Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 55

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Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 55The next weekend Deana came over and spent the weekend at our house, so I got to spend a lot of time talking to her. She and Linda got along great, and we spent about an hour in the game room as I showed her the outlines I had for articles that were not done yet.“Pete, these are really great. But you know I can’t be your editor anymore, right?”“Yea, dad mentioned that. Conflict of interest.”“Yea, but my boss said for me to just pass them along to him and he would do it himself. He really likes the articles you submit, each time it is a new way of thinking of things, and you are actually getting a lot of fan mail over them. He wanted me to offer you a permanent writing gig, with your own column every month. But I told him you were joining the Marines in a few months and will need at least a year before you think about it again.”I nodded. “Yea, that is about right. But I should have at least 8 other articles by the time I leave ready to go, so you can just run one of those a month, and I will see once I finish all my training where I am. I might be able to send them off then more regularly.”We talked a bit more about the wedding, and I said I hoped they were not holding things off because of my schedule. “Oh, nonsense Pete! Your dad and I already talked it through, and once you leave for boot camp I am moving in here. I will probably work out of the dining room until I can arrange to get an office down here, but we will make it work. We will have the wedding right before Thanksgiving, so you can be here with us.”“Oh Deana, you don’t need to use the table! Just use the game room in here. I can remove the leaves in the table there and make it smaller, and we can move most of the stuff out and you can set your desk up in here.”“But Pete, this is your room” she said.“Yea, and one that before long I’m not going to be using anymore. I’m gonna be serving for at least 6 years, and more than likely the absolutely closest I would be to here is Irvine, a 3 hour drive away. I might come up on weekends if that happens, but I certainly will not be living here. And odds are I’ll be even further away. Go ahead and use it, I’ll make sure most of my stuff is packed up before I go.”She gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek, and Linda gave me one also. The rain had stopped so Linda and I put on our jackets and decided to take a walk. “That’s a great thing you’re doing Pete” she said.“Hell, is not like I’ll be using the game room after August. This way she can use it, and I know the room will still be getting some use. I’ll just shove everything either in my room, or in the garage.”There was a small arcade on Van Nuys Blvd, so we went inside and played games for an hour or so before heading home. I had just walked in the door when my dad called me over. “While you two were out Mr. Cummings called. He wants you to run 2 public demonstrations. One for the solo Oubliette modules you made, and another for the multiplayer one. He said same arrangement as before. 2 room suite, all meals and $500 for expenses.”Linda gave me a big hug, and then Deana came out of the game room holding the cordless phone. “And I just got off the phone with my boss. We were planning on having a round table discussion about ‘thinking outside the box’, and he wants you on it. $500 for taking part in a 1 hour presentation, and a 30 minute question and answer session afterwards.”Wow, another all-expenses paid convention, and $1,000! “OK, tell him it’s OK. Looks like my last convention is going to be a busy one.”I called Holly and told her the news, and she said she would call Jack. Linda then called Mandy, and she said she was not going to go. Seems that weekend she and Chris were going to the beach, and we said we understood. Linda then called Peggy, and she said she could not make it either, her family was going to spend the weekend in San Francisco.Linda and I were cuddled on the couch in the game room, talking about the upcoming con. “Wow, so it will just be the 4 of us this time, the only difference is Jack instead of Keith. Seems like our last one together will be a lot like our first one.”“Yep, and I’m pretty sure Jack and Holly will have no problem sharing a room together. We are just gonna have to see where I end up stationed before we decide on any future repeats.”