Couples Camp Ch. 12


“Sir, ma’am, your drinks,” Brad alerted the two diners, placing the whisky neat in front of Nick and a glass of white wine on the table for Brooke.

Brad found himself in an unusually chipper mood tonight. Maybe it was the prospect of spending more time with Brooke after dinner. Maybe it was the exciting day. Maybe it was just the result of letting go and enjoying the atmosphere of the resort. Whatever it was, he was happier than he had been in quite a while. He found himself enjoying himself as he served Brooke and her lover their meal. It made him happy to see her smiling face, and hear her cheerful giggles. Seeing her happy brought him a sense of pride and added to his already jubilant mood.

“See you at the club, Ten.” Nick called out, waving at Brad, who was standing by the kitchen door talking with one of the other servers.

Brad waved back, signifying he heard Nick, and was looking forward to the evening’s festivities.

Brad stood there and chatted with Seven, for a few minutes before entering the kitchen and scarfing down his dinner. It wasn’t long before Brad tossed his empty plate into the service bin and headed for the club. As Brad pushed the door open he heard a voice from the bar call out.

“Wow someone’s anxious.”

Brooke was sipping on another glass of wine as Nick held up his empty highball, indicating to the bartender to bring another.

“Didn’t wanna be late,” Brad said as he walked up with a smile.

“Well, have a seat Ten. Let me buy you a drink.”

Brad was surprised at the offer, but quickly accepted.

“Uh sure, how about a beer,” Brad cheerfully requested as he settled into one of the high barstools.

Nick turned his back to Brad, giving his full attention to Brooke, as the bartender brought Brad a beer and set it down. Brooke and Nick whispered to each other, obviously trying to keep their words from being heard by Brad, as he exuberantly drank down his beer and placed the empty bottle back on the bar top.

“One more?” Nick asked, not averting his gaze from Brooke’s smiling face.

“Sure, why not.” Brad graciously accepted, wondering if this guy had eyes in the back of his head.

Brad drank down his second beer as Nick leaned over and planted a soft kiss on Brooke’s cheek. It was just another example of Nick’s romantic attraction to Brooke, who could blame him Brad thought. She’s incredibly sexy and certainly a prize to anyone that could earn her favor.

The club was starting to fill up as couples entered arm in arm hanging all over each other like newlyweds on their honeymoon.

A voice came over the sound system. “Ok lovers, let’s get this party started. “As the music started to thump, Nick took Brooke’s hand and led her to the dance floor with the rest of the couples.

One by one the other server’s began to enter the club. Some came up to the bar and got themselves a drink; others just took a seat and longingly watched as the couples danced provocatively with one another. The music was pulsing as the night lingered on and the sexual atmosphere intensified. Brad was swallowing down the last drop of his beer when he noticed Dr. Kim had arrived and was now dancing with Brooke and Nick, the three grinding up against one another ratcheting up the sexual tension in the whole room.

“Ok it’s time to play the ever popular Pine Lake Challenge.” The DJ announced.

Brad noticed Nick waving his hand calling Brad to the dance floor, as others were making their way forward. Brad took the cue and worked his way to the front of the room as the DJ explained what was going on.

“As you all know, this is our most popular game. The Pine Lake Challenge.”

“The rules are pretty simple. Each contestant gets a challenge from their sponsor. You pick the difficulty level one, two, or three. The higher the difficulty the higher the points earned for achieving the task. A refusal or failure to finish the task loses points, so it’s not a good idea to decline a challenge.” The enthusiastic DJ explained.

“When you complete your task bring the card it was written on up to the front, and I will put it in the bowl to be counted at the end of the game. The more tasks you can do before the time runs out the more points you can get so it pays to be quick. The one with the most points before the timer runs out wins a free years membership for two.”

“So let’s start the clock, and good luck everyone.” The DJ finished, as he pointed to a large digital timer hanging on the wall.

The clock started its countdown and the game began.

Brad turned from looking at the clock on the wall hoping for some instruction from Nick, as he heard Kim say,

“We have a little problem Nick.”

“Oh what’s that?” Nick snickered with a sly grin on his face.

“Ten here doesn’t have his collar on. He can’t exactly play a formal game like this without his collar on, can he?” She mockingly asked.

“No, no he can’t can he?” Nick teased.

