Copyright Theft


Sat slumped in his chair, his bedroom weakly lit by his monitor, Nick suddenly sensed that he’d struck gold.

A routine search for some fresh material to get off to had yielded nothing but frustration. Almost an hour had passed which was filled with cul-de-sacs and disappointment. Anything promising had turned out to be a dead link or the video would take too long to buffer.

But that was about to change. Spectacularly, in his view.

Around six months prior, Nick was introduced to a new forum where content from popular social media influencers would be uploaded. What he thought would be a boring repository where people reposted popular social media posts, with no nudity, couldn’t have been further from the truth.

In short, the forum was a goldmine of premium adult content featuring world famous influencers and the most popular models on paid content sites. It boasted access to softcore nudity, hardcore sex and everything in-between. Even celebrities wanted to board the gravy train, some even dared to post nudes behind the apparent safety of the paywall. To obtain the content, the forum’s users didn’t hack a single account. Instead, the users would subscribe to their favourite models and simply share the content together on WeakLeaks.

Understandably, the adult industry was furious.

But on this night, Nick couldn’t care less. After logging in to WeakLeaks, an alert prompted him that new content had been added for six separate models that he had been tracking. When he clicked through to view the names, he was stunned to see a name that had eluded him for so long.

Emma Mendez.

Completely ignoring the other prompts, Nick sat up and felt a familiar rush. Over the previous six months, he’d managed to see all of his favourite models completely disrobed. Except, of course, for Emma. Each time he’d managed to finally track down nudes from his favourite models, the feeling of triumph and excitement was incredible. Addictive.

The servers hosting the WeakLeaks website were notoriously slow, so the few extra seconds it took to load the image thumbnail felt like an eternity. It was a single image. Nick hadn’t noticed that he was holding his breath in anticipation, but let out a soft gasp once the image preview confirmed it was real.

A notorious tease, Emma wasn’t like the rest of Nick’s favourites. She didn’t have four million social media followers, nor was she a household name that was often written about in the tabloids. Like Nick, she was Scottish although exactly where was unknown to him. She had barely over 100k social media followers and had made some appearances on late-night cable channels in the UK where she never went fully nude.

Emma had built a successful niche as an adult performer who had incredibly tight control over her content. She’d hired a company to register an immediate DMCA copyright claim whenever anyone tried to share her content. Other fans of hers Nick had met online had spoken of Emma applying permanent bans to any users attempting to screenshot her paid content, with no refunds.

Hurriedly clicking on the thumbnail to enlarge it, Nick was blown away. Standing with her back against a brick wall, long black PVC gloves stretching far past her elbows, dyed blonde hair tied up in a ponytail, black leather boots with the tops resting mere inches from her hips with only a sliver of thigh remaining visible. A small metallic zip dangled just an inch or two away from her groin. Emma’s right arm reached teasingly behind her head, her back arched, thrusting her mesmerizing bare enhanced 30DD breasts into full view. Emma was biting down on her swollen bottom lip as her gloved left hand groped her breast with authority.

Meanwhile, the foot of the image contained the unmistakable premium website watermark which struggled to extinguish the heat from the picture.

After a few seconds to drink in every little detail, Nick hurriedly saved the picture and added it to a dedicated folder. His heart racing, he felt that rush of triumph starting to course through his veins.

After months of contemplation, Nick could never pinpoint exactly why Emma always drove him crazy. She wasn’t high class or polished. If anything, she was common. She spoke with a strong Scottish accent, just as he did, but her voice had a faint huskiness which gave her an air of raw sex appeal. Unlike the girls he’d meet locally in the pubs and clubs of Glasgow, she’d indulged in obvious cosmetic surgery procedures. Her breasts were incredibly prominent, seemingly firm and bolted on tight, which he absolutely adored. Her lips were also plumped-up, but in a more subtle manner giving her a signature bee-stung pout.

But her face was strikingly beautiful. She was easily the match of any successful international influencer on social media, but her body was simply custom-built for sin.