“Well, Holly and I can still get together. She’s only going to Long Beach, after all, we can still see each other on weekends. And I have a feeling that Mandy and Peggy would still like to go, this one was just bad timing is all.”I agreed, and Linda curled up into my lap and we spent the next hour just making out. All hands remained outside of clothing, and we were simply enjoying being with each other.On Saturday Jack and Holly joined us, and Deana sat in as we spent about 3 hours playtesting the Ranger familiar concept. Deana liked the idea, and added in a few suggestions for higher level Rangers. At 5th level they could start to sense the emotions of their familiar (fear, anger, curiosity, etc), and at higher levels they gained increasing control of them, even to the point that they could give commands and get brief mental images of what they saw. And at 8th level they could try for a second familiar, with the chance based on their wisdom.I spent the rest of the night writing up everything, and just before going to bed I handed Deana the finished article. She read through it and said it looked like I had another one they were going to publish.I then surprised her when I handed her several others. Creating random names with a phonetic chart, common magic items, and strange magic items (dagger of healing, a wood knife that only cuts wood, and the use of skeletons of other species as enemies, and a follow-up on “Dungeon Ecology”). She read one after the other, and said those were likely all acceptable also.“You know Pete, you just have this ability to come up with ideas that seem obvious once you point them out, but that nobody else seems to have noticed. I find it actually rather refreshing, to be honest, and most of our readers seem to think so also.”“I guess I’m just good at thinking outside the box,” I told her. “I read a lot, and just try to take a bit from here and a piece from there and put it together in a new way. I admit a lot of ideas I have actually stolen from other sources.”She nodded. “That is how it normally works. But you do it in a way that is almost always unique. Is there any way you can give me an advance peek at the new adventure you are finishing up? I have heard it is yet another new concept that nobody has tried before.”I nodded, and brought out “The Guild Wars” and set the player sheets on the table in front of her. This was also set up like a tournament module, where all characters were pre-made. She read through them as I gave the background. The city was an oligarchy, controlled by 6 different guilds. Farmers, Smiths, Merchants, Craftsmen, Men at Arms, all being the obvious ones, and the Thieves Guild being the 6th and hidden guild not publicly acknowledged.One of the 6 was trying to usurp total control over the town by undermining and even eliminating the other 5 guilds, and each party member was recruited from one of the guilds to try and uncover the guild that had gone rogue. She read through each of the sheets, and nodded a few times. “OK, I think I get where this is going. Kinda like you did in the last one. But who is the real traitor?”I smiled and pulled out 6 more character sheets. She read through each of them and gave me a puzzled look. “Wait, according to this, they are all guilty!”“Yep!” I said, nodding. “When the DM sets up the game, they will select one of the players to be the mole, and hand them the applicable sheet that I just handed you. Everybody else gets the first sheet. This way each game will be completely different, and only the DM and that one player will know who it is. This game can even be replayed since it is really almost entirely about the characters and not the setting. There are several alternate encounters in the gamebook, which will change depending on which is the guilty guild and player.”“Oh wow, this is really good! First you had the stooge that was forced into that role. Then you had a willing stooge that was actively trying to defeat the party. This time, anybody can be the stooge!”“Yep. If you notice, there is not a single ‘lawful’ character in the party. And only one good, they are almost all Chaotic Neutral. The Druid which balıkesir escort represents the Farmers Guild is the only one that is true Neutral. And the Men at Arms representative is Neutral Good. If any of them are the traitor, it will not violate their alignments as they place their oaths and dedication to their guilds above all else.“And there is even a section where you can play the game with all of the guilds being innocent, and the real guilty group is a hidden death cult led by an assassins guild. I think that would be a lot of fun if people are doing a replay, and are constantly looking at each other in suspicion. In that one they are all innocent, but will be suspicious of each other anyways.”“Oh my, that would be priceless to see! Everybody paranoid and watching each other, and being played that way by yet another group! I can’t wait to see how this all plays out for real Pete. OK, thanks for that peek. I am going to be writing up some notes in the next few days about it. I assume you are going to test it before you leave?”“Yep, Mr. Cummings is going to have me do a play-test at the convention over Easter Weekend. He has already tentatively accepted it, and so long as the test is not negative it will be published for release at the Memorial Day convention in Santa Barbara.”