Brooke’s smile was quickly replaced with a look of disappointment, bahçelievler escort at the thought of losing the opportunity to become a full member, of the resort she had fallen in love with.

“You better run and get your collar Ten, that clock is ticking.” Kim instructed, as Nick tried to console Brooke.

The look of disappointment that washed over Brooke cut through Brad like a knife. He knew by the look on her face she thought it was already over before it had even begun, and it was entirely his fault. He had completely forgotten about his collar. He had been instructed to come there directly after dinner service and never even thought about it. Regardless of the circumstances he knew the only way to redeem himself was to get his collar and return as quickly as possible.

“I’ll be right back.” Brad declared as he quickly turned and headed out the door.

Brad ran as fast as he could back to the dorm retrieving his collar and putting it on. As he ran full speed back to the club the silver tag rattled against the steel ring creating a harmony with the clack of the padlock against his cage.

Brad shoved the door open and quickly looked around for Brooke. She was entwined with Dr. Kim on the dance floor, passionately kissing her as they slowly rocked back and forth to the music. Nick was standing with them running his hands through their hair like an accordion player, encouraging the two to push on.

“Ah, Ten, you’re back.” Nick announced, as Brad approached them on the dance floor.

“Yes sir.” Brad responded, short of breath.

“You ready to get started? You’re gunna have to work fast to catch up now.

“Yes sir.”

“Ok, well then you want a one, two, or three?” Nick questioned.

Brad was nervous, not knowing how hard the challenges would be and remembering that a failed task would lose him points, almost assuring they would lose at this point, so he figured he better start small.

“I guess a one sir.”

“Well its gunna be hard to catch up like that, but ok. Your first challenge is to do a hundred pushups.

Brad dropped down and started doing his pushups. Although he had been breathing a little hard from running he had actually caught his breath and was zipping through them with ease. With two a day gym classes and all the running around the lake he was actually feeling really good. He could feel the muscles in his arms bulging as he pushed on but kept up the pace trying to make up time.

“Well dam Ten, you knocked that out fast.” Nick said, surprised at Brad’s performance.

“Here you go. Go give this card to the DJ and let’s get to your next challenge.” Nick said handing Brad his first completed task.

Brad returned from the DJ stand just in time to see Nick hand the stack of cards to Kim.

“Ok why don’t we try a two this time?” Brad said, figuring the first task was easy and he really needed to start making up some points if he wanted to have a chance to win.

“Oh yeah, I love this one,” She said with an evil grin.

“Get Brooke to give Nick a blowjob in front of the whole room.”

Brad was a little stunned at the challenge but after everything he had been through the last two weeks it shouldn’t have been any surprise. He hesitated for a moment looking around and noticed similar situations playing out all over the club. This was going to be really easy. Brad had seen the way she sucked Nick. She loved sucking him. It wouldn’t be much of a challenge to talk her into that.

“Ma’am would you like to suck sir’s cock?” Brad asked Brooke with a knowing chuckle.

“I would love to suck his delicious cock if he’ll let me.” She cooed as she started to kneel down in front of Nick.

“Hold on baby, not so fast,” Nick said as he grabbed her hand and helping her back to her feet.

“I want him to get me hard first.” Nick said defiantly looking at Brad.

Brad was standing there with his mouth agape at the idea of having to do that to another man. It was bad enough he had been made to touch other men’s dicks when they fucked Brooke, but now he was being told he had to get a man hard?

“Say no and lose two points Ten.” Nick laughed.

Brad could see the pleading in Brooke’s eyes. He wasn’t sure if it was her desire to suck Nick or her desire to win the contest, either way he felt the pressure to make her happy and do as she wished.

“Come on Ten just touch it. It’s just a dick. “Nick laughed, as he unzipped his slacks and pulled out his flaccid cock.

Brad was shocked at the request but looked at Brooke’s pleading face and couldn’t resist the temptation to make her happy. He reluctantly reached out and took Brad in his hand, embarrassed at the warmth now filling his hand.

“That’s it Ten, now get me hard.” Nick demanded, taking complete control of the situation.

Brad began to tug as he tried to ignore what he was doing. He looked around and saw another one of the guests crawling around kissing the feet of every other bakırköy escort man in the room. Thank god he didn’t have to degrade himself doing that he thought as he continued stroking Nicks stiffening cock.

