surface using a small brush, cotton pads and a small stick.

Finally she showed me how to polish her nails with the special polishing file. She told me that it was no time for me to apply nail varnish, since I might not be able to do it. But next time, she expected me to do it. She told me that I had to practice on my nails in my free time. When I finished polishing her nails, she looked at her hand and told me that I did a very good job, considering it was my first time. Indeed her hand looked very pretty, with her nails shining as if they were varnished with lacquer. I massaged her hand with hand cream and went on the other side to treat her right hand.

This time she didn’t had to tell me anything. I remembered everything and after some time, I was proud to have completed the first manicure on my Madame’s hands.

She now looked at both her hands, occasionally licking the tips of her nails, to see that the ends were really soft.

-Excellent, slave! I wouldn’t expect you to be so good. You certainly seem to have a natural talent of … being the perfect servant. So far I am very satisfied with your progress.

Now time to look after my feet. But before you begin, bring me a fashion magazine from my bedroom, on the bedside table.

I went to her room and in no time I was back, giving her the magazine.

I took the stool and sat opposite to her. I lowered the stool, so that she could easily rest her left foot on the towel already spread on my lap (I’m getting good at it!). She seemed occupied reading the magazine.

-Do you wish to remove the nail varnish, Madame? I asked.

-Yes. You do exactly as you did with my hands. adana escort Some other time I’ll show you the steps for a proper pedicure, she said and continued with her reading.

I looked in the mirror again. There she was lying on the easy chair, relaxing and reading the magazine, her foot on my lap. My figure was bent on top of her foot, in total submission. I actually found the scene very romantic and inspiring.

Maybe Madame was right after all. Probably my destiny was to serve her. Maybe I Did have a talent to become a personal dedicated servant. A talent that I never knew it existed, until this magnificent woman showed me the way.

I started removing the varnish from her toe-nails, starting from the small toe. I found it to be harder than treating hands, since the toes are shorter, and more difficult to keep separated. But I did my best not to annoy my Madame and disturb her from reading.

I soon discovered that the best way to handle toes was to hold each toe by index and thumb pulling it slightly upwards, thus separating it from the rest. Also that the best way to remove the varnish was to keep the pad pressed on the nail for some time, then pulling it away with steady pressure towards the tip of the nail.

I humbly asked my Madame if she could put her other foot as well on my lap. She did what I asked without disturbing her reading. I removed the varnish from her right foot as well.

When I removed all the varnish I was surprised to see that her nails were in perfect condition, with a healthy skin pink color. They looked absolutely lovely. No wonder why she told me she feels very proud of her feet. They were like ten small sweet lollipops waiting to be sucked! Isn’t it strange? I think I’m beginning to fall in love with my Madame’s feet! Can this me true?

I took the file and carefully started filing her toe nails with very gentle strokes softly blowing away the dust from her nails. I gave special care to every lovely toe. Somehow I believed they should all look perfect after I’ve finished with the treatment. Then I removed the dirt from underneath her toe nails and the dead skin from above, as I did with her fingers.

When I finished, I started polishing her toe nails with the polishing file, with soft gentle strokes. It took me more than an hour to finish just polishing, since I worked very slowly, watching not to cause any disturbance to my Madame.

But when I finished, the result was really astonishing. I really think I did a very good job. Her toe nails looked perfect in any aspect. I felt so happy! I then put lotion on her feet and gave them a soft relaxing massage all over.

When I finished with the foot massage, I couldn’t help but taking both her feet on my hands and kissing each of her divine toes separately.

By the time I was doing this, she stopped reading and watched me carefully. Then I gave her a passionate kiss on each of her soles.

-May I say Madame that I have finished?

She examined her feet. I heard her laughing slightly.

-Very good my humble slave! You’ve done a perfect job on my feet. Kneel before me.

She lifted her feet and waited.

I took the stool away and knelt in front of her feet in total submission. My eyes were fixed to her lovely shiny toe nails.

She extended her feet close to my face.

-Now slave for your reward. What better reward for a slave than to be allowed to show his appreciation to his absolute Mistress! You may kiss my feet to worship me and show your appreciation.

I took her beautiful feet in my hands and started kissing them all over. I kissed her toes, her ankles, her divine soles.

-Thank you very much Madame.

I’m your obedient slave. I’m so happy I was able to satisfy you!

-Enough with your reward, slave! She said pushing me away with her feet. Let’s go on with business. I’m going for a ride to town to get some fresh air. You’ll prepare what’s required for the party. Fetch me my slippers.

I crawled close to her feet and put her slippers on.

I followed her to the bedroom, where I was ordered to wait outside. Then she called me again.

She was standing next to the wardrobe. She was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of pants. I helped her with the rest of the clothes. Then she sat on an armchair and kneeling in front of her, I very carefully put her stockings on. Finally I fetched her a pair of black medium heel shoes from the bathroom and helped her put them on. When I finished, I kissed the tips of her shoes once.