“OK, I was not aware of a con over Easter. Where is that one at?”“It’s in Oakland, and unless things change that is just 4 of us again. We are only going there for 2 nights, and not staying for the entire convention. But the Memorial Day one is going to be at LAX, and we will be there the entire time. I am kinda looking forward to it, as it will likely be my last convention for several years.”She nodded, and made some more notes. “OK, I will cover each of those personally, even though Northern California is not my usual territory. Jeff is our guy up there, but I doubt he will have a problem with my covering it with you being there. How were you going up there?”“We were going to drive up on Friday, do the test on Saturday, and return home on Sunday. He offered to fly me up, but it is only about a 7 hour drive, and we can spend part of the time exploring the area if I drive. Plus if I flew he would only cover my ticket, not that of any others.”We talked a bit more, and she then blew me away with her next question. “Pete, what day are you shipping out again?” I told her it was 31 August, and she smiled. “Would you be interested in doing a convention from the 18th to the 21st of August?”I thought about it, and nodded. “Sure, but I can’t remember any conventions that weekend. Which one is it?”Deana smiled. “GenCon.”Linda and Holly each gave a squeal, and I know my jaw dropped open. “Wait, GenCon, in Wisconsin? Who would pay for me to fly halfway across the country?”“Oh, I think between my company and Mr. Cummings, we can make this happen without a problem. We have at least 2 roundtables set up for the con, and I know that Mr. Cummings still has 1 open slot he has yet to assign. Let me make a few phone calls, and I will let you know later today.”Once she left, Jack looked at me and said “Would that mean me too? I could probably get my parents to cover the airfare if it does not.”Holly just grinned. “Of course. Pete’s standard agreement with Mr. Cummings always includes a 2 room suite, and all expenses for 4. That is because he was a minor, and goes nowhere without Linda and me. Of course, on paper the rooms are one for Linda and I, and the other for Pete and whichever male guest is along. But as you know we never stick to that.”We decided to sit down and play Dungeon, and an hour later Deana came in and asked me to join her in the dining room. My dad was there as well, and she pointed me to take a seat. “OK, I got Pete here with me on the speakerphone. Pete, we are on a three-way with Mr. Cummings, and Bob Fletcher, my boss. GenCon is a no-go, your dad said it is simply too close to your ship out date. But we have an alternative. How about Origins? This year it is going to be held in Detroit, July 14th through the 17th.”“Pete, I was already discussing the logistics of this with your dad a few days ago” I heard Mr. Cummings say. “We have already decided to push back the release date of ‘The Guild Wars’ until July, and instead use the Memorial Day convention as a second playtest. This is by far the most complex module we have ever released, so one more test would be a good idea.”I agreed, and told them I had no problem with that. We talked for a few minutes, and decided a 3 hour block would be best for the public play. “But I want Jack to be the traitor in the group” I said, getting a double take from Jack as I said that.“OK, but why Jack?”“Well, we have done games with Holly as Kaos. We all know there are bootleg tapes of that game floating around. And I am pretty sure that Linda is also well known enough that I can not use her either. For this it should be best if I can coach the traitor in advance, and figure out how to do it without being obvious to the others. They can just work off a cold read, since they will be playing things straight. But for the public display, it would be best if the traitor is not done cold.”He quickly agreed. “Pete, this is Bob here. There are 2 presentations we want you involved in. The first is the end of the first day keynote, going over most of the articles you have written in the last year. ‘Thinking Outside the Box’ is going to be the subject, and we would like an hour of you going over your various ideas and how to install more creativity.“We also want you to participate in the end of convention keynote. That is going to be more of a roundtable setting, and a few awards will be given. We are thinking you might have a 5 minute speech prepared about how you came up with the Kaos setting, and maybe present one of the awards.”I said that would not be a problem. At that point, my dad spoke up as my manager and they started to discuss logistics and compensation. I smiled and waved at him, then said goodbye to Mr. Cummings and Mr. Fletcher and we all left the house. Jack looked puzzled as we all climbed into the Blue Whale. “You are not going to stay there and find out what you are gonna get from them dude?”I took Linda’s hand in mine and squeezed, and shook my head. “Nope. My dad is still my agent, and is going to remain so for several years to come. Since I have no idea where I will be in a year, it only makes sense that he still handles those kinds of things for me. I still have to sign off on any agreements, but by now he has become very good at getting me the best deals possible.”