Kim was standing behind Brooke kissing her neck, softly blowing in her ear, as the two watched Nick stiffen, when Nick announced.

“That’s enough.” Pulling himself from Brad’s hand,

Brooke was drooling with anticipation as Kim gently guided her to her knees, in front of Nick’s stiffening cock.Brad stood there watching Brooke pump Nick’s cock with her hand as her tongue stroked every inch of him, longing for that kind of attention from her as he felt his own confined erection growing. Brooke had become a master at sucking cock. On those few occasions when she had sucked him, it was never like this.

“I bet you wish you could feel this don’t you Ten?” Kim teased.

“Yes ma’am.” Brad responded, staring down at Brooke’s feverish assault while Kim held back Brooke’s hair as she pushed her head forward taking Nick into her wanting mouth.

Brooke continued her skillful onslaught as Kim began pushing her head forward forcing her to engulf Nick completely. Brad was trying to occupy his mind with something else as the pain of his excitement grew. He looked away from the amazingly erotic show in front of him and around the room.

In addition to the man crawling around kissing the feet of all the other men, there was another jerking off his wife’s boyfriend on her waiting tits. As Brad looked around the room he saw scene after scene of husbands and boyfriends degrading themselves for the pleasure of their wives and girlfriends. Or was it for the pleasure of their boyfriends?

“Ok that’s enough.” Nick said as he took Brookes face in his strong hands and pulled her up to give her a kiss of approval.

“Thank you baby that felt amazing.” He said as he pulled his lips back from hers.

“Good job Ten, you earned yourself five points on that one.” Handing him two cards,

“Two points for watching Brooke suck him and three for getting Nick hard.”

Brad reached out and proudly took the two cards, surprised at the fact he had actually just finished two challenges. As Brad took the cards up to the DJ the other three stood there smiling at their tricky game playing accomplishment.

Everyone in the room continued the game as the clock was ticking down. It seemed like the point of the game was humiliation. All the servers were franticly proving themselves by how much they were willing to take without breaking.

“So what will it be Ten?” Nick asked holding up the dwindling stack of cards.

“I’ll try a three sir.” Brad hesitantly requested.

“Excellent, let’s see here. Ahh yes one of my favorites. This is actually for both of you, stand face to face. Now Brooke you must tell Ten, ten things you love about Pine Lake that make you want to keep coming back , and Ten you must respond each time to Brooke, or you will lose three points, and most likely lose any hope of winning tonight’s challenge.” Nick instructed.

Brad took a step closer to Brooke so he could hear her over the noise in the room, as the two looked deep into each other’s eyes.

“Ok you can begin.” Nick said.

“Um well I love the lake and all the activities here.” Brooke began.

“I do too.” Brad responded.

“It’s so pretty and relaxing here.”

“I agree.” Brad said.

“I love spending time with Nick.” Brooke reveled.

Brad was a little thrown off by Brooke’s mention of Nick rather than her focusing on the facilities.

“Um, ok.” Brad stuttered.

“That’s not much of a response Ten,” Dr. Kim chimed in.

“You can do better than that.” She instructed him.

“Well I mean, I’m glad he makes you happy.” Brad reluctantly acknowledged.

“I love the way he fucks me.” Brooke smiled as she broke eye contact and looked at Nick.

Brad was feeling his jealousy well up in the pit of his stomach again. Even though he resolved himself to know and even see her get fucked by another man, hearing her say she loved it was hard to swallow. He took a deep breath though and responded as best he could.

“I could tell.”

“His cock is much bigger than yours you know.” Brooke gleefully said as she turned looking once again deeply into Brad’s eyes.

“Yes I noticed that as well.” Brad embarrassingly admitted.

” I don’t think my pussy has every felt as good as it does after Nick fucks me.” Brooke’s words cut.

Brad was feeling remorseful hearing the things Brooke was saying. He was disappointed, disappointed in himself for not having done a better job of keeping her happy. Maybe if he had put in more effort trying to please her, she wouldn’t be standing here right now comparing him to her new lover.

“I’m sorry I didn’t do a better job of keeping you satisfied.” Brad practically cried.

“Oh I love you, but he satisfies me like no other.” Brooke said trying balgat escort to console her deflated partner.

“You still love me?” Brad joyously asked.

“Of course I still love you; it’s just that Nick’s the best fuck I have ever had.”

Brad heard her, but was focused on only four words, “I still love you”.