After months of fandom, he’d figured that it was perhaps the prospect that Emma was a normal girl from a working-class area in, or around, Glasgow. çorum escort One who’d conceivably go to the same nightclubs as he did. The illusion, or delusion, that any guy in Glasgow could bump into her one night and get lucky. That she was, in some way, obtainable.

Mere moments after feasting his eyes on Emma’s wicked curves, Nick clumsily yanked his shorts and boxers down to release the strain on his cock. Already throbbing at its absolute peak, he took himself into his hand and started pulling at a furious pace. The smoothness of Emma’s tanned skin was captivating, with that sinful gloved hand squeezing her own breast so tightly. He could barely cobble together a coherent fantasy before he’d already brought himself to the brink.

In his haste, he pieced together the image of a gloved hand reaching down and placing his hand on her firm breast, before Emma dropped her head and brushed her lips against his.

Even Nick was surprised at how quickly, how furiously, he erupted at the very thought. A grunt escaped his throat as he had the strongest orgasm that he could remember. It was the perfect storm, finally getting his hands on Emma’s closely guarded content. Months of searching and finally he’d found his prize.

After a few minutes, he gathered his thoughts and cleaned himself up before the idea presented itself to him. Who else had seen this? Could he be the guy to show them?

Perhaps the worst habit Nick had picked-up since joining WeakLeaks was that he enjoyed sharing the sought-after content on social media. For the uninitiated, the largest porn subreddits would routinely be flooded with adult content from the most popular models. Only a small percentage of users had access to WeakLeaks and would receive thousands of “upvotes”, essentially the website’s form of a social media “like”, each time they uploaded a hot picture or video.

And for the last six months, Nick was one of them.

He’d started with the intention of seeing which models’ content would attract the most attention, simply out of curiosity. But over time, he’d be flooded with praise from other users who appreciated the content. His posts were regularly gilded and his profile had attracted over 25,000 followers. The moment he’d just enjoyed with Emma’s picture was something that he was enabling for thousands of people all across the world.

Despite gaining over a million total upvotes since he started, Nick didn’t want to stop. He loved the attention and it was a pleasant distraction to the various stresses of his studies. The worst-case scenario was that a model’s legal team would submit a DMCA copyright strike and a post would be removed. Avoid too many strikes and his account would remain active.

His only rule was that every post he made would remain active for only 24 hours. After a famous social media model launched a high-profile legal case against those who shared her content, Nick didn’t want to take any additional chances. But Emma’s picture was absolutely incredible. He lasted all of five minutes before he crumbled and decided to share it.

He glanced at the clock in the bottom right of the screen, it was 11:07pm on a Tuesday night. Nick had some classes the next morning and needed to get up early, so he decided to upload Emma’s picture and go straight to bed. The only question was which subreddit to choose?

One of the largest subreddits for NSFW content was “Goddesses”, but it insisted on the model’s name being used in the title. The trade-off was clear, Goddesses offered the maximum exposure which would harness the most upvotes, but the post would be indexed with Emma’s name. Still giddy from his orgasm minutes prior, he made a few clicks and Emma’s picture was the newest addition to Goddesses.

Already he let his mind wander and tried to predict what kind of response the post would get. Emma wasn’t a household name, but that wouldn’t stop the post from doing really well if it was scalding hot. One of his favourite outcomes would be people showering him with praise for “discovering” a model that hardly anyone knew about. Before long, he was in bed and fast asleep.

The next morning, Nick overslept and didn’t give himself enough time to get ready. After rushing around, he left the flat and made a beeline to the train station to get to class. Sitting through an impenetrable two-hour seminar on Scottish law became a painful chore and as soon as it was over, Nick was on his way back home. When he caught the train and found himself a seat, he opened his social media app to check on his profile.

The first thing that reminded him of the night before was the explosion of notifications. Emma’s post was sitting

in the “hottest” category of Goddesses and already had over 4,000 upvotes and 100 comments. It had only been just over 12 hours and Emma’s post was on course to break Nick’s previous record. The comments were unanimous in their praise, most demanding to know who this girl was and asking for links denizli escort to her social media. The few that were already familiar with Emma were incredulous, having also been waiting forever to finally see her naked.