“Yea, I guess that makes sense. So what now?”We decided to grab dinner at a local pizza place, and as we waited we discussed going skating, or going to a movie. Jack and I let the girls win, and decided to see the new Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta movie. I went and grabbed a newspaper from outside and we quickly found a drive-in that was showing it. So with the pizza finished we grabbed some snacks and went to Northridge to see “Two of a Kind”.We all cuddled up with our girlfriends, and as much as I loved ONJ, this was by far her worst movie yet. She was almost an evil character in the movie, and the chemistry she shared with Travolta in their last movie together was missing this time. But we all agreed it was a decent movie. Tootsie was the second movie, and we all decided we did not want to see it again.Less than an hour after the movie ended, we were parked in a deserted park I knew of in North Hollywood. Holly and I had already had a conversation when Jack was in the bathroom earlier, and had decided that any petting would be restricted to a “Strong second-third base” level. Touching almost anywhere and everywhere, even to the point of orgasm for our respective partners. But nothing oral below the waist, and all under blankets and not obvious. Neither Linda nor Holly had a problem with that.So in a parking area under a large tree that blocked us from the street lights, Linda had me sit with my back against her door as she cuddled in my lap in front of me. Jack and Holly had a blanket over themselves, and I had a tape on the stereo I had prepared plating as we all started having fun with our lovers.Since Linda had worn a skirt that night it was not hard to bring her to 2 orgasms with my fingers, and it sounded like Holly had at least 1 in the back. Linda had just started to unzip my slacks when I saw a car pull escort balıkesir in at the other side of the parking lot and cruise our way slowly. The spotlight on the side scanning around the grassy area between the parking lot and the freeway told me exactly who it was.“Hey you guys, get decent. We got cops coming.”In the 2 minutes before they pulled up behind us we had all fastened any clothing that had been disturbed and were just talking as 1 cop walked up on each side. I rolled down the window, and I grinned at the cop.She looked at me and smiled, “So we meet again I see Mr. Culver. And I see you are still with your girlfriend, Lois?”“Linda,” my baby said softly. “We just wanted a place to have some privacy to chat with our friends here, and this seemed like a good place to do it in.”She pointed her flashlight in the back at Holly and Jack, as the other officer tried to open the driver door. Of course, I was not an idiot and it was locked. “Open the door now” he said, sounding a little perturbed.“John, that’s not needed. I have met these 2 k**s several times before, and trust me when I say that they are here with the permission of her mother, and never do anything other than fool around a little. He means what he says when he says that is all they were doing. I would still like to find out what other places they go to, I am sure there are some I would love to know about. Mr. Culver, you know what I am about to say, right?” she said, with a smile on her face.“Yes, Ma’am. The park is closed, we need to find somewhere else to talk and kiss our girlfriends.”“Got it in one, you win the gold star for tonight! Go ahead and get outta here, and be good you four.”I thanked her, and wished both of them to have a safe night. I was pulling onto the freeway when Linda started laughing. “Man, I thought we were dead!” Jack said, a look of amazement on his face. “So you’ve met her before I take it?”“Oh yes, what is it baby, 3 times?”“Four times,” I said. “She first found us in a somewhat compromising position right after we started dating. That one did not go so well, her mom was called and assure them that Linda was out there with her permission.”“Wow, they called your mom Linda?” Jack asked.“Yea. Of course, at the time I was only 14 so I can understand.”I nodded. “Yea, and a few months later she caught us again, that time I was consoling Linda because she had a rough day. Then there was one other time. But each time a cop came up to the car it was her, but this time she has a new partner. And because we were doing nothing other than making out at most, now she just gives us a warning and lets us go. She is actually pretty cool, I sense that mostly she is concerned that the girls are there willingly more than anything else. I’m just glad that it was her, and she knows us well by now. I would hate for it to be some other cop that we had nevermet before.”