“I still love you too.” Brad devotedly exclaimed.

“Ok we are running out of time and you have two revelations left Brooke, quickly.” Nick excitedly explained.

“Ok, well some days all I can think about is Nick’s cock.”

“I guess I can understand why, if it makes you feel that good,” Brad recognized.

“One more thing you want to tell him Brooke?” Kim interjected.

“Yes, when Nick cums in me it is so hot, and fills me up so fully, I just can’t imagine ever doing without it.”

Brad was at a loss for words. What could he say to that? It was a complete admission that nothing would ever be the same with Brooke. She was addicted to Nick and nothing would ever change that. It was Nick she had admitted to being in love with not Pine Lake.

“Well Ten? What do you have to say to that?” Nick questioned with a look of victory in his eyes. He was feasting on the accolades that rained down on him. It was the Nick is great show and Brad is nothing but a number, number Ten.

“Well, I wish I could satisfy you like he does, but I’m glad you are so fulfilled.”

Nick handed the card to Brad signifying the challenge was complete as he handed the rest of the cards to Kim. Brad quickly raced to the podium handing over his finished card and raced back to try to squeeze one more challenge in as the clock was quickly approaching zero.

“Give me another three.” Brad eagerly requested.

Kim was already smiling and was prepared for the final challenge with a card already pulled from the pile.

“This is going to be the hardest one yet but if you do it you might actually win tonight. Once again it’s for both of you. Brooke you are to take out your plug, and put it in Ten.”

What the hell is she talking about? Brad thought to himself, as Brooke’s face was overcome with surprise.

“Just relax I’ll help you.” Nick assured as he put one hand on Brooke’s shoulder and reached under her mini skirt.

With one hand on her shoulder, and the other under her skirt gently encouraging her legs apart, he leaned in and started kissing her neck.

“Just relax,” he whispered.

A few second later his hand came out from its hiding place with a large silver butt plug.

“Here you are baby.” He said as he held the shiny plug up in the air like a prized trophy.

Brad’s eyes were wide with surprise as he stood there breathless. His surprise was half the fact she had been wearing a butt plug all evening and the other half was the revelation that he was expected to take possession of it.

“Your turn,” Was all Brooke said as she took it from Nick’s hand and spit on it like a possessed llama.

Brad was frozen by the surprise of the revelation, but was unable to protest as Kim placed one hand over Brad’s mouth and helped pull his skort down with the other. Brooke hastily took ahold of the waist band of Brad’s shorts and pulled them down in unison with Kim revealing his bulging panties.

It was bad enough Brad had on female clothes and his cock was caged, but now he was going to be expected to take something in his ass like a woman? The fear and shame washed over his body as the two woman took control of his reaction. Brooke reached into his panties and pressed the hot silver plug against his unwilling hole.

“If you don’t relax it will hurt more.” Kim cooed, as Brooke pushed a little harder.

“Please relax baby, we are running out of time.” Brooke pleaded.

Baby, did she just say baby? Brad thought. He was so focused on the words Brooke had just lavished on him, it actually did loosen his mind.

“Please we can win I just know we can.” Brooke pleaded as the clock was almost out of time.

Brad took a deep breath and exhaled as he felt the pressure on his rear increase. Brooke had pleaded with him, and he knew how much she wanted to win this competition, so he did his best to relax and allow it to happen. He knew she looked to Nick now for pleasure, but this was something he could do that would make her satisfied, and he wasn’t about to fail.

Brooke tapped the plug, pushing and relaxing the plug as it worked its way deeper. Brad felt his ass spreading as he tried his best to relax and just let it happen, when he felt the pressure dramatically increase. Nick had reached over and pushed on Brooke’s hand forcing her to shove the plug in the whole way.

“That’s it baby.” Brooke encouraged as she plunged the steel plug in as far as it would go.

Brad felt the plug pop in lodging itself in place, as the Dj came back on.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,”

“Quick, take these up to him fast.” Nick snapped as he handed another two cards to Brad.

Brad quickly pulled his shorts up and got to the DJ, handing him the last two cards and gingerly returned to his place with the other three.

“Five, four, three, two, one, zero,” The DJ announced.

“Ok everyone enjoy the music while we tabulate the winner.”

“Well, why don’t we go get a drink?” Nick said as he put his arms around both women.

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