Church Ladies Ch. 02


Jean awoke first and for a moment she forgot where she was. A moment of panic set in as she realized she was not in her own bedroom and that she was naked. As Lisa moved gently next to her, it all came back to her. She lay there for a moment feeling guilt and remorse. While it felt so wonderful, she did feel she had committed a terrible sin.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Lisa said, “Hi, sleeping beauty.” Jean blushed at the compliment and replied, “Hi yourself.”

Jean lay motionless as the pastor’s wife lightly caressed her arm. The room was quiet when Lisa said, “Are you, ok?”

Jean took a breath and said, “Lisa, I love you and I love what we did, but right now I am feeling guilty about what happened. We are both married women and we both know that what we did is, uhh you know, not natural.”

Lisa waited and replied, “Not natural? What we felt, what we shared was very natural for two people who care for, who love each other. I felt a bit of guilt at first but then realized that what we shared was beautiful and right.”

Jean objected, “But the Bible,…”

“I know what the Bible says, but are you sure that those ritualistic rules apply to us, or were they written for a culture some four thousand years ago? I’m thinking that maybe those rules were meant for others and not for people today.”

Jean was quiet for a moment and then said, “OK, I’m not sure you are right, but let’s assume for a minute you are right, what would our husbands say?

Lisa replied, “I don’t know, but then again I’m not ardahan escort going to find out.” She giggled as she completed her thought.

“Do you keep secrets from your husband Lisa?” asked Jean.

“I don’t tell him everything, and since I am not with another man, and since this was done with someone I love, and since it was not a one time event, I have no intention of telling him.”

Jean thought for a moment, looked at Lisa, and said, “‘not a one time event.’ Does that mean that you want to do this again?”

Lisa leaned over and placed a soft, moist kiss on Jean’s left nipple. Lisa then looked up and said, “I hope this was the first of many events between the two of us.” Caressing Jeans breast, Lisa waited for a reply.

Jean stared at the ceiling and said, “I’m a bit sweaty and maybe we should have a glass of wine and take a dip in your whirlpool before, uhhh our next event.”

Lisa rose and as she walked out of the bedroom she said, “You fill the tub and I’ll get the wine.”

Jean rose, took one wistful look back at the bed and made her way into the bathroom. She started the water running and lighted several candles. The scent of cherry blossoms began to fill the air. She lifted the seat, sat down, and let out the amber stream. It hissed agaaints the side of the bowl and just as she had finsiehd Lisa returned.

Handing Jean a glass Lisa said, “Good idea.” She traded places with Jean and as she let her own amber stream go she said, “Thanks for warming the seat.” ardahan escort bayan Jean giggled and climbed in the tub full of hot water. She settled back and waited for Lisa to flush and get in next to her.

The two women clinked their glasses and sipped. They sipped their wine and chatted about any number of things, including things that needed to be done at the church. Finally the wine was gone and both women put up their glasses. Jean turned toward Lisa and the two women kissed. It was a kiss of passion, a kiss of need. Their tongues danced in and out of each other’s mouths as their hands began to glide up and down each other’s damp backs.

Heads tipped in opposite directions the two women exchanged a long soulful kiss. They melt into each other and for a while they were not sure where one of them began and where the other left off. As they kissed they began to explore each other’s breasts. Gentle massages alternating with pinching and tugging on each other’s nipples only increased their desire.

Their passionate kiss was broken and as the two women looked into each other’s eyes, Lisa said it first, Jean, I love you.”

Jean replied, “Oh Lisa, I love you.”

As they grew silent one hand of each women slipped below the surface of the water and between the other woman’s legs. Their fingertips moved through the blonde curls until they reached the swollen lips of the other’s pussy.

They began to kiss again as they started to circle each other’s clits. Round and round escort ardahan the fingers moved. The small buds began to swell with arousal and soon Lisa let out the first audible moan. The women caressed each other’s backs as their fingertips probed each other’s slits.

As the women kissed, as passion grew fingers entered into each other. The soft folds of each pussy welcomed the fingers of the other woman into their pussies. Both women had masturbated but now they were touching the genitals of another woman. While it felt strange it felt the same. It felt right. Both women had two fingers inside their thumbs flicking up and back across the other’s clit.

The room became hot and steamy and not just from the water. Beads of perspiration appeared on each woman’s forehead as they masturbated each other closer and closer to orgasm. Probing fingers and dancing thumbs were taking their tolls on both women.

Breathing became labored and moans audible as the two women began to move their hips up and back. Clits became swollen and erect and then Lisa surrendered to Jean’s fingers. She gasped and her hips began to buck up and back agains Jean’s hand. Lisa was flying high through the clouds as her orgasm swept her away and as she was returning to earth, Jean began her flight into orgasmic frenzy. Jean came hard, her hips splashing water up the sides of the tub. Her voiced was strained as she grunted like an animal.

Too soon it was over for both of them. Cradled in each other’s arms, they leaned back and relaxed. Breathing returned to normal and Lisa said, “Jean, stay for dinner and then please stay the night. I want to fall asleep and wake up next to you.”

Jean looked at her with tears forming in her eyes, “Oh Lisa, that is so sweet of you and I would love to stay.”

The two women cuddled until it was time to make some dinner.

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