“Why is that?” Jack asked.Holly kissed his cheek, then softly said “Because Pete here is now 18, and Linda is only 16. Depending on how much they wanted to push and what they were doing, they could arrest him for statutory ****.”“Dude, that sucks!” And Linda and I both had to agree with that.But it was close enough to the end of the night anyways that soon I was pulling up in front of Linda’s house, deciding to take her home first. We shared a tender kiss outside the door and when she closed it behind her I drove Jack and Holly to my house. I gave her a big hug and kissed her cheek as Jack walked her home. And I could hear his car start a few minutes later as he headed home himself.When I walked inside the house my dad walked me to the table where 4 contracts were laid out. I signed each of them, and he told me that I had to get a copy of Civilization between now and the convention in Detroit. I told him it was not a problem, I had already bought a copy the year before. “Good, because Mr. Fletcher said that will probably win the award for best ‘Pre-20th Century Wargame’, and they wanted you to make the award presentation.”I nodded, and remembered how much fun we had playing that game. It certainly was different from any other board games I had ever played, and agreed that it was by far the best of the year.The next night Linda and I decided to take the night easy. We went to The Castle after dinner, and spent a few hours playing arcade games then a round of miniature golf before she squeezed my hand tight, rubbing my palm with her thumb. I had an idea what she wanted, and soon we were parked once again at the Japanese Garden. Tonight Linda was more aggressive than normal, and as soon as we were in the back she pushed me onto my back and pulled down my pants and underwear. After stroking me only a few times to make sure I was completely hard she took me deep into her mouth and started to give me a heavenly blowjob.She would bob her head for a minute or two, then simply take me in as deep as she could and sucked on my length, her tongue caressing the underside of my shaft as she looked up into my eyes. I kept one arm behind my head so I could look down at her, and the other running through her hair and caressing her face. And she continued this for almost 15 minutes, every few minutes alternating to a different style.But finally I felt her lips locking under the head of my cock and her hand pumping my length. So I knew she was ready for me to finish and I tightened the muscles in my groin to help me achieve my release sooner. Finally I moaned her name out softly as I came in her mouth, hearing her moans as she swallowed my gift to her.Finally she crawled up my body and we shared long soft kisses as I came down from the pleasure she had just given me. While I was recovering I rolled us onto our sides and between kisses I let my hands explore her back and side. Reaching down to her knee I would run my hand up her thigh, then the swelling of her hip with my fingertips reaching back to caress her bottom. Then feeling as my hand moved above her hip and the dip down to her narrower waist. Then moving outwards a bit as I ran up to just under her armpit, where her chest made a more subtle outward curve.I continued to caress her, sharing kisses and feeling her squirm at my touch. Finally I moved my hand forward, so it was now caressing the front of her thigh, and just grazing the crease where it met her hip and over her belly, to where I lightly caressed her breast before slipping down again. Without any urging she rolled onto her back and I followed, half resting on her as I continued a few more times before finally sliding my hand between her thighs.She parted them easily, and my hand was now against her hot wet center. I eased her lips apart, my ring and middle fingers slipping into her as I ground my palm against her clit. Every few strokes I would press my palm tight against her, grinding in a small circle on her clit and feeling her raise her hips to increase the contact, then resume slipping my fingers in and out again. I could sense she was getting close and went ahead and increased my speed and depth of penetration.Linda was moaning into my mouth as we kissed when I could tell the waves washed over her. My fingers were almost locked inside of her she was squeezing them so tight, and her hips were rocking faster as she finally peaked and I let my fingers simply rest inside of her until she finally recovered.We simply kissed and whispered tender words to each other for a few minutes, and I felt her reach down and pull