-I expect lunch will be ready by the time I return, slave! She said and walked away.

Very soon I heard the front door closing behind her and a car driving away.

No time to waste, I said to myself. I went to the kitchen to prepare the party food. As I said before, her refrigerator was full. So I didn’t have too much problems making some good looking party dishes, with sandwiches, salads, cheese, ham, boiled eggs and omelets. I made lots of natural orange juice and put some more beer in the freezer from the cellar. (I discovered a small adıyaman escort door next to the refrigerator leading to it). I also made a special dish for my Madame’s lunch, using all my expertise and imagination. I then cleaned the kitchen and swap the floor. I went to the living room to make sure everything was in order. There was a buffet on one corner where I would put the food and drinks at the right time.

I then rushed upstairs to make her bedroom and clean the bathroom. It must have taken me more than three hours to finish everything. I was beginning to feel tired. My knees started aching from all that kneeling in front of my mistress. I only hoped that everything was in order and I hadn’t forgotten anything. I then went to my room to get some rest and phone my boss. My excuses didn’t satisfy him and he told me that if I wasn’t there till Wednesday, I might as well forget my job.

As soon as I hang up, I heard Madame’s car approaching. I ran to her bedroom, took her slippers and ran to the main door. I knelt and waited.

When she opened her door, I bent down, face on the floor.

-Your wish is my Command, Madame! I said.

-You silly slave, you scared me! She said with a voice showing surprise and satisfaction at the same time.

She walked in the living room and sat in the couch. I went after her kneeling again in front of her feet. She extended her feet towards me. After kissing her shoes, I took them off and very gently I put her slippers on, waiting for further instructions.

-I bought you a present, she said and handed me a book titled ‘How to treat nails’. Read it carefully. It’s got everything you need to become an expert on the subject.

-Thank you very much Madame, I’m grateful. May I take it to my room to study it later?

-Yes, you may, but don’t be late.

I stood up and rushed to my room with the book. I was back in no time, again kneeling in front of her.

-Fetch me my lunch, slave! She ordered. And turn the TV set on.

I brought her the dish I’d prepared for her and switched the television on, giving her the remote control. Again I knelt in front of her, waiting my orders.

She was slowly eating her sandwiches, watching TV, sipping some orange juice from time to time. When she finished, she put the dish on the sofa by the couch.

-I’m going upstairs to rest. You may do the same after you finish tiding up. In the evening I expect you to be at your best. DON’T disappoint me!

-No Madame, I’ll try to do the best I can.

She stood up. I followed her to her room, where she sat on the armchair, waiting for me to take her stockings off. Her lovely feet revealed to me in all their beauty. I couldn’t help but bending, taking then in my hands and giving them a kiss of faith and obedience. She pushed me away.

-Enough, slave. Help me undress. I want to get some sleep.

After some time she was lying on the bed, covered with the pink blanket. I silently walked away, closing the door behind me.

I went to my room to get some rest. I also managed to have a look on the book she gave me. I found it very interesting and very helpful. I should find time to read it very carefully, I thought. After an hours rest, I went downstairs to put all things in place. The food and drinks were now on the buffet, in the living room. I was so upset about the party to come. Would I be able to succeed according to Madame’s expectations? I sincerely hoped so…

It was getting dark when my Madame called me again. I knocked at the bedroom door and entered her room.

-Go to the kitchen, by the oven and turn the heating on. Come back quickly, she said still lying down on her bed.

When I came back I knelt by her bed. She took her feet out of the blanket and sat on the bed, waiting to finish my worship. After kissing her feet, I put her slippers on and help her to get dressed. She was not going to wear stockings. I was ordered to fetch her a pair of red high heel light shoes from the bathroom. She sat on the armchair again and I put her shoes on her lovely feet. I finally tied the laces around her legs. Her feet looked superb in every aspect. Her shiny toe nails appeared in between the laces inviting me to love them. Her ankles rested on the heels of the shoes, like small castles ready to be conquered. I kissed the tips of her shoes, and she stood up.

-You stay to your room until I call you by clapping my hands three times. I’ll open the door when my friends arrive, she said and went downstairs.

I went back to my room, thinking what’s going to happen during the party. Surely Madame’s imagination was so wild, that I couldn’t guess what she was going to ask me to do.

Soon the bell rang, and half an hour later I could hear laughs and female voices from downstairs. The stereo was playing some easy listening music. No doubt, I thought, she must be telling them her incident and how I was deeply involved from head to toes!

Then I heard the three claps! I was so upset. How could I stand to be humiliated in front of other women? So far it was between me and my Lady and I was beginning to like it. But now it was something different. I was going to be exposed. What if someone I knew, was in the party too? How would I face her? No time to think or even to worry, I said to myself and trying to be as calm as I could I went to the stairs.

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