It was a rush and it felt good.

When Nick got home, he started preparing a quick dinner and prepared to get settled for the evening. He was in a two-year relationship with Kirstie, who he’d met in his first year studying law at Glasgow University. Both were 22 years old and much was expected of them both when it came to their academic performance. As a result, they didn’t spend every waking moment together between classes and Kirstie working a part-time job as an administrator in a City Centre architecture firm. For the last year, they’d settled into a comfortable routine where Kirstie would stay at Nick’s small flat three nights per week.

And Kirstie was nothing like the models that Nick was following. A slim, petite brunette standing 5’2″, Kirstie was undeniably pretty but was far more wholesome. Her 30B chest was modest and while she was in great shape, it was Kirstie’s ass that attracted most to her. It didn’t take long for Nick to notice the effort Kirstie put into their intimate moments. Energetic and enthusiastic, Kirstie was no prude and they would occasionally watch porn clips together, but Nick still wanted to keep his habits private so he never discussed them with her.

Nick knew that Kirstie was working that evening, so he was going to cast an eye over some academic journals and start planning for a challenging piece of coursework.

Meanwhile, Emma was returning from an afternoon in the gym when she received a text from her friend, Emily, who also worked in the adult industry. The two were frequent collaborators and were savvier than their counterparts who were often slow to respond when their copyrights had been stolen. Emma was walking up her driveway when she glanced at her phone and saw a screenshot of Nick’s post. Naturally, she was livid.

Slamming her front door, she marched into her home office and booted-up her computer. It was only a screenshot on her phone, as opposed to a link, so she needed to understand how this could have happened. Emma and her DMCA team knew the NSFW areas of social media like the back of their hands, but Goddesses was the largest NSFW subreddit and very easy to keep track of. Once she was online, Emma visited the website and went ballistic.

From a business point of view, Emma’s strategy was to tease as many fans into paying for a subscription, while preventing them from then sharing that content. She charged £10.99 per month and here were over 4,000 potential customers getting to enjoy her content for free. She’d suffered small leaks before, but hardly anyone had attempted to share her content before, let alone had one of her pictures go viral.

Immediately, her attention shifted towards whoever had made the post. The username was RKentfan55, which Emma clicked on and saw that the profile was one of the most upvoted that she’d ever seen. Curiously, no posts older than a day or so were still active but, clearly, there wasn’t anything there that could identify the account holder.

Opening a Google tab, Emma started searching for variations of the username and wasn’t having much joy. She knew the username was a reference to the Glasgow Rangers football team, who dominated local media coverage, so, after adjusting some of the search settings to be more targeted to the Glasgow area, she noticed a football forum where the same username had posted around a year prior. It was also dedicated to Glasgow Rangers, and the username included a link to his social media account.

Nick’s main social media account.

She opened his profile and took in the details. Nick stood 5’10” tall and looked to be in good shape. He had an athletic body but looked fairly young. His account informed that he was only 22, a full six years younger than Emma’s 28, and his profile picture showed Nick and Kirstie on a beach enjoying a sunshine break. Emma’s anger didn’t lift much, but she felt a pang of satisfaction at having seemingly uncovered who had stolen from her. After tapping her fingers on her desk, she acknowledged that they looked to be a nice couple. They looked good; she’d certainly worked with adult performers who weren’t as attractive. She liked Nick’s hairstyle, long dark hair on the top and swept back at the front, with the sides shaved really short. His blue eyes were particularly prominent, but, again, he was young. Staring at her screen for the next few minutes, Emma started formulating her response.

He simply had to pay the price. Lifting her phone, she left a message for her legal team.

A few hours later, after leafing through his journals, Nick wanted to relax for the rest of the evening and spent a few hours surfing aimlessly through YouTube. It was only when he heard a notification ping from his phone that he noticed something strange. diyarbakır escort He had a notification from the website’s legal team informing him of a DMCA takedown, but to access his account immediately to take further action.