my fingers out of her. Then reaching for my hips she pulled on them to guide me on top of her. I pushed a few times with my hips, and finally got my cock lined up with her opening. And with firm thrusts I worked myself into my baby. It took 5 or 6 thrusts until I was fully inside of her.After a minute or two I could tell that this was going to be one of those times that I knew I would be able to hold off for a long time. So deciding to tease her a bit I started long, slow, deep thrusts in and out of her body. After a minute or two I moved to where I was kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear, simply slipping slowly in and out of her pussy with long, slow, deep thrusts. Pulling out until only the head of my cock was inside of her, then sliding in again. But I resisted the desire to push all the way inside, stopping to where I was just short of grinding against her clit.Her moans were growing deeper and longer as I continued fucking her in this way. Between balıkesir escort bayan moans she would whisper into my ear how good it felt, and her legs moved up so her knees were bent, her thighs gripping my hips as I continued to move in and out of her.I was proving myself right as after almost 10 minutes like this I still had complete control of myself, and continued to simply slip in and out of her. Every time she tried to start rocking her hips to try and increase my speed or to push fully into her, I would instead push in almost all the way and just hold myself inside of her until she calmed down again. Then I would start thrusting again to the same slow cadence in and out of her.The 4th time I stopped I could hear her moan louder, and whisper “What are you doing baby?”“I’m just making love to the most wonderful girl in the world,” I whispered back, nibbling on her earlobe again. I would then start moving again, still refusing to grind against her clit, or speed up my thrusts in and out of her. By this time she was sloppy wet, I could feel her juices covering my balls as I continued to make the same slow movements in and out of her. I went ahead and started to move a bit faster, but still not allowing the base of my cock to make contact with her clit. She started to mover her hips more aggressively, to try and make her clit come in contact with me. Instead I moved my hips back a bit and knelt upright between her thighs, looking down at her face as I continued the deep thrusts without the contact she thought she needed.Her pussy was clutching me like a vise, and I could feel the flutterings inside grow stronger. Finally I moved up to a pace as fast as I could continue in this position, but still refusing to grind against her clit. Looking down into her eyes I saw her face was a mask of passion and lust. I reached down and held her hands in mine and squeezed them, watching her eyes roll back in her head and her moans increase.I was nearing the end of my stamina when finally I heard her gasp “Oh fuck!”, and she came. I pushed in deep, now grinding against her clit as she came around me. Her hands released mine and reached up pulling me down on top of her roughly as her lips crushed against mine, moaning and kissing me as pleasure raced through her body. Then a second wave came, and a third! Now I was not thrusting at all, simply grinding my pubic bone against hers, the base of my cock pressed tight against her clit.With a groan she grasped my hips in her hand and held me tight against her, gasping “Enough!”, and I stopped grinding. I kissed her softly over and over as she slowly came down, still embedded deeply inside of her but no longer grinding or moving.“Holy shit Pete! I thought you were going to kill me there! What were you trying to do to me?”I kissed her softly, then looked into her eyes. “I just wanted to enjoy being inside of you, and see if I could make you cum without any contact with your clit.”“Holy crap, I thought you were trying to torture there! I would get so close over and over again, but then it would just slip away. Trust me, it felt absolutely heavenly, but I can’t cum without at least some contact with my clit. I thought you were just trying to tease and torture me.”“Nope, never. It simply felt so good to be inside of you that I wanted to make it last is all. I am sorry if it felt like I was torturing you baby. But baby, you did cum without contact with your clit, it just took a very long time.”“Ohhh, I’m not really complaining. I think this is the longest single fuck we have ever had. Every time I tried to get more contact you just moved away, it was driving me crazy. And at the end, it was like I could not stop cumming. It was all I could do to not blackout at the end there.”I felt her squeeze down around me inside of her, and she moaned softly. “You didn’t cum yet Pete?”