Immediately, he opened his bookmark and his profile was locked. He could navigate through his profile and see his posts, but he couldn’t interact with them. The only section he could click on was the messages tab which contained a lengthy post from the website’s legal team. He was informed that a DMCA claim had been made for Emma’s post, but that the complainant wanted to pursue the matter in court for copyright theft. Resultantly, Nick would not be able to modify, or delete, Emma’s post as it was considered evidence of the complaint.

Reading those words was as if someone had struck him in the chest with a sledgehammer. His lips went bone dry and he struggled to take a breath. Not knowing what to do, he frantically tried to click the delete button on Emma’s post, but the link was greyed out. Inactive. Protected.

Before he knew it, he stood up and started pacing his bedroom floor. The realisation of his mistake was monumental. He knew from his legal studies that a successful copyright theft case could see him subject to paying damages. How could he have been so stupid?

Soon, the panic shifted towards shame and embarrassment. How was he going to be able to keep this quiet? Was there anything he could do? After taking a few deep breaths, Nick decided to bite the bullet and attempt an apology, but there was no open line of communication with Emma or her team. All he had was a fairly generic message from the website’s legal team. Desperately, he went to Emma’s social media profile and thought about messaging her there, but he didn’t want to use his personal or private account to do that. Defeated, Nick lay in bed but was wide awake. Hours of tortured thoughts resulted in him not falling asleep until well after 4:00 am.

The next morning, Nick stayed in bed and felt ill with stress. He didn’t attend either of his morning classes and picked up his phone. His social media app had a single new notification which contained a message from an unknown profile. Sitting up in bed, he opened the message and was alarmed to see him greeted by his name;


Hello, Nick…

By now you’ll have been informed of my shock and outrage at the theft of my copyrighted material being distributed, without my consent.

After some investigative work, my team and I discovered your identity, where you study, who you’re dating…We know where she studies and where she works too…

Imagine how surprised I was to learn that you’re a local boy. Interesting…

There’s a small run-down coffee shop facing the alley on Bath Lane. The one you’ve pictured yourself at on social media.

Go there at 8:00pm tonight, get a drink and sit outside at one of the tables. I’ll meet you there and we can discuss just how much fucking trouble that you’re in.

Go alone. Failure to show up means I’ll instruct my legal team to drop the fucking hammer on you. Rest assured; you’ll want to avoid that.



The mixture of emotions was overwhelming. His anonymity was seemingly blown to smithereens. How did she know? He created a dummy profile with a placeholder email address and a non-specific username. And now she wanted to meet him? But under these circumstances? Immediately, Nick started reaching, frantically, for ways to get out of this. He had hours before the proposed meeting, but couldn’t think of anything that could help him. The day seemed to pass in a blur. With an hour to go, he pulled his coat on and slowly walked towards the train station.

It was a drizzly, cold autumnal evening in Glasgow. The rain fell slowly, but the air was misty and it was a fairly wet evening. As for the coffee shop, it faced onto a back alley of one of Glasgow’s busiest shopping streets, but the alley itself was grimy and usually deserted even during good weather. The coffee shop was flanked by the metallic shutters for industrial access to nearby pubs and shops.

As he approached the entrance to the back alley, he saw the outside seating where the meeting was to take place. Each table had an overhead cover and there was no one sitting outside. He scanned the length of the alley and couldn’t see anyone, but the occasional clanging of barrels and shutters advised that there was at least some activity. Nick was convinced that he could hear his own heartbeat. Was he really about to meet this girl like this? He started practicing his apology in his head and he knew that he’d be sincere.

With ten minutes to spare, he went inside and purchased a bottle of water and returned outside. The coffee shop had a small window facing out towards the alley, but there were only six small tables to choose from. He decided to sit at the furthest table from the coffee shop window, trying to remain as anonymous as possible.

Head bowed, too scared to look up in case he saw anyone coming, he muttered his apology under his breath. Time seemed to stand still for hours when he heard footsteps behind him. High heels click-clacking on the wet concrete. Then his heart skipped a beat.

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