“Nope, this was all for you my love. This was a night for me to show my lovely baby girl how much I love being with her, and being in her, and feeling her loving me as I love her.”She pulled me down and gave me a deep hungry kiss, her tongue thrusting deep into my mouth and trying to give me a throat exam. Finally she pulled back and started to rock her hips again. “Oh I loved it, and I love you. And I feel loved by you. But for me it is not a complete loving until Iknow I have satisfied you also.”I started to rock with her. “Oh, I already am satisfied, both in your lovely mouth, and in watching you achieve so many orgasms with me.”She giggled, which always caused such lovely contractions around me when I was deeply embedded inside of her. “Silly boy! I’ll only be fully satisfied when you finally cum inside of me. This is your time baby, so do it now. Fuck me, fuck me deep and hard and fast. Fuck me as much as you want, and don’t stop until you put that lovely baby making liquid deep inside of me.”As she was finishing saying this I started rocking my hips in counterpoint to her hips, thrusting deep in and out of her and feeling her squeeze me even tighter, with her arms and legs and her pussy. I knew she would probably be sore tomorrow so I did not try to hold back, and in just a couple of minutes I started to kiss her deeply. I slid my tongue into her mouth and felt her sucking on it as I thrust in all the way and moaned into her mouth. Three, four, five bursts of pleasure filled my mind and body as I felt the waves crash over me, shooting my cum deep inside of her. Our mutual moans muted by our kissing.Completely drained, I almost collapsed on top of her, her hands caressing my back and sides as she murmured how wonderful I had made her feel. A few minutes later I finally slipped out of her body and rolled over next to her on my back. “Pete, towel now!” I heard her softly cry, and I reached into the backpack and pulled one out for her.She shoved it between her legs, then sat upright and looked down between them as she pulled the towel away and looked down. She then pushed it back down between them and squeezed her thighs together to keep it in place. “Holy hell, you really filled me up tonight! If I was not on the pill I know for a fact you would have knocked me up there is so much in me right now.”She moved the towel away, and I peeked between her thighs. I could see a slow flow of my cum leaking out of her in almost a constant flow, but it was probably mostly the amount of wetness she was producing as well rather than just I had left inside of her that made it seem like so much.We continued to kiss and caress each other for another 30 minutes before my alarm went off. With a sigh I pulled out the baby wipes and we started to clean ourselves off. She asked for my backpack and when I handed it to her she opened up the small pocket in front that I had set aside for her things, and pulled out a sanitary napkin. She removed the backing and put it inside of her panties before pulling them up, saying “I feel so wet and messy I would almost swear I was on my period if I didn’t know better.”I grinned and kissed her, and said “Nope baby, it’s just my love for you that you are feeling.”“Well, your love for me is leaking out of my pussy and soaking my ass! As wonderful as that was my love, you had better not do that to me very often. I don’t think I could stand that more than occasionally. How were you even able to hold off for that long?”“I don’t know, I just knew after I came that this would be a night I could hold off for a long time. It happens to me sometimes, I start making love to you and I just know that for some reason that my willpower will last as long as I need. Kind of the opposite of the times that I know that no matter what I’m gonna cum in minutes and there is nothing that I can do to stop it.”“Yea, I find it sexy sometimes when that happens. It can be a rush when I can make you cum so quickly, you find my pussy so good you can’t help yourself.”We both laughed and kissed, then I whispered “Yea, I guess that is a more flattering way to think of it. Instead of saying I have such little control that I can not hold back and give you a good time as well.”We got dressed and took a 10 minute walk around the garden as I left all the doors open to allow the windows to defog and some of the scent of our lovemaking to disperse. During the walk Linda leaned against me more than she usually did, and I noticed that she was walking more gingerly than usual. “Are you OK baby?”“Yea, just a bit sore. You had better not do me like that very often, it feels like you wrecked my pussy tonight!” If not for her naughty little giggle afterwards, I might have gotten worried.“I’m sorry baby. I did not mean to hurt you tonight.”“It’s OK, I loved it! But please, not again for a while, OK?”We shared another long and tender kiss before we walked back to the truck and